Castle Roland

Chapter 7

Published: 28 Jul 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

When his alarm went off on Monday morning, Dane reached across a warm body to shut it off. A smile lit up his face as he became conscious. The cute naked kid who shared his bed was the someone he had made love with the day before. The application of Dane's soft kisses lit up the other face in the bed.

"I could get real used to waking up like this," Colt sighed.

"Me too, but we have to move if we don't want to be late."

One boy used the shower while the other brushed his teeth; neither had to shave yet. They would love to have showered together, but thought that the women downstairs might notice if the shower ran only once and they also knew there wasn't enough time to do what they would be tempted to do.

After dressing hastily and gelling their hair, they raced to the kitchen to grab some cereal. Ellen had packed them both a lunch knowing that they would probably find it tastier (and less expensive) than the school menu. Colt was especially pleased to be treated as if he belonged. He could get used to this too.

Most of the students at Bentonville High were tired and subdued that morning. The couple of guys who had gone to Florida with their families tried to boast of conquests on the beach at night, but few of their classmates believed them. The truth was that they had seen someone else making out and fantasized about it when they jacked off alone in their beds.

When lunchtime rolled around, Dane and Colt sat together at an unoccupied table. Trent was with Sara and Carrie. He was wondering why Dane had chosen to sit with Colt, but then he had noticed that they had been getting along lately. He was relieved that Colton wasn't picking at him anymore. He hoped that it was a permanent change. Colton had been his buddy when they were younger.

Leah was not as laid back about the budding friendship. She was feeling left out. It wasn't that she wouldn't have ditched Colton for Dane in a New York minute, but she was angry that neither one of them had been paying attention to her despite her efforts. So, she joined them at the table.

"Colton, you didn't call all week. You probably spent all your time with Dane. Where does that leave me? If we're supposed to be going steady, you should be more considerate."

"Who said we were going steady?"

"But, I thought... You said..."

"I never said anything about going steady. I'm too young to get tied down to one girl. There are lots of things that I want to do that don't include you or any other girl. I have a life too, you know."

Leah's eyes flashed in anger as she picked up her tray and moved to sit with Carrie, Sara, and Trent. She felt unwelcome and she wasn't going to put up with Colton.

After she has gone, Dane was quiet for a while. Then he spoke in soft tones so as not to be overheard.

"Don't you think that was a little abrupt?"

"Yeah, probably. But I'm really tired of her. Ever since the homecoming dance she has acted as if I'm her property. I've tried to back off without hurting her, but she just won't take the hint!"

The boys sat in silence for a bit longer as they notice Leah's animated conversation with the girls at her table. Were they (the boys) the topic of conversation? Would other kids begin to notice that they were together all of the time?

Colt looked into Dane's eyes with an expression of caring on his face. He spoke barely above a whisper.

"I guess I used her to prove that I wasn't what I know that I am. I don't want to do that anymore even if it means getting busted. I love only one person and you know who that is."

Dane smiled as he responded.

"Yeah, I feel the same way. Carrie is my buddy, but not my girlfriend. She knows we aren't going to wander the halls holding hands."

"I wish WE could."

"Me too."

The news that greeted Colt after school was not what he wanted to hear. His step-father, Robert had been released from the hospital and was not in jail. Since he had had been no prior arrests for abuse, the judge didn't set the bail very high. There was a court order for Robert to have no contact with Colt or his mother pending the outcome of a hearing. However, Colt didn't expect that a piece of paper would keep the man from doing what he wanted to do. He wasn't really worried about his own safety. He had overheard his step-father saying that he never wanted to see "that little fag" again (as the medics were putting him in the ambulance). But Colt did worry about his mother's wellbeing. He knew that where Sharon was concerned, Robert was very possessive and jealous. Colton's mother was packing when he got home.

"Get some things together. We need to leave town immediately. My cousin in Sioux City will take us in. Robert won't know where to go to find us."

"I want to stay here, Mom. I'll be okay. I can't leave school and my friends. I'm doing the best in school that I've ever done. If I have to leave, I'll lose it all. Please let me call Mrs. Johnson - my grandma. I know that she'll let me stay there."

Sharon didn't like the idea of Colt's not coming with her, but she was beginning to weaken.

"Okay, Baby, call Ellen to see what she thinks and then call Greta. I'll get some money out of the bank to help pay for your keep. I know that they like you a lot. I just don't want to impose."

Sharon could tell by the look on Colton's face that Greta was happy to take him in. After a couple of minutes, he handed the phone to her. He listened to his mother's side of the conversation.

"Yes. Oh thank you very much. You don't know how much this means to me. I am very afraid that Robert will try to get even with me for standing up to him. I still worry about what he might do to Colton, but Colton doesn't seem to feel that way. Yes, I will. Uh huh. You too. And thanks again."

"Well, young man, you seem to have made a favorable impression on the rest of your family. Greta said that she was looking forward to getting better acquainted with her grandson and she was sure that Dane would be pleased to have you in the house."

Colt blushed at the last statement and hoped that Sharon wouldn't pick up on the fact that it had to do with Dane and not his grandmother.

While Colton was throwing his clothes together to take, he called Dane's house to tell him the news.

"I guess you'll be stuck with me for a while. I don't know when it will be safe for Mom to be here. I have a feeling that she will never be completely free from worry until that bastard is locked up."

If Greta was happy at the prospect of having Colt in the house, Dane was overjoyed. He didn't like the circumstances that delivered his lover to his doorstep, but he couldn't pretend not to be thrilled to have him.

After doing her business at the bank, Sharon dropped Colton off at the Johnson's. Only Dane was home, but he did and said all of the right things before Sharon departed. She wanted to get out of town quickly and try to drive straight through. Funds were not that plentiful to pay for a good motel. Besides, she wanted to put as many miles between Robert and her as possible.

Once the boys were alone, Dane took Colt into his arms and held him close for several minutes. It was not a horny, sensuous feeling, but one of caring. Colt emerged from the embrace with tears in his eyes.

"And to think, I was so mean to you when you first came here," Colt sighed.

"Yeah, but since I know it was only because I'm so cute, I can't feel bad about that.

Colt grinned as he swatted his cousin on the backside.

Upstairs, Dane rearranged things in his room so that Colt would have a place for his stuff. By the time Ellen came home, all was in order and the boys were sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework.

"Well, you two look studious. I'm pleased to see that you are getting your work done instead of fooling around."

Both boys blushed, thinking of the fooling around that they might have been doing. Ellen didn't seem to notice as she busied herself with dinner preparations.

Colt handed her the money that Sharon had sent to help pay for groceries. Ellen hated to accept it, but she didn't want to hurt his feelings - or Sharon's. She knew that it was important for a person to pay her own way. She decided to try to save as much of it as she could for him for the future.

When Greta came home, she pulled her recently-found grandson into a strong embrace. He was happy to have such a demonstrative welcome. He found that he had to bite his lip to keep back the tears.

After dinner, the boys cleaned up as they usually did. Greta went to the den to finish some paperwork she had brought home and Ellen retired to the living room to watch TV. Dane and Colton excused themselves to go upstairs. As they were headed out, Greta called to them.

"I suppose that you'll want your own room now that you are officially residing here. You can move into the guest room and make it your own. You can put up posters or whatever. We can pack away DJ's trophies and things."

"Uh, thanks, but I'll share with Dane if that's okay. We already have my stuff in his room."

"No, that's fine. I want you to feel that this is your home. Whatever you want is okay. I only thought that you two might be crowded in that bed, but neither of you is really big, so I guess you won't have a problem."

Up in their shared room, the boys giggled.

"I was afraid that she might not like the idea of two guys sleeping together on a regular basis," Colt exclaimed.

"Well, she certainly knows that Wade and Roger do," Dane snickered.

"Yeah, but she doesn't know about her two grandsons," Colt replied.

The boys played at the computer while listening to some of their favorite CDs. They visited some interesting sites eventually finding the Nifty Archives. The story of Matt and Jon held their attention. Dane downloaded it on a disc which he could hide in the attic section behind his closet. The boys read the first four chapters before being interrupted by Ellen's voice at the foot of the stairs.

"Come down for a snack and then get ready for bed. There's school tomorrow and you can't fool around all night. (The boys blushed again at the words.) If you are sharing a room, you need to set some rules about sleeping."

Dane popped the disc out and hid it where they both could find it easily. Then they went to the kitchen to fill their tummies before going to bed.

It was not that late when they began to undress for bed. Dane locked his door as the two stripped. Colt smiled. He did a kind of strip-tease for his lover and came up hard. Dane was obviously impressed. He was just as hard.

In bed, they explored each other's bodiy. Like their afternoon hug, this experience was more about love than lust. It was, however, quite sensuous. By the time their hands reached their lover's crotch, they were horny as Hell. Very little energy was expended in stroking before they were moaning in ecstasy. Colton came first, but not by much. There was cum all over both of their torsos. They played in the stickiness as it cooled. Then Dane grabbed his discarded briefs to clean them up.

They fell asleep cuddled together.

The week passed pretty uneventfully. Wrestling and swimming were over for the year. There was no spring musical this year since the school was too small to do a big production every year. Track season was in full swing, but neither boy had gone out for it though the coach was encouraging them to consider it for next year. In a school of that size, many kids did several sports in order to make the teams large enough to be viable.

Robert did not seem to have any interest in contacting Colton, but he was asking at Sharon's workplace about her. No one knew anything other than the fact that she had asked for an extended leave of absence. She had been careful not to let her co-workers know where she was headed.

Colton did have one event in his life that caused him some anxiety. He had dreaded doing it, but felt that he had to. He asked Dane to invite Trent over to his house after school on Friday. Trent had accepted the invitation not knowing that Colton would be there.

When Trent and Dane were seated at the kitchen table with Cokes in their hands, Colt made his appearance. Trent looked a bit uneasy, but didn't say anything other than to grunt his hello.

Colton got a Coke from the fridge and joined the other two.

"Trent, I asked Dane to invite you over because I need to talk to you."

Trent cringed, wondered where this was going. He was ready to jump up and leave at a moment's notice. Yet, he thought that Dane wouldn't have lured him into a trap.

"I need to ask you to forgive me for being an asshole," Colt announced. "I'm really sorry for how I treated you. I'll explain it all to you someday, but for now I want to say that I was very much afraid of being labeled a queer after your brother and my cousin got caught together. I knew that my step-father would use any excuse to beat me. I'm so sorry..."

Colton couldn't finish because he was choking up and didn't want to look uncool in front of his former and longtime friend.

Trent sensed that tears were not far below the surface. Colt seemed to be sincere. However, Trent was still hurting from all of the mean things that Colton had done to him in the past year.

"Okay, I guess I can forgive you, I'm not sure how I feel. But please don't treat me that way anymore."

"Oh, I won't! I'm really, really glad that you don't hate me."

"I've tried to think of ways to get even with you, but you seem to have changed back into the guy I used to be friends with. I hope it’s true."

After the awkward beginning, the conversation flowed more freely. They talked about school, girls, the chances of the track team that year, and whether the Cubs could do it this time. Colt even let out the fact that he was living with Dane.

Trent was not completely surprised. In a small town, many people know more about other people's business than they should. He was surprised when they went up to the bedroom and he saw Colt's things in the same room. In passing, he wondered about their sleeping together. Of course, Colton had been so anti-gay that there couldn't be anything going on. But, then Trent had heard it said that some guys who publicly go after gays are really that way themselves -- like that mayor out in Seattle or somewhere. Hmm... Perhaps there was a way to even the score with Colton. Trent would just have to watch and wait.

Those thoughts reminded him of Trevor and Marc. He told the boys that he had gotten an email from his brother that morning. All was going well for them. They were doing okay financially and they were still very much "together." Trent wasn't sure why he felt he could share this, but he just did. Dane and Colton seemed to be okay with it. Again Trent wondered about them.

When Ellen arrived home, she invited Trent to stay for dinner, but he declined since his family was going out to celebrate his mother's birthday. They were driving to Cosgrove to The Olive Garden. He couldn't miss his mom's celebration.

After dinner, Dane and Colt said that they were tired and going to make an early evening of it. Ellen was a little surprised, but said nothing. The boys climbed the stairs after wishing the women pleasant dreams.

Both took a quick shower. Actually, they took two quick showers together, but shut off the water for a while between to give the impression of two separate showers in case anyone was noticing.

In the first shower, they got their hair washed. In the second, they soaped each other and got all their parts squeaky clean. After drying each other, they sprinted naked to their room, locking the door behind them.

Their love-play started with gently feeling each other's body. They traced every curve and cranny with their fingers. Then Dane used his tongue to retrace much of the same territory. He had Colt moaning. Colt eventually had to stop Dane because he didn't want to cum yet.

Colt took the lead and tried to do to Dane what Dane had done to him. It was exciting to him to give as well as to receive. He ended by trying to deep-throat Dane. He gagged a few times, but eventually swallowed most of Dane's cock. Dane nudged Colt to show him that he wanted Colt to turn around so he could suck too.

They didn't last long after they started to suck each other. Both moaned and whimpered when their orgasms hit. Both took the offering and held it to share in deep kissing. Their after-glow loving was quite satisfying to both.

The nightmare came to Colt again that night in the wee hours of the morning. He was tied to a bed naked. This time, after Robert whipped him, he pulled out his cock and tried to force it into Colt's ass. Colt tried to cry out, but no word would come. The next thing he knew, Dane was gently rocking him and kissing the back of his neck. Colt snuggled back against his lover/cousin and entered into a new dream. In this one, it was Dane who wanted to go into his forbidden chute. In this one, he smiled as his lover mounted him.

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