Castle Roland

Chapter 16

Published: 11 Aug 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

On Friday night, the Tracewell brothers sat at home alone. Their parents were out drinking somewhere and the boys had just finished a takeout pizza washed down by a couple of beers. John opened his backpack and pulled out a plastic bag.

"Look what I scored today, Danny boy. Wanna get a buzz?"

Dan nodded enthusiastically as he got up to find the bong they had stashed in his room.

It was cold in the garage, but not as cold as outside. Their parents would have fussed at them if the house smelled of marijuana. It wasn't that they worried so much about their offspring getting high; they just didn't like the smell in the furniture and carpet.

As the brothers toked away, they discussed what they should do to even the score at school. Both were afraid of the Albers kids, but neither would admit it. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to go after the Sucksdorf kid when no one was around to defend him.

After smoking, both felt horny. They decided to drive to Cosgrove to the adult bookstore. John was 18 so he could get in. The attendant was pretty lax and Dan could likely get in without being IDed. With any luck, the brothers could stick their dicks through a glory hole and get some queer to suck them off. It was okay to do that as long as they watched a video in the booth that showed guys having sex with girls. If they weren't the ones servicing other guys, they weren't gay.

John was especially careful in driving so that he wouldn't attract attention. He didn't want to be picked up on a narc charge. It took a bit longer than it ordinarily would to reach their destination.

As predicted, the boys were allowed into the establishment without having to prove they were old enough to be there. Dan pulled out a $5.00 bill for change and split the quarters with John. They attracted attention among the older men like fresh meat would in a cage of hungry lions. Neither was going to go home disappointed if he wasn't too picky.

The brothers headed for different booths choosing ones with convenient holes cut in the walls allowing access to the next booths. John put some quarters into the slot and pushed the button to find some good porn. He paused at a channel showing a couple of guys doing other guys. A guy was being held down while other guys took turns fucking him. John was turned on by the scene. He was pretty sure that if you used another guy like that, it didn't mean you were gay. Besides, queers were supposed to like that stuff. You'd be doing him a favor.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a finger at the glory hole beckoning him toward it. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his inflating cock. He stroked it a couple of times and moved toward the hole.

The hand at the hole began to play with his balls. It felt great. Then the hand pulled his dripping phallus through the opening. The hand was immediately replaced by a hot, wet mouth. John felt himself being deep-throated to the hilt. He was moaning and bucking. Seconds later, he unloaded a huge amount of cum into the throat of the guy who was sucking him. As soon as his cock stopped throbbing, he stuffed it back into his pants and zipped up.

Dan was having a similar experience in a booth a few yards away. Someone was playing with his dick as well. This guy sucked on Dan's balls. Dan liked it a lot. He was putty in the hands of the older male.

Just when it was getting good, the guy stopped. Dan felt frustrated. The guy whispered for Dan to join him in one of the bigger booths. Being ready for more, Dan did as he was asked.

Once inside the large booth, the other guy locked the door and put some money in the slot. The channel that was playing featured two guys doing 69. Dan watched in curiosity while the man undid his pants and went back to pleasuring him.

Pretty soon, the guy turned Dan around and began to rim his ass. Dan shuddered with excitement. No one had ever done that to him. It was awesome! Next, the man went back to sucking Dan's balls while slipping a wet finger into Dan's chute. Dan yelped and was going to tell the guy to stop when he felt a rush of pleasure wash over him. He had heard the term "G" spot, and finally understood what it meant. About that time, Dan felt his cock being swallowed as well. The combination of being stimulated front and rear sent him over the edge quickly.

As Dan reached down to pull up his jeans, he felt hands forcing him to his knees. There at face level was a big, hard cock. Dan tried to stand up, but felt his neck in a vise-grip.

"Open your mouth and suck my big cock, you little faggot," his assailant demanded. "Don't nick me with your teeth or do anything stupid if you want to leave in one piece."

Dan was so frightened that he shook. His stomach tightened up. The pizza and beer in his stomach turned sour in an instant. Before he knew it, he was vomiting. The man cursed him, kicked him hard in the ribs, and left him sobbing on the floor.

John found him there a minute later and took him to the bathroom to clean him up. Dan didn't want to talk about what had happened. His chest hurt with every breath he took. He knew that something was broken, but he was afraid that if he went to the emergency room that he would be arrested for smoking pot and would have to tell how he got injured. He couldn't think of any logical explanation.

Though John may have been an asshole where others were concerned, especially if he could dominate some poor kid, he was protective of his younger brother. When they got home, he dug out a back-support belt that he had had to buy when he worked at Sam's in their former city. He cinched it up around Dan's chest. The pressure brought the boy some relief. A couple of Motrin reinforced by smoking another bowl made Dan's pain recede enough to go to sleep.

The next day, after they showered away the aroma of marijuana from their bodies, the boys went to the clinic. John told the story that they had been wrestling in fun and that Dan had fallen against the desk in their room.

The doctor wasn't entirely convinced by the explanation because hitting the edge of a desk should have left a different kind of bruise, but she taped up Dan's ribs and gave him a prescription for pain. She warned him not to use alcohol or any other drug while taking the meds. John paid cash for the visit so that their parents wouldn't know.

Dane got permission from his grandmother to invite Dustin and David (whom they had met camping) to spend some time at the lake cottage. There was an in-service day coming up on Friday at both schools (sponsored by the Area Education Association). That meant the boys could have at least a couple of days together if their new acquaintances could get permission. Dane called on the phone, not wanting to wait for email messages back and forth.

Dustin easily got permission from his mother. She was pleased for him to have something to help take his mind off of the war and his father's role in it. Dave's parents were even quicker to grant permission since they had met the boys camping in August. Dave's father, Geoff, offered to drive Dave and Dustin to Bentonville and to pick up Dane and Colt as well. That would give them an earlier start and take some of the pressure off of Greta whose schedule was rather busy with the upcoming teachers' meeting. The boys could hardly wait for the next week to pass.

On Monday, Jerry Sucksdorf was pleased to find that he was welcomed by his new friends at lunchtime. The Albers twins even joined the table where Dane and Colt usually sat. It made for crowded conditions, but no one cared. The younger kids were quite pleased to have two junior football jocks sitting with them. Scenes like that didn't happen often. Jerry was pretty sure that the older boys were playing guardian-angel for his benefit. It warmed his heart greatly that they weren't afraid to mingle with him and with other under-classmen. It was like having a couple of big brothers suddenly adopted into his family.

The seating arrangement was not lost on the Tracewell brothers. They were subdued for the moment - especially Dan. He was excused from gym for several weeks due to his broken ribs. Rumor had it that he had gotten into some kind of fight in Cosgrove with guys from a Chicago gang. No one in Bentonville had ever encountered a Chicago "gangsta", but they were sure that there must be guys like that in the "big city" of Cosgrove.

Jerry's day went pretty well until physical education class. The teacher thought that Jerry hadn't put forth his best effort and kept him after class making him run 10 laps around the gym. Since it was the last class of the day, staying after wouldn't make him late for another class. He rode his moped instead of taking the bus, so a ride home wasn't a problem either. But it did make him late for his shower. He was the only one in the locker room.

He stripped quickly so that he could get done in time to do his homework before dinner. He hated to have that hanging over him at bedtime. He was in the shower when he heard footsteps coming his way. As he turned, he saw John and Dan standing at the entrance to the shower room with their arms folded. This could only mean trouble.

Jerry continued to shower as if nothing were unusual. His father had often told him not to show fear when someone was trying to intimidate him. He wasn't sure that it would work in this case. In fact, he was fairly sure that it wouldn't matter, but he didn't know what else to do.

As he tried to go to his locker, John seized him around the shoulders and forced him to kneel.

"Hold him from behind, Dan. I'm gonna give him a chance to enjoy my cock."

Dan twisted Jerry's arms behind him in a position that left him no choice. Jerry's eyes were wet with tears, but he would not allow himself to sob. He struggled enough to cause Dan some pain from his broken ribs.

John undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his underwear. His dick pumped up to its full size as he moved it toward Jerry's face. Jerry kept his mouth resolutely shut as he felt his face being forced closer to John's erection. He could smell the odor of John's cock and it was repulsive to him.

"Suck my big cock, you little faggot!" John growled. "Be careful with your teeth if you don't want to get hurt."

John's words were having an effect, but not on the intended victim so much as on Dan. The things John was saying made Dan have a flash-back to Saturday night at the adult shop. He suddenly let go of Jerry as he ran toward the nearest toilet stall. He didn't make it. Everything he had consumed at lunch was propelled onto the locker room floor.

John was so startled that he let go of Jerry's head. Jerry made a run for his locker and began to fumble with the lock. He had to get dressed enough to make his escape.

In the midst of this, Alex Albers came into the locker room. He had an urgent need to piss and the coach had let him go to the restroom when they took a brief rest during scrimmage. He was there just in time to witness Jerry's escape.

John didn't know what hit him. One minute he was trying to help his vomiting brother and the next he was out cold on the concrete floor. Dan was in no condition to do anything to stop it. Alex stood over him shaking with anger and adrenaline.

"There's a mop in the corner. You get this mess cleaned up and get this worthless piece of shit out of here before anyone finds him. If you tell on me, I'll see that you get double what I gave him. You got that dickhead?"

Dan nodded.

Meanwhile, Jerry had gotten dressed and was ready to leave. He held up well until they got outside and Alex put an arm around his shoulder. Then his emotions got the better of him.

"I'm such a wuss!" he sobbed. "I'm not gay, but I must be doing something to make people think I am.

"You're okay, kid. I'm gonna make sure no one messes with you."

No one did mess with Jerry during the rest of the week. He was well aware that his safety depended upon the twins. One of them made it a point to be around whenever he was going from one class to another. He knew that they were going out of their way to help him. It made him feel like he was imposing on them, but it also made him feel special at the same time.

After his vomiting session, Dan had made a half-hearted attempt to clean up the mess. John sat on the floor rubbing his throbbing jaw.

"How come you had to throw up?" John asked.

"I don't want to talk about it, okay? I don't think I can force Sucksdorf or anyone else to have sex. It doesn't feel right. Besides, my ribs hurt like Hell!"

"Don't be a pansy, Dan. You'll heal soon enough and we're big enough and tough enough to do what we want - when we want."

"Well, I DON'T WANT! Is that clear?"

John couldn't understand his younger brother's attitude. The kid hadn't been the same since that night at the adult bookstore. Well, sooner or later Dan would spill his guts. He always did. Eew, the thought of Dan's spilling his guts made John queasy. OR was it from the lingering order of from being knocked out?

Despite the headache, John's mind began to work on ways to even the score with Alex.

On Wednesday, Joel was asked to stay after math class to talk to Mr. Cartwright, the teacher. Joel wondered what he had done. He had made a few smart-ass comments, but he didn't think that his behavior was all that bad. He had even seen Cartwright suppressing a smile at one point. He didn't have a long time to worry, because the teacher got right to the point.

"Joel, you're really good in math. I listened to you explain some things to Gary today in a way that made him get it. You got through to that kid when I haven't been able to. I have a job for you."

"What makes you think I need a job?" Joel asked smugly as he looked down at his leather jacket.

"We all need jobs. I know that you are an over-privileged brat! But you still need something to give you some idea of self-worth. I know that from personal experience. I'm going to let you in on a secret that you must keep. My mother's maiden name was Hilton and I have enough stock in the hotel chain that I don't have to do anything if I don't want to. But I need to be of use to society. Can you understand that? You have the looks, the clothes, and the car, but you need to have the respect of your peers. You can't buy that; you have to earn it."

Joel sat quietly for a few seconds. He wasn't used to being talked to like this. He was a hawt stud! He didn't need anyone else. And yet, he really would like to have kids in this place like him. He still felt like an outsider; maybe he always would. He decided to hear Cartwright out.

"What I have in mind won't be likely to pay you any money, but it could earn you some points with the other kids. I want you to tutor Alex Albers. He and his brother are the backbone of the football team. It's almost the end of the quarter, and if he doesn't improve his grades in math, he won't be eligible much longer. He's a bright enough kid, but I can't get through to him. His brother has tried, but when they work together, they end up having an argument. What do you say; will you do it?"

"Do you think a junior is going to want a punk sophomore help him?" Joel shot back. "I'm guessing he won't want anything to do with me."

"I've already talked to him about it. He said that he will do anything to improve. Can you start tonight?"

"Well, I guess so... What time should I plan on? How long is practice?"

"Wednesday is "church night" so there is no late practice. I'm guessing that you could get together right after school. I'll tell him to look for you in the foyer around 3:00 if that works for you."

"Okay," Joel found himself agreeing.

"Here's a pass so you won't get a tardy in your next class," Cartwright offered.

Joel walked toward his literature class. He was wondering what had just happened back there. He had allowed himself to be pushed into doing something that he wasn't that excited about doing. The guy he was supposed to help was a jock. Everyone knew what kind of reputation jocks had. What if this Alex found out about Joel's secret; would he live to see Christmas?

He was so lost in thought that he wasn't paying attention to where he was going. He bumped into, of all people, Alex Albers.

Joel thought he would be decked for sure and he was ready to scramble out of reach.

"Oh, sorry, Dude," Alex said. "I guess I wasn't paying attention. I've got a lot on my mind. Hey, aren't you the guy who might tutor me?"

Joel nodded and allowed himself to smile in response to Alex's friendliness. Oh well, so much for stereotypes. This jock seemed to be a nice guy. Joel found himself shaking the offered hand. And when he did, he felt a spark of electricity. Shit! He was going to have to be especially careful around this hunk. He couldn't afford to do anything like he had done to Colt!

Alex felt the tingle too. He was having similar worries about Joel's discovering what he was really like inside. He was going to have to watch what he did and said around this kid. Wow, he would love to have this guy cuddled next to him in his bed. Well, he had better be very, very careful not to give Joel a hint about what he was thinking. If he didn't keep his mind on other things, there would be no disguising his arousal.

At the appointed hour, Joel and Alex met up in the foyer at the end of school. Allen was there too. It was decided that Allen would go home by himself and that Alex would go to Joel's grandparent's place to be tutored. Then Joel would take him home later.

Alex loved the pull of G-forces as Joel took his car through the paces. He wondered why his parents didn't buy a car like that for Allen and him. He knew the answer before he asked. He was well aware that his family had the money, but he also knew that his parents were not going to spoil their offspring. They had made it very plain that they weren't going to turn their kids into materialistic brats. The boys were going to learn the value of a dollar!

The place where Joel was living was not pretentious, but it was elegant. Joel's grandparents had exquisite taste and were evidently living on a comfortable income. Alex was impressed.

He was also impressed by their hospitality. They treated him like family from the moment they met him. These were truly gracious people.

Joel's room was another awesome place. Alex had seen some of this kind of electronic equipment in magazines and stores, but had never imagined it in someone's home. Joel seemed unaware of the luxuries he had.

He moved some things from his desk so that the two could use the space. They began to review the whole first quarter math curriculum. Within the first half hour, Alex was beginning to make a break-through. Joel seemed to have a gift for teaching. Alex was actually beginning to understand. It was like a light had been switched on in a formerly darkened room.

The time passed rapidly. Math didn't seem like drudgery anymore; at least it didn't as long as this good-looking stud was explaining it. Alex found himself trying to keep his new understanding in check for fear that the tutoring sessions wouldn't last as long as he was hoping that they would.

Joel's grandmother buzzed in on the intercom after about 45 minutes to say she would be up with a choice of soft drinks and warm, homemade cookies. Alex was delighted. Joel was too. He made a mental note to thank her again later for making his guest feel welcome.

When it was time for Alex to be driven home, he thanked Joel's grandparents profusely. He hoped that he would have other occasions to see them.

On the way to his house, Alex thanked Joel again and asked if they might be able to work together again on Friday since there was no school that day.

"I feel like I am making progress and I don't want to wait too long to continue because I'm afraid I will lose some ground if I do. I'll be glad to pay whatever you ask. I know my parents will give me the money in order to get my grades up. They want me to get into a good college."

"Alex, you know that I don't need the money. I'm doing this because Cartwright seems to think I should. Besides, you turned out to be an okay guy."

"Thanks, I don't have any real friends here other than my brother. It's nice to spend time with you. You're okay too."

Both guys hoped that they didn't sound too much like soap-opera characters saying those things. Both were aware that the other had said something similar, so it must be okay.

"Would you like to come over Thursday after practice and spend the night? We could work on math after dinner and again on Friday. That is, if you want to..."

Joel began to cringe inwardly wondering what Alex would think about being invited to sleepover. Did this sound too gay? Shit, why had he opened his big mouth? Was he being compulsive again?

Alex's exuberant response put an immediate end to Joel's fears.

"Dude that would be so cool! I haven't had anyone invite me over since I moved here. Allen will be jealous. We used to hang out like that with a couple of other buds back in our old town. I really miss it."

"Well, I suppose I could invite your bother over too," Joel said hoping that the disappointment he was feeling didn't show in his voice.

"No way!" We're close, but we are two separate people. Just because we're identical twins doesn't mean we have to do EVERYTHING together.

Joel smiled to himself at Alex's adamant response.

When he pulled up to the lovely new two-story house, Joel was the one to be impressed. Unless this family was living way beyond their means, there was some money here. Alex and Allen might seem like a couple of plain kids, but they were not hurting financially. Joel would bet on it.

Joel's grandparents noticed that he was happier that evening than they had seen him in quite a while. They suspected that it had something to do with his making a new friend. They hoped that he wouldn't get hurt from this new association. He had had enough jolts in his young life. Jane and Rhys prayed that Joel would fit into life in this small community. Certainly it wasn't what he was used to, but it might turn out to be a good thing in the long run.

That night, Joel was restless. He couldn't settle down to sleep because of his anticipation of Friday - actually Thursday night. He was concerned about how he was going to be in close contact with this stud from school without embarrassing himself. Despite his outward, self-assured appearance, Joel was feeling insecure on the inside. Finally, he took a sleeping pill to help him drift off.

Sometime in the night, he had an awesome dream in which he was naked with Alex. If began with him on his knees worshipping Alex's cock. Then, it shifted to Alex sucking him. It got better and better until he was spewing. He roused enough to realize that at least the ejaculation part was real. He smiled as he went back to sleep with his cock in his hand.

In the room he shared with Allen, Alex was dreaming of Joel. In the scene, Joel rubbed his body all over Alex. Their dicks were hot and slippery stimulated by the friction of Joel's humping motions. It wasn't long before Alex's cock responded in blowing his load. His moan of ecstasy was heard by his brother in the other twin bed.

Allen chuckled knowing what Alex was feeling. He reached down to stroke his own tool. It didn't take long for him to reach orgasm too. He pictured Lori naked in his bed licking his cock. He really liked that girl. He was going to work up the nerve to ask her out soon. Maybe someday this scene would be more than a fantasy.

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