Castle Roland

Chapter 31

Published: 8 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

The last part of February proved to be nastier than all the rest of the winter days combined. The snowstorm that hit wasn't totally unexpected, but it was quite unwelcome. People had begun to think of spring. Libidos that had been rising with the mild temperature and blue skies were chilled by the snowy blast that hit the Midwest.

The weekend began early for the kids at Bentonville high. On Friday morning, school was cancelled due to the weather. Greta was up early to monitor the news. Just before the school cancellation announcements went on the Cosgrove station, she got a call from her superintendent saying that she should activate the phone tree to make sure all of the teachers were informed. She did so immediately, and then she climbed the stairs to knock softly on the boys' bedroom door.

"We're getting up Grandma," Colt said sleepily.

"Don't bother; school's been called off because of the snow. You boys can catch up on your sleep."

"Thanks," Colton responded before planting a kiss on Dane's neck.

Dane had been waking up, but now he wanted to go back to sleep. He cuddled Colt from behind, caressing his morning erection. The feeling was stimulating in one sense, but soothing in another. In a few minutes the boys were sawing logs again.

An hour later, Dane awoke with the knowledge that he had to take a wicked piss. He bolted out of bed and ran to the nearby bathroom. Colt joined him at the pot before he'd finished.

They brushed their teeth and then shared a leisurely shower in which there was as much playing around as there was washing up. Both emerged clean, but quite horny.

Back in the bedroom, they took care of their sexual appetites before going down to satisfy their nutritional ones. It wasn't pure lust, but it came close. They were both hot for each other, maybe because they were well rested.

When Colton pulled a tube of KY jelly out of the nightstand, Dane's eyes widened in anticipation.

"Uh, are you planning to put that big thing up my ass?" he queried.

"If you mean my middle finger, you are right on target," Colton giggled.

Dane breathed a sigh of relief. He knew they would cross that bridge someday, but he wasn't sure he was ready yet. If Colt wanted him to, he knew he couldn't bring himself to refuse, but it seemed like a serious step to take. He'd read stories about guys who had just met and were rutting like animals twenty minutes later, but he figured most of those were flights of imagination.

"Let's do 69 while we find each other's sweet-spot," Colt giggled.

Dane was eager to participate. Well-lubed fingers certainly popped in more easily than those that were merely wet with spit. They moved around with no discomfort to either party. The action turned into more of an anal than oral exercise. Each guy was gentle and loving to the other. They could feel the awesome buildup of the tingling sensation that began in their crotches and spread clear to their toes.

When their orgasms hit, they were not completely prepared. As a result, both choked slightly on the blasts that hit their tonsils. The sensations didn't stop when the ejaculating ceased, but the warm "high" built up for several more seconds keeping them hard. Neither let go of the other's cock, but gently stimulated the tip with subtle tongue motions until they got too sensitive.

Since their male parts showed no signs of softening in the near future, the boys got onto their backs and slid together with their butts touching. Dane's legs were over Colts and near his waist. Dane stroked Colt while Colt stroked Dane. They grinned in love and lust. Their balls slapped together heightening the sensation of closeness. Once again their cocks erupted. This load was smaller load in volume, but not in intensity.

Dane climbed on top of Colt trapping their still-quivering dicks, and the small puddle of cooling cum, between them. They lay that way kissing until the growling of their stomachs reminded them of their need for food. Licking up the meager offerings from each other's abs didn't go a long way toward assuaging their hunger.

After a quick wash-up in the bathroom, they got dressed to forage for food. Greta prepared them a hearty breakfast which pleased them greatly. It was nice to be waited on. She enjoyed their compliments on her cooking.

When the snowfall slowed down in the afternoon, the boys got out the snow blower and shovel to clear the drive and walks. After they had finished with their grandmother's place, they went to DJ's and did his.

Ellen invited them in for a late lunch. She had called Greta to join them. It was fun being together in the daytime for a change. The boys were going to play some games with the adults, but Colton mentioned that his aunt was probably still snowed in, so they called her to check and then went to dig her place out.

By the time they returned, it was nearing twilight. Ellen made the boys a snack to tide them over until dinner. Then they all played Trivial Pursuit.

Ellen let the guys feel her stomach. The twins were being quite active that day. One could almost watch her maternity top moving when they kicked. Both guys were entranced by the presence of new life. It made them think about having kids of their own.

Some other boys used their day off from school to go cross-country skiing. After Allen and Alex had dug out their family's drive and walks, the two of them skied over to Joel's grandparent's place. The snow-removal service had already been there so Joel was free to join them.

Joel was excited about trying this sport. There hadn't been lots of snow that winter to try his new equipment out on. He was good at water skiing and downhill skiing, so he was confident that he could do this as well.

After a few minor challenges, Joel was keeping up with the twins who had done this for years. They were like pros, and Joel was rapidly becoming one too. They stopped to rest a few minutes at the edge of a wooded area that Allen knew about. There were some tree stumps and logs that made good seats after being cleared of snow. The boys sat munching on the energy bars Allen had thought to bring along.

"Allen, you're a great friend, and not just for this food. I can't believe how you went to bat for us last week," Joel said.

"Yeah, you're okay for a brother," Alex snickered. "Seriously, I agree with Joel a hundred percent. You're the best!"

Allen blushed at the effusiveness of his companions' compliments.

"You guys are okay in my book too," he smiled.

The conversation moved on to other topics as they enjoyed the winter wonderland together. It was a time of bonding that would not be forgotten. Joel felt like he had gained a family as well as a lover. If only Alicia would accept how things were, it would be perfect.

The snow was still falling and had somewhat erased their earlier tracks. However, they had no problem retracing their route by looking for familiar landmarks. They didn't have to resort to using Joel's GPS device.

The exercise took more energy and burned more calories than any of them had anticipated. As they skied back toward Joel's house, they began to think about food.

Jane Masterson suggested that the Albers twins join them for lunch. It didn't require any arm-twisting. She had homemade soup and sandwiches ready, accompanied by a huge salad and plenty of choices of beverages. The boys dug in, much to her delight. She felt like the years had melted away as she tended to the needs of the hungry teens. They reminded her of her own kids years ago.

A couple of hours later, Alex and Allen said that they ought to go home. Joel asked if they could stay for the night, but Allen declined. He said he had some studying to do, but that Alex might like to. Alex knew his brother was bowing out to give him quality time with his boyfriend. It made him warm inside to know that Joel was hospitable enough to extend the invitation to his twin and that Allen was considerate enough to decline.

By then, the city plows had been out and skiing in the street wasn't a viable option. Rhys offered his four-wheel-drive SUV for Joel to use to drive the Albers boys home. Before they left, Alex called home to clear the sleep-over with his mom. That way, he could throw some things into his gym bag and be all set.

Lori was going to have Joel stay for dinner, but he pointed out that it might make Alicia uncomfortable. He appreciated her offer, but he didn't want to cause another scene. Lori was about to argue the point, but saw the wisdom of his position. She sent Alex and him back with a kiss on the cheeks of both.

After dinner, Alex and Joel played video games for a while. Then they surfed the 'net. Joel had found a few gay sites that he wanted to show to Alex. Some had naked guys, but several dealt with life-issues. Both they could use reliable information to help them survive in an uncertain world.

When it was time to retire for the evening, they showered together and slipped naked into bed. For several minutes they simply held each other and talked. It wasn't necessary to rush into having sex. That came about gently and leisurely.

It started with some soft, loving kisses and accelerated into more passionate ones. Alex lay on his back and pulled Joel on top of him. Their favorite appendages lengthened and thickened between them. Alex ran his left hand down Joel's back, stopping in the center of his rear. With his middle finger, he traced the cleft of Joel's butt. Joel spread his legs as much as he could in order to give Alex greater access. Alex's finger moved further in to explore the hot, intimate territory. Joel shuddered with delight. He dug his toes into the bed for traction as he began a slow humping motion. Alex aided by cupping Joel's ass with both hands. Pretty soon, they got a nice rhythm going, with precum smoothing the way. Their tongues danced together as well.

Both were moaning and panting long before they let loose. For a couple of horny kids, they held out for quite a while. However, no one can ride the crest of that awesome wave forever without spooging.

Joel's whimpering and ragged breathing let Alex know he was near. Those sounds spurred Alex on to join him in the final seconds. Their orgasms were so close that it was difficult to say who started first. They ended at nearly the same instant as well.

As they came down from the mountain top, they kissed and cuddled. Joel reached for his underwear to wipe them both. He turned around to lovingly bathe Alex's equipment with his tongue. Alex pulled Joel around so that he could reciprocate. There was something about this intimate behavior that filled them both with a sense of closeness.

Darrin had had to work that snowy day. Emergencies don't take the day off; in fact, the bad weather helped contribute to a high volume of calls.

John was busy too. He was asked to come in to work at Wal-Mart. Since he didn't have to go to school, and since some of the regular workers couldn't get there, his services were needed. He could use the extra money. He was worried about getting there in his old car, but Darrin offered to drop him off. That cinched it. He was going to make a few extra bucks.

With his two housemates gone for the day, Dan was left to his own devices. He caught up on his homework after breakfast. He even got a start on a term paper which wasn't due for several weeks. He did a lot of the research for it on the Internet.

After a while, he got bored with it and surfed the web. He easily found a porn site with links to some others. Besides women lying with their legs spread, there were couples engaged in all sorts of activities. Of course many of these were teasers trying to get a guy to subscribe, but the free images were explicit enough to make his sap rise.

He unzipped his fly to free his aching cock. It stood up proud and menacing, pulsing with each heartbeat. Finally, he pulled his jeans and briefs all the way off. He was alone, after all, so why not enjoy the feeling of being naked?

His left hand caressed his ball sac while his right one scrolled through the pictures on the monitor. He moved from his balls to his cock. Grasping it lightly, he began to stroke. His heartbeat increased along with his breathing. He was getting close. Just then, he opened a picture of a guy blowing his huge load all over the face of some chick. That tripped his trigger big-time. The first shot landed on the keyboard. He managed to deflect the second one with his other hand. The second big eruption was followed by a series of lesser spasms which decreased in intensity until he gave one last spurt of cum. He grinned as he assessed the mess on his abs and pubes. He stuck a finger into one of the pools and brought it to his mouth. It tasted better than he had thought it would, much milder than Marv's. He scooped up more and licked that off of his fingers. He felt very "naughty" doing so. It was a kind of turn-on. He imagined that Darrin and John must share their sperm in the same way. He could see why they might like it. He wondered, momentarily, what it would be like to taste another young guy's juice.

Darrin came home around dinner time, bringing John with him. Dan had a meatloaf in the oven with three big yams. Those, along with some salad from a bag, would make a substantial meal. He knew the other guys would be hungry and tired.

He had also done some vacuuming and straightening up after lunch. His housemates were pleased with his work. John good-naturedly teased him about being a good wife for someone, but squeezed his younger sibling around the shoulders to let him know that it was all in jest. Dan grinned as he flipped his brother off.

At dinner, Darrin shared some details about his day. There had been a bad accident several miles away. The drive was treacherous, but the crew had managed to extract the victims from the wreckage and get them to the Cosgrove hospital without further incident. Darrin hated to see people in dire straits, but was happy that he could give them aid. It made him feel like his life was worth something.

John listened to all of this with a thoughtful expression. Finally, he spoke up.

"Do you think I could do something like that? I know I don't want to work at Wal-Mart all of my life. It isn't that working there is beneath my dignity or anything; it's just that I want my life to count for something."

"You count for something already, Babe," Darrin responded.

The term of endearment was out of his mouth before he realized he'd said it. He blushed wondering what Dan would say. Dan grinned.

"So, it's 'Babe' is it?" Dan giggled. "When are you going to marry my brother and make an honest woman out of him?"

That earned Dan the middle finger gesture from John who smirked as he made it.

"I'll have you know neither one of us is a woman. If you don't believe it, we can drop our pants here and now and prove it, 'little' brother!" John exclaimed.

When Dan continued to giggle, John got up and unzipped as if he were going to make good on his threat. Dan assured him that he had seen it all before and would stipulate that John was a hundred percent male.

Darrin enjoyed the sibling rivalry, but continued the conversation on a higher plane suggesting that John might look into paramedic training at Cosgrove Community College for the coming year.

"You could probably begin as soon as June unless you want time off from the books. I've been meaning to ask you what you wanted to do next year. I'll pay your tuition as long as you're serious about pursuing a degree in something."

John felt suddenly emotional. He wasn't going to cry, but he felt a lump in his throat at the idea that Darrin was going to support him in his efforts. This reassured him that Darrin's interest was in more than merely his body, not that he minded sharing it with his guy.

Darrin and John cleaned up in the kitchen while Dan built a fire in the front parlor fireplace. After the dishes were taken care of, the trio settled in that room to enjoy the warmth. There was no television in that parlor, so the boys had to make their own entertainment. With the FM radio on the Cosgrove jazz station, the boys continued their dinner-time conversation. Darrin and John sat snuggling on the settee, while Dan sat in a chair nearby. He smiled as he thought about how domestic this scene was. There was more love in that room at the moment than what he had felt in his biological family in a lifetime.

"Okay, which one of you is my mommy and which is my daddy?" he chuckled.

"We take turns. Sometimes Darrin is on top and sometimes I am," John said.

"Damn, that was more information than I wanted!" Dan complained.

"Well, you opened up the subject." John retorted.

A bit later, Darrin asked Dan: "How well do you know Cory Fordham?"

"We're friends because of the team. He pushes me to keep trying, and I'm showing him some pointers for making long shots. Why do you ask?"

"Um, he was one of the people in the accident today. I'm not sure how bad he is, but I'm pretty sure his dad didn't make it."

"Oh, man, that's terrible. He's a really nice kid. He was one of the guys who encouraged me to go to the basketball clinic last fall. You know, when I had the broken ribs."

"What was that about?" Darrin inquired.

So, the brothers had to tell him about the misadventure at the adult store. John left out some of the details because he didn't want to tell Darrin about his former sexual outlet lest his lover think he was a slut. Darrin could read between the lines. He wasn't offended by it because he knew John was not into that stuff since becoming his boyfriend. John had changed a lot in many ways.

"Do you think I could go see Cory?" Dan wondered.

"Sure, I think it would be good for him if he's able to have visitors. I have to go in to Cosgrove for a couple of errands anyway. Do you want to go too, John, or do you have to work?"

"I'm scheduled for tomorrow, but I have Sunday morning off. I suppose I should go to church to confess how bad I've been."

"Or, how good you've been," Darrin snickered licking his lips.

"Eeewwwwwww!" Dan giggled in mock disgust.

All three decided to turn in early. John and Darrin were tired from work. They crawled into bed naked as was their habit. Darrin spooned up against John's back and John nestled against his lover. It was a comfortable feeling. It didn't require a sexual act for them to know they were loved. Sleep soon overtook them.

Dan lay in bed reading for a half hour or so before he too drifted into dreamland.

Trent had spent most of his day with Sara and her mother. After he'd cleared his parents' place of snow, he walked over to Sara's house and helped. His dad was impressed that he had done a good job without being nagged at and that he was going to be with his girlfriend. He decided to loosen the reins a bit. This boy seemed to be turning out fine. He definitely didn't show any homo tendencies like his older brother.

Sara's father had left to go to work as soon as he and Trent had one side of the driveway cleared. Trent continued to work until he had the other side, and walks done too. He wasn't really tired when he came in because he had done most of it with the snow blower. Only the steps had to be done with a shovel.

After lunch, Trent and Sara were holding hands on the love seat while watching a DVD. Sara looked sleepy as she slid away from him so she could lie down with her head in his lap. She pulled the afghan over her and settled in.

Since Sara's head wasn't visible, her mother came in to check on things. She didn't say anything, but retreated to her bedroom for a quick nap. The moment she was gone, Sara pulled Trent's hand under the cover and placed it on her right breast. When he felt the soft contours, he began to go hard immediately. She could feel the rising bulge in his jeans right under her left ear. She sat up suddenly and ran her hand over his crotch which caused him to utter a soft, but audible moan. He took her into his arms. Their mouths mashed together in a passionate kiss.

"Hold that thought," Sara whispered to her panting boyfriend.

Then, she tiptoed to her mother's room to check. Sure enough, there were soft snores coming from the master bedroom. With a big smile on her face, she went back to the family room.

She offered him her lips again which he gently kissed. His tongue ran across them in a request for entry. She invited it in. Things heated up rapidly again from that point.

"I'm not going to leave you hurting," Sara smiled as she unzipped his fly.

Trent didn't question her on her intentions. In fact, he undid his belt and aided her in lowering his pants and briefs. She wrapped her hand around "Little Trent" who was standing up like a soldier at attention. (Sara certainly had Trent's attention.)

Her clumsy handling of his cock showed a lack of experience with male anatomy, but the very fact she was handling it made him hotter than he had ever felt before. When she leaned in to kiss the head, she nearly caused him to erupt. His prick twitched in anticipation. It was almost like a dry orgasm.

"I heard some of the girls in the locker room talking about 'giving head' so their boyfriends don't suffer from blue balls. Do your balls really turn color if you don't get off?"

"Uh, no, it's just an expression, but they do ache if they get teased a lot with no relief."

"Some of the girls said they let their boyfriends cum in their mouth. Would you like me to do that?"

"Hell yes, if you're willing to do it!"

Sara ceased talking because she had the tip of Trent's cock in her mouth. She licked around the head, driving him crazy. Neither had experienced this before, so neither knew exactly what to expect. Trent was satisfied just knowing it was happening. Sara seemed to take to it naturally once he coached her on covering her teeth with her lips.

"I'm gettin' close!" Trent groaned.

Sara ran her tongue from the base of his dick to the tip. She wrapped her lips around the head and lapped at his slit like a cat drinking milk. That did it. He spewed his boy-milk into her mouth like a tsunami. She was unprepared for the force and quantity, but swallowed like a pro after initially choking a bit.

Trent was afraid his moans would awaken Sara's mother, but they hadn't. As soon as his spasms quit, he pulled up his pants and zipped his fly. It was then that his rational-self realized how dangerous it all had been. Yet the thrill of the possibility of being caught could not be discounted.

In the kisses they exchanged in the afterglow, Trent could taste his sperm. It was very sexy sharing this part of him. He was sated, but felt bad that Sara hadn't gotten off.

Once they broke apart, he sat her on his lap, unzipped her jeans, and slid his hand down into her panties. He marveled at the damp spot. He had thought only guys produced precum. Her slippery vagina aided in his efforts to do for her what she had done for him. She had to teach him to do it gently, because he associated pressure with pleasure. Both had things to learn about the anatomy of the opposite sex.

Despite his inexperience, Trent was doing a "masterful" job. Sara's whimpering let him know when he hit the right spot with the right amount of stimulation. She was now going as crazy as he had been earlier.

Her vocal orgasm was louder than his had been. He was really concerned that they would awaken her mother.

Sara kissed him passionately again after she got zipped up. She couldn't stop letting him know how good it had been for her. Eventually, they cooled off some and she resumed her former position with her head in his lap. This time, she did fall asleep. After a few minutes, Trent did too.

And, that is how Sara's mother found them a little later when she got up from her nap. She couldn't resist getting out the digital camera to record the two innocent-looking kids napping with the TV still going. She smiled at the fact that the flash didn't even disturb their sleep. It was a photo both kids would cherish through their life-times, in large measure because of the wonderful day it represented. Who knew that a snowstorm could be that good?

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