Castle Roland

Chapter 29

Published: 5 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

John awoke in the morning with his bare hard dick sticking through his fly and pushing against Darrin's clothed butt. This time, he didn't apologize or move his body away. He did move his hand down toward his buddy's cock. It was as hard as his. John took a few minutes to explore that piece warm of flesh that he wanted to feel inside of him.

Darrin lay quietly enjoying being felt-up. A low groan escaped his lips. John acknowledged it by moving down to caress Darrin's jewels.

"If you don't stop, I'm gonna piss the bed." Darrin joked.

He may have been jesting, but it wasn't far from the truth. Both men had to get up to relieve their bladders. After a little coaxing, they achieved their mission. It is difficult not to get even harder when sharing the porcelain convenience with someone you lust for.

John bent over enough to chew on Darrin's right nipple. Darrin didn't want him to stop, but knew that they didn't have time to finish this at that moment.

"Come on, we have to get cleaned up and dressed nicely. We can't go into court smelling of sweat and desire!"

Dan came into the bathroom a few minutes later and teased the young men about the fact that they were sleeping together. It was done in love and not in meanness. Dan was happy for his brother and Darrin.

Darrin and Dan kept up a constant banter during breakfast. John knew they were trying to distract him and he appreciated it. In fact, for the most part, it worked. John was able to eat a substantial breakfast (and keep it down) before heading to court.

John stood for inspection as Darrin adjusted his tie and sports jacket. Darrin had gone out with him a couple of days earlier to buy dress clothes. It didn't hurt to make a good impression. Darrin gave him a quick kiss on the lips when he was satisfied that John looked perfect.

Despite the fact that this was not a trial by jury, there were a number of people in the courtroom. Some were there for moral support and others out of sheer curiosity. John had decided to enter an Alford Plea to the charge of leaving the scene of an accident. By doing so, he didn't admit guilt, but agreed that the state had enough evidence to charge him with it. It had all been worked out between the DA and John's attorney.

Before pronouncing the sentence, Judge Gerick made an announcement.

"It is unusual in this kind of trial to have an impact statement from the victim. However, Jerry Saxdorf has asked to he heard and I'm going to give him that opportunity."

A murmur passed through the room. Everyone wondered what the kid would say.

Jerry stood and faced John from several feet away. When he spoke, it was clear that he was nervous about speaking in front of that many people, but his voice grew stronger as his confidence increased while he read from a prepared statement:

"Your Honor, attorneys, and members of the court, I'm here to speak about the day of the accident and its impact upon my life, and that of John's. I am convinced that it was truly an unfortunate turn of events and not an act of malice on the part of the defendant. I know that he made some bad decisions. I suspect he was a little high when he hit me, and that's probably what caused him to flee from the scene. From talking to him and to Mrs. Webber, I have ascertained that he was in the process of going to notify the authorities to come and get me when he heard the ambulance go by with me in it. Some have said that he was callous in not stopping to render aid. I think he was just scared. I know that I would have been in his shoes.

"Since he and I have come to know each other better, I realize that he was messed up in many ways. He has apologized. He even got on his knees to beg my forgiveness. I have forgiven him. He's not a bad guy. I hope the court will take that into consideration when the sentence is passed. Thank you for listening, Your Honor."

As Jerry sat down, several people in the room were dabbing at the corners of their eyes. After his plea for the guy who had nearly killed him, a couple wanted to nominate Jerry for sainthood.

Judge Gerick called for a recess of 15 minutes while he considered this new input. When he came back, he asked John to stand and face him.

"John Tracewell, you have been found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident that involved serious injury. On that charge, I sentence you to a year in the state penitentiary in Anamosa..."

John's head bowed and big tears escaped from his eyes. He had known that this could happen. He was ready to pay his debt, but he hated to leave the lover he had just found and he feared that he would be violated by the older prisoners when he was incarcerated. He was sure that he would lose Darrin in that amount of time.

"...However," the Judge continued. "In view of the turnaround you have made in your life since the accident, and the eloquent plea from the victim, I am suspending that sentence. You will be placed on probation. I believe you stand a better chance of full rehabilitation outside of prison walls. I order you to stay in school and to keep up your counseling sessions with Dr. Evans. You must pay Jerry's family for any co-payment they had to make for services not covered by insurance. You will also be required to attend classes on the prevention of substance abuse. You will report to your probation officer according to the schedule that I have set up. In the event that you fail to abide by this agreement, I will reinstate the original sentence to be served in its entirety. This court is adjourned."

John was stunned. He wasn't sure of what he had heard until he felt Darrin and Dan hugging him. He was free as long as he did what he was supposed to and he kept his nose clean. He was free! Jerry had even pleaded for him! Life was extremely good!

As soon as he could get to Jerry, John hugged the younger boy until the latter could barely breathe. It was a dramatic moment which left neither with dry eyes when they pulled apart.

Darrin said that he wanted to host a celebration pizza party on Friday night and that he wanted Jerry to attend. Jerry promised to do his best to be there. Darrin was thrilled with the outcome of the trial. He hoped that John would still want to be with him now that it was resolved.

Since John's car was now released from being impounded, Darrin drove John and Dan to the storage yard to retrieve it. John drove it to Lottie's house very carefully. He hadn't driven is several weeks. He was not about to make any mistakes.

Dan chose to ride with Darrin instead of his brother because it gave them a few minutes alone.

"Do you really love my brother?" he asked. "...Because if you don't, it isn't right to string him along. You'd better not hurt him!"

"Dan, I love John very much. I've wanted to tell him that for a long time, but I was afraid he'd feel like I was pressuring him into something he didn't want. I nearly told him on Christmas morning - until you woke up and showed your smiling face. I've been really frustrated wanting to hold him in my arms through the night - every night."

Dan was satisfied with Darrin's comments. As long as John wasn't likely to get hurt, Dan was happy with the turn of events.

When the guys got home to Miss Charlotte's house, Darrin asked Dan and John to tell him whom they would like to have come over on Friday. The list wasn't huge, but it contained the names of the people who had been kind to both of them.

Colt checked his email while Dane was out getting the day's snail-mail. Colt was disturbed by the message he got from their friend David. It was addressed to both of the guys.

"My life has fallen apart. Dustin's father is home recovering from his wounds. Dustin doesn't want to see me anymore. He can't be gay. At least that's what he said. Life isn't worth living; I can't stand it."

Colt immediately called to Dane who read the message with a worried look on his face. He didn't wait for Greta to return before he made the call to Dave. (The charges wouldn't be very costly, and he knew she'd understand.)

Dave answered on the third ring.

They talked for several minutes before Dane and Colt were satisfied that Dave wouldn't do himself any harm. They made him promise he would call them when he was hurting too bad, regardless of the hour - night or day.

When Greta came home, the boys talked to her about inviting Dave for the weekend. On hearing the full story, she readily agreed. Colt got back on the phone to talk to Dave about the plans. His parents didn't hesitate to give their permission.

That night, John celebrated his freedom in his own way. He could barely wait until dinner was over and the kitchen was cleaned up. He wanted to get Darrin naked in bed.

He was absolutely giddy. He played grab-ass like a thirteen-year-old who had just discovered that his dick was made for more than peeing. He wanted to touch Darrin and feel Darrin touch him. It was really cute.

"If you don't settle down," Dan had teased, "I'm gonna have to send you both to your room!"

"Promises, promises," John giggled.

For the sake of allowing their food to digest, the guys didn't go up to their room until nearly 9:00, but neither had sleep on his mind. The second they closed the door; John pushed Darrin back on the bed and began to make out.

When he was allowed to come up for breath, Darrin teased his lover.

"What in the Hell has gotten into you, kid?"

"You!" John responded.

"So, this is for real? It's not just something to distract you from the stress of going to court?"

"Damn! You know it's real, at least as much as I know about reality. Dr. Evans said that guys like me who have been molested sometimes confuse sex with love. But I know what I feel for you. I'm hoping you won't get tired of me."

"That just ain't gonna happen, Baby," Darrin laughed. "I've never been so sure of anything in my life."

After that, most of the conversation ceased. Although he was younger, John was more experienced in sexual matters than Darrin. Darrin learned rapidly. Anything John tried on him, he tried on John. They were both really hot.

Darrin worked his way down John's body leaving his own prize part up near the pillow. John didn't miss the opportunity to take advantage of its nearness. His tongue snaked out to catch the pearls of precum that were seeping out of Darrin's tool.

Pretty soon, they were totally involved in nursing each other's cock. It was gentle and oh so sexy. The result was that they both came before they were really ready, but John pulled out before he let loose. Darrin tried to, but John held Darrin's butt so that he couldn't. John swallowed his lover's offering and then turned around to kiss him deeply. Darrin tasted himself in John's mouth.

John was happy, but he wanted more. He lay back on the bed, pulling his legs up toward his chest inviting Darrin to take him.

"Are you sure about this?" Darrin questioned.

"Yeah, I've thought about it a lot. It has nothing to do with paybacks. It's all about caring for you. I love you and I want to make love with you!"

"Okay," Darrin responded.

"Great, I'm ready to get fucked!"

"John, I don't want to hurt you."

"Don't worry, you know I've been fucked before. Of course, Marv wasn't half the man you are." John grinned as he massaged Darrin's stiff tool.

Then his mood turned sober.

"Darrin, I'm sorry that I can't offer you a virgin ass. I wish you could be the first one. I want to give you something special."

"John, you are special. It doesn't matter that I'm not the first. I know you didn't give your body willingly before. But I'm not going to fuck you."

"Please! I want to feel you in me. I want us to be connected. I want you to make me yours. I love you more than anyone else in the world."

"Okay, but I want you to know that this is making love, not fucking. I'm going to do this because you want me and I want you. We care about each other. It's not merely about getting our rocks off!"

"Kewl!" John exclaimed. "Now I need you and want you even more. I'd have your baby if I could!"

Darrin responded by nibbling on John's ear. He worked his way down John's body stopping just short of sucking his cock. Then, he started at John's toes and worked his way northward. By the time he got to John's groin, John was writhing in ecstasy. But then Darrin stopped and sprang out of bed.

"Where are you going?"

"I've gotta find something to lube you up."

"I already have supplies here in the night table," John called. "I've been hoping..."

Darrin returned with a large towel in case it got messy. He greased up a finger and began to loosen John up. Then he added a second. By the time he had worked in a third, John was begging for the real thing.

John handed him a condom.

"Do we really need this? Other than a couple of girls in college, I'm practically a virgin. I know that I don't have anything contagious."

"Darrin, I love you and I don't want to take any chances that I might give YOU something you didn't bargain for. I haven't done anything risky since I was a little kid, but I'm going to get tested before we do it without a rubber."

Darrin was gentle. When he was confident that John was ready, he greased up his throbbing, sheathed cock and positioned is at John's back door. John pushed his muscles against the welcome intruder to make his chute relax. Darrin inched his way in further. It wasn't very long until his pubes were nesting against John's ass.

Then he started with a slow, easy rhythm. John wrapped his legs around Darrin's back to encourage him to go as deep as he could. Darrin picked up the pace and John pushed up to meet each thrust.

Darrin's lips met John's. His tongue begged entrance, and John welcomed it. Their tongues plunged into each other's mouth in thrusts that mimicked what was happening below the waist.

John began a steady moan deep in his throat. The sound spurred Darrin on. He responded with a lustful groan of his own. They were screwing like bunnies when Darrin's body suddenly stiffened. Time was suspended for a second. Then Darrin let loose with a volume of cum that filled the condom reservoir to overflowing. The sensation drove John over the edge. For the first time in his young life, he came without anyone's touching his dick.

In the afterglow, Darrin held a sobbing John.

"Damn, I didn't intend to hurt you. I'm so sorry! I guess I got carried away."

"No, I'm okay! I'm crying because I'm happier than I have ever been!

After they cleaned up a little, the two young men fell into a peaceful sleep in each other's arms. In another dimension, Lottie's brother, Robbie, smiled at his boyhood lover as they remembered the joy they had shared in that very room.

Friday afternoon, Dave arrived in his recently purchased used car. His parents had given it to him on his 16th birthday. They had spent a little more than they had intended in an attempt to cheer him up after Dustin had broken up with him.

Dave's disposition appeared fairly even, but those who knew him could tell that he was down. Since Dane and Colt were invited to Darrin's party for John, they had asked permission to bring him along. Darrin welcomed Dave to join them to the celebration.

The party was lively and fun, but not because of any illegal substances. Darrin was extremely cautious because he didn't want to jeopardize his bid to become Dan's guardian. He had invited the kind of kids that were athletes who wouldn't break training for an evening of partying.

They had rolled up the rug in the back parlor. There was dancing and lots of fun. Darrin had ordered a ton of pizza which was nearly wiped out. He had had the grocery store make several trays of sliced veggies and fruit so that the meal would be somewhat balanced. The guest list ran a little heavily toward the male side, but there were several girls in attendance too.

Sometime during the evening, Jerry went up to the second floor because the downstairs bathroom was in use. Out of curiosity, he opened the door to the room which John was now sharing with Darrin. Instead of the feeling of extreme sadness, Jerry now felt a sense of peace. Yes, there was an old sorrow present, but it wasn't overwhelming like it had been before. It had mingled with a new feeling of happiness that permeated the whole room. Jerry was sure he knew why. He knew Lottie would be pleased. He suspected that her brother was.

After the guests had gone, Darrin began to pick up things around the house. It wasn't real messy, but he felt that he should do it before he slept. Dan convinced him that the rest could be done in the morning and that he should go to bed to cuddle with John instead. He didn't have to twist his arm!

Darrin went up to the room that he and John were now sharing and found John stripped to his sexy briefs lying on the bed. John had a cocky grin on his face and a big bulge in his underwear. John jumped up and halfway dragged Darrin into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and stripped his lover while the water was warming up.

The two young men's bodies melted into one as they soaped and caressed each other. There was love mixed with desire in each movement that they made. As each dried the other off, their lips met in passionate union. John fell to his knees to engulf Darrin's hard cock in his warm, wet mouth. Darrin inhaled sharply as he felt his stiffy slide farther into John's throat.

After a couple of minutes, Darrin traded places, doing his best to swallow all that John had. Being less experienced, he gagged several times before he managed to take about three-quarters of what John was sporting.

They scampered bare-assed into the bedroom not even bothering to check if Dan was around. Darrin fell on his back on the bed bringing John down on top of him. He nibbled on John's ear and then stuck his tongue into it. John moaned with lust.

Darrin reached for the tube of KY jelly and applied some to his middle finger which he inserted into his own hole. John looked at him quizzically.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm getting myself ready to get laid," Darrin replied.

"I'm not going to fuck you, Darrin."

"I want you in me, please," Darrin sighed. "I want to give you what you gave me."

"Okay, but don't say that you're getting laid. Say that your guy is making love to you! If you're not using the term 'fuck' for being in me; I'm not using 'laid' for what I'm going to do to you."

"Touché, John. Make love to me!"

John assisted in the loosening up of Darrin's chute. It was a major turn-on to have his fingers buried in Darrin's hot ass. John was shaking from the thrill by the time he sensed that Darrin was ready. Darrin quivered as John massaged his sweet spot.

John was as gentle with Darrin as Darrin had been with him. He put on a condom and lubed it up well because he knew by now that he was entering virgin territory and he wanted this to be great for Darrin. Having first experienced anal sex by force, it had taken John some time to accept that it could be done as an act of love. It wasn't until he had felt Darrin buried deep within him that he truly came to enjoy the experience.

As John penetrated past the muscle ring, Darrin froze up. It hurt more than he had imagined it would, despite the fact that he had practiced with a cucumber recently. John's steely cock felt as hot as a searing poker and as big as a baseball bat. John stopped while Darrin tried to relax. He bent down to kiss Darrin passionately. Soon their tongues were battling for dominance. Darrin's muscle eased up allowing John to inch in farther.

When his pubes were pressed against Darrin's butt, John lay on top of him without moving for several minutes. Darrin was starting to enjoy the feeling of John's stiff prick against his prostate. He asked John to start moving. John was happy to comply.

As the rhythm picked up, so did the sensations in Darrin's body. He had offered to bottom for John thinking that it was only fair to switch positions. Now he was enjoying it as much as thrusting his own cock into John's willing ass. He had never thought that receiving could be as good as giving. He was rapidly changing his outlook.

John had been holding off his orgasm as much as his young body would allow him to. He couldn't last much longer. With a cry of pleasure, his body stiffened and his cock began to pump squirt after squirt of love juice. The throbbing sensation against Darrin's prostate was sufficient to trip his trigger just before John quit. The gripping of Darrin's muscle squeezed a couple more drops out of John who fell on top of his lover in exhaustion. Darrin held him tightly, not wanting him to slip out, but eventually John went soft.

The two giggled about being glued permanently together from Darrin's load. They more or less staggered into the bathroom where they climbed into the shower for a second time to rinse off the evidence of their activities.

Back in bed, Darrin and John cuddled naked as they talked and kissed.

"Thanks, Darrin, you really didn't have to let me do it to you. I'm willing to be your bitch for as long as you want me."

"Hey, you're nobody's bitch. You're a stud, and you know how to use that magic wand you were blessed with. There's no reason we can't be versatile. I'm as happy to have you in me as I am to be buried in you to the hilt. We'll do whatever we want when the mood strikes us."

John began to cry softly like he had when Darrin had made love to him. Darrin felt a deep love and concern as he held his lover tighter.

"You okay, Baby?"

"Yeah! I just feel so good. I never, ever had sex for love until I met you. It was always to get my rocks off or dominate someone else or, when I was little, being forced by someone else. I never knew it could be so wonderful."

Darrin moved his hand down to caress John's dick and John did the same to him. They fell asleep gripping each other's semi-hard cock. It felt so right.

At Dane and Colt's place, they and Dave had gone quietly up to their rooms after the party, trying not to awaken Greta. She heard them come in, but didn't bother to check on them. She trusted that they were fine.

They had been bedded down for only a few minutes when Colt suggested they should check on Dave. He was concerned. The two Johnson boys slipped on boxers and crept across the hall to listen at the door. They heard the sounds of sobbing emanating from the guest room.

Colt knocked on the door before turning the knob. Dave tried not to show that he had been crying, but it was evident when Dane turned on the bedside lamp.

"I miss him so much," Dave sighed as his voice broke.

Dane and Colt exchanged one of those non-verbal communications that many couples have. Dane went to the other side of the queen-sized bed and both boys slid under the covers with Dave. They held him between them as he cried himself out.

"Thanks guys, I don't want to come between you!" Dave tried to joke. "You'd better go back and enjoy yourselves."

"We're here for the night," Colt announced. "You can cuddle against Dane's back and I'll hold you. If you want to change positions, you can snuggle against me with Dane against you. No one is going to get jealous because we're not going to do anything sexual with you, but we want you to know that we care. We love you, Bud."

Dave did as Colt suggested. Sleeping between his two friends caused him to rest better than he had in days. He dreamed about Dustin and the dream was a good one. It was so good that he had crusty spots in his underwear when he awoke the next morning.

In the morning, Dave didn't have any embarrassment as he showed his friends the tell-tale signs of his wet dream. He had, after all, cum big-time in their presence in the fall. He thanked them over and over for sleeping with him. He said that their kindness had really lifted his spirits.

Greta cooked a big breakfast for the three boys and they did justice to it. She loved seeing them put away the food. She was especially pleased that Dave had a good appetite. Having attended the anti-bullying seminar in the past year, she was well aware of the depression gay kids could fall into. She would do whatever she could to lift this boy's spirits.

Dane and Colton did their best to take Dave's mind off of his problems, too. There was enough snow on the ground to make for great sledding. They tied DJ and Wade's old toboggan into the trunk of Dave's car and headed out for one of the large hills in the country.

Some other kids from school were there enjoying the slope as well. Dave got to meet more guys who welcomed him and made him feel at home. By noon, all were wet, tired, and famished. They hurried home to DJ and Ellen's house where a big lunch of hot soup and sandwiches awaited them.

After lunch, DJ talked to Dave for a while. Dave ended up spilling his guts about the loss of his boyfriend. He hadn't meant to, but DJ's kind and understanding manner disarmed him.

"I'm not sure what to say," DJ commented after Dave was finished. "I know Dustin's Dad because I played football against his younger brother, Jim. Maybe I can do something, but I'm not sure what it would be."

"I don't think anyone can do anything to change his mind," Dave said sadly. "He's the biggest homophobe I've ever met."

"Well, don't give up hope," DJ replied. "I used to be nearly that bad Myself, before I met a certain young soldier who changed my mind and my life forever."

DJ gave Dave a short version of Barry's life and how he had saved DJ and the other men from certain death with his sacrifice. Dave was touched. He hoped against hope that someone or something could bring his lover back to him.

Dave went to church with Dane and Colt on Sunday. He was impressed with the service and the young minister. His own church was pretty inclusive, but he sensed that this guy was even more understanding than his pastor.

After lunch, Dave left for home. He hugged his buddies tightly before he got into his car. At their insistence, he swore he wouldn't do himself any harm. He admitted that he had considered suicide when Dustin dropped him so unexpectedly, but he assured his friends that he was past that. He knew life would go on even if he had to go on without the guy he was in love with.

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