Castle Roland

Chapter 28

Published: 1 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Back in chilly Iowa, Trent was having a ball with Trevor and Marc. He hadn't realized how much he missed his bro until he was with him again for several days.

The older guys took him to the field house to work out every day. Trent liked the chance to exercise and he didn't mind watching his bro and Marc wrestle each other in practice. There was something esthetically pleasing about fit, well-muscled bodies - that had nothing to do with sexual desire.

As the three young men sat in the sauna, there was definitely some sexual desire in the looks that they got from some of the other men who were in the place. Trent wasn't so naive that he missed the fact that he was being cruised on some occasions. It made him feel horny knowing that someone wanted him even if he was interested in girls.

One guy stroked himself as he took a shower next to Trent. Trent couldn't help but look and that only served to encourage the guy. He smiled at the boy and then went toward a deserted area in the back hoping that Trent would follow him. Trent didn't. Trevor and Marc watched the action trying not to giggle.

In Bentonville, Darrin, John, and Dan were moving some of their possessions to Lottie's house. They would drive her to the airport on Tuesday morning and she wanted them to stay over the night before so that it would be easier to get going the next day.

Lottie enjoyed having the boys at her house. It made her happy to be able to provide for them. She greatly respected Darrin for what he was doing to help give the Tracewell brothers a new start. She suspected that Darrin had more than a passing interest in John. She hoped that neither would be hurt by that.

"This is really a blessing in disguise," Dan said. "Now you can hold off on getting a bigger place. When Miss Charlotte gets back we can all live in your present apartment to save money," Dan suggested. "You're a great guy to take us both in. We'll do our best to help out with the bills and make you proud."

"I know you will," Darrin responded. "You both make me proud every day. You have improved your grades already and you, my boy, have helped win more than one basketball game for your team."

Dan beamed. He could bask in Darrin's praise forever. He sensed that John could too. He had a strong feeling that his brother had more than just a crush on their friend.

John managed to get a part-time job with the new Wal-Mart that had recently opened in Bentonville. The pay wasn't great, and he got no benefits, but he was able to earn a bit of honest money and that gave him a feeling of amounting to something. He got more hours during break because of the after-Christmas sales, and the fact that some of the regulars didn't want to work during vacation.

Darrin didn't want Dan to work during basketball season, so the younger brother did his best to help around the house. He cleaned and even attempted cooking sometimes. In fact, he was pretty good at making an edible meal. John teased him, saying that everyone knew if someone said you were good in the kitchen it meant that you didn't perform well in the bedroom. Dan responded by flipping him off good-naturedly.

Toward the middle of the week, Darrin had an appointment with the county social worker to see about getting legal custody of Dan. He wanted to have his butt covered if the boys' mother got vindictive. The social worker heard Darrin's story and said that she would contact Sheriff Larkin and Deputy Anders to verify the things that he had told her. Darrin left the meeting with a good feeling that his wish would be granted.

For the guys in Mexico, the vacation was moving along too quickly. Dane and Colt said goodbye to their new friends Jordan and Connor in the middle of the week. They had come before Christmas and were now having to return to the states.

One of the highlights for Dane and Colton was the trip to visit some Mayan ruins. It was fascinating to see these ancient structures first-hand and to learn details that one would never hear in a social studies class. Their guide appeared to be quite knowledgeable as well as friendly.

The idea of human sacrifice to appease the gods was chilling to the boys, especially since it was handsome, fit young men who were chosen for that "honor." However, Colt whispered to Dane that he could think of a sacrificial offering that would please him if he were a god. Colt snickered and promised that they could try that later.

Wade and Roger enjoyed the sun, sea, and sex together. But they also enjoyed seeing the boys' wonder and excitement. It was like experiencing the world anew through their eyes. The trip made them decide to do more traveling with the kids while they could - before the responsibilities of college and working filled up their young lives.

"Let's try to get them to Disney World this summer," Roger suggested. "I think we can get the time off. Then the following year, let's do a cruise. I love cruising."

"Watch it on the cruising," Wade quipped as his lips covered Rogers with his.

Joel and Alex were in heaven. They sunned, swam, and tried deep-sea diving. It was all more exciting because they were doing it together. Toward the end of their stay, Joel made an announcement to his grandparents after dinner one night.

"I want you all to know that Alex and I are officially boyfriends. We really love each other and want our relationship to last. We bought matching rings in town. Please don't tell Alex's family because he hasn't come out to them yet. And, we're not ready to face coming out at school. My experience with my parents is enough to scare the crap out of both of us! We're going to keep the rings on chains around our necks so they won't be so obvious."

Joel's grandparents congratulated the boys on their relationship. Genevieve got out a good bottle of wine and filled glasses for everyone. Then she proposed a toast to the new couple. The boys felt great knowing that at least some adults cared, understood, and even supported their decision.

That night, they went for another moonlight walk on the beach. This time they took beach towels to protect them against the sand and they packed a few tissues for cleanup if that became necessary.

They found a peaceful place that was private and deserted. There, they spread the towels and lay holding hands and listening to the rhythm of the waves. It was the ideal spot for romance.

Soon, they were sharing kisses. They would talk for a while and then kiss for a bit longer; talk a little more and kiss a little deeper. Finally, they gave up on the talking.

It took about 15 minutes of intense petting and slow stripping before they were buck naked. It felt great to be nude in the pleasant night air. Alex came up with the brilliant idea of putting their towels end to end. That way they could stretch out and lie in a position to suck each other's nipples at the same time. Joel enjoyed it even more when he was receiving as well as giving.

Alex began to move toward Joel's navel. That meant that Joel's tongue was getting closer to Alex's abs. Each inch below that point brought new sensations. Both were ticklish around the treasure-trail.

For a while, they nuzzled each other's crotch. The scent of tanned skin and slight perspiration whetted their sexual appetites.

Eventually, they pulled back to admire the hot pieces of young manhood that faced them. By then, both were very hard and dripping. Joel got close to Alex's cock and blew a stream of warm air on it. Alex shuddered in delight. He did the same thing to Joel who also appreciated the feeling immensely.

Then Joel took the lead again as he ran his hot, moist tongue around the end of Alex's turgid flesh. Alex tensed, and nearly shot his load. All of the foreplay caused him to have a hair trigger. He had to warn Joel to hold off while he got Joel to the same point. That took about a minute because Joel was as horny as Alex.

Tonight, the Kleenex wasn't really necessary because the hot juices were deposited directly into hungry mouths. When they got their strength back, the boys made out for another half hour. Alex pulled the lighter-weight Joel on top of him. He loved feeling the warmth and weight of his lover's naked body. They thoroughly explored each other's mouth with their tongue.

Since the water and air were relatively warm, the two young men took a dip in the ocean before heading back to the condo. They played around like any two teens might; trying to dunk each other and generally having a great time. When they got out, they dried off and kissed for a long time before dressing again. On the way back, they walked with their arms around each other.

Good or bad, all things must eventually come to an end. Those who traveled out of the country came back the day before school began. On the return trip, no one was as excited as before. There was more sleeping and less chattering.

Alex and Joel didn't find an opportunity to share a restroom on the plane because the ones in first class were too close to where Jane and Rhys were sitting. They agreed that it would be fun to try sometime.

(Dane and Colt didn't try to do it again. They were too laid back and it didn't have the appeal that it had the first time. It was like: been there; done that. Besides, they had satiated their sexual appetites several times in the past week.)

As soon as he could do it, after his twin got home, Allen "dragged" him off to their room.

"Shit! You got some didn't you? I can tell by looking at you; you lucky stud!"

Alex stood there grinning for several seconds before he actually told his brother anything. "Yeah! I'm in love! I followed my instincts like you said I should. He's so awesome, and he hasn't been around anymore than I have. We're learning together."

"Damn, you look great. All of those unsuspecting girls are going to be drooling and it won't do them a bit of good. Look how tan you are compared to me. It's going to make your ass look lily white."

"Um, I don't think so," Alex giggled.

Then he mooned his bro to show that there were no tan lines.

"You horny bastard," Allen exclaimed. "You went bare-ass most of the time, didn't you?"

Alex just grinned some more instead of responding. He was careful not to give his brother private, intimate details, but he did tell Allen enough to let him know that Joel was definitely in the family and not as Alicia's boyfriend.

A number of things had happened over the break and some of the kids were eager to get back to school to tell their friends. Jerry's name change had gone through. When he went in to make the changes on his records, Mr. Haggerty congratulate him and said that he would like to do something special to mark the event. Jerry consented when he found out what it was.

Joel and Alex came back looking tan and radiant. They had appeared to be good buds before the trip; now they seemed to be joined at the hip. They were rarely seen apart.

Dane and Colt looked equally fine after their week in the sun. It was perhaps fortunate that all four had the same gym class in the new semester because none of them had tan lines. When they got some good-natured teasing from students who were jealous of their adventures, they had each other to defend them.

In the locker room, there was the usual bragging by the kids who wanted others to believe they had achieved the status of ex-virgins over the break. Joel and Alex listened to the banter and smiled. Someone asked them if they'd gotten any action in Belize. They didn't say anything, but their smiles turned into broad grins making the braggers believe that the two had gotten lots of action.

The four teens lingered a bit after gym and were the last ones dressing on the second day of class.

"Do you guys have special news you want to share?" Colt asked of Alex and Joel.

Alex cringed because he didn't know what Joel knew about the other two.

"Uh, what do you mean?" he asked.

"They're cool," Joel responded as he showed Dane and Colt the rings that they both wore around their necks.

"Is this what I think it is?" Dane said.

"Yeah!" Joel smiled.

Alex still looked shaken, so Colt grabbed Dane and planted a big wet kiss right on his lips. He pulled back and grinned at a stunned Alex.

"Kewl!" Alex sighed. "I had no idea. How long have you been together?"

The boys got into a great conversation which lasted several minutes. It was a good thing that this was their last class of the day or they would have been tardy. Also, Colton was fortunate not to have wrestling practice that night after school. That routine would begin again tomorrow.

They decided their conversation needed to continue, so Dane invited Alex and Joel to come to Greta's house for Cokes. He and Colt hurried home to get things ready while Alex went to check on his math assignment. He and Joel would drive over in Joel's car in a few minutes.

"This is just so cool!" Alex exclaimed as the four sat at the kitchen table snacking and holding hands with their partners. "You're the first guys our age that we're out to except my bro - and I can't hide anything from my twin."

"We aren't out to too many kids our age either," Dane admitted. "It's really nice to have someone at school to talk to who understands how we feel. And to think, I was ready to kill you, Joel."

Joel blushed. He had to explain to Alex about his rash hitting on Colt before he knew Colt was taken.

"It was before I knew you, and I really didn't do anything to him except cop a feel. I was so horny and he is cute!"

Alex took the revelation in stride. He knew what Joel and he now shared and he wasn't jealous.

Both pairs of lovers told some of what they had done on their vacations. Neither pair went into detail, but they all told enough to let the others know that it had been very good indeed.

That afternoon, Dane and Joel finally became true friends. They embraced when Alex and Joel had to leave. For the first time since their meeting in the fall, they liked each other without reservation. Both felt great about it.

There was a big pep assembly for the sports teams a couple of days later. At the beginning, a kid who played an awesome sax, accompanied by some other brass players from the pep band, ushered in the basketball team and the wrestlers playing: "When the Saints Go Marching In." Right behind the sax player was the principal and Jerry Saxdorf.

Once they were assembled at one end of the gym, Mr. Haggerty took the microphone to silence the crowd.

"I want to introduce a new student - actually a student with a new name. Please greet Jerry Saxdorf. I want you to remember to use his new name. That is why we were led in by a saxophone. Jerry, do you have anything to say to this group?"

"Sometimes being me used to SUCK! Who wants a name that says: sucks!"

The gym went wild. The kids loved his sense of humor.

"Mostly, I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you who dug into your own pockets to help pay for my new motorbike. You made me feel like I belonged here even without my name change. You're a great bunch. This is a cool school!"

The cheerleaders started the kids on a school cheer. Everyone was pretty noisy.

The principal established order once more and went on to honor the basketball team and the wrestlers for the records they had established to that point. Then the cheerleaders got the crowd fired up again for the upcoming basketball game and wrestling match. Finally, the pep band played the fight song as everyone tried to remember the words.

January moved along pretty quickly. Besides the usual activities, there were a couple of court cases that involved some of the Bentonville kids. The first was the trial of Robert Crider on the charges of attempted Kidnapping, and going armed with intent to cause bodily harm for his attack on Colton at the fair. It had taken a long time to come up because of postponements and delays, but finally Robert would be tried for the crimes.

This time Colt's former step-father went for a trial by jury. He was angry about his last appearance before a judge. He thought that he had gotten a raw deal. Certainly a jury of his peers would let him off with a better verdict.

Carrie, Sara, Trent, and Dane were called as witnesses as well as Colton. All had to be sworn in and tell their stories of the events. By the time they were through, they had the jury in the palms of their hands. Who would question the word of these sincere, clean-cut kids?

The court-appointed defense attorney tried his best to shake them up and cause them to change details of what they said, but all held fast. He could see that the case was a hopeless one. He had no witnesses to call for rebuttal. All he could do was try to chip away at their testimonies.

When the verdict came in, Robert was found guilty on all charges. The judge sentenced him to a minimum of 10 years without parole. This was to be served after his current sentence.

Robert was pissed. He began cursing the judge, the attorneys, and the kids. He called them all faggots and faggot lovers. The judge found him in contempt and added 30 more days on his sentence before having him forcibly ejected from the courtroom.

The other major trial in January was that of John Tracewell. In the days preceding it, he had a hard time eating or sleeping. He did his best to keep busy with work and studies to distract his mind, but he still looked haggard from the stress.

On the night before the hearing, he was alone in the house. Dan was at an away game which John couldn't attend because he had to work at the time the pep bus was leaving. Darrin was on duty until 9:00. John tried to study, but couldn't keep his mind on anything. He was thinking of raiding Lottie's liquor cabinet when the phone rang.

Miss Charlotte was calling to see how things were going. John confessed that he as very uptight and had thought of having a drink.

"I don't think that's the solution," Lottie said. "Why don't you take a nice long, hot bath? There are bubble-bath salts in the cabinet. That might relax you. You don't want to be hung over tomorrow. You want to make a good impression. I don't want you to get in the habit of drowning your sorrows in alcohol any more than I want you to use marijuana for that purpose. Both can be addictive! Please keep yourself straight."

They went on to discuss Lottie's daughter and her prognosis. It looked like Charlotte would be in Arizona for some time. She asked John to tell Darrin not to look seriously for another place to live.

After John hung up, he took her advice. He was still soaking in the tub when Darrin came home. His first stop was in the bathroom to relieve his bladder.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey, yourself," John responded.

Darrin said he was going to make hot cocoa and that John should wrap up in something to keep him warm while they drank it. John was pleased that Darrin was doing something special for him. He put on his fleecy sweats, not bothering with underwear.

The two young men sat at the kitchen table to have their drink and some graham crackers. John was feeling a little better about things, mostly because of Darrin's "mothering" of him.

"Let's get you up to your room and I'll give you a backrub to help you sleep," Darrin offered.

John was eager to take him up on it, so he went up and got undressed.

Darrin stripped down to his briefs and straddled John's naked form. He couldn't help admiring what he saw. Other than the scars from the bullet wounds, John's back was perfect as it tapered from broad shoulders to a narrow waist.

Darrin had studied a bit of massage therapy in school - enough to know how to ease the tension in someone. He applied firm pressure, but not to the point of making John uncomfortable. John body began to respond, relaxing all over except, perhaps, in his groin. As his desire increased, he could feel his hard cock drooling precum in a puddle on the sheet beneath him. He wanted to take Darrin into his arms and hold him tight. Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer. He rolled over in a flash and brought Darrin down on top of him. He pulled Darrin's face toward his and kissed Darrin's lips with all the passion he had in him.

Darrin pulled away breathless. Then he allowed John to pull him back again.

"Sleep with me tonight; please!" John sighed.

"John, we can't be doing this."

"Please, I need you."

"I'll sleep with you, but no sex," Darrin responded.

"What's wrong with me? I'm trying to be what you want," John whimpered.

"You ARE what I want. I don't want to do anything to mess it up."

"How could you mess it up by fucking me when I want it so bad?"

"John, you have a lot more experience at sex than I do, but you don't have experience with love. I don't want to take you for my pleasure, only to have you hate me for using you."

John sniffled. He wasn't sure what he was feeling at the moment. He wanted to feel loved because he dreaded tomorrow. He didn't know what else to do to receive love except offer his body. He didn't care how Darrin used him. He would take Darrin's stiff cock up his ass and wouldn't even complain.

"I've wanted you for so long," John nearly sobbed with emotion.

"Me too," Darrin admitted.

"Why didn't you let me know?"

"I was going to on Christmas morning, but I didn't want you to think that you had to 'pay' for staying with me. I loved you from the second time I came to see you in the hospital."

"You loved that grungy, nasty, Goth-looking druggy?"

"I loved the guy that I knew was inside that punk exterior."

"You're crazy, you know that?"

"Yeah, I'm a nut case," Darrin said, echoing their conversation from Christmas.

Darrin kissed John gently on the lips, but panicked when he heard Dan coming up the stairs. He wasn't sure what the younger Tracewell boy would think if he saw them in bed together.

Dan saw that John's door was ajar and the light was on. He knocked. Darrin didn't know what to do.

"It's okay," John whispered. "Dan knows that I love you. He'll be cool."

Darrin wasn't so sure. He felt his face flush as he pulled the covers up to his neck before John told Dan to enter.

Dan grinned at the two men in bed.

"Cool," he said. "I was worried about you being alone tonight.

"See, I told you how he'd react," John smiled.

Darrin allowed himself to relax and smile too. Dan sat on the edge of the bed and told the guys about the game. Bentonville had won again, and he had had quite a few minutes of play. His three-pointers wouldn't have made the difference in winning, but they did help rack up an impressive total.

"You guys get some sleep tonight. I don't want John to look 'fucked-over' in the morning!" he quipped when he left.

The two men giggled.

"I'm scared. I don't want to be alone. You will spend the night in my bed?" John asked hoping that the answer would be positive.

"Tonight and any night you want me," Darrin replied.

"Kewl, you'd better plan on moving your stuff in here then."

"I love you, John."

"I know. You're crazy."

"Yeah, I know. We've already established that I'm a nut case," he giggled.

Darrin had John turn on his side with his back toward him. Then he wrapped himself around John's back with his hand resting in the pubes just above John's dick. John relaxed in the warmth of his buddy's embrace. Well, most of him relaxed. His cock stayed hard all night, but he slept well enjoying a series of erotic dreams.

Darrin remained awake for several minutes after John fell asleep. He was worried about the outcome of the trial and what would happen to his guy in prison. How could he go on without John in his life? He wanted him so much.

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