Castle Roland

Chapter 32

Published: 8 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Several important events took place in the month of March in Bentonville. It was not that the basketball team was competing in 2A district finals, but it had to do with family situations too.

Later in the month, the Bentonville Wildcats would, indeed, make it to the state tournament for the first time in many years. The coach credited it to his awesome seniors, but he knew in his heart that he had several younger players who had saved the day more than once. Dan Tracewell and Cory Fordham were among those.

Ever since Dan had gone to live with Darrin and John, his game had improved, along with his grades. The young man seemed to be getting his shit together. Before the accident that took Cory Fordham out for the season, Dan and he had worked together to improve their free-throw averages and on their three-pointers for which Dan was becoming famous. This all boded well for next year's team. Even after the seniors graduated, there would be developing players to fill their shoes. Coach Kelly couldn't have been happier if he had been coaching the university team. He sincerely hoped Cory would be able to play next season.

Dan was pleased with his performance both on and off the court. He was becoming a happy kid. His face showed it because he smiled all over. Classmates as well as teachers noticed. This probably accounted for his widening circle of friends.

Among Dan's new admirers was Alicia Albers. She was beginning to transfer her desire for Joel over to Dan. He was a "fox" and she was hoping he would notice her. She did what she could to make him aware of her existence, but he seemed oblivious, or immune to her charms. She would have to work on that!

Dan had visited Cory Fordham several times in the hospital and the two had become closer friends because of it. Dan was kind and considerate. He had hugged Cory to comfort him when he cried about being too badly injured to go to his own father's funeral. He had fed Cory sometimes if he was there when the staff was busy. He had even helped Cory with the metal pitcher-like urinal he got to use after they took the catheter out.

The removal of that device had been the penultimate humiliating experience. Cory hated to have to have nurses tend to his more intimate basic needs. Since both arms were currently in straight casts from shoulder to wrist, he had no choice. Having someone feed him was one thing, but having them wipe his butt like a two-year-old was something else again! And having someone hold his dick, while pulling out a mile of plastic tubing, was enough to make him blush for hours.

Cory was going to go home in a few days and he wasn't sure how he would handle it. He couldn't bear having his mother do all of those things for him. He could have tolerated having his dad help him, but his dad had died in the accident. He had no older brothers. He supposed he would have to continue to be embarrassed. Maybe he could get his younger brother, Jamie, to do some of it for him. But, Jamie was going on 13 and might think it was "gay" to help Cory with bodily functions. Jamie would probably tease him about it for the rest of his life at the very least.

Dan's last visit was on Tuesday afternoon. Since the team didn't have practice on that day because the coach decided to give them a break, Dan had accompanied Darrin to Cosgrove to sit with Cory while Darrin went to the community college to personally check out their paramedic program, and pick up information pamphlets to give to John.

While Dan was there, Dr. Martin came in to examine Cory to see how soon he could be released. When he asked Dan to step out of the room, Cory said that Dan could stay.

"We're on the team together; it's not like we haven't seen it all before."

The middle-aged doctor smiled at his response. He had no hang-ups over nudity, but he knew some teens did. He removed Cory's hospital gown and checked over all of his body with Dan watching.

"Well, I think you can go home as soon as your mother can make arrangements for a care-giver. You could even go to school if you had someone to help you. If your mom can't take care of you or find someone who can, I guess you can go to a nursing home until we can change those casts or do a surgery that will allow you some freedom of movement in your arms. We could schedule it in a week or two depending on how your lungs do."

"Do you think I could help him so he could go to school?" Dan inquired. "I know there are some girls who would love to feed him his lunch. I'm sure there are a few who would like to help him with the bathroom, but I don't think that would be allowed. I could do it though. I know the school's health secretary would let us use the bathroom off the nurse's office so he wouldn't have to go through it in front of the other guys."

The doctor stroked his chin, and looked thoughtful, as he considered Dan's suggestion.

"Yes, I see no reason why Cory couldn't carry on a pretty normal life at school with a little help. He could record his lessons. I'm sure his teachers would make accommodations for him so he won't get behind in his work. If you could help him with the other details, it just might work."

Cory's eyes lit up. He had been on an emotional rollercoaster for days about his father. He knew he needed to get back to his routine in order to feel somewhat normal again. Wow! If Dan was willing to be his "nurse", it would solve a lot of problems. He certainly didn't want to go to some nursing home with a bunch of old people!

When Darrin came to pick Dan up, Dan asked him to wait until Cory's mom came in order to get her approval of their tentative plan. Darrin agreed to it even though it would keep them from getting home in time to make dinner. It made him feel warm all over that Dan was becoming so tender-hearted. Maybe he should think of going into some aspect of the health care profession like his brother seemed to want to do.

Nancy Fordham was overjoyed with Dan's offer. She said she would pay Dan to be Cory's aide, but Dan didn't want any money. He said he needed to pay forward for the good things Darrin and Miss Charlotte were doing for him. Darrin was so proud that he nearly popped his shirt buttons.

On the way out, he squeezed Dan around the shoulders.

"You're a kind and wonderful kid. I'm so very glad Lottie got us all hooked up together. I guess Jerry Saxdorf had something to do with it too. It's strange how very good things can come out of bad situations. You're a great little brother even if you are taller than I am."

Since it was late and John had to work that evening, Darrin took Dan out to eat at a Greek restaurant in Cosgrove. They had a fine meal. Before they left, they ordered a carry-out meal for John so he'd have something to eat besides leftovers when he got off.

Wednesday afternoon, Cory was released from the hospital. He was so quiet on the way home that Nancy thought he had fallen asleep.

"Are you awake?" she whispered.


"What're you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about my friends. Can we go to school on the way home? I want to go see the guys for a few minutes. I know practice will still be going by the time we get there."

"Sure. We can do that. It might cheer you up to see your teammates."

Cory was excited to see his friends, but he also needed to pee. He was going to try to get Dan to take him to the locker room so his mom wouldn't have to help him with that!

Coach Kelly stopped the scrimmage to welcome Cory back. He hugged the young man which set the tone so his players wouldn't think they were going to hurt their macho images by doing it too. As a result, everyone did embrace Cory.

After all his teammates had exchanged greetings with him, Cory asked the coach if Dan could go with him to the locker room for a minute. Kelly agreed and chose someone from the bench to replace Dan in the informal game.

Once they got out of earshot, Cory told Dan what he needed to do.

"Of course, I'll help. I'll even hold it for you, so you won't wet yourself."

Cory blushed, but agreed. Soon, he was releasing what felt like a quart of piss.

"How long have you been holding that?" Dan snickered.

"Quite a while."

"I guess!"

"Dan, do you think you could, like stay over with me tonight and help me shower? The doctor said I can do it if we keep my casts dry. I'm grungy, but I feel weird about having Mom see me naked and Jamie won't do it unless Mom threatens him. We have one of those showerheads on a flexible tube that you can use to hose down parts of your bod without getting the rest wet."

"Uh, I guess so. I'll have to clear the overnight bit with Darrin. He's kinda like my guardian."

Nancy and Darrin talked on the phone about the boys' tentative plans, and it was agreed that Dan and Cory could spend some nights at each other's place so Dan could help him. Nancy insisted on paying something for those services.

"When the basketball season is over, Dan could hold down a part-time job if he weren't going to be tending to Cory. I have a good salary and my husband had a big insurance policy. I'm being careful so I have money for my sons to go to college, but I will not be so frugal that I'll cheat this great kid out of what he has coming to him. Does he have any idea how much it would cost me to hire a nurse or to keep Cory in a nursing facility?"

Darrin agreed that it would be okay for Dan to receive a salary for his services. Dan shook his head, but he was really grateful for the income. His volunteering was turning into a job. And, it was one he could do without interfering with basketball.

That night, Darrin drove Dan over to Cory's house before dinner. Nancy was adamant about providing food for Dan when she could. That was a little perk in addition to his pay. According to her, it was the least she could do.

Dinner at the Fordham's was pleasant enough. Dan and Jamie took turns helping Cory with his meal. Jamie was eager to be accepted by Dan, so he didn't make any smartass comments about the bathing or bathroom duties Dan would be doing later. He looked up to the older boys in more than a physical sense. He really thought they were both pretty cool even if one of them was his brother.

Besides, Dan's being there meant Jamie didn't have to be involved as much in the nursing part. It wasn't that he couldn't do those things for his older bro, but he couldn't imagine helping Cory with things so personal. He might pop a woody and embarrass himself. He had no sexual thoughts about his sibling, but his dick seemed to have a mind of its own lately. It was too unpredictable (un-pre-dick-table, he thought with a smirk).

"What's so funny, Jamie," Cory asked.

"Nuthin', I'm thinking about a cartoon I saw in the paper today."

After dinner, Cory was so tired he could hardly keep his head up. Dan escorted him to the bathroom to get bathed before going to bed. They stopped at Cory's bedroom on the way in order to get a pair of boxers to put on him when he was done.

Once in the bathroom, Dan stripped Cory and then himself. He got the water temperature adjusted before helping Cory stand in the tub. He lifted Cory's cast-covered arms up to rest them on the top of the shower doors. Using the shower wand, he got Cory wet from head to toe. Then he gently shampooed Cory's hair making sure to massage his scalp. It felt great. Cory's hair had gotten greasy and was bugging the hell out of him.

Next, Dan applied shower gel to a washcloth and soaped up Cory's body working from his face to his feet. He came back up to thoroughly wash Cory's butt and penis. The contact felt sexy. Cory went hard immediately. His faced flushed. He hadn't planned on this!

Dan looked into Cory's eyes. He could see there a mixture of embarrassment, anguish, and need. He smiled at Cory and turned the wand to the "massage" setting before aiming it at Cory's perineum. He moved the spray back and forth between that spot and Cory's rectum.

"I'll take care of that bad-boy if you want; that is, until you can do it for yourself. How long has it been since you got off?"

"It's been two weeks, 10 hours, and 16 minutes, but who's counting?" Cory joked. "I can't ask you to do that too," Cory said, not really wanting to decline the offer.

"You don't need to ask," Dan responded as he moved behind Cory and wrapped his right hand around Cory's stiff prick.

Dan applied a little more gel as he began to gently stroke the hot sausage in his hand. Cory had no intention of asking his buddy to stop. He only made low moaning sounds as Dan paid special attention to the spot just behind his mushroom head. Because of his terrific need, Cory didn't last long at all. His hot cream hit the shower door with an audible splat as he cried out in pleasure. His knees went weak. Dan had to support him until his strength returned. In doing so, Dan's erection rested in the crack of Cory's butt. It was hot for both of them.

"Please go ahead and do yourself too," Cory insisted. "I don't mind."

If the truth were told, Cory was curious to watch his teammate cum. It would make him feel less embarrassed if they shared the experience. Besides, he had never seen a friend masturbate and had always wondered if he'd missed something.

Dan was really horny. He had already done a "forbidden" thing in jacking off Cory. He might as well complete the job. He wasn't going to be able to sleep in this condition! He placed the vibrating shower wand against his own anus.

Dan's orgasm wasn't long in coming either. His hand was still covered with Cory's spooge. It worked like a very sexy lubricant as he rubbed his swollen member. His cum coated the shower door as well as hitting Cory's right thigh. They both giggled while Dan used the sprayer to wash away the evidence.

After they were dried off and dressed in boxers for sleeping, Cory expressed his gratitude by kissing Dan on the shoulder.

"I'd hug you for what you did for me if I could move my arms."

"If you could move your arms, I wouldn't have done what I did," Dan answered.

"Uh, do you think that makes me gay for wanting you to get me off?" Cory wondered.

"No, I don't think it makes either of us gay. Guys experiment when they're in their teens, and I've heard that guys on the battlefield help each other out sometimes. I'm not going to worry about it one way or the other."

Dan pulled down the covers on Cory's twin bed and helped him into it. Then, he turned out the light and got in the other one. Almost immediately, both boys went to sleep.

Around 3:00 a.m., Dan awakened wondering for a moment where he was. After a couple of seconds, he realized it was the sounds of sobbing that had brought him to consciousness.

"Cory, are you hurting?"

"No, I miss my dad," Cory sniffled.

"Want me to get in bed with you?"

"Okay. When I was little, Dad used to let me in bed with him if I was scared."

It was a close fit having two basketball players in one twin bed even if they were both on the thin side. But, Dan cuddled up tightly against Cory's back to comfort the weeping boy. He remembered how John had done the same for him when he was little. His calm voice and warm embrace made Cory feel better. Soon, both were drifting off again.

Earlier the same evening, DJ had received a call from Dustin's father, Gary.

"I'm really in a bad way tonight. Can you meet me at the Angle Inn so we can do some serious drinking?"

"I've got a better idea," DJ replied. "I'll come and get you and we can sit in my kitchen and talk. Bring an overnight bag in case we get too plowed to drive you home."

Gary agreed to DJ's plan because he knew neither of them should be on the road if they got sloshed. He didn't mind the idea of dying, but he didn't want to take anyone else with him.

At DJ's house, Gary had finished a beer before he said much of anything. After his second, he began to open up. DJ nursed his drink because he wanted to go to work in the morning without being hung over. He was pretty sure Craig Adams would cover for him, but he respected his body too much to over-indulge.

He had put a plate of cheese and crackers on the table to nibble on to keep his stomach full so the alcohol wouldn't hit him as hard. DJ was not going to climb into a bottle like some returning veterans did.

Finally, Gary touched on some of the horrors he had seen. DJ listened without adding information regarding his own experiences other than to let Gary know that he understood. After the third beer, Gary got weepy. He tried not to do it because he thought it was a sign of weakness, but he couldn't hold back.

DJ put his arms around the man and let him cry. Gary settled into the strong male embrace as if he were a little boy being comforted by his dad. After he was done, be felt embarrassed about the scene, but DJ assured him that no one else need ever know.

"Gary, I'm going to make an appointment for you with my psychiatrist. He's great, he's laid back, and his services will be covered by the military. You owe it to yourself and your family to get help. I did, and I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit it. I've heard there's a very good program in Minnesota for the troops coming back. I wish we had it here.

Gary nodded his assent. Then he pushed his chair back.

"I'm still able to walk. You haven't had enough to impair your driving. I think I'd sleep better in my own bed and I know my wife will."

DJ nodded and got his coat.

When DJ got home, Ellen was waiting up for him.

"We need to go to Cosgrove to the hospital. My water broke a few minutes ago. I called the doctor and I called Greta in case you didn't get home in time. She offered to drive us in our van, and the boys are NOT going to stay at home. So, if you grab our bag... I think I see them coming across the yard now."

"Isn't this too soon? I thought the doctor said it should be early April."

"Well, if you can count back to the night when we proved you were still one Hell of a man, I think we are only a few days premature. With twins, it isn't highly unusual according to what I have read."

DJ grinned remembering how great he had felt (how they both had) and how much he had cum that night. It was a wonder they weren't having quintuplets! That had been an orgasm for the Guinness record book.

Greta came in the kitchen door followed by two very excited teenagers. At her insistence, they had brought along some schoolwork and an electronic Sudoku game in case things didn't happen as fast as everyone expected.

Ellen's labor pains were getting closer together as they neared the city limits of Cosgrove. She stifled her moans so as not to upset the younger family members. The older ones had been through this before and knew that it was natural and would pass. DJ used his cell phone to alert the hospital that they were getting close.

Greta drove up to the emergency entrance. A nurse and a young intern came out with a wheel chair to escort Ellen in. Greta and DJ went with Ellen, allowing the boys to go park the car. They were only a few months shy of getting their licenses and had already passed drivers' education.

By the time the boys got back to the ER, Ellen was on a gurney being rushed up to the delivery room. They followed Greta into the waiting area while DJ got his hands sterile and put on scrubs to be with his wife.

Neither boy could settle down to do any school work or even play Sudoku. They paced the floor like expectant fathers, sometimes stopping to look out the window at the lights of the city.

It may have seemed like forever to the guys, but it was only a matter of 45 minutes before they were allowed to go into the room to see Dane's mother and the two newest members of the family.

Emma Suzanne and EJ (Edward James) were snuggled in the arms of their beaming parents. EJ had been born two minutes before his sister and weighed nearly eight pounds. Emma was petite at five pounds, 10 ounces, but she seemed to be the feistier of the two. She wasn't thrilled about leaving the warm, comfortable environment of the womb, and she was letting the world know it!

The boys couldn't believe that they were allowed to hold the newborns. They did so very gingerly, being almost overly cautious in how they supported the little babies' heads.

It was well after midnight when Greta and the boys left for Bentonville. DJ was rooming in with Ellen and the little ones. He pulled out his laptop and emailed Craig to let him know why he wouldn't be at work in the morning. Then, he got into pajamas that he'd purchased for this occasion and settled down to try to catch a few winks before the babies awakened to be fed. He was going to wait on his wife hand and foot. She had given him a couple of new reasons to go on living. He smiled in the dark as he thought about his many blessings. In his dreams he smiled at Barry, and saw the young man smiling back at him.

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