Castle Roland

Chapter 17

Published: 15 Aug 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Thursday came at last. The day dawned cool, but sunny. The weather forecasters predicted that it would be unusually warm for that late in October. In fact, the next few days were supposed to be in the mid to upper 60's. The possibility of having a kind of Indian summer for the days off from school was making the kids more squirrelly than usual.

Dane and Colt had packed everything they thought they might need for their stay at the cottage with Dave and Dustin. They had checked their list several times and were pretty sure that if they had forgotten anything, it was something that they wouldn't really miss.

Joel was anticipating having Alex over and hoping that everything would go smoothly. He was really beginning to like this guy and praying that nothing would happen to mess up their budding friendship. Yeah, it would be nice to do the things he had done in his wet-dream, but what he really longed for was a guy who would share love with him. He didn't want to be someone's sex object any more than he wanted someone to be that to him.

Alex awakened hoping that he wouldn't mess things up with Joel. He wanted so badly to take the slender guy into his arms. He was finding that Joel was constantly on his mind. Alex liked the way he looked, the way he smiled, the way he walked, the way he smelled. Shit! Alex was going to have to be very careful. What if he made a move on Joel and Joel got mad and outed him. Alex liked Joel enough to hope that they could become real friends if not lovers.

Sara was looking forward to having Carrie stay over and then to possibly spend some time with Trent. She had a real feeling of caring for him. The more they were together; the more they seemed to click. It was a good feeling, but a little scary. She knew that many, perhaps most, high school romances didn't last through college. She hoped that they could beat the odds.

Trent was hoping that Carrie would leave Sara's house early enough so that he could come over and visit while her mother was at work.

Like many days when kids are anticipating something great, Thursday dragged on for what seemed like a week. Even favorite classes seemed endless. Of course, the final bell eventually rang signaling that freedom had arrived at long last.

Dane and Colt jumped on their bikes to race home in order to make one last check of their supplies. They didn't have to wait too long for their friends because the school that Dave and Dustin attended got out a half hour earlier than Bentonville High did.

The Harrison's minivan pulled into the drive with Dave at the wheel. His father, Geoff, was sitting beside him in the passenger seat because Dave was on a learner's permit like Dane and Colt.

When the van was loaded up, Geoff drove on to the cottage following Dane's directions. It wasn't long before they had reached their destination and Dane was punching the button on the gate-opener.

Once everything was unloaded, Geoff left the boys saying that he would see them later. He made his son and Dustin promise to keep their cell phones handy in case anyone had to get in touch.

The boys began to settle in as soon as Dave's father had cleared the driveway. Dave and Dustin were put in charge of building a fire in the downstairs fireplace while Dane and Colton worked on preparing dinner. They wanted to eat by 6:00 so that they could have a longer evening to cuddle in the living room by the fire.

Dave and Dustin put their best scouting skills into practice as they managed to start the fire with one match. Before long, they had a good blaze going. The fireplace had been outfitted with an insert that retained a lot of the heat in the room rather than sending it up the chimney like the original arrangement had. The chill in the air was soon replaced by a cozy feeling.

The stale, "closed-up" smell of the cottage was replaced by smell of a wood fire and the aroma of dinner cooking in the kitchen. Dane had brought a large chicken to roast accompanied by baking potatoes and acorn squash. While that was cooking, he and Colt were preparing a fresh salad and setting the table which was located at one end of the living room.

Once preparations were done, the boys sat on the sofa facing the fireplace. Colt brought in a tray with cheese and crackers to snack on. He also brought glasses filled with cranberry juice to go with the appetizers.

In about an hour, the timer buzzed signaling that everything was ready. Colt brought in some candles to illuminate the dinner table. He also poured more juice to make it seem like they were having wine with their meal. Dave and Dustin were impressed by the added touches as well as the delicious meal that was being put before them.

"Dustin thinks that making Ramen noodles is gourmet cooking. You guys are going to make someone good wives," Dave quipped.

"Only each other," Dane said laughing.

There were more words of praise from the guests as the dinner progressed. The guys were involved in pleasant conversation as they consumed nearly everything on the table except the chicken bones and the candles.

Dave and Dustin insisted on cleaning up. They told Dane and Colt to sit and take it easy while they did the dishes.

When they were done with the after-dinner chores, Dave and Dustin joined their friends in front of the fire. Both couples sat on the long sofa cuddling with their boyfriends. It was not a scene of hot passion and lust, but rather one of domestic tranquility.

"This is so cool," Dustin sighed. "It is great being able to be so open. Dave's parents seem to be okay with us, but we can't show our feelings that much because I can't risk having my family find out."

The other boys agreed that this was a rare opportunity. Dane and Colt realized how lucky they were. They could snuggle at Grandma's house without upsetting anyone.

Around 9:00, Dane suggested that he would like to go up to bed. The others grinned because they figured he wasn't interested in sleep. They were ready for bed too. Dane told Dave and Dustin to use the upstairs bathroom and to choose whichever bed they wanted. He and Colt would shower in the bathroom on the main floor. He really didn't want to have to wait too long.

Colton told the other guys that they could pull the panels to give them some privacy if they wanted. Dustin assured him that after being together in a small tent last summer, there were few secrets that any had from each other.

Colt and Dane shared the large downstairs shower of course. They played around a little, but most of their effort was spent on getting their bodies squeaky clean so that they could give each other a tongue-bath later.

When they climbed the stairs clad only in towels, their grinning guests whistled. So, the boys did a little impromptu dance which caused the towels to slip lower with each gyration.

"Take it all off!" Dave and Dustin cheered.

The boys complied after a few more seconds. When they removed the towels, they threw them at their appreciative audience.

Both dancers were pretty close to full mast by the time they got completely bare. They slipped hurriedly under the covers to hide their erections.

"Hey, you forgot to turn off the light," Dustin yelled.

"I'm not getting up again," Dane replied.

"Me neither," Colt grinned.

Dave said he would do the honors. He reached for his shorts to slip on before he got out of bed. The other boys called: "foul" and Dustin relieved him of his clothing. So, he had to go to the lights with his hardon pointing the way. He complained about not being as well hung as Dane and Colt, but Dustin was quick to say that Dave's equipment was just the right size to fit in his mouth. That made Dave feel more confident and set the others giggling.

As their eyes got used to the dark, the boys saw that there was a fair amount of moonlight coming through the glass wall in the living room. Colt said that he could get up and close the drapes, but the rest declined the offer. Each was thinking that it might be a turn-on to be able to see some of what was happening in the other bed.

Everyone knows that heat rises. The cozy temperature of the living room had risen to make the loft rather warm. Once the kissing and petting got heavy, the boys all kicked off the covers. They were aware that they were going to give each other a show, but they were too hot to care.

If there had been an overhead camera, it would have recorded two pairs of boys in the 69 position pleasuring their partners to the best of their abilities. Whether the presence of other guys made them feel more lustful or whether it was the setting and the freedom to express their feelings, both couples came quickly and forcefully. Their climaxes were accompanied by sounds that were unique to each, but blended together in a beautiful chorus. Handel could have written a score to accompany them!

Dustin was actually crying when they finished. Dave couldn't help but join him. He was very sensitive to Dustin's every mood.

"Are you guys okay?" Colt asked in a stage whisper.

"More than okay!" Dustin sobbed. "It's so awesome!"

Sometime in the night as the room cooled, Colt pulled up the covers. Then, he decided that he would have to pee if he wanted to go back to sleep soundly. When he came back from the bathroom, he pulled up the covers on Dave and Dustin before returning to his bed. He got a friendly pat on his bare bottom from Dustin. Colt smiled. It was nice to have friends who weren't afraid to show affection and who knew the difference between love and lust.

Friday morning dawned chilly, but sunny. The weather forecasters predicted that highs would be in the middle 70's F. that day. Dane was pleased that it would be warm enough to get the boat out and to do some sunning.

Colt was awakened by the feeling of his lover nibbling on his nipples. It was among his favorite ways to greet a new day! Though the thought of a bit of morning fun was tempting to both, they agreed that they should start breakfast before the others woke up. So, they pulled on some clean underwear and sweats and went to the kitchen.

Dane was frying bacon when Colt said that he would check on the other guys. Dane smiled as he thought of how well the two of them functioned in the kitchen as well as in bed. His back was to the door when he felt loving arms around him from behind. He settled into the embrace and began to get hard immediately. Just then, Colt came into the kitchen.

"What the Hell is going on in here?" he demanded.

It was then that Dane became aware that it was Dave who was hugging him.

"What were you doing, Dave?" he yelled. "Colt, it isn't what you think..."

When Colton began to laugh, Dane realized he had been had.

"Colt, I'm going to get even with you," Dane shouted as his scowl turned into a smile.

"I'm sorry; I just had to let you know how it felt to be misunderstood. I know we talked it out, but I still didn't think that you knew how it feels to be doubted when you're innocent."

Dave swore that Colt had put him up to it and Dane knew he was telling the truth. He also felt a pang of guilt over what he had put Colt through recently.

"Damn, I'm so sorry about that Colt," Dane said as he kissed his lover.

"I know you are and I probably shouldn't have done this, but...

"It's okay. I had it coming."

"I'd like to have you cumming."

"Now, now, boys, let's not do anything to distract you from finishing breakfast. Dustin will be hungry as a grizzly when he comes down." Dave snickered.

Dustin entered the room as his name was being said and had to be filled in on what had transpired. Then the boys had to tell about the scene with Joel and the aftermath.

"Joel wrote me a note of apology." Dane commented. "He said that his meds were out of synch and that he didn't usually do things like that. He wants me to forgive him and I guess that I will after I let him stew for a while."

"Don't make him suffer too long, lover," Colt responded. "He really is a nice kid. He doesn't have many friends here yet. You must remember what it was like breaking into a new school after the term had already started."

"Yeah, I do. I know you're right. I'm still pissed that he had his hands so close to the merchandise, but I guess I can buy the bit about the meds. I knew a guy back in Illinois who had something similar and he could get pretty crazy when his meds needed to be adjusted. I suppose I can forgive him. But, he'd better understand that you’re off limits!"

Everyone laughed at how vehement Dane was about that subject. Colt loved it. He knew that Dane didn't consider him to be his property, but he also knew that Dane loved him and didn't want anyone hitting on him in earnest.

After breakfast, the boys put on windbreakers with hoods and took the boat out for a spin around the lake. Many of the leaves had already fallen, but the ones that remained looked stunning in the sunshine against the clear blue sky. When the boat was going slowly, the sun felt almost like summer. The hoods were soon lowered. Eventually, the jackets were unzipped as well.

Lunch consisted of sandwiches that each guy built for himself from the selection of cold cuts, cheeses, and breads. The boys washed them down with Cokes. Dessert was the brownies that Greta had baked for them to take. Dane had to threaten to slap hands in order to save a few for after dinner that evening.

By the time the kitchen was cleaned up again, it was getting warmer outside. Colt went to the basement to retrieve a tarp while Dane went upstairs to find a large blanket. They took the items outside to an area that was well screened by evergreens. This was an excellent place to do some naked sunbathing.

Soon the four were stripped and lying in the sun. It was warm enough to produce a mild sheen of perspiration on their bodies. Dave had rolled over on his stomach quickly after his clothes were off. He still felt shy at times. Dustin knew that it was because Dave felt he might not "measure up" and wasn't entirely comfortable about showing his stuff in broad daylight.

The boys lay in the sun talking for about an hour. They turned over several times to keep from burning any part of their bodies. Dave seemed reticent about exposing his groin. He put his underwear over his dick saying that he would hate to sunburn it. Soon he was on his stomach again.

Dustin loved every part of Dave's body. He was getting turned on by being naked with Dave and the other guys. He began to run his hand over Dave's back. He traced his way lightly down toward Dave's butt. Dave started to respond. He loved that feeling and Dustin knew it well!

When Dustin was pretty sure that Dave was aroused, he flipped his love over onto his back and pinned him in that position. Their cocks were lying side by side and about as hard as they could get. Dave wasn't as big as Dane or Colt, but he wasn't miniature either.

In the heat of the moment, Dave forgot about the fact that he was exposed to the rest of the guys and began to nibble on Dustin's earlobe. Dustin moaned. Then he pulled away and nibbled down Dave's chest toward his groin. Dave's erection stood up proudly as Dustin began to lick his 'nads.

Colt couldn't watch without getting turned on too. He started licking Dane's bellybutton causing him to moan. That sound stimulated the rest, of course. A guy's desire is often as much in his head as in his groin. What had begun as some fooling around turned into serious lust for all involved. Everyone got into it as if they were the only pair on earth.

Colt swung around so that he and Dane were able to suck each other. Dustin did the same with Dave. For the next fifteen minutes or so, there was plenty of action going on. Both couples backed off a couple of times or they wouldn't have lasted that long. Finally, desire for release won out. Dane started his low growl that signaled he was close. Colt began to whimper. The moans from the other pair increased.

"Nnnnnnnnnn, nnnnnnnnn, nnnnnnnnn" Colt uttered around Dane's cock.

Dane responded with: "Uhhhnnnnngggg, uhhhnnnnnggggg!"

Dave and Dustin joined the song with notes of their own.

When they were all basking in the afterglow, Dane giggled.

"We are one horny bunch! We've never been this open in front of anyone - especially outside in broad daylight!"

The rest agreed that this was a new experience and one that had been great. Dave didn't even try to cover his softening cock. Dane looked over at it boldly.

"That's a nicely cut piece you're carrying there, Dave."

Dave blushed.

"It's not as big as yours."

"Hell, what does that matter? It's really cute."

"I keep telling him it's beautiful," Dustin said. "It fits nicely in my mouth and I hope someday it will fit nicely up my ass."

"Hey Dane, quit perving on Dave; I'm your stallion." Colt snickered.

"And you are hung like a horse," Dave responded with a touch of envy in his voice.

The other three assured Dave that he was cute and fun and perfect as he was. He had no reason to wish for more length.

"My dad always said it's not how big it is, but how you use it," Dustin interjected. "Only he had no idea that you and I would be using them together."

Then, Dustin got quiet. He was thinking of his father in a dangerous place and he was thinking about what his father would say and do if he found out about his oldest son. A tear or two escaped from his eyes. Dane and Colt didn't see it, but Dave did. He took his boyfriend lovingly in his arms and kissed him softly.

The other two figured that this might be a "private moment" and chose to go inside to find some refreshments. While they were gone, Dave kept telling Dustin that everything would be okay and that he would stand by him whatever happened. Dustin's mood lifted.

The pep-talk that the others had given Dave must have had an effect. From that afternoon on, he was never embarrassed to be naked with the other guys. In fact, he rather liked the idea of showing off what he had. It WAS a beautiful piece and wasn't really smaller than average - from what he'd read on the 'net.

The cottage had warmed up nicely with the sun coming through the large expanse of glass. In the summer, the leaves on the deciduous trees blocked the sun's rays. In the colder weather, the bare branches did little to keep out the warmth. It was great.

Finding the inside warmer than the outside, the guys agreed that it would be fun to stay naked. There was a bit of grab-ass played among all four as they came in. Nothing sexual happened; it was more of a male-bonding thing. The guys became quite close that weekend.

Friday's dinner proved to be as tasty as Thursday night's. Dane assigned Dave and Dustin to assist in the cooking. Following his directions, the guest's prepared a better meal than either had thought possible. They were beginning to have some hope of not starving to death when they were on their own.

That evening, the boys sat naked in front of the fire. It wasn't a case of feeling lustful, but rather a case of feeling free. This was truer for Dave and Dustin who had never had a chance to be like this together for any period of time without the worry of being discovered.

All showered again before bed, but were too tired and too sated to make love that night. Part of the reason for not doing it was the prospect of repeating that scene on the blanket in the out-of-doors the next afternoon.

Saturday passed much as Friday had. The boys spent time riding in the boat and sunning in the privacy of the yard. And, yes, they made love again under the bright blue sky right next to their friends.

"This is like being in heaven," Dustin sighed as he was softening once more. "How are we ever going to go back to reality after this?"

"I think that this may give us the strength to hang on until we can get some private time during Thanksgiving." Dave replied.

"Shit. Where are we going to get that?" Dustin said sadly.

Colt spoke up with an idea that gave them hope.

"Grandma said that she was going to keep the place open until after Thanksgiving. She said something about having our dinner here. Maybe we can convince the 'rents to let us have a day or two together after that."

The rest agreed that it sounded like a plan.

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