Castle Roland

Chapter 33

Published: 12 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

On Thursday morning, two very sleepy, but excited boys dragged their young asses out of bed and into the bathroom. They pissed together before climbing into the shower. Their morning clean-up remained pretty much on task because they had wakened late and didn't have time to play.

After a hasty breakfast of cold cereal, milk, and orange juice, they climbed into Greta's car for her to drive them to school.

"I called my secretary to say I'd be a little later than usual. There's no sense in having all of us late. I think we can get you there before the first bell."

Greta was correct as usual. The boys had time to go to their locker to get the right materials stuffed into their backpacks before running off to homeroom. They had to tell everyone about the new babies. They couldn't wait to show the digital pictures they'd printed off after they got home the night before.

The girls oohed and aahed over the babies. Seeing photos of the Johnson cousins holding the tiny infants made the young ladies see them as potential daddies. It was going to be harder and harder to hold off the advances of the fair sex.

The homeroom teacher let the talking go on well after the bell rang. She was interested in hearing about Dane's new siblings too. She had grown up with DJ and had secretly lusted over him in her high school years. These would have been her babies if she had had her way.

Excitement over the twins helped to take the spotlight off of Cory Fordham. He was happy that the kids had some other things to occupy their minds. That way they wouldn't be wondering how he was able to use the bathroom in his condition.

Many of Cory's classes were the same as Dan's, which helped. Dan had been correct in his prediction about the girl's wanting to feed Cory his lunch. There was nearly a cat fight over who got to do it. They finally agreed to take turns. Dan felt like a referee. He grinned as he thought about coming to school tomorrow with a whistle and stopwatch. He just might do it as a joke. Meanwhile, Cory was eating up the attention about as fast as he was ingesting the food.

Cory's teachers were also supportive to the point of doting. He was a good-looking kid and a popular athlete. Guys like him often get breaks.

All in all, his return to school went well. Dan took him to the nurse's office after lunch to help him empty his bladder. Cory started to firm up when Dan shook the drops off of his penis. He blushed but fortunately didn't get a full-blown erection before Dan got him zipped up again. He was thankful that Dan appeared to be cool about it. He wondered if Dan actually liked messing around with another guy like they had in the shower. Well, it wasn't too bad from Cory's perspective either. Dan had really helped him last night.

Cory wasn't going to worry about getting hard in front of the guy who was both his buddy and nurse. He would even welcome more sex-play. The reason he didn't get up-tight about it was the fact that he had gotten hard while the girls were feeding him. Hell, he got hard a lot of the time. Almost anything short of conjugating verbs would give him an erection at this point in his life. He knew he liked girls, but he wondered if maybe he liked guys a little too. He guessed it wouldn't be all that bad if he did.

When school let out in the afternoon, Dane and Colton went home to Greta's house to have a short nap before doing their homework. They were both pretty fried from the late night at the hospital.

Before they got to their room, they checked the phone messages. There was one from DJ telling them about the first day with the new twins. The babies were doing fine. They had both gotten the hang of nursing and had slept a lot during the day. Ellen and they scheduled to come home the next day barring any complications.

Dane called his mother's room at the hospital so he could spend a few minutes catching up. He put on the speaker phone which allowed Colt to join in on the conversation.

Then, the boys stripped off their clothes and climbed into bed. Dane set the alarm in his watch for 45 minutes to prevent them from over-sleeping. They had several things to do before Grandma came home.

As was their custom, the boys snuggled naked under the covers. Today, it wasn't about sex, but intimacy. Neither got an erection, but both felt loved.

When they awoke, they kissed for a little while. But, since there was homework and dinner to deal with, they didn't fool around long.

Greta came home around 5:30 to the smell of dinner cooking in the oven. She was pleased to see that the kitchen was clean and the boys were finishing their lessons for the next day.

At dinner, Greta asked them if they knew a responsible person with a license who would be willing to drive to Cosgrove and back so she could leave the minivan for DJ and Ellen to drive home in. The boys got a hold of Alex who said he and Joel would be happy to help, but they had a really big test the next day. Allen didn't have the same class, so he volunteered to play chauffeur and his mother gave him her big Buick to use.

On the way to the hospital, the boys rode with Allen. Greta suggested it because she knew they wanted to, but wouldn't say so because they didn't want her to feel left out.

"I'm really happy to do this," Allen stated. "Alex and Joel said you've become special friends ever since Christmas break. He said you guys really bonded on the flight to Chicago."

The boys blushed in the dim light of the car's interior. They weren't sure how much Alex had told Allen about his relationship with Joel. They wondered if Allen knew about them. They certainly weren't ready to face being outed at school.

"Umm, yeah, we have become pretty close," Dane admitted. "They're really nice. It's great to see them become such good friends."

"I guess you know how close they are." Allen thought aloud.

"Are you okay with that?" Colt chimed in.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Does it bother you?"

"Uh, no," the cousins said in unison.

"You're really cool," Dane continued. "It must be great to have a twin who is so close to you."

"I'm thinking cousins can be nearly as close," Allen smirked knowingly.

Though their conversation turned to other things, Dane and Colton got the feeling that Allen knew about them, and was trying to tell them he was okay with it. They felt like the world might not end, even if they got pushed out of their closet.

Greta and the boys didn't stay too long visiting Ellen. She was obviously tired, but radiant at the same time. Dane thought she looked more beautiful than she ever had. He thought his dad looked even younger than usual too. Something about having two new children made them both glow.

On the return trip, Greta sat in front with Allen while the boys sat in back surreptitiously holding hands. Allen caught them at it once when he looked in the rearview mirror while passing under a bright streetlight. He smiled.

During lunch the next day at school, Derek Carver (who had been John Tracewell's buddy before John changed) decided to give Jerry a ration of crap.

"Hey Sucks-dick, why don't you meet me in the locker room after school? I've got this problem that needs taken care of," he snickered as he grabbed his crotch suggestively.

Jerry looked at Derek with a steely glance and flipped him off. It made Derek angry to see the kid standing up for himself. He couldn't haul off and hit Jerry in front of everyone in the cafeteria, so he decided to threaten him with bodily harm.

John overheard the conversation and went to Jerry's aid as he had in the past. The exchange which followed sounded all too familiar. But last time, Derek had backed down pretty quickly. This time, he showed no signs of doing so.

"Leave him alone, Derek," John said menacingly.

"Yeah, and what are you gonna do about it, loser?"

"Whatever it takes."

"You hit me and you'll be in prison for the next year - maybe longer."

"It might just be worth it."

Joel and Alex walked up in time to hear the last part of the exchange. Joel couldn't help opening his mouth.

"Alex and I aren't going to get in trouble for fighting. Who do you want taken out, Jerry?"

Principal Haggerty came over about that time to see what the standoff was about. Derek left hastily, but not before threatening Joel and Alex.

"You haven't heard the last of this, assholes! You'd better watch your backs and your stuff."

Upon being questioned, Jerry told the administrator the whole story. Haggerty said he would talk to Derek because he was not going to allow bullying in his school.

"You've had your share of harassment over your former name. I'm going to make sure it stops."

But, search as he might, Mr. Haggerty couldn't locate Derek Carver the rest of the day. He seemed to have cut his afternoon classes.

The incident was soon forgotten as the boys went on with their schedules. It wasn't until after school that it was called to mind again.

John was heading for the parking lot when he saw Sheriff Larkin's car and a crowd of kids standing around. He soon saw what the attraction was. The windshield of his car, and that of Joel's were both shattered. It looked as if someone had taken a sledgehammer to them. There was glass everywhere.

John wanted to cry. It wasn't because his car was new and fancy like Joel's, but it was about the only possession he had in life. It was also his transportation to his job and school. He wasn't sure his insurance would pay for the damages.

Joel was upset over the damage to his sporty car, but less so than John. Joel knew his insurance would take care of things and that his grandparents would likely buy him a new vehicle if the Corvette couldn't be fixed to his satisfaction. He did feel bad for John, though.

John stood there in a daze shaking his head.

"I've got to go to work tonight and I don't know how I'll get there. I guess I'd better get used to walking."

"Here's the key to my moped," Jerry offered. "It's not a luxury ride, but it'll get you there. I don't have too far to walk."

Now John really did feel like crying. He wasn't going to break down in front of his peers, but Jerry's unselfish offer made him misty-eyed. He did put his arm around the shoulder of the younger boy to give it a squeeze.

"I'll take you to your job and pick you up," Allen Albers said. "After the sheriff gets through, I'll take Joel and Alex home and then get you and your brother where you need to go."

"Wow! You'd do that for me?" John gasped.

"Yeah, you've turned out to be an okay guy, and your brother's cool."

Sheriff Larkin called for tow trucks to take the cars to the storage building where they would remain safe while they were checked for evidence. He told the boys he would review the tapes from the security camera to see if he could pick out a suspect. After hearing Jerry's story about the lunch-time confrontation, he had a likely one in mind.

The boys didn't even realize there was a security camera aimed at the student lot. It had been installed over winter break and was so inconspicuous that no one had noticed it. Some fund connected with homeland security had covered the expense.

A few minutes later, John, Dan, and Allen were crowded into the small back seat of the car that Alex and Allen shared. Joel sat in front with Alex who was behind the wheel. He fumed so much about Joel's car that Allen thought he might not be fit to drive. However, he also knew his twin wanted to sit next to Joel and this seemed like the best way for that to happen without arousing suspicion about their closeness.

After Joel and Alex got to Joel's grandparents' house, Allen drove John to Miss Charlotte's to change his clothes before going on to Wal-Mart.

While John was upstairs, Allen sat at the kitchen table, sipping the Coke Dan had offered him. They talked about the vandalism and what could be done to fix things. Allen was reminded again of how financially secure his world was. He wondered how he would deal with this if he were John.

John came in to grab the lunch (which Darrin had lovingly packed for him) from the fridge before donning his coat again. Then the two headed for the store.

"I think Darrin will be home before I get off work," John informed Allen on the way. "It's really nice of you to do this for me. I can't believe how good everyone has been to me. I don't deserve it."

"Hey, we're all in the world together. We have to help each other. So, if he can't pick you up, just call. I wrote my cell number down on this scrap of paper."

John thanked Allen again when he got dropped off.

Sheriff Larkin and Mr. Haggerty sat in the principal's office reviewing the footage from the security camera. Finally, they got to the section in which they could see a figure swinging something, which looked like a mallet, into the windshield of John's car. The same person continued to Joel's Corvette which was parked a few spaces away.

"Well, we've got evidence," Mr. Haggerty said.

"Yeah, but the picture is so fuzzy it's not going to get a conviction unless we can get it enhanced. The quality's so bad, it's almost worthless."

"Wait," he continued. "Can you back it up a few frames?"

Mr. Haggerty did as the sheriff requested. They could see that the vandal had slipped while taking his first swing at Joel's car. He had used his left hand to break his fall.

"I think he's left the evidence we need. I'm going to call for our fingerprint gal to dust that part of the fender before someone messes things up. I hope they put those cars in the shed like I told them to."

Darrin arrived home in time to eat leftovers with Dan. Dan had been too distraught to cook anything new. Besides, some of the food in the fridge had to be consumed soon or thrown out.

Dan filled Darrin in on the day's events. Darrin was upset too, but mostly about John's feelings. He wished he could have done something to comfort John before John had to go to work. Dan was still trying to solve the car problem.

"I've been thinking," Dan began. "I still have most of the $100 Miss Charlotte gave me for Christmas. I don't know how much the windshield will cost, but that will help."

"We'll figure out a way to get it repaired," Darrin insisted. "You're sweet to offer it, but I think we can find the money elsewhere. I want you to save it for yourself. You deserve some things too."

"Yeah, but I ride with John a lot; and I don't give him very much gas money. He never asks."

Before they had quite finished, Sheriff Larkin called to say that they were well on their way to identifying the kid who had messed up John's car. They were cross-checking prints with juveniles who had records and he was pretty confident they had made a match. Until an arrest was made, he couldn't say any more. He didn't want to jeopardize the case, but he wanted John to know that progress was being made.

Darrin thanked him and said he would let John know when he got home.

The phone rang a second time. It was for Dan. After he got off, he rushed around to get his things together.

"Damn! With all the excitement, I forgot I was supposed to go to Cory's right after dinner. Can you drive me over? I'm sorry to make you go out again."

"No problem, my young brother-in-law, I'm going to Wal-Mart to tell John How things are progressing. He needs to know. He should have his break about the time I get there."

Dan got to Cory's house just in time to prevent the latter from wetting his pants! It sounded like he had pissed a gallon by the time he was finished. Dan laughed as he shook off the drops.

This time, Cory went hard immediately. He looked at Dan with pleading in his eyes. Dan nodded.

"Don't worry. I won't leave you in pain. We'll figure out a way to give you some relief."

Cory and Dan sat at the kitchen table doing Cory's homework. Dan made sure Cory was doing the work and that he was merely recording the answers. They worked well as a team. Cory's mother was pleased at how her older son was adjusting to his temporary disability. He was learning to do many things without help.

When it got close to bed time, Dan showered with Cory as he had before. Since he didn't do anything to relieve his throbbing problem, Cory was beginning to think Dan was going to leave him hurting.

However, when they got to Cory's room, Dan closed and locked the door. He stripped Cory and himself of their boxers before pulling two condoms out of his bag. Cory's eyes widened as he wondered what Dan had in mind.

Dan didn't explain as he put a squirt of jelly on the end of Cory's dick and rolled the rubber on it. Then, he did the same thing to his own erect penis.

Finally, he helped Cory get into a kneeling position by the side of one the twin beds. He raised the mattress enough to trap Cory's sheathed cock between it and the box springs. He carefully extended Cory's arms on top of the bed.

Moments later, he was in the same position on the opposite side of the bed. He held on to Cory's cast-covered arms to keep both of their bodies from slipping away from the bed.

Cory grinned. He knew what to do. His hips instinctively began to thrust. There was enough pressure to give pleasure, but not enough to cause pain. Dan listed the names of some of the girls he thought were hot. Cory tried to fantasize about each one in turn.

It didn't take very many thrusts before Cory was feeling his impending climax building. His eyes got glassy and he moaned lowly in anticipation. Dan was doing his share of noises that were also reminiscent of an animal in heat. The boys were close to performing a very sexy duet.

Cory's body went rigid at the end of his last stroke. Then it convulsed as he pumped a massive load into the condom. The sight and sounds of his body achieving orgasm sent Dan over the top seconds later. He too whimpered and shook.

When his strength returned, Dan carefully removed his condom and tied the end in a knot. He did the same for Cory, but he didn't tie that one immediately. Then, he went to the bathroom to get a warm, wet wash cloth to clean up his buddy and him. Before he went back to the bedroom, he held Cory's used condom up to his mouth and tilted his head back, allowing a bit of the thick juice to dribble onto his tongue. Cory's tasted different from his, but not bad - maybe a little sweeter. While he didn't think he'd get hooked on this stuff, he wasn't offended by it.

"Would you hold me till I go to sleep?" Cory asked when Dan returned.

"Sure thing, Stud," Dan responded.

They fell asleep together in Cory's narrow bed. About 2:00 a.m., Dan awoke and crawled into his own bed where he slept soundly until morning.

After DJ and Ellen got home with the new additions to the family, DJ went through the stack of mail that had accumulated in their absence. Among the bills and advertisements was a letter addressed to: Capt. Dane Johnson, Sr. The return label bore the name of a lady whom DJ couldn't place. He tore it open immediately because his curiosity was getting the better of him.

It read:

Dear DJ,

I hope this reaches you okay. It has taken me some time to track you down because you had moved from Illinois, and the military had some of your records screwed up. I'm sure you're familiar with how that goes.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Barry Wilson's sister, Lisa. Barry wrote me about how great a friend you were to him after Chase died. You knew about his orientation, but kept it to yourself as he had asked. He thought you walked on water.

Well, I'm rambling. The purpose of this letter is to ask you if you'd like a small urn with some of Barry's ashes. Actually, it's a combination of his and Chase's cremains - I intermingled them as Barry had requested. If this is something that would offend you, please say so, or just burn this letter and forget that I bothered you. My email is You may reach me there if it's more convenient.

I pray for you every week at church. I hope you're recovering from your injuries and have been able to adapt to civilian life okay. I know it can be a difficult transition.

God Bless you!

Lisa Adams

DJ wiped the tears from his eyes. As soon as Ellen had the little ones settled, he gave her the letter to read. Then he got on the computer to tell Lisa how honored he'd be to have that remembrance of Barry and Chase.

He even opened up to let her know of the visions he'd had of them. He thought she might be comforted in knowing how those two seemed to act as his guardian angels.

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