Castle Roland

Chapter 9

Published: 1 Aug 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

The weekend dragged for Dane. Greta took the boys to church on Sunday. She felt that they could all do with giving their thanks that DJ was alive and coming home. She also thought that they should pray for his recovery.

Pastor Dan's sermon was interesting; Dane and Colt actually listened. Once again, Dan seemed to be a person who wanted to include everyone who was seeking God. He didn't feel that it was his place to judge anyone else.

Monday came at long last. Of course, the plane bearing DJ and Ellen didn't get in until afternoon. Dane was awake early and fidgeting. Colt thought that he could help his buddy to relax. So after draining their bladders and brushing their teeth, the boys made out for a while.

Colt had Dane lie on his stomach while he massaged his body. It wasn't anything like a professional massage, but Dane didn't know the difference and was delighted. Colt's touch was enough to thrill him.

When Colton had him turn over on his back, Dane's erection made it plain that he was enjoying the experience. Colt started at Dane's ankles and nibbled his way toward Dane's crotch, stopping just short of his ultimate goal. Dane was clutching handfuls of sheet and mattress-pad trying not to cry out too loudly in his pleasure.

By the time Colt had finished his foreplay, Dane was reaching the peak of his experience. Then Colt took the dripping tool into his mouth. He pulled the foreskin further back and swirled his tongue around the sticky head. Dane wasn't very articulate in his expression.

"UNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH! UNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH! UNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" was the extent of his vocabulary as he spewed his pent-up load into Colt's receptive mouth.

They shared that load in a tender kiss as Dane began to float back down to earth. He was summoning the energy to return the favor when he heard footsteps on the stairs. The boys quickly slipped into the boxers that they supposedly slept in before there was a soft knock on the partially open door.

"Come in," Dane called in a squeaky voice.

Greta poked her head in to announce that breakfast would be ready soon. She didn't stay long. She had noticed that Dane had a glow about him, but that both boys seemed a bit antsy. It probably had to do with the excitement of this afternoon, but she wondered...

After she had left, Dane made an exaggerated motion of wiping his brow. Colt giggled.

"Do you think she heard you? You aren't exactly quiet when you cum."

"Yeah, well neither are you. You whimper like a pup."

"Yeah, but I didn't cum, so if she heard anything, it was from you."

The boys cleaned up a little, but came down in their boxers to eat. If Greta suspected that anything had gone on, she certainly didn't show it. As breakfast progressed, the boys felt at ease.

Greta kept her two grandsons busy with chores that didn't need to be done immediately, but would help pass the time. They didn't mind it. It was fun to do things together even if those things involved a degree of effort. Their cheerful banter made Greta wonder how she had stood being in that house all by herself. She even got them to do some baking for DJ's homecoming.

They were at the airport half an hour before the plane was due. Greta didn't have the boys drive this time because she feared that they wouldn't be able to focus on it. She was having enough trouble doing that and she was a seasoned driver.

When Ellen appeared pushing DJ's wheelchair, it took all the restraint they could muster to keep Greta and her grandsons from bolting into the restricted area. As soon as his parents passed into the main lobby, Dane ran ahead to hug his father. They held each other with an intensity that neither knew he had. Greta was next in line to hug the returning soldier.

When Dane introduced Colt, DJ hugged him as well. Then he got a funny look on his face.

"I feel like I have seen you before. Two weeks ago, I swear that both of you came to me in a dream when I was hurting bad."

Dane felt a shiver running down is spine. He wondered if it had been at the time that he and Colt had been holding hands while earnestly praying for DJ.

Greta and Ellen followed the van to the VA hospital. They had let the boys ride with DJ. The stay in the hospital was precautionary and only expected to be an overnight one. DJ had made so much progress that the doctors were certain he wouldn't need to be hospitalized for long. His age and physical condition played an important role in his ability to recover.

When DJ had been put to bed for the night, his family left for Bentonville. He remained awake for several hours after their departure. Jetlag was always a problem for him. His sense of time was still screwed up from Europe not to mention Iraq. He pondered many things as he lay waiting for sleep.

How would he adjust to an artificial limb; could he go back to his old job; his old life? Did he have the strength to do what had to be done? Why had his nephew, whom he had never met, appeared to him in his dreams along with his son?

He thought about his son. The kid, he had last seen as a boy, now seemed like a young man. He had grown a lot and filled out some in the intervening months. He seemed much more serious and mature. Was that something that the war had imposed? Or, was it just the natural order of things? The kid seemed so different. DJ had missed a lot.

And then there was Colton. Dane had called him, Colt. Colt had stood back, but it was obvious that he cared about his cousin. It was as if he were there to protect and support Dane. For knowing each other less than a year, the two boys seemed to share an inner bond. DJ wondered about that.

The boys were pretty tired when they got back to Bentonville at long last. Dane wanted to do something to make Colt feel as good as Colt had made him feel in the morning. He spooned naked against Colt's back wedging his hard cock into the crack of Colt's butt next to his hole. Colt enjoyed the intimacy very much.

Dane took Colt's tool in his hand. He stroked it gently. Both boys relaxed. Despite his best intentions, Dane fell asleep before he accomplished his goal. Colt drifted off as well.

In the morning, Dane awakened first. As he remembered his mission from the night before, he felt for his cousin's piece. It was at full mast. Dane worked his way down to Colt's crotch where he enveloped most of that hard dick in his mouth. He sucked for all he was worth. Colt awakened "whimpering like a pup" and spewing. The smile didn't leave his face all morning!

Greta and Ellen left before noon to bring DJ home. Since neither had a large car, it would have been crowded to take both boys. Colton offered to stay home alone, but Dane wouldn't hear of it.

While they were by themselves, the boys surfed the 'net and tidied up their room. They even vacuumed the living room (though it didn't really need it) so it would look perfect for DJ's arrival. They thought about going swimming when they finished, but decided that DJ might get back while they were gone.

Dane ran off pages on his printer, which they taped into a big banner. Together, the boys tacked it over the front door. Now all they had to do was to wait.

They sat cuddling in front of the TV. Dane got sleepy with his head on Colt's shoulder. After he drifted off, Colton fell asleep too.

Greta opened the front door calling out to the boys. They awakened with a start, but not before their grandmother saw them sleeping cuddled together. She smiled telling them that she had just missed a "Kodak Moment." They blushed as they wondered what she was thinking.

DJ labored up the front steps using one crutch and grasping the handrail. He didn't have his strength back after so many days in bed. He looked tired when he reached the living room. Dane was quick to find a dining chair that his father would be able to get in and out of easily.

Ellen sat too. She was more worn out than she had realized. Her sleep pattern was off and it had been a strain trying to keep her emotions in check for the past couple of weeks. She was near collapse.

Greta called the boys to the kitchen. She got some trays out and loaded them up. The boys brought out iced tea, sodas, and lemonade along with an assortment of cookies and brownies.

"Mom, you outdid yourself! You always did make the best brownies in town," DJ enthused.

"Well, I would like to take the credit, but my two able side-kicks did the baking. I sat back and supervised."

DJ smiled at his son and nephew. These kids were full of surprises. He had known that the banner was their doing, but brownies... That was unexpected.

It wasn't long before DJ's eyelids were drooping and Ellen insisted that they could both do with a nap. She accompanied him as he made his way into the bedroom she had been using. She helped him undress down to his underwear and she did the same. Once under the sheet, they fell asleep quickly.

Meanwhile, Greta got busy preparing a roast leg of lamb for dinner. It was one of DJ's favorite dinners. True, he liked a big, medium-rare steak as well, but that was something more ordinary. Lamb was usually for special occasions.

The boys helped in the kitchen under Greta's direction.

"It's a good idea for men to know how to cook. That way they won't starve if they don't have a woman to feed them," Greta announced.

Colton and Dane wondered if she was just making conversation or if she had some ulterior motive. They had begun to listen carefully to what was said to them. Sometimes it seemed like other people had guessed about their true relationship. Other times, they decided that they were merely reading something into a perfectly harmless conversation.

Today, Greta went further. After she put the roast into the oven, she offered more iced tea and suggested that they sit for a bit on the front porch. She sat on a chaise lounge while the boys sat on the glider.

"You two looked really cute in there sleeping together."

The boys tried not to blush as they avoided looking her in the eye.

"You are very close, aren't you?"

They nodded, not trusting their changing voices to be stable.

"I want you to know that I love you both very much. You can always depend on me no matter how things go. Do you understand that?"

Both boys nodded again. Greta stood up and came over to caress them both around the neck before going back into the house.

Dane swallowed hard. He met Colt's gaze.

"She knows," he said quietly.

Colt nodded a third time.

Wade took a few days off of work to come down to see his brother as soon as he felt that the rest of the family had had time to adapt to their new situation. He didn't want to put more stress on his sister-in-law when she was coping with her husband's injuries.

Roger stayed home because he didn't have much vacation time left and he was a little apprehensive about meeting his partner's brother after all the stories he had heard.

The meeting of the two brothers couldn't have been smoother or more emotional. They hugged each other like they had when they were little kids; before their hormones kicked in and their innocence had been lost.

The two men talked about their childhood. Dane and Colt listened to the stories and got to know their fathers better during that time than they ever had before. Colt, of course, knew very little about his sire. Dane found out many details that he hadn't known. His dad had been wilder than he had supposed. He wondered how the family would react if he and Colton were half that crazy.

When Wade got ready to return to his home after his short stay, DJ made him promise to bring Roger soon so that they could meet. The minute Wade's van was out of the drive, DJ called Roger personally to extend the invitation. Roger was so touched that he could barely talk. There were tears streaming down his face. What miracle was this? He turned his eyes heavenward after he hung up and just said: "Thanks!"

Sharon arrived in town a few days later for Robert's hearing. It took a bit of effort on her part, but she wanted to make sure that he didn't get off from lack of a witness. After all of her effort, the judge granted the defense a continuation. The case would be heard in August. Robert's lawyer claimed that he didn't have enough time to gather all of the evidence he needed. Sharon wondered what evidence that would be. She and Colton were the only ones there when he tried to beat and molest Colton. Dane, and possibly some other boys, knew about the earlier bruises that even she had missed. Who was going to bear witness for Robert?

Colt was happy to see his mother for the short period she was in town. Greta insisted that her grandson's mother stay with them in the guestroom. In part she simply wanted Sharon to feel like she was family. But also, she thought that Robert would be less likely to try to contact his wife since DJ was home. Her elder son might be injured, but he was still one Hell of a man.

DJ continued to grow stronger physically, but was having other problems. His visits to a military counselor were of some help, but couldn't get to the root of his problems. Wade's visit had provided a welcome distraction, but DJ still couldn't let go of what had happened to Barry, and he also was not able to "perform" in bed. Never in his life had he not been able to get it up. He hadn't even tried to make love with Ellen. She began to wonder if he had lost interest in her.

The whole family was aware that DJ wasn't in good humor. It wasn't that he snapped at anyone or drank too much. He seemed depressed. The rest trod lightly fearing that they would upset him. They knew that not all war wounds are visible to the eye.

One night, Ellen decided to take action. She made sure that she had showered thoroughly, applied some perfume, and put on something sexy for bed. DJ couldn't help but know what she had in mind. She snuggled up to him and he cringed.

"What's wrong, Honey," she asked

"I just can't," he replied.

"Is it me?"

"NO! It's my problem. I'm not the man I was. Part of me is missing, if you haven't noticed."

"Not the important part," she insisted. "You have the same heart. You have a great body. And last time, I looked, you were still hung," She giggled.

"Have you looked at the stump that was my leg? Do you know how ugly and incomplete I feel?"

"You're still the handsome stud I fell in love with in high school!"

Ellen turned on the light. She pulled the sheet down exposing DJ's maimed appendage. Then, she moved down and kissed it.

"I love you!" she insisted.

DJ was moved by her actions. His eyes filled with tears.

"I'm no good to you anymore," he sobbed.

Ellen kissed his other leg. She kissed her way up to his chest. As she nibbled on it, she slid her hand into his sleep-shorts. She felt the big snake begin to stir. DJ felt it too. He drew in his breath sharply. She pulled it through the fly.

Ellen wasn't finished. She kissed and nibbled her way back down over his bellybutton and toward his rising cock. Then, she took the tip of it into her mouth. She had never been into doing the "oral thing" with him, but she sensed that it might be what he needed. She milked back his foreskin and swirled her tongue over the moist head. There was no doubt in either spouse's mind that DJ was up to performing his "marital duties."

"If you don't stop, I'm gonna cum in your mouth," he moaned.

Ellen didn't hesitate. She moved on top of him and impaled herself on his rampant tool. He thrust upward with a lust he had forgotten he had. After a few attempts to get the rhythm going in that position, DJ rolled them over still erect inside of her. He raised his hips up and began to move in and out as slowly as he could, considering the height of his passion. His slow, sensuous movements were stimulating Ellen's whole being. She loved the partial weight of his body holding her down. He forced his tongue into her willing mouth and aped, with it, the thrusts he was making with his cock. Both lovers were heading for orgasm - and rapidly.

When they cried out in ecstasy together, both were feeling like the earth was moving because of them. Spasm after glorious spasm wracked their bodies.

In the bedroom across the hall, Greta's eyes fill with tears of joy. She was sure that her son was going to be okay now.

The next morning, DJ was up early. He and Ellen showered together and returned to the bedroom for some more "therapy" before breakfast. When Greta and the boys came into the kitchen, there was lots of food prepared. The radiant parents seemed to have insatiable appetites that morning. Colt gave Dane a knowing smirk when he thought no one was looking. DJ saw it and knew that his son and nephew knew. And it felt sexy that they did. (It's a guy thing.)

After DJ had dressed, he and Ellen went into Cosgrove where he filled out a job application with Rockwell International. They were advertising for computer engineers to do something close to what he had done in Illinois. His position back there was waiting for him if he wanted it, but he wasn't sure he did. Life here moved at a slower pace. Property was less expensive. His son seemed happier than he had been since he was a toddler. DJ didn't want to upset all of that. For the first time since his injury, he was feeling hopeful.

Later in the week, DJ and Ellen drove to Rochester, MN so that DJ could be fitted for a prosthetic leg. The VA hospital had recommended Mayo Clinic as a place that would be able to help him more quickly than they could. He had decided that if he was going to get on with his life, he would have to learn to walk more normally again. He was through feeling sorry for himself. He was still a man. He had proved that in bed (many times lately) and he had his old confidence back. They would be away for several days.

With the parents gone, Dane was home with his grandmother and cousin. They had some good times together. She took them out for driving lessons nearly every day. Usually it was in conjunction with errands because she didn't want to waste gas. The boys were gaining confidence behind the wheel. Greta was sure that they would be more than ready for drivers' education.

Colton had made a lot of progress working with the psychiatrist. He was getting over many of the effects of living with an abusive step-father. Dane's presence in some of the sessions brought him comfort. The psychiatrist also seemed like a guy who could be trusted with all of your secrets. Colt thought that he and Dane could probably come out to the man someday.

Since Colt's nightmares had become rarer, Dane didn't always remember to close the door at the bottom of the stairs. He and Colt were sound enough sleepers that only once did they hear the moans that they knew came from Ellen and DJ's love.

On the third night that his parents were away, Dane had again left the lower door open. That night he was feeling hornier than usual. On a fifteen-year-old, it's kind of hard to tell! Anyway, he started licking Colt all over. Colt giggled and moaned. Then Colt turned around to attack Dane and do the same to him. They wrestled and played. Then it got serious. They lay on their sides humping each other's mouths and feeling each other's cracks. If their mouths hadn't been stuffed, the decibel level would have reached a new high when their orgasms hit.

"UNNNGGGHHHHHHH!" was the chorus that both participated in.

In her bedroom, Greta smiled wistfully. She was now convinced that this was more than just a passing stage of experimentation. She hoped that they wouldn't have too many rough places in their lives. She guessed that she was glad that they had each other. She vowed to support them however things went. They would have her love and understanding as Wade had.

In the morning, Greta made breakfast for two happy, hungry teens. They looked radiant despite their unkempt hair. She smiled at them.

"I want you to know that I really treasure having you boys here. If anything ever happens, you will always have a home with me. There is nothing that you could say, or do, that would change my mind."

Dane looked her squarely in the eyes.



"Even if we weren't 'normal'?"

"Yes, but you ARE normal."

"Thanks," he said as both boys arose and hugged her.

"I'm not sure what to say," Dane continued.

"You don't have to say anything."

"You know?"

It was more a statement than a question.

"Yes and it's okay. You might want to wait awhile to tell your parents. They have a lot on their plates at the moment. I suppose that Wade won't have a problem."

"My Dad already knows," Colt chimed in. "We told him months ago."

Greta nodded.

"You are good boys and I am proud of both of you. I couldn't love either of you more than I do. But you might want to close the stair door at night," she snickered.

The boys hugged their grandmother again and then ran upstairs to get their trunks and towels to go to the pool. It was a lovely day for a swim.

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