Castle Roland

Chapter 26

Published: 29 Aug 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Christmas Day dawned dark and gray, but the weather didn't dampen the spirits of most of the kids in Eastern Iowa. Trent was excited about spending time with his brother Trevor and Trevor's mate, Marc. They weren't available until afternoon because of having dinner with Zeke and Bryan and their extended families.

After dinner, Trevor and Marc were driving to Bentonville to pick up Trent so he could spend a few days with them in the mobile home that they shared with Zeke and Bryan in Iowa City. Zeke and Bryan were planning to stay in Zeke's apartment in Cosgrove for much of the winter break so there was more than enough room.

Trent's father had raised a fuss over the idea of having his impressionable fifteen-year-old stay with his gay brother, but Trent had stood up to the man.

"They're not going to change me." He declared. "I'm definitely into girls. If I get anymore into them, you're going to be a grandfather before I'm 17."

His father hadn't been impressed about Trent's manliness until he "caught" him making out with Sara in the living room one evening. Then, he seemed to be convinced about Trent's orientation. Still, the man gave his permission grudgingly. Trent didn't care. He had made up his mind that he was going - permission or not!

Dane and Colt spent Christmas Day with their extended family. The big dinner was at DJ and Ellen's house. The large old table in the dining room groaned under the weight of food. In the afternoon, nearly everyone took at least a short nap.

The new family tradition was to open gifts on Christmas Eve and to eat and play games on Christmas Day. Besides napping, there were some extended games of Monopoly and Tripoley.

At the normal dinner time in the evening, everyone snacked on turkey sandwiches along with leftovers. It was a pleasant, laid-back time.

When the day drew to a close, Dane and Colt checked their bags one last time before getting ready for bed. They were too excited about the trip to settle down immediately so they decided to give each other a special present.

It started with a quick shower in which they mainly concentrated on helping each other get squeaky clean. Clad only in towels, they made their way to their room where the loving began in earnest.

The boys took it slowly; making "all the stops along the way" - as the old song says. Colt had Dane moaning in ecstasy before he was finished sucking on his nipples. Dane returned the favor minutes later with a similar reaction from Colt.

Eventually, Dane swung his body around to allow Colt access to his favorite snack. Neither went for the main attraction immediately. Instead, they spent time licking each other's ball sac until they were both ready to burst.

By some internal, mutual agreement, the boys slowly sucked each other's cock - gradually increasing the speed until there was no holding back. Both moaned and bucked as they filled their lover's mouth with their nectar.

The exertion of hot sex and the relaxation brought about by great climaxes caused the guys to fall asleep quickly as they spooned together. They didn't hear a sound until Wade knocked on their door to awaken them early the next morning.

Darrin awoke on Christmas Day to the sensation of someone cuddled against his back. He could feel a stiff dick pressed against his butt separated only by two thin layers of cotton. There was an arm draped over his chest. It felt rather nice. He put his hand over John's and gave it a slight squeeze. Though it was gentle, it was enough to awaken John.

John's heart raced with fear, dreading how Darrin might react to the fact that John's hardon was pressed up against his back. But the awareness that Darrin's hand was on his made him assume that he wasn't in trouble. Nevertheless, he thought that he should apologize because of the position of his stiffy.

"I'm sorry," he whispered as he turned over on his back.

"For what?" Darrin countered turning over to face him, propping himself up on one elbow.

"You know, for being on you like a pair of tight jeans." John responded.

"Was it because you wanted to pay me back for something or was it because it felt good?" Darrin asked softly.

"Well, it felt great! I mean, it must have felt okay to me when I was asleep." John whispered back.

"Then it's okay with me." Darrin said.

John and Darrin looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. They both seemed to want to say something additional, but neither was sure what to do. Darrin appeared to have resolved something in his mind and was about to speak when Dan turned over and grinned at them.

"You guys don't need to whisper, I'm awake."

"Uh, how long have you been awake?" John asked.

"Oh, I just now came to," Dan fibbed.

"We just woke up too," John claimed.

No one wanted to be the first to get up and display his tented boxers, but Darrin finally couldn't wait any longer and rolled away from the other guys before he pulled back the covers and headed toward the bathroom. When Darrin was out of ear-shot, Dan spoke to John.

"You really like him don't you?"

"Why do you say that?" asked John as his heart rate increased again.

"Oh, the way you look at him and the fact that you changed things like your hair and clothes to please him - and your attitude too!"

"Do you think I'm gay?" John blurted out.

"Maybe, does it matter?"

"You mean that you'd be okay with it if I was?"

Dan shrugged. "Sure. What's the big deal about that? I know that you've always liked having other guys get you off. I think you had to get high so you could use that as an excuse. I also think you wanted me to go along to the porn shop so you wouldn't be the only one having another guy sucking your dick. I guess that I went along because you needed it."

"You didn't like it?" John asked.

"Of course I liked having someone suck me off, but I always tried to pretend it was a girl doing it."

"Girls aren't that good at it!" John snickered.

Darrin returned about that time and the conversation ceased. He threw on his sweats and began cooking a big breakfast while John and Dan took turns in the bathroom. Both of the brothers pitched in to help when they weren't attending to their personal hygiene.

After breakfast, Darrin took his shower while the Tracewell boys tidied up the kitchen and living room. At one point, John used some lame excuse to go into the bathroom just as he heard Darrin turn off the shower. Initially, John forced himself not to stare at Darrin's body too long, but he tried to memorize every detail in the split seconds he dared to look.

Darrin was lean and fit. There wasn't an ounce of extra fat anywhere. His muscles were functional ones. He worked out regularly to make sure that he was capable of doing whatever task his job required. He had been known to single-handedly lift people who outweighed him when there was an emergency situation.

Darrin was not unaware that John was checking him out. He took his time toweling off his hair, partially covering his face, so that John could stare at his naked body without feeling like he would get caught. John nearly gasped as he took the opportunity for a longer look. As he felt his cock hardening again, he turned abruptly and left the room.

Darrin smiled at his reflection in the mirror. He was pretty sure that John was impressed. Then Darrin's expression turned sad. Would he ever have the chance to find out how John really felt? Was he reading too much into John's actions? Darrin knew that John and Dan had been exploited as children. Would John feel like Darrin was using him, if he made a move? Darrin was the adult in this situation. Of course, John was too - legally. But was John still a child emotionally? Darrin's mind kept seesawing back and forth. John was young and vulnerable. He had nowhere else to go. Would he feel intimidated into doing what Darrin desired? But damn, they were only five years apart in age. He would have to let John make the first move, if indeed; there was any move to be made. Maybe John was just curious. Lots of guys are curious.

Before going to Lottie's home for dinner, the three guys exchanged a few simple gifts. John and Dan had used part of their money to buy Darrin a couple of Jazz CD's that John knew he wanted. Darrin was touched that they would think to get him gifts that were as appropriate as they were unexpected.

Dan and John bought each other a couple of new, but inexpensive, shirts to stretch their wardrobes. Darrin gave the brothers each a nice shirt and several pairs of briefs to replace some of their worn-out ones. The new ones were cut perfectly to show off their bodies nicely. John felt his cock firming up as he looked at the model on the front of the package.

The three guys were greeted like family when Miss Charlotte answered her door. Darrin handed her a gift bag containing a rather nice bottle of wine that he knew she liked. He told her that it was from the three of them (although he had paid for it). She was obviously pleased with their thoughtfulness.

"Come into the parlor, my children and warm yourselves by the fire," she called cheerily. "Emma and I will have things ready soon. There is a bottle of Sherry on the little table. Please have a glass and I'll return in a moment."

Dan was most impressed at being allowed a drink. He filled his little glass to the brim. But after taking the first sip of the dry wine, he sputtered. The other two, who had poured only a small amount, giggled at his discomfort.

"What am I going to do with the rest?" Dan asked.

"Don't waste it! You have to eat and drink what you take," John smirked. "Remember you're supposed to be in the clean-plate club, little bro."

"Be nice to the kid," Darrin laughed as he traded glasses with Dan.

Lottie returned in a few minutes to announce that dinner was ready. She took Darrin's arm as she escorted her guests into the dining room. She seated Darrin at the head of the table and herself at the opposite end. Dan was to her right and Emma was to Darrin's right. John sat at Darrin's left.

Before eating, she asked everyone to join hands as she asked a blessing on the food. Darrin felt comfortable holding John's hand. It seemed natural. At the "amen", Darrin gave a little squeeze. John felt a warm flush as he returned the gesture.

Dinner was excellent, of course. The younger guys could barely remember a home-cooked feast like this. John's eyes got misty as he thought about his long-departed grandmother. Once again, he wanted to call Lottie "Grandma."

Darrin felt his heartstring being tugged as he thought about meals like this he had enjoyed with is family. It was great to feel like part of a family again.

After dinner, the young men insisted on helping to clear the table. Then, Emma shooed them out of the kitchen while she put away the food that would be subject to spoiling. She told Lottie to sit in the parlor with their guests while she tidied up.

"Oh look," exclaimed Miss Charlotte as she pointed to the three stocking hanging from the mantle. "I think Santa must have known you'd be here today. Please find out what he left you."

Inside of the stockings, the guys each found four Clementine's, a can of mixed nuts, and a crisp $100 bill. Dan's eyes widened at the sight of the money.

"I've seen these, but I've never touched one!" he exclaimed.

Lottie beamed. It gave her pleasure to see the joy and astonishment on his young face.

"Grandma, this is too much," John said. "Oops, I'm sorry, Miss Charlotte you remind me of her."

"John, I know I can't replace her, but if you would call me "Grandma" or "Nana" I would consider it an honor."

John only nodded as he swallowed the lump in his throat. Again, he wondered why his emotions were on the surface. He had worked hard for years to bury them. Now, he couldn't seem to control them at all. Damn!

When the excitement over "Santa's" gifts had died down, Lottie broached a subject that she had intended to bring up the night before.

"Boys, I have received a bit of bad news. My daughter in Arizona has cancer and I'm going to have to go help her. I usually don't go until a bit later in the winter. Yes, she has children who are willing to do their share, but they all have important jobs and I don't. So, I volunteered to be with her.

That means I have to leave my house unattended. Normally, I would hire a girl from the university to house-sit, but the ones I have used are all home on break. Could I convince the three of you to stay here until I return? It might be a month; it could even be three or more."

Darrin looked questioningly at his two companions who both nodded.

"We would be happy to stay here. As you know, we're a bit crowded in my tiny apartment. I was going to look for a bigger place next week. This is a godsend. You don't need to pay us. We should pay you!"

"Nonsense! You kids can use the money for groceries. The utilities are all paid through my bank account, so you won't have any bills, but I know you young'uns can put away your share of food. And you could use some fattening up," Lottie smiled as she pinched Dan's cheek affectionately.

Lottie took her guests up to the second floor. The elevator was only big enough for two, so Dan and Darrin climbed the stairs. John was invited to ride in view of his recent hospital stay.

She told the guys that they could choose any room they wanted for theirs while they stayed in the big old house - any room but hers of course.

"There are even more bedrooms on the third floor if you don't like any of these, but they aren't as warm," she stated.

John immediately chose the bedroom that had belonged to Lottie's brother, Robert. It just "seemed" like home to him. Considering the "aura" that Lottie felt in the room, she had wondered if he would actually stay there in the long run, but she didn't say anything. No one had used it since Robby's death, but the contents had been faithfully cleaned and polished over the years.

Joel and Alex spent Christmas day with their respective families. They did use a part of the afternoon talking on the phone. It began on the pretext of last minute planning for the trip, but soon lapsed into just talking. Neither had a lot to say, but both enjoyed the sound of the other's voice.

Allen came in and out of their shared room a couple of times during the conversation. When it was over, he smirked at his twin.

"You've got it bad, bro! I think my baby brother is in love."

"Shut up!" Alex grinned in return. "I'm not even sure if he's gay like me. And besides, I'm not ready to tell Mom and Dad."

"Don't you think that they suspect? You had a 'date' with a girl, but you didn't exactly lust over her. Don't you think that Mom can tell? She's a trained shrink after all."

"Oh God, I don't know. Sometimes it scares me."

Allen took his brother into his arms and gave him a bear hug. He loved his twin more than anyone else in the world. It pained him to see Alex hurting.

"Follow your heart, baby brother. It'll be okay," Allen assured him.

The day after Christmas was bright and sunny. It was the kind of day that yesterday should have been. Trent was awakened by the sounds of dishes being rattled. He staggered out into the living room of the mobile home with his boxers still tented.

Marc grinned at his young "brother-in-law."

"Looks like it runs in the family," he said as he glanced down at Trent's bulge.

Trent laughed.

"I thought that morning wood ran in every guy's family," he countered.

"Not in those dimensions!" Marc shot back.

All three snickered. Trent had obviously taken no offence to the comments. It was cool being able to banter about erections without having to worry about what some narrow-minded father might think. Trevor spontaneously hugged his little bro.

Trevor and Marc cooked a very good, hearty breakfast. Trent was impressed with the kitchen skills they had acquired since living together. The older guys told him that they needed to fuel-up because they were going tobogganing and would burn up lots of calories. Trent dug in and did as they suggested. He noticed that the food was high in protein and relatively low in carbs. They were still in the wrestling season and evidently didn't want to put on any extra pounds.

While Trent was enjoying his time in Iowa City, Dane and Colt were sitting in the Eastern Iowa Airport awaiting their flight to Chicago where they would transfer to another plane bound for Mexico. They had gotten there very early to get checked in. However, they had found that business was quite light at that hour of the morning. They could have had another half hour of sleep.

As they wondered how they would while away the next hour, who should walk in but Joel and Alex followed by Joel's grandparents. The boys all remembered their manners and introduced their schoolmates to the adults. It was a good thing that Dane and Joel had made their peace because it might have been awkward otherwise. As it was, the younger guys all seemed to enjoy a cordial relationship.

Dane dragged the other three off to the opposite end of the lobby where a vintage muscle car was on display. He was certain that the rest would drool over it too. They did.

When they left, the adults conversed with each other.

"Did I hear right that you two are partners?" Rhys asked.

Wade frowned as he nodded. He was used to the fact that occasionally this kind of introduction turning into an ugly confrontation about sexual orientation."

"Don't be rude, dear; perhaps the young men don't want to discuss their personal lives with us." Jane smiled.

"It's okay, I guess," Wade stated warming to Jane's friendly countenance. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm sorry. Please forgive a thoughtless old man," Rhys continued. "It's just that I have someone close to me who's gay and I want to know what he's likely to face in life. I'm not being judgmental; I just want to understand."

"I think that your grandson will do okay," Rodger commented. "He certainly knows how to pick a boyfriend."

"How did you know about Joel?" Rhys blurted out before he thought.

"I can't explain it exactly, I just know. Some people call it 'gaydar' like radar, you know."

The four adults launched into a discussion about the implications of being a person who didn't fit into the mold that society imposes. Wade told of his own experience growing up with a father who couldn't accept him. Then Rhys got Jane's approval to tell about Joel's father. She loosened up too once she knew that Wade and Roger would be discreet and that they weren't offended by opening up about their lives.

Meanwhile, the teens were exploring the limited area of the main terminal. They could see that the adults were busy talking and took their time looking at a few other points of interest.

They soon got bored and decided they were hungry. Dane and Colton went pale at the prices in the coffee shop. Joel came to their rescue by insisting on treating everyone.

Soon, they were summoned by their elders to go through security. Joel and Alex were familiar with the drill and untied their shoes so they could easily take them off to be checked. Dane and Colt hung back a bit and followed the example of the more seasoned travelers. They didn't want to embarrass themselves by doing something stupid.

The boys were pleased to find that they would be taking the same plane to Chicago. But, they wouldn't be able to sit together since Joel and Alex were in first class with the Masterson's, and the rest were flying tourist class.

Once on the aircraft, Joel talked everyone into letting Alex and him trade seats with Wade and Roger. That way, the adults got to continue their conversation and the kids got to hang with their friends.

The adults were guarded in what they said once they were confined to the small area of the cabin where others could easily overhear. They did, however, enjoy having more time to get acquainted. Before the flight was over, Roger and Wade had traded email addresses with Joel's grandparents and promised to keep in touch. Jane and Rhys were very happy to have these younger men to consult in the future.

The boys had fun in tourist class. They were at the very back of the plane and so they had a little more privacy. Knowing that this was Dane's and Colt's first flight, Joel did his best to try to help them feel comfortable. When he and Dane happened to be standing together waiting for the restroom, he quietly informed Dane about the "mile-high" club. Dane snickered thinking it might be fun to try it with Colt.

"Are you going to do it with Alex on that long flight to Belize?" he asked.

Joel blanched.

"Uh, I'm not sure if he's, like, into that. I mean, he's a jock and all."

Dane smiled. "Hey, there's only one way to find out! Even straight guys like to get off."

Just then one of the bathrooms opened up and the conversation was dropped.

At O'Hare International, the boys parted company for their longer flights. Dane surprised himself when he hugged Joel and Alex briefly as they split up.

"Don't forget what I said," Dane whispered to Joel who blushed.

"What was that all about?" Alex asked as they headed for their next departure gate.

"Oh, nothing, Dane was being a smartass." Joel grinned.

Dane filled Colton in on the earlier conversation and his remark to Joel. He didn't want to keep any secrets from Colt. He'd been through the agony of a big misunderstanding once - and once was more than plenty!

The wait for their next plane was over an hour, so Dane and Colt used the time to burn off some nervous energy by exploring the concourse. Along the way, they found some over-priced junk food to snack on. By the time they got back, Roger was getting worried that they would be late and miss their plane. He tended to be a bit obsessive.

The flight to Mexico would take several hours. A light lunch was served once the plane was airborne. After that, people quieted down to reading, listening to headphones, watching the movie, or napping. Most of the people in the back where the guys were seated did the latter, including the woman who had the window seat beside Colt.

When Dane looked around, he saw that even the cute young steward who had served them was sitting with his eyes closed. Dane nudged Colton and gestured with his head toward the washrooms just behind their seats. Colt grinned as he realized what Dane had in mind.

Moments later, the two were stuffed into the tiny restroom. There really wasn't room for both to stand comfortably. Colt sat on the toilet lid while Dane stood in front of him. Colt wasted little time in getting his lover naked from the waist down. Then, he went right for the prize. He took most of Dane's stiffening prick in one gulp. He swallowed, enjoying the sensation of Dane's pride and joy plumping up in his throat.

It turned out to be a quickie in the true sense of the word. Having anticipated this for several hours, and knowing that they were doing something "naughty," caused Dane to unload in record time.

Dane left his pants around his ankles as the boys changed places. As Colt had done to him, Dane spent little time with preliminaries. It wasn't long before Colton was whimpering and quivering. Then he shot a load that threatened to drown his boyfriend.

Colt was almost too weak to get dressed. It took both of them to get his jeans back up in the cramped place. He sat down and helped Dane get his clothes in order.

Colt opened the door a crack to see of the coast was clear. Finding no one waiting for the facilities, he quickly emerged with Dane behind him. The young steward smirked at them and gave them a "thumbs-up." They blushed and grinned in return. Knowing that they had been "caught" didn't do anything to spoil the experience. It was kind of cool that a young adult knew and appreciated what had transpired.

It wasn't long before the steward brought them both an extra snack.

"You'll need this to keep your STRENGTH up." He smiled, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

Dane and Colt both blushed, but returned his smile with broad ones of their own. They needed the extra calories and didn't forget to thank him for them.

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