Castle Roland

Chapter 13

Published: 8 Aug 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Roger's idea of camping out was a bit different from that of the boys to say the least. He showed up on Friday afternoon in a small, rented Winnebago camper which had most of the comforts of home. There was a bed at the back and another one over the cab. In between, there was a tiny bathroom, a galley kitchen and a place to eat and to sit for relaxing. There was even a small-screen TV and an air conditioner. So much for roughing it!

Early on Saturday morning, the four set off on the last adventure of the summer season. The men had packed the refrigerator and cupboards with plenty of food. They had secured the boys' bicycles along with their own on the back of the rig. There were some trails in the area that were for biking as well as hiking.

Then they headed for Backbone State Park where Wade and DJ had camped as boys. Wade wanted to show his son and nephew the trails and caves that he had loved to explore many years before.

Although the place was fairly busy, they were early enough to obtain a good site with electrical and water hookups. It wasn't too far from the shower house. The camper had a tiny shower, but that seemed like something one might use as a last resort.

The small lake at Backbone had been taken off of the "do not swim" list this year. The bacteria content had dropped to an acceptable level and it looked fresh and clean. Everyone grabbed their swimsuits and headed for the changing room. Soon they were playing in the water along with a half dozen other campers.

The boys got acquainted with some guys their age from another small town. Colt had met one of them, Dustin Fagan, before in wrestling competitions. In fact, he had pinned the kid. In true sportsmanlike fashion, they respected each other's abilities and could be friends despite being fierce opponents on the mat.

Dustin and his friend, Dave Harrison, wished that they had brought bikes so that the four could go riding. Wade and Roger offered theirs so that the teens could all go together.

"Just watch the time and be back for lunch around 1:00," Wade said. "Roger and I will take a nap so that we can keep up with you later."

Colton smirked. He figured that Roger and his dad would probably do what he and Dane would do if they were left alone in the camper for a couple of hours. He hoped that they would have fun!

With a little adjustment of the seats, Dustin and Dave were ready to go. The four boys had changed into lightweight shorts, but left their shirts behind. Before going off, the new friends found Dave's parents to let them know where they were going and how long they would be gone. Colt and Dane were introduced to the Harrison's who were pleased to see that their son and his buddy had found some kids their age to hang with.

The guys rode a fair distance. It was fun to swap stories about their schools and friends. (Colton and Dane both picked up on that fact that neither of their new friends bragged about their conquests of girls.) They found that they had a lot in common. Dustin's father, Mike, was stationed in the Middle East as DJ had been. Dustin felt freer to voice his anxiety to Dane and Colton than he had to anyone besides Dave. It felt good to talk to someone who knew what it was like to worry about your dad and still not let your friends think that you were a wuss.

As they were talking while taking a break in the shade, Dustin let his guard down. Pretty soon he had tears in his eyes as he talked about his dad. Dane understood and encouraged him to let it out.

When his buddy began to sob in earnest, Dave put his arms around Dustin in a loving and protective gesture. His look toward the other two was almost one of defying them to question his affection for his friend. Of course neither did.

"That's so cool," Dane smiled. "Colt has held me like that more than once when I was worried about my dad."

"Yeah, and Dane did the same for me when I had nightmares after my step-father beat me," Colton added.

"You guys are that close?" Dave asked.

"Yeah, really close." Dane admitted.

"Do you get called names at school?" Dustin wondered aloud.

"Not so far," Colt responded. "Since we are cousins, I don't think anyone is going to call us fags."

"So, do you guys do everything together?" Dave continued.

"Yeah, we even share a room," Dane admitted. "We live with Grandma."

"Do you sleep together?" Dustin wanted to know.


At that point, Dave got very brave and kissed Dustin's cheek. Dustin tensed until he saw Colt do the same thing to Dane. Then grins broke out on all four faces.

"Is it possible?" Dave asked.

"Oh yeah!" Dane responded as he pulled Colton into his arms and planted a big, wet kiss on his lips."

"Shit! I thought we must be the only ones in the whole of eastern Iowa," Dustin laughed.

On the way back to the campgrounds, there was a lot more to discuss. Dave and Dustin had only recently come out to each other and neither had told anyone else until today. They were surprised and encouraged to hear the response that the other boys had had from their parents.

"Just be really, really careful," Colton warned. "My cousin Marc and his boyfriend got thrown out when they were caught together. I have read some other horror stories on the Internet too. One guy tried to come out to his family and they threatened to send him to some weird religious camp to have him "cured."

"My dad would never understand," Dustin shook his head sadly.

Wade invited Dustin and Dave to have lunch with them. He and Roger had made a big pile of sandwiches and there was plenty of pop and chips. After clearing it with Dave's parents, the two boys helped demolish that mountain of food.

Dave's parents came over to meet Wade and Roger after lunch. They didn't flinch when Wade introduced Roger as his partner. The boys took that as a good sign.

After lunch, Wade and Roger took the Johnson boys on a hike to see the rock formations and caves that he had explored as a child. The other boys were invited, but Dave's parents said that they wanted to do some things with their son and his friend. They were pretty sure that Wade wanted the time to be for his family to do things together even though he had been polite in extending the invitation.

Colt was impressed by how agile his father was in climbing the rocks and hiking the trails. Wade seemed almost like an older brother. To a teen, anyone who is 30 seems old. But in reality, Wade and Roger were in the prime of their lives. They were healthy and fit. Neither had any bad habits (other than each other) and they watched their diets. They could keep up with the boys despite the energy expended in their morning "nap."

That afternoon, the Harrison's asked the Johnson's if they would like to eat the evening meal together. They had brought a large stew-pot and tripod that they were going to use over the fire. Since Roger had brought a lot of veggies and a big package of stew meat for a similar meal, they decided to combine all of the ingredients with those that the Harrison's had and create a community meal.

The boys were delighted because it gave them an excuse to hang out together more. Dave and Dustin were very eager to get better acquainted with a couple of guys their age who were like them. They went off to play in the lake again while the adults prepared things for dinner.

"Have you two been together long?" Norma Harrison asked of the men after the kids had gone.

"Eight years, this summer," Wade answered.

"Is it difficult? Do you get lots of flak?" her husband questioned.

"Not really," Roger chimed in. "We live in a cosmopolitan area where people don't have as many hang-ups about other people's life-styles."

"I hope that Dave and Dustin won't have to face all of the problems that you hear about," Geoff Harrison said softly.

"Are they gay?" Wade asked.

"Can't you tell?" Norma wondered. "I thought that you guys had something called "gaydar" that let you know."

"I do," Wade answered. "But it usually only kicks in if I am around someone for a while. Your son and his buddy are very straight-acting. I haven't seen them enough to catch any little looks that guys who like each other tend to give, if you know what I mean. I think that they could pass in most situations. Are they out to you and his family?"

"We've never discussed it. I don't think that they know that we know." Norma said. "I am pretty sure that Dustin's family would go ballistic if he told them. His father is very conservative."

Wade was lost in thought for a few minutes before speaking again. He chose his words carefully.

"I cannot tell you how to raise your kid. God knows that I have only recently discovered that Colton IS my son. But I know what I went through. If you don't have a problem with Dave's being gay, I think that you should let him know that. It will save him countless hours of anxiety and might even save his life."

Roger nodded his agreement. He could remember a couple of kids from high school who took their own lives. He suspected that it had to do with being despondent over being gay.

Geoff also thought for some time before he responded. Wade was about to apologize for butting in, when Geoff spoke.

"Norma, what do you think? This is a beautiful setting for dealing with a difficult topic. Why don't we talk to the boys after dinner?"

Then he turned to the other two men.

"Would you consider being here for moral support?"

"Of course," Roger and Wade answered as one.

Homemade stew cooked over an open fire is nearly as good as prime rib when it is served in the fresh air and eaten with friends and family. What had seemed liked enough to feed an army was nearly polished off by the end of the meal.

For dessert, Norma brought out graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey's chocolate bars. S'mores were the order of the day. The boys carefully toasted the marshmallows turning them constantly so as not to set them afire. They were proud of their skills. After all of the stew, no one had room for very many of the treats.

Geoff felt awkward as he sat on the picnic bench trying to come up with a way to talk to his son and Dustin. He didn't want to hurt them or frighten them. Finally, he just launched into it.

"Dave, your mother and I want you to know that we love you and Dustin very much. We know that you are very close and we want you to know that it's okay."

Dave tensed, not knowing if his father was really saying that he knew the boys were gay.

Geoff sensed that he hadn't said it very clearly.

"We are okay with the fact that you love each other. We're not sure about Dustin's father and we don't think that you should necessarily tell him, especially since he is off in the war."

Dave sat stunned for a minute before he reached for Dustin's hand. Then the two embraced as tears flowed freely. Colton and Dane moved to sit on each side of them with their arms around the shoulders of the two guys they had gotten acquainted with that day.

Dave got up to hug his parents.

"Thanks!" he breathed.

Dustin got up too. Norma and Geoff hugged him just as tightly as they had their son.

Then, amazingly, life went on as it had. Norma asked if anyone wanted more marshmallows before she put things away. No one talked any further about what had just transpired.

Since Dave and Dustin were sharing the family tent instead of being in the camper with Dave's parents, they asked if the other boys could bring their sleeping bags and camp with them. The adults all agreed that it would be okay and that it might be nice for the boys to be able to talk more openly with each together than they would around their parents.

Before going to bed, the four teens got their towels and toiletries so that they could shower off the day's dirt. As they were headed toward the shower house, a couple of younger boys who were going to shower decided to hang back. They weren't sure how they might be treated by a group of older boys who seemed to be together. However, they were really curious to see the teens naked.

The two twelve year olds waited until they heard the water going before entering the facility.

In the large communal shower, the teens were bantering good-naturedly. Because it was a public place, they stayed away from the subjects that they really wanted to talk about. There would be time for that in the tent in the dark. Now, they just wanted to get clean.

Their desire for cleanliness didn't keep them from checking each other out. They all grinned. Dustin, Colt and Dane struck some poses to show off their muscles. Dave hung back, but laughed at the antics of his companions. It was about then that the younger boys came around the corner and saw them. The younger kids were duly impressed and didn't want to undress in front of these older guys that they considered to be studs.

"Hey, come on in, the water's fine," Colt called to them.

They blushed and turned their backs as they began to undress. Then they wanted to keep their hands covering their privates because they were beginning to bone up and didn't want to be seen as not measuring up.

Dave was shy about being naked with other guys too. He could remember how strong that fear had been in middle school, so he thought that he would help them to feel more at ease. He asked where they were from and made some general conversation with them. Then he mentioned that they must be in sports because they were getting some nice muscles. That latter comment made the young ones beam. Their erections had softened somewhat and they were no longer embarrassed to be seen naked.

On the way back to the tent, Dustin commented to Dave about his kindness. The other boys agreed. It was really cool to make someone feel more comfortable rather than to tease and hurt.

Once in the tent, Dane and Colton zipped their new sleeping bags together. Dustin and Dave tried to, but their bags didn't match. They settled on putting one under them and the other over them if they needed it for warmth.

"Are you guys sleeping bare-ass?" Colton hoped.

"We will if you do," Dustin replied.


The conversation in the dark tent centered on love and sex - especially sex. Dustin and Dave wanted to know how far the other two had gone, but didn't want to come right out and ask it bluntly. Finally, Dane figured out what they were wondering.

"No, we haven't taken each other up the butt, if that's what you guys are wondering. That's something that we may do in the future, but right now, we like humping against each other and doing some oral stuff."

"You mean like sucking each other off?" Dustin asked outright.

"Yeah. Have you guys tried doing 69?

"We've talked about it," Dave admitted. "But we have only just come out to each other in the past couple of weeks. I guess we're kinda slow."

"Hey, that's okay. We took it slow too." Colt assured them.

"Are you guys gonna fool around tonight?" Dustin wondered.

"We could," Colt said. "I'm feeling like a stallion and I can feel that old Horny Toad is too" he laughed as he ran his hand over Dane's hard evidence.

Conversation ceased as both couples began to make out. They were trying to be quiet so that Dave's parents wouldn't know what was going on. Then they heard the compressor kick in. The Harrison's had thoughtfully closed up the camper and turned on the air conditioner in order not to overhear what the guys were discussing in the nearby tent. That fact made the teens feel freer to express themselves.

Hearing the moans of their companions made all four feel hotter than usual. As soon as Dane and Colt began to hump against each other, their companions did the same thing. The moans grew louder. Some growling and whimpering soon followed signaling that at least Dane and Colt were getting very close.

Dustin began a steady mantra of: umm, umm, umm... After a few more minutes on the edge, Dustin's muffled cry of joy let the others know that he had reached his climax. (Dave, of course knew from the load which covered his abs.) That sound sent the other three off almost simultaneously. Dave continued to whimper and gasp for several seconds. Cumming was, for him, especially intense and felt like the emotional high of a religious experience.

In the afterglow, the couples cuddled and talked quietly.

"I think from hearing your rutting sounds over there that you like this stuff as much as we do," Dane snickered.

"Hey, you guys didn't sound any less like dogs in heat than we did," Dave giggled in response.

They all agreed that it had been a hot experience. The noises of others getting it on had certainly not dampened anyone's desire.

"Gee, I wish we could all be in school together," Dustin sighed. "It would be great to have someone to talk to about things that we can't talk to any of our friends about."

"And have someone to watch you back in case of trouble." Dave added.

"You know, it could happen," Dane suggested. "My grandmother says that the state is trying to get our schools to consolidate. Who knows? We might end up in the same school someday."

"Yeah, right," Dave scoffed. "My dad says they have been trying to do that since he was in school. It'll never fly."

"At least we can email," Colt suggested.

All agreed that they would exchange addresses and keep in touch. If nothing else, they would probably see each other in competitions. Colt and Dustin would likely have to wrestle each other.

"But who wants to roll around the floor in the arms of a queer?" Dustin laughed.

Four guys raised their hands as they said: "ME!" Then they collapsed into a fit of giggles.

The next morning, Wade took the boys to explore some caves that were a few miles away. He invited the Harrison's and Dustin along and this time they came. It was fun to go as a group especially since they all knew what they had in common. These caves had a small admission charge because people had to see them by row-boat. The boats were propelled by some strapping high school students who had this as their summer jobs.

When the tour was over, the whole group ate lunch together. Again, there were lots of sandwiches and again the teenagers managed to wipe them out.

That evening, Dave and Dustin wanted Dane and Colt to spend the night in the tent, but the boys thought they'd better spend more time with Wade and Roger. After all, they still had Monday night to camp as well, so there would be another opportunity for some togetherness.

Before they went to bed, Wade said he wanted to talk to the boys about safe sex. Colt blushed furiously at this idea, but that didn't deter his father. Wade asked them what they knew about sexually transmitted diseases and was pleased to find that the school system had done a pretty good job of teaching them.

However, the public school didn't discuss things like rimming and anal sex at all. Colton's face got redder as his father talked about the dangers of parasites, hepatitis, warts, and other things that they might be exposed to in various sexual practices if they were not monogamous.

To finish it off, he told them that he wanted them to take things slowly and not to do anything dangerous with other guys outside of their relationship with each other. He said that he knew they would probably want to have anal intercourse someday and he talked to them about ways of stretching themselves and each other in order not to feel too much pain. Then, he gave them a tube of KY jelly and a box of condoms in case they needed to use them.

Dane was a bit less embarrassed since he had already found rubbers under his pillow that had to have been placed there by his mother. He asked about dildos and was pleased that Wade didn't shy away from answering. Roger joined in giving some hints on things he had used for home-made ones before he was old enough to buy one in an adult shop.

After they had showered and were lying naked in bed, Colton expressed how uncomfortable he had felt about talking so openly with his dad.

"I guess that he thought he needed to have "the talk" with us and that he had missed out by not knowing about me."

"Yeah, but aren't you glad to learn some of those things?"


"Does it make you hard thinking about them?"


"Wanna do something about it?"

"Oh, yeah!"

They did, quietly.

Monday was spent much like the first day had been. The boys spent part of the day with Roger and Wade and the other part with Dave and Dustin.

That last night, the four teens slept in the tent again. Dane and Colt shared some of their new knowledge with their friends. The other boys couldn't believe that adults had been that frank.

"My dad would faint if he had to talk about that stuff," Dave snickered.

"My dad would kill me if he thought I needed to know about it!" Dustin said.

"Are you guys going to do the 69 thing?" Dustin asked hopefully.

"I'd like to," Dane grinned.

"Could we watch how you do it so that we know what to do?" Dustin persisted.

After a brief conference, Colt agreed that he wasn't uncomfortable about showing off and that he would feel like a porn star if they did.

Dave felt around for his tiny flashlight which he shined on each guy's crotch in turn, including his own (very briefly).

"I've never seen that many hardons," he commented. "Can we leave the light on and stroke them a little to get us warmed up?"

The other boys agreed. It was a pretty hot experience watching other guys playing with themselves.

Dane and Colt began kissing. Dave and Dustin imitated their actions. Dane sucked Colton's nipples and was rewarded with the moans he was looking for. He "ate" his way down to Colt's crotch. The other boys stopped their lovemaking to watch the progression. Dane and Colt switched roles so that Dane was on the receiving end of the oral stimulation. When Dane could take no more without bursting, he pulled Colton around into position so that they could suck each other. They were on their sides which allowed the other two to see cocks nearly disappearing into mouths.

Dave and Dustin were so turned on by the scene that they couldn't wait a moment longer before trying it themselves. There was no fore-play; they were too hot to hold back. Since it was a new experience for them, they actually came before the other two, but not by long. All four experienced great orgasms.

When it was over, they cuddled as couples and talked for a while before going to sleep. It was great having buddies who understood!

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