Castle Roland

Chapter 27

Published: 1 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

The flight that Alex, Joel, and his grandparents took was considerably longer than the one that Dane and Colt were on. It was quite late in the afternoon when they finally reached the condo.

The Teague grandparents were there to greet them and get them settled. Genevieve Teague's aristocratic heritage showed in her ability to be the perfect hostess. She made everyone feel welcome. Alex found that he took to her as quickly as he had to Jane Masterson. These two older ladies were absolutely the epitome of graciousness.

Genevieve suggested that everyone might like to freshen up before dinner, so she escorted them to their rooms. First, she got Jane and Rhys settled into their spacious bedroom; then she took the boys to their slightly smaller accommodations. Each room has its own bathroom en-suite, so there would be no congestion.

When the boys got to their room, Joel noticed that it contained just one bed - a queen sized one. He pulled his grandmother aside as Alex continued in with his luggage.

"Grandma, there's only one bed," Joel said quietly.

"Your grandfather and I took the one with twins. He's so restless in the night that it's hard sleeping with him. I was going to put you and Jake in there knowing how strange he is about sleeping with another boy, but I didn't think you'd mind sharing with your boyfriend."

"Shh, Gram, it's not like what you think."

"Oh dear, after the discussion I had with the Rhys on the phone, I just assumed... I can call the agency and arrange for a rollaway or something if it's a problem."

"Let's wait and see if Alex says anything," Joel replied. "I can sleep on the couch if he feels strange about sharing."

Alex was blessed with an acute sense of hearing. Although he tried to distract himself by putting his clothes in the closet, he couldn't help overhearing most of the conversation. He made up his mind to wait until later to see how Joel would handle it, but he was smiling at the revelation that Genevieve had unwittingly given him.

Dinner was delightful. The elder Mrs. Teague had engaged an excellent cook and serving girl to look after them during their stay. Genevieve was a gourmet chef in her own right, but she wanted this vacation to be free of duties so that she could relax with her son's in-laws and her favorite grandson. They all seemed to have more sense and grace than her son.

Before it got completely dark, Alex and Joel took a stroll along the beach. There were no other people around. This was not the kind of tourist place that attracted hordes of pleasure seekers, probably because of the cost of the accommodations. It was peaceful and serene. A nearly full moon was on the rise promising that the night would not be much darker than the twilight.

The boys were probably a hundred yards of so from the condos. Each was wishing that they could be strolling hand in hand like two lovers might. Alex stopped and turned toward Joel whose handsome face was even more stunning in the soft illumination.

"So, are we boyfriends like your grandmother said?" he inquired.

Joel's heart went into panic mode. He could hardly think above the sound of blood rushing in his ears."

"I never said that! I'm sorry. Oh shit!"

Joel turned and began to sprint toward the condo with Alex in hot pursuit. Although Joel was quick, he was no match for the football player. Alex grabbed him around the chest from behind and they both tumbled into the warm sand.

Joel began to sob. Alex quickly rolled on his back and pulled Joel against his body.

"I love you, Joel, please don't cry."

Joel stopped mid-sob as Alex's words began to sink in.

"For real?" he said shakily.

"For real," Alex confirmed.

Then Alex put his hand on the back of Joel's head and guided a very willing pair of lips toward his own. That first kiss wasn't the most experienced or passionate that they would share in their lifetime together, but it was magical and memorable. This was their defining moment; life for them would never be the same.

When he got his breath back Joel began to giggle uncontrollably. That got Alex started. They were absolutely giddy with relief.

"God, I love you so much," Joel sighed. "I've wanted to be in your arms - like forever!"

"Hey, Stud, forever began a minute ago."

The two kissed again. This time, their lips and tongues began to kindle a blaze of desire. The warm feeling centered in Joel's groin spread throughout his entire body. Alex was feeling the same kind of thing. His dick was being strangled inside the confines of his briefs and shorts. He was sure that he would rip them out like the Incredible Hulk if he didn't move some things around soon.

Alex tried to adjust his aching cock without giving up the body contact he shared with Joel. It didn't work. Joel rolled off. In a flash, he undid the button on Alex's shorts and lowered the zipper. Alex sighed with relief. Then he gave a jolt of surprise as he felt Joel's hand reach tenderly beneath the waistband of his underwear. Soon his stiff tool was standing proud and free in the night air.

Alex helped Joel with his shorts so that the two of them were in the same state of partial undress. He wrapped his hand lovingly around Joel's throbbing cock. The boys mutually pleasured each other for only about three minutes before they both shuddered and shot big loads all over. It had happened almost unexpectedly so they weren't prepared. A lot cum went to fertilize the sand, but an ample amount got on their abs, and some on their shorts. They giggled about their predicament. Then Alex moved his face toward Joel's and they kissed some more. The intimacy that they shared was almost as thrilling as the climaxes they had just experienced.

"What do we do about the mess?" Alex wondered aloud.

Joel responded by removing his briefs and using them to clean the remaining cum off of their bodies. He dabbed at their shorts with a dry corner. Then he had another suggestion.

"We could take a dip in the ocean, but then we'd be dripping wet going into the house. Let's take off our shirts and kind of carry them in front of us to hide the stains until we can get back into our room. My grandparents will assume that we got too warm because we're used to the cold of Iowa."

The boys walked back slowly holding hands and stopping often for a kiss or two. Once at the condo, they greeted the older generation before making an excuse to go change.

"We sort of wrestled on the beach and we're full of sand," Joel said.

Genevieve smiled saying that she understood and that they should go shower and then come out for dessert.

In their room, the boys found two thick terrycloth robes on their bed. Alex pulled his newly acquire boyfriend into the bathroom where he stripped him naked and drank in the sight as he turned on the shower. Joel did the same to Alex. They grinned and kissed several times before checking the temperature of the water.

In the shower, it was evident that one quick jack-off session hadn't put a dent in their desire. It felt incredible to hold another's firm, hot body against one's own while standing under a cascade of warm water. But there wasn't time to do justice to their passion, so they dried each other off quickly and looked for some way to tame their unruly male parts.

Joel suggested that they slip on the tight, skimpy swim wear that each had packed. That way, they wouldn't pitch a major tent in their robes. Alex agreed with him. It worked pretty well, although the ends of their hardons peeked above the waistbands of the tiny suits. After considerable giggling and the repeating of a few math formulae to distract their horny minds, the guys felt that they were presentable enough to be in polite company.

The conversation with their elders didn't outlast the ice cream by very much. Soon everyone yawned and suggested it was time for bed. The boys' claim that they were tired, might have been more convincing if they hadn't been grinning at each other minutely.

After the two were out of the room, Genevieve raised one eyebrow slightly and said what the rest were thinking.

"I believe that wrestling on the beach brought those two to a whole new level of bonding."

In their room again, Joel pushed Alex back on the bed and attacked! He started by sucking on Alex's nipples. Alex whimpered and moaned. He knew that he liked to rub his chest when he jacked-off, but he had no idea how great this could feel. If he hadn't blown a load on the beach, he might have cum right then in his swimwear.

The swimsuit didn't stay on long in any case. Joel peeled it off over Alex's feet and returned running his tongue up the inside of Alex's left leg. That caused Alex's cock to jerk, expelling several drops of fresh precum which Joel quickly lapped up.

"Shit, that's hot!" Alex exclaimed.

He didn't want it to stop, but he wanted to do something to stimulate Joel in the same way. He pushed Joel back and made short work of stripping him naked. Then he went for Joel's balls, bathing his sac with a restless wet tongue. Joel felt like he had died and gone to heaven.

"I want to suck your cock!" Alex panted. "I've never done it, but I think I know how."

"I haven't either," Joel said. "But I think I've read enough about it on the 'net to make you feel good. Do you wanna do 69?"


Concerned about their technique, the boys began tentatively. They sucked gently on each other's balls enjoying the taste and texture. Then, they moved to those throbbing tools that felt like hot, foam-covered steel rods. It didn't take long for the guys to discover the pleasures of a wet tongue running over the sensitive spot just below the head. The feelings were awesome. Both experienced the churning and tingling of impending orgasm. After a very few minutes, they were rewarded for their efforts with a mouthful of sweet, salty fluid. They rolled it over their tongues savoring it like vintage wine before swallowing. Mmm, mmm, good!

It had been a long day. So, despite the fact that they felt like two animals in rut, they gave in to the sandman. But, not having had enough of each other, each went to sleep holding the other's semi-hard prick. They would awake in the morning with their legs and arms intertwined and smiles on their faces.

Several hundred miles away, Dane and Colton were enjoying their first vacation outside of the US. Neither had traveled far within the states for that matter. This was a totally new experience. The place was crowded with sun-seekers and the accommodations were nothing like their schoolmates were taking for granted in Belize, but to these boys it was paradise.

On the afternoon of their arrival, everyone got their belongings stowed in the small suite of rooms and got ready to lie on the beach for a couple of hours. Roger pulled a plastic bag out of his suitcase and handed it to the boys. It contained two brightly colored, scandalously skimpy swimsuits. They didn't cover much more than thongs would, making Speedos look modest.

Dane and Colt immediately began to firm up just thinking about exposing that much skin on a public beach. They blushed as they examined the tiny bits of lycra and polyester.

"Don't be bashful, boys. If you've got it, flaunt it!" Roger grinned.

Colton and Dane went into their bedroom (which was separated from the other bedroom by a sitting room). They were pleased to be that far removed from the adults because of the intimacy they hoped to enjoy at night.

Despite having joined the mile-high club earlier in the day, both were hard as rocks once they had shed their clothing. There was only one way to deflate them now. Colton got on his knees to bring relief to Dane. He didn't have to work long before he felt Dane's body begin to quiver. Dane moaned as he unloaded into Colt's mouth.

Dane moved into position in front of Colt as soon as he had recovered enough to do so. Colton didn't last long either. They were horny enough that no foreplay was required to trip their triggers.

When both had softened enough, they stuffed their wilting members into the fabric pouches. Even in this condition, their cocks were putting a strain on the cloth.

Roger gave the boys an approving look when they came out into the common room. Wade was almost embarrassed at how hot his son looked. He wasn't into boys, but if this weren't his son and nephew, even he might be tempted.

Colt was equally impressed with how good his biological father and partner looked. They could stop traffic! Both kept themselves in shape, and neither was showing any signs of losing it. In another situation, he might find guys that age desirable, but he was never going to look seriously at anyone other than Dane.

The four did attract attention as they carried their bags with towels and lotion and walked toward the beach. The sun was still high enough in the sky to present a hazard to unprotected, winter-white skin. The guys made sure to slather plenty of lotion on their partners before lying down. Both teens got hard again from the body contact and felt it necessary to lie on their stomachs until their ardor cooled.

Dinner that night was in one of the little restaurants with tables out on a patio. It was casual and very good. The four had changed in shorts and shirts so they weren't showing off their bodies like before. They still got their share of attention from other customers. Their waiter was especially solicitous toward the boys. Roger thought that the guy was lusting for them. And while it made Dane and Colt blush to hear that, they still appreciated being objects of desire. Neither of them had thought of himself as "cute" when they were freshmen. In fact, they felt just the opposite. Now, they were beginning to suspect that they might look okay.

After a good night's rest, the boys were eager to explore their surroundings further. They ate a quick breakfast and headed along the beach carrying bags with towels and necessities and wearing shorts covering their new bathing suits.

When they got to the south end of the main beach, the found a sign in Spanish and English that said clothing was optional from that point on. They looked at each other and grinned.

"Do we dare?" Dane asked.

"I guess, but you know we may get some crap from the guys at school if we have an all-over tan."

"Yeah, your wrestling buddies will probably tease you, but having toasted buns can't cause more attention than tan lines from these tiny suits. Do you think that your dad's lover is a dirty old man for buying them?"

"Nah, he's never hit on either of us. He likes to look at good bodies and I think he wanted to give us something sexy that he knew we wouldn't have the balls to buy for ourselves."

"Yeah, I guess we should be thankful. I really do feel hot and horny in it."

"So, are you ready to bare it all?"

Dane decided that he was. So the boys shucked their short and swimsuits, putting them into their beach bags. Both walked with their bags in front of their groins - for good reason.

After going a couple of hundred yards or so, they laid their towels on the sand and lay on them face down. Then, both applied lotion to each other's backs, butts, and legs. Both got hard again doing it.

About an hour later, the boys were lying on their backs and were only semi-hard when they heard the sounds of laughter. Two boys who appeared to be about their age were headed their way. The boys stopped at their feet and gave them a good looking over. Dane and Colt scoped out the newcomers too. No one made any pretense of trying not to check out each other's equipment.

"Are you guys from the US?" Jordan inquired.

"Yeah, are you?" Colton answered.

Jordan nodded and introduced his friend Connor to the boys. Then he spread out his towel nearby. Connor sat very close to him - a fact that the other two didn't miss. Dane decided to trust his developing gaydar. He reached over and put his hand on Colt's.

"We're more than friends; are you?"

"Kewl!" said Connor as he squeezed Jordan's hand. "I was hoping we would meet some more guys like us."

In the ensuing conversation, the four revealed a number of things about themselves. It was great to be able to talk freely. It reminded Dane of how he and Colt had become acquainted with Dave and Dustin on the camping trip, and since.

Jordan and Connor hadn't come out to either set of parents, but Jordan thought that his family at least suspected their relationship. Connor couldn't believe that Dane and Colt were out to their whole family and that Colt's dad had a partner. That was the coolest thing he'd ever heard.

Dane and Colt convinced their new acquaintances to go back with them to meet Wade and Roger. They were expected at lunch and that was coming up soon. It turned out that Connor and Jordan were staying not far from them.

Jordan and Connor were standing outside of Dane and Colt's place saying their farewells when Jordan's parents happened by. There was a whole new round of introductions and all decided to have lunch together. The boys got along so well that they thought it would be fun to see some of the area attractions as a group. Since both families were planning to go on a glass-bottom boat tour to see the coral reefs and exotic fish, they decided to book a trip for everyone. Jordan's mother was a great organizer as was Roger. The two of them put their heads together and then headed off to search out the best deals from the tour companies.

After lunch, the four teens went back to the nude beach with a promise to be back by 5:00 o'clock. They didn't bother to tell the 'rents that they were going to sun bare-assed.

The following morning found all eight of them were sitting on a bus that would take them up the coast to catch the excursion boat. It was a scenic drive and the kids were plastered against the windows enjoying the unfamiliar landscape.

The boat trip was awesome. When they got out a way from the shore, there were lots of interesting fish and coral formations. There was even the remains of a World War II plane that was very well preserved.

When they got back, there was only time for a bit of sunning before they would go to dinner again.

Alex and Joel awoke that second morning wrapped around each other to the point it would have been difficult for a stranger to figure out what parts belonged to which guy. Alex leaned over and playfully nipped at Joel's left nipple. That brought a yelp followed by giggles from both. Their morning hardons got even harder, if that were possible.

They staggered arm-in-arm into the bathroom where, after much straining and coaxing, they got the flow going. Then they entered the ample shower together. Soaping each other's body proved to be a prelude to more sexual activity. They embraced, humping against the warm soapy flesh that they held so firmly together. Then they kissed deeply. As their tongues wrestled for dominance, their cocks exploded between them adding to the slipperiness. They kept the movement going until their dicks got too sensitive.

The guys dressed in their swimsuits with shorts and shirts over them before going out to see what was available for breakfast. The grandparents were all sitting out on the deck, but the cook was ready to make whatever the boys desired. The cook's English was lyrical and different than what American teens were used to hearing, but soon they were able to communicate easily. They asked her questions about life in Belize while she made them a great meal.

When their appetites had been satisfied for the moment, the boys talked to the adults before requesting a picnic lunch. Joel had researched on the web in advance of coming to Belize to see about someplace where they could sun naked if things worked out (and boy, had they!). He had found that he could hire a skiff to take them to a deserted place where they would be free to go around bare-assed and do whatever they pleased. He was ready to take advantage of that!

Joel's grandparents kept smiling as they saw how animated and happy the teens appeared to be. Jane was now sure that Roger's gaydar had been right on target. Genevieve was certain that her earlier assumption had been correct. She was pleased to see Joel so relaxed and laid-back. She could tell that he had accepted his orientation and that he was in the company of another guy who felt like he did. She couldn't help letting Joel know.

"So, did you sleep well? Were your shared accommodations satisfactory?" she asked looking perceptively into Joel's eyes.

He blushed slightly and grinned.

"Yeah, Grandma, you were right as usual."

The boat operator took Joel and Alex to a spot where he said no one would disturb them. He would be back at 4:00 to pick them up. The place was lovely and unspoiled. The stretch of pure, white-sand beach seemed to go on forever. Not far away from the dock, was a stand of palm trees that would provide shade for the times they wanted to be out of the sun. It was like the Garden of Eden. Joel thought of that as he reached in the basket to pull out an apple.

"Would you like to taste some forbidden fruit?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"Hey, we're probably both 'fruits'," Alex replied. "And I'd certainly like another taste of you! I hope you're not gonna forbid me to."

The guys spread their large beach towels in the shade and then kissed deeply. They stripped each other slowly, kissing each new area of revealed flesh. Once they were naked, the making out began in earnest. By the time they got to the point of "tasting" each other, both were nearly ready to pop.

"Mmm, you make really delicious juice," Alex sighed as he lapped up Joel's precum.

Joel just moaned in response. Then, he flipped around to get his share of the sap that was flowing from Alex's throbbing dick.

Both wanted to make the feeling last, so they brought each other to the brink and backed off twice before they got to the point that their self-discipline gave way. Then it was time for a mutual explosion. Joel ran his fingers over Alex's rosebud and that was the final straw for Alex. He returned the gesture which put Joel over the top. They both pumped and moaned for a long time.

The boys kissed and made out for several more minutes. In all that time, they never went soft!

"I'd just like to climb inside of you and be part of you," Joel whispered.

"Uh, maybe soon, but I'm a little scared of being fucked," Alex replied.

"That's not what I meant," Joel said. "...Though I want to do that with you someday. I want you to do that to me too, but I'm scared like you are. I'm afraid it's gonna hurt!"

For the next hour, the boys had a frank discussion of what they would like to do and what they wouldn't. Not surprisingly, they had very similar views. They also talked about their future together and what they wanted in their lives.

They decided not to come out at school for the time-being, but agreed that if someone outed them, they wouldn't deny who they were or how they felt about each other. The day turned into a real bonding experience rather than just a time of lust and sex in a beautiful setting.

A little before 1:00, they ate their lunch. They were surprised that the cook had packed a small bottle of wine in an insulated bag. They didn't object. The crisp flavor of the local drink went very well with the sandwiches and fruit.

After lunch, they moved into the sun for a while. They made sure to cover every inch of the other's body with lotion. That proved to be a lot of fun.

When they moved back into the shade to drink some water and cool off, they got hard again. Both took a wet napkin to remove lotion from their dicks so that the other could suck without the taste of a foreign substance.

And suck they did. They were already learning the things that pleased their lover. They were sensitive to each other's needs as well as being interested in satisfying their own. Life was getting better by the minute.

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