Castle Roland

Chapter 6

Published: 25 Jul 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Two boys slept tangled together until nearly 10:00 o'clock. Colt had been physically spent from his fight with the man he had always believed was his father. The emotional stress had been even greater. Sleep helped to begin the healing process of both body and mind.

"You spooged all over me last night," Dane giggled.

"Oh, that was such a good dream. We were sucking each other off on a deserted beach. It was awesome."

"Next time, bring me along!"

"How 'bout I bring you along now?"

Dane was not unhappy with Colt's offer, but he had to pee first. He was out the door and in the bathroom before he remembered that Sharon was also sleeping upstairs. Fortunately, she had gone downstairs long before. Unfortunately, she was heading back up while he was using the commode. Now he was stuck.

Colton knew what was going on and quickly slipped on a pair of boxers that he normally kept handy to put on when he got up. He sprinted to the bathroom before his mother caught sight of him and gave another pair to a grateful Dane.

"You owe me, Buddy," Colt laughed.

"I'll pay you back as soon as possible," Dane responded massaging the front of Colt's boxers.

The best laid plans of boys don't always come to fruition as scheduled any more than those of mice and men. Sharon told them to go down for breakfast so that they would have time to eat it before lunch. Since Ellen could use the overtime, she was at work despite its being Good Friday, but had left a note for everyone to help themselves. Sharon would take the boys out for fast food for lunch. She couldn't settle down enough yet to plan anything more complex than that.

Friday passed more slowly than most vacation days because the boys were anticipating Wade's arrival. This was going to be another emotional night and they were looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.

Ellen arrived home with a load of groceries. She put the boys to work extending and setting up the dining room table while Sharon and she worked on dinner. Sharon seemed very preoccupied, but Ellen could see that she would be. After yesterday's events, who wouldn't?

The meal was nearly ready when Wade's minivan pulled up into the drive. Colt followed Dane out to help with the luggage. As Wade looked at the dark-haired kid, he couldn't get over the feeling that he had seen this face before. Yet, all he knew of Colt was what Dane had told him in the emails. Dane had only mentioned that they had become friends. Watching the two working together, Wade felt that they had become very close friends indeed.

When everything was in the house, Dane introduced Colton to Wade and Roger. It was all very proper like what etiquette books tell you to do. Wade bit the corner of his mouth to keep from smiling. It was very sweet, and he didn't want to make Dane feel self-conscious about it.

Dinner was excellent. Everyone ate with good appetite except for Sharon who picked at her food. Again, Ellen thought she knew the reason why.

The boys were in charge of loading the dishwasher while Ellen saw to the leftovers. Cleanup was smooth. Then, she and the boys joined the others in the family room.

Sharon sat rigidly on a straight-backed chair looking pale and tired. Ellen suggested that Sharon might want to lie down on Ellen's bed to rest.

"No thank you," she replied. "I have something that I must say to Wade and then I'll go to my sister's place. Wade, could you please come into the kitchen with me?"

The others conversed about mundane things to keep from accidentally eavesdropping on the conversation two rooms away. Then they heard Wade's voice.

"Oh, my God, that is wonderful. I am so happy! Let's tell everyone."

A relieved Sharon trailed behind Wade as he swept into the room. He pulled Colt up from his place on the love seat beside Dane and wrapped the boy into a fierce embrace.

"Mom, Ellen, Roger, this boy is my SON!"

Greta nodded. It was like the last piece of a puzzle had been dropped into place. She went into her bedroom and came back with an old photo album. She opened it to a spot toward the beginning. Then she handed the book to Colton.

His eyes widened. He gestured to Dane to look too.

"Wow, Colt, that's you in another time. I can't believe it!"

Greta smiled through her tears as she said that what they were looking at was the last picture of her baby brother. He had died of pneumonia when he was 15.

"When I would see you on the playground, you always reminded me of Jim. It's almost as if he has come back to us."

Roger, who had sat back quietly during the excitement of the past few minutes, couldn't keep his mouth shut any longer.

"Is it just me, or have we been transported into an episode of 'All My Children?" he said in an exaggeratedly campy voice.

Everyone laughed at his comment which helped lighten the mood. After lots of questions had been asked and answered, Sharon rose to go.

"I cannot tell you how relieved I am. That secret has been known only to me for all these years. Even Robert didn't know who the father was. I told him that it was a brief encounter and that I didn't know the guy's name. He believed me. I told my parents the same story."

Even after Sharon had left, no one wanted to go to bed. There was too much excitement. It was nearing midnight when Greta stood up to bade them all goodnight. The rest decided to turn in as well.

Once upstairs, Colton asked Wade and Roger to come into the room that he was sharing with Dane again that night.

"You are the first adults we are going to tell and you have to swear that you will keep this a secret. Do you swear to?"

Both men nodded, and Colt continued. "Dane and I want to know if it is morally wrong for cousins to be in love with each other."

Wade thought for a minute before answering.

"In some places and times, marrying your cousin was considered okay. In others it was not. The main thing is the problem of genetics in the case of offspring. I assume that you are talking about yourselves. If that's the case, I don't see any problem morally. Just by being gay, you'll face some rough times if you come out to the world. I doubt that anyone will care about your being related."

"What do you think Dad will do when he finds out?" Dane wondered aloud.

"I think that he may understand. He has changed a lot since going to fight in this war. I don't know what or who has influenced him, but after the email he had you forward to me, I know that he has sincerely had a change of attitude. He and I correspond nearly every day now."

"I hope he will. How will you and he like having a nephew as a son-in-law?" Dane quipped.

His comment brought another round of smiles.

"So, you guys are really sure that you're gay and that you love each other? You know it is going to be a real mess if you ever decide to break up. Can you handle that?"

"I don't think we will break up - ever. I know I don't want to. By the way, you were right when you said that maybe Colt was fighting with me because he liked me," Dane said.

Colton jumped into the conversation.

"I was really fighting with myself. I knew that I couldn't let myself be gay and I knew that I wanted to have Dane, you know..."

"Yeah, I do know," Wade responded. "I don't think I need any more information about that right now. I am just getting used to the idea that I have a son and I'm faced with his love interest. This is a bit overwhelming."

"Incidentally, how come you've started to call him'Colt'? I thought that he always went by'Colton'."

Dane got a big grin on his face.

"If you think that you don't need any more information about our attraction to each other, you certainly don't want to hear this. Let's just say that he has some characteristics that earned him the nickname."

Roger howled with laughter.

"See, it does run in the family."

The boys didn't miss Roger's meaning and were practically on the floor. They couldn't stop giggling for quite a while. They would quit, look at each other, and then start all over again.

"Hold it down guys, unless you want Ellen to come up and ask what this is all about. I don't think you are ready to tell everyone at this time."

Colt and Dane agreed that they would like to remain in the proverbial closet for the time being. It wasn't that they were ashamed of whom they were; they simply didn't want to face all of that yet. They were still kids after all.

When they were alone, Dane took Colton into his arms, holding him for a long time. There were tears in their eyes as they stood apart to look each other over.

"I feel so much better," Dane sighed.

"Me too."

"You look a lot better. The swelling has mostly gone down."

"Not all of it," Colt smirked as he placed Dane's hand on the front of his jeans.

It was quite obvious that Colton could have earned the nickname that he had given to Dane.

"Do you think I should have told my dad that I call you,'Horny Toad'?"

"I think we better wait on that. Poor Uncle Wade has enough to cope with!"

Dane stripped his cousin/boyfriend gently. When he knelt to take off Colt's socks, he took the opportunity to kiss Colt's dick. That caused it to inflate to full size immediately. So, Dane cast off his inhibitions and took it into his mouth. After all, Colt had had a dream about them sucking each other so it must be on his mind. Colt was moaning in pleasure. Before he lost his load, he made Dane stop. Then, he stripped Dane. He worked on him until the latter was nearly ready to spooge.

Then they got into the position Colt had dreamed about in order to do each other at the same time. It was great! Since neither had gotten off that morning or the night before (other than Colt's wet dream), they were loaded for action. Their love-making didn't take too much time because both were really hot and this was a new, sensuous experience. Swallowing the offerings they received, they turned around to face each other and shared several kisses as their heart rates slowed down to normal.

Sleep overtook them before they knew it.

Around 2:00 a.m., Wade was awakened by the sounds of screaming coming from across the hall. He was out of bed and into Dane's room before he remembered that he was naked. When he got there, Dane was already cradling Colt and comforting him with words that he was safe and no one would harm him. Colton was drifting back to sleep, but both Wade and Dane were wide awake.

"What's going on?" Wade asked.

"That bastard he thought was his father has been beating on him. He has nightmares a lot. I don't dare sleep too soundly when he's here. I always close the door at the bottom of the stairs so it doesn't wake Mom and Grandma."

"We need to get him some help. I'll pay for a psychiatrist. I owe him that and a lot more. I'm going to see that his life changes for the better. I can see why you love him. I am fond of him already and I don't really know him yet."

Dane could see his uncle's nakedness in the semi-dark room, but it neither offended nor excited him. He did observe that Wade was evidently hung like his father, DJ, was. Maybe it did run in the family.

After they had talked for a few more minutes, Dane began to fall back to sleep. Wade slipped back quietly into his own room. Roger was awake and waiting for him. Roger was as sad as Wade had been to learn that Colt had been mistreated. He agreed that they needed to spend whatever was necessary to get the boy help.

"I love the idea of having a son," Roger said.

Up until that moment, Wade had been wondering exactly how his partner would feel about it. He was relieved.

Saturday was a busy day preparing for Easter dinner. Greta announced that she wanted everyone to go to church in the morning. All agreed that they could do that. There was a lot to be thankful for and there were prayers for the safety of the troops that all wanted to make. In their minds, they knew they had been taught that God hears prayers everywhere. But somehow those same prayers seemed to mean more in a house of worship.

Sharon called after breakfast to see if Colton wanted to come to his aunt's house, but she knew the answer before she asked. Given what he had been through lately, she felt it might be best for him to stay with his biological father, cousin, and grandmother. They were his family too. She was pleased that they had accepted him without hesitation.

The boys spent the morning, after breakfast, in Dane's room. Dane got Colt to talk about his nightmare. At first, Colt was hesitant, but once he got started, he told all that he could remember. He had tears in his eyes and his heart raced as he relived the terror. Dane held him through it all. The door was ajar, but he didn't even care if anyone came in his room. Colton needed him.

The experience of telling someone else was kind of cathartic for Colt. He felt better after sharing it. When the tears dried up, he smiled at the face that was mere inches from his own. Then he kissed Dane on the lips. Dane responded. In a few seconds, their tongues were exploring each other's mouths. Wade started to come into the room, but backed out quietly closing the door behind him. The boys were oblivious.

Before things got any hotter, Dane figured he had better close the door. As he got up, he saw that it was shut already. Fear gripped him as he wondered who had seen them. Colt felt the same way when Dane mentioned it. The effects of dread cooled their ardor considerably.

Dane went across the hall to where Wade was sitting on the bed.

"Uh, did you close my door?"

"Yeah, I should have knocked before starting in. I don't mean to disturb you."

"Whew," Dane sighed. "I'm glad it was you and not Mom. I would rather tell her than have her find out accidentally."

"I agree that that would be the best plan. You'd better make sure that you keep your door locked when you are making out, or only make out when the others aren't around," Wade cautioned.

"Are you okay with us doing that," Dane wondered.

"Yes. And even if I weren't, I'd be a hypocrite if I told you that you couldn't do what I do."

Dane went back to his room, closed the door, and locked it behind him. He took Colt into his arms and told him that it was okay. Colton sighed in relief as he nuzzled Dane's neck. They were thinking about carrying this further when they heard Ellen at the foot of the stairs calling them for lunch.

The Easter Sunday service at the United Church of Christ was filled with sights and sounds. The area around the platform was packed with dozens of lilies. Their perfume permeated the air. The choir had rehearsed many hours and they sounded rather professional.

The young minister was not what the boys had expected. He was animated and interesting. His message was one of hope and healing. His outlook was inclusive. It was a far cry from the type of thing that Colt had witnessed in his brief attendance at Trent's church.

The Bible Baptist Chapel was anything but inclusive. It was one of those establishments whose adherents had the truth and no one else did! That was one of the reasons that it had been so easy for the Thomas's to throw out Trevor.

After the service, Pastor Dan Fredrickson shook everyone's hand and welcomed all to return. He knew that a large number came out for the high holidays and would not darken the door again for another season unless for a wedding or funeral.

When Dane and Colt came up to shake his hand, he took a bit more time with them. He invited them to come to the new youth group he was trying to form. He spoke to them as if they were his peers. They were impressed. Perhaps they would try it someday.

The centerpiece of dinner was a large lamb roast. Colt had never eaten lamb before and was a little hesitant to try it until he got his first bite. Then, he was ready for more. Greta had used a special herb stuffing and had coated the whole thing in butter and garlic the day before. It had been in the oven while they were at church. Now it was tender and sumptuous.

After dinner, Wade and Roger began to pack up their suitcases for the trip home. They were leaving early enough to get a jump on traffic. They were thankful that the Avenue of the Saints, as the new four-lane interstate was called, had been completed all the way. It made their trip safer and faster.

Before they left, they hugged everyone. Both spent longer with Colt. There were tears all around. Wade promised to email Colt regularly. Dane would make sure that Colt got an account and had access to his computer.

Wade also broached the subject of Colton's seeing a psychiatrist about his nightmares. Greta said that she would inquire about who was best. The school counselor would have a list of good people. Wade suggested that if Dane were included in some of the sessions, it might help Colton more than seeing the doctor alone. (In his mind he was thinking that Colt might feel less threatened and less like he was different if he had Dane with him.) The enthusiastic response that Colt gave to the idea made Wade even surer that this was the way to go.

When the two men had left, Greta said that she was ready for a nap. Ellen agreed that it sounded like a good plan. This left the boys on their own for part of the afternoon. They decided to go up to Dane's room and get in bed too. Sleeping wasn't what they had in mind.

The boys stripped and crawled under the sheet to cuddle. Their hands found each other's crotch immediately. Mutual stroking began slowly, but increased in speed as the level of lust rose. At the last moment, Dane kicked the sheet back. The teens spewed their loads all over their own and each other's body. Colt grabbed his discarded briefs to wipe up the major part of the mess. Dane pulled the sheet back over them and they soon drifted into dreamland.

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