Castle Roland

Chapter 18

Published: 15 Aug 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

For teachers and administrators, Friday was spent in sessions about the causes and prevention of bullying in school. There were speakers from the LGTB Task Force as well as from some area counselors and psychologists. The day was kicked off by a panel discussion in which participants used statistics to show that the percentage of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender kids experiencing harassment in schools was disproportionate to their numbers in the population.

Some local school boards had initially objected to having the LGTB speakers included claiming that it was an attempt to recruit kids into alternative life-styles. Religious groups of the "far right" (or "far wrong" as Greta liked to say) had brought pressure on the local boards. People from across the state and from neighboring states had begun a letter-writing campaign to try to force their point of view.

Fortunately, the board members found the strength to back down because of the support the LGTB Task Force was getting from the more main-line churches and the human rights groups. The Cosgrove Gazette even wrote an editorial decrying the "bullying" tactics used by out-of-towners to try to sway local attempts at understanding. (The city of Cosgrove, and some others in the state, had already added a clause against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation as well as race, creed, and color to their equal rights laws.) What eventually happened was a kind of back-lash against extreme conservatism.

Dr. Mary Rice from the University of Iowa was the first to address the group. She told them that LGTB kids had their first feelings of caring for members of their own sex at about age 10. Around the age of 15, the average kid began to attach a label to him/her self. Disclosure to parents usually came at about the age of 17.

Dr. Rice insisted that a safe environment for ALL kids was necessary for effective learning, but that it was even more important for kids who felt "outside" of the social norms because they were more likely to be affected. She used the following statistics taken from surveys of kids who reported being bullied.

| | LGTB | KidsOthers
(non-LGTB) | |----|-----;|------;| | Threatened | 33% | 7% | | Experienced Property damage | 51% | 29% | |In fights requiring Medical attention | 14% | 4% |

"As you can see, kids who are different from what their peers consider "normal" have much more trouble with being picked on than those who are not perceived as being gay." She stated.

"Here are some statistics that are even worse."

Sources of bullying for LGTB kids:

69% said they had been bullied by other students.

27% said they had been bullied by teachers.

11% said they had been bullied counselors.

"Notice that more than a quarter of the kids surveyed reported being bullied by their teachers! This is outrageous! How can kids learn in a hostile environment?"

"Here are some more stats that should get your attention. Of the kids LGTB kids who are bullied:

35% have attempted suicide

89% used alcohol recently to escape

68% tried drugs at some point

75% felt that they couldn't talk to counselors.

On the other hand, LGTB kids who said they were not bullied showed no more problems in any of those areas than 'normal' kids."

Her presentation was followed by others that reinforced what she had said. Then, two young college guys were introduced to the group. They were Zeke Adams and Bryan Stillwell. Greta hadn't known that they would be there, but was not surprised by it.

Zeke and Bryan took turns telling about their experiences with having loving, understanding families who accepted them. They also told about their car being vandalized and the problems that some of their friends had had.

They summed up their presentation with a recounting of how they had helped found an anti-bullying alliance in their school at Cosgrove. They impressed upon the audience that they had broadened it to include more that LGTB kids because they knew that ALL kids needed to feel safe at school.

Next, the guys took turns fielding questions. Things were going well until one teacher got up and began to rant at them. She accused them of spreading sin and disease.

"You and your so-called 'boyfriend' are evil and will burn in Hell!" She said in conclusion.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, did you have a question or were you merely interested in berating us?" Zeke said unruffled. "By the way, this man is not my boyfriend, he's my spouse and since we are monogamous, we can't possibly be doing what you suggested."

The lady sat down still blustering. Across the room, her principal was taking notes recording what she had said. Since his school had an anti-discrimination policy that included a clause about alternative life-styles, he was planning to bring her up before the board for disciplinary action because of her outburst. She would have to adjust her attitude if she expected to keep her job at his school.

When they had finished their part of the presentation, Bryan and Zeke received a standing ovation. Greta was one of the people in line to express her thanks and to give them hugs. The guys invited her to sit with them for the luncheon that was being given to participants. She was pleased to join them.

In the break-out sessions during the afternoon, Greta found herself to be participating more than she had planned. That outburst in Zeke and Bryan's session had made her more militant than usual. She told about raising a gay son who had tried to hide his orientation and how his father's reaction had affected her marriage. Greta also told how Wade's progression had been pretty much in line with the statistics, but had not turned to drugs or abused alcohol to any great extent. She believed that her divorce from his father might have saved him from going down that path.

Greta felt like she had bared her soul to the community of educators, but she held back on some things. She didn't tell about her grandsons because they weren't out to the world yet.

In the final session, the speaker summed things up suggesting that all schools needed to add wording about LGTB students to their anti-discrimination rules. They also needed to teach teachers about being accepting of others. She asked them to encourage Gay/Straight Alliances in their schools. Finally, she gave them a website address to visit: She recommended clicking onto a spot called: Out, Safe & Respected which was at that website.

Teachers and administrators left with a lot to think about.

Friday morning found Joel propped up in bed with a big smile on his face. He was enjoying the sight of Alex's bare torso in the twin bed near his.

Joel's own room at his grandparents had a queen size bed, but this guestroom was outfitted to accommodate extra people who were friends, but might feel uncomfortable sharing a bed. Since the Masterson's had a four bedroom house, they had room for most of their descendants to sleep comfortably when they came to visit. Joel had often shared this room with his younger brother who didn't want to sleep in the same bed with another guy under any circumstances -- especially his brother!

Joel's smile didn't result from a hot night of sex with his new friend. In fact, Joel had been very careful not to give any hints that such a relationship might be welcome. At the moment, he was enjoying how close they seemed to have become in a relatively short time. They liked the same music and movies. Their taste for food was similar, in that neither would hesitate to try something new and both had a wide range of things that they liked.

Alex seemed like the typical jock on the outside. His body was firm from working out and watching his diet. He walked with an almost animal-like grace. But inside, Alex seemed to be a gentle, sensitive guy. He didn't make fun of guys who weren't as strong or athletic as he was. He didn't seem to feel that he needed to push anyone down to make him look or feel more important. Actually, he was rather self-effacing.

Several things stood out in Joel's mind from the previous evening. Alex had been the model of good manners when he ate dinner with Joel and his grandparents. He was obviously used to dining in formal situations (though this dinner had been fairly casual). Alex had complimented Jane Masterson on her fine cooking which brought a big smile to her face. The young Adonis had even helped clear the table at the end of the meal. Joel had been very proud of Alex. It was important to Joel that a guy he liked would show such deference to the grandparents that he loved so much.

One big thing that stood out in Joel's mind was Alex's response to him. At one point, Joel had leaned over the kid's shoulder to help him with a math problem. Their bodies had touched. Alex hadn't pulled away. If anything, it seemed as if he had moved back to make a stronger contact. Had Joel imagined that in his wanting it to be true? Joel wasn't sure.

Another thing that gave Joel a small ray of hope was that Alex had wanted to share a room with him. When given the choice of sleeping in a guestroom with a queen bed or being together in a guestroom with a twin beds, Alex didn't hesitate to share with his new friend. He had said something about not sleeping as well without another person in the room since he and Allen had always shared a room, but Joel thought it might mean more than that. Alex seemed to want a chance for them to talk more before they went to sleep.

Alex had also asked if it would be okay if he slept nude like he did at home. Joel had confessed to sleeping in the same state unless he had company. So, Alex hadn't hesitated to strip off his briefs in full view of Joel. Joel had reciprocated. Both had checked each other out quickly and both had blushed when they caught each other at it. This was the major cause of the smile that Joel was now wearing. He was anticipating seeing Alex at full mast when he awakened to pee.

At this moment, Alex was feigning sleep. He was trying to peek through the slits in his eyelids to see what Joel was doing. He was aware that Joel was propped up looking at him. Suddenly, Alex became aware that he had created a tent in the sheet that barely concealed his morning erection. He tried to will it down by repeating math formulae in his mind. It didn't help!

He turned on his side pretending to be just awakening. He stretched and yawned. His need to pee was going to overcome his wish to hide his hardon. He jumped out of bed turning his back to Joel and reaching for his underwear.

"Hey, if you're in a hurry for the bathroom, don't bother with clothes," Joel suggested. "The maternal grand 'rents are out for breakfast like they are every Friday morning. Besides, they would never come up to bother me when I have a guest. Gram would use the intercom."

Alex did as Joel suggested since he really, really needed to piss. Joel giggled as he heard the healthy stream that Alex was creating. But his mirth was short-lived as he became aware of how the sound affected his own biological needs. He and Alex met naked in the hall as Joel rushed to relieve himself too.

The two guys wandered down to the kitchen in their underwear to forage for some breakfast. Joel's grandmother had left a beautiful coffee cake on the counter with some instructions for Joel. He was soon cooking bacon in the microwave while scrambling eggs in a skillet. Alex helped by setting out plates, forks, and glasses of orange juice.

The boys ate in companionable silence. They smiled at each other from time to time. It was a tranquil, domestic-like scene. Both felt very comfortable with each other.

When Joel offered Alex first use of the bathroom, Alex was wishing that they could share the shower. Damn! He was going to have to put thoughts like that out of his head. He did, however, suggest that Joel might want to brush his teeth and so forth while he, Alex, took his shower and then they could trade places. He hoped that Joel wouldn't be uncomfortable with the idea and that it would create another opportunity for them to be undressed in the same room.

Joel tried not to sound too enthusiastic as he agreed to Alex's plan. He dwelt on the fact that it WOULD speed things up and give them more opportunity to work on math.

Jane and Rhys were home an hour before noon which allowed Jane to begin preparation of an appetizing lunch. Alex thought that he should probably go home before 12:00 so as not to wear out his welcome, but the Masterson's wouldn't hear of it.

"We love having you here!" Jane insisted. "Joel doesn't know that many kids in this town and you are a joy to have as a guest."

Alex blushed at her assessment of him, but he was gratified by the words. He wondered what she would say if she knew how he was beginning to feel toward her grandson. He suspected that he might become a persona non grata.

Later in the afternoon, when they boys couldn't think of any more excuses to stay together, Joel reluctantly drove Alex to his house. Before getting out of the car, Alex touched Joel's arm and looked into his eyes as he thanked him for a great time.

"I love my bro and all, but do you know how nice it is to get away and be with another guy sometimes?"

Joel felt a burning where Alex touched him. Indeed, he did know how nice it was to be with another guy. He hoped that their friendship would continue despite the fact that Alex was beginning to get the hang of math.

Friday was a great day for Trent. At least it started out that way. Sara had called him the minute that Carrie left and asked him to come over. Her mother was at work and they would have the house to themselves. Trent didn't know exactly what that meant. Did she want to do some heavy making out? Would she be offended if he did some of the things that he dreamed of doing with her? Shit! He wished he had a crystal ball.

Sara opened the garage door as Trent rode into the drive on his bicycle. She told him that it would be best to keep his bike out of sight away from the eyes of the nosy next-door neighbor.

She poured them both some orange juice and took it into the family room where she sat beside him on the small loveseat. His hope (among other things) was rising by the minute.

Sara looked deeply into Trent's eyes while smiling. Trent took that as another positive sign. When his lips moved closer to hers, she didn't turn away. After the first tentative kiss, Trent was exploring her orange-flavored mouth with his tongue and she was massaging his intruding flesh in return.

His hands went under her shirt. She moaned. He got bolder. Reaching around to the back, he fumbled with the hooks on her bra. She didn't resist. Damn, this was hot! When he finally held her soft breasts in his hands, he nearly creamed his jeans. He had never gone this far with a girl before. Indeed, he was pretty innocent. But he was learning more about the joys of carnal pleasures by the second.

Sara pulled Trent's shirt over his head. Then he helped her with hers. She pushed him back on the small sofa and lay on top of him. He gasped as he felt her naked skin against his. He was beginning to feel that familiar tingle in his groin.

His hands were reaching for the snap on her jeans when he was startled by the sound of the garage door being raised. Both teens jumped up and hastily put their clothing back on. Though a bit disheveled, they looked nearly presentable when Sara's mother came into the kitchen which adjoined the family room.

"There weren't any patients in the kid's ward today so they sent me home... What the heck is going on here? I thought that Carrie was staying till noon. What are you two doing?"

Both teens were frightened by being discovered and couldn't look at Sara's mother. They knew that they were in for trouble.

"Trent, I'm going to call your father. Sara, you know that you are not supposed to have any boys in the house when no adults are around. You're going to be grounded for a week. We're going to establish some rules about when you can see each other and what will happen if those rules aren't followed!"

"Please, Mrs. Meyer, it's not her fault. I'm the one who came over and insisted on coming in. You can take it out on me. But please don't be mad at Sara. And please don't call my Dad. You know how religious he is. If he even thinks that I did something I shouldn't I'll be in big trouble. Remember how he threw Trevor out? He didn't even give Trevor a chance to explain!"

Once her wrath had been vented, Lois Meyer began to calm down and look at the situation more rationally. Trent was a very nice boy. He was willing to take the entire blame for whatever had transpired. He was protective of Sara. It would have appeared cute to her, if she hadn't been worried about her daughter getting pregnant. She was beginning to soften, but she wasn't there yet.

"Can either one of you look me in the eye and swear that this would not have ended up in bed if I hadn't come home when I did?"

Both teens looked at the floor. Then Trent raised his gaze to meet hers.

"I would never do anything to hurt Sara. I really care about her."

"I know that, Trent," she continued. "But if she really wanted to make love, could you have stopped short of doing that?"

"No, ma'am," he whispered.

"Okay, I appreciate your honesty. I was young once too and I know how hard it is. I got into that situation when I was 16. If I hadn't miscarried, I would have felt that I needed to marry the guy before I was ready. It probably would have ended in divorce. That guy is your father, Sara, in case you are wondering. As you know, we kept on dating and did get married when we were old enough to make a go of it. Imagine how our lives would be if I hadn't finished my education. You can understand where I am coming from, can't you?"

Both teens nodded.

"Mom, I planned this and invited Trent over. It's not his fault. I can't let him take the blame for me," Sara sobbed.

Now Lois Meyer WAS beginning to soften. She embraced her daughter and then motioned Trent to join them. With an arm around both, she stood there for several minutes just letting the kids know that she cared. Then she sat them down for a talk.

"Neither of you is 16 yet. You have a long life ahead of you. I know that our society pushes kids to have sex early. Please be careful. Sexual expression of your love too soon can have a detrimental emotional effect. Your bodies are ready, but your psyches aren't. Please consider holding off for a couple of years. And, if you can't, you need to use protection. Trent, has you father discussed condoms with you?"

Trent shook his head to indicate that he had not. Lois asked Sara and Trent to sit at the kitchen table while she went to the bedroom. She returned with a couple of packets of Trojan's. She noticed that both of the kids blushed at the sight of them.

Taking a banana from the counter, she proceeded to demonstrate how to properly use the protective device. Trent was squirming in his seat. Not only was he embarrassed at being shown by Sara's mother, but he was sprouting a major boner.

Lois was secretly enjoying the fact that these two were uncomfortable. She could tell by their reactions that they were pretty naive. Since Lois was a nurse, nothing embarrassed her!

When she finished her demonstration, she told Trent he needed to practice putting it on while she watched so that she could see if he did it right. Trent turned white. Lois realized how he had taken what she had said.

"Try it on THIS banana, Trent, not on YOUR banana!" she laughed. "You can try that in private later with this one we're using if you like. I want you to put the other one in your billfold just in case. I also want you to tell me if you need any more of them. This is not an invitation to have sex with my daughter, but I promise that I won't be judgmental."

Trent was on the verge of tears. He had been stressed for what seemed like hours and now Sara's mom was trying to be understanding. When he felt her arm around his shoulder again, several large tears flowed down his face. His nose was running. He felt like a complete idiot. What must they think of him? Mrs. Meyer was right; he wasn't mature enough for this!

What Lois Meyer saw was a nice boy that she hoped might be her son-in-law someday. He was sweet and vulnerable as well as young and strong. His tears and runny nose made her want to mother him more, but she figured that she had better back off to let him save face.

Sara saw her boyfriend in distress and wanted to hold him and protect him. She put her hand on top of his and squeezed it to let him know how she felt. He gave her a little smile in return.

Lois left to find some tissues and to give the kids a few moments of privacy. In her absence, Trent pinched the reservoir tip of the rubber and rolled it over the banana with ease. The procedure made him hard again. Sara grinned at him and he grinned back.

"I know what you are thinking," she giggled.

"Really?" he countered.

"Yeah," she said.

Then she took the banana and stroked it a couple of times. Trent bit his lower lip as his body stiffened. By shutting his eyes to what Sara was doing, he managed to hold back enough to have only a dry orgasm.

When Lois returned to the room, she sat at the table and watched Trent perform the operation once more. Satisfied that he had learned the lesson well, she went back to the topic of dating rules.

"Okay, I've changed my mind about the grounding and about calling your father. I remember how he can be."

Both kids heaved a sigh of relief.

"You must both give me your word that you won't be in this house or in Trent's together when there aren't other adults around until you are 18. I trust that you will keep that promise."

"Yes," they said in chorus.

"Now, I think that it is time for lunch. You will join us won't you, Trent?"

Trent gave his assent and mumbled something about washing up as he headed for the bathroom. Once there, he pulled out his cock which went instantly hard in his warm hand. It took exactly three strokes to bring him to a mind-shattering and very WET climax. He ran the faucet to wash his hands while his dick was still softening. He didn't want Lois Meyer to think he was taking too long. She seemed to know a lot more about guys than women were supposed to!

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