Castle Roland

Chapter 35

Published: 15 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Sunday afternoon found Dane and Colton at the cottage. Greta had driven them out with a carload of supplies and a cell phone for calling home if they needed anything. She didn't leave them until she had made sure that the water pipes were not damaged by winter freezing and that the water heater functioned properly. The boys thought they could take care of all of those things themselves, but they were pleased that she cared so much about their welfare.

They could hardly wait until they were on their own and their other company came. It was going to be a good reunion.

In the late afternoon, Dave arrived. Dane had left the gate open so he wouldn't have to sound the horn to alert them of his coming.

"Damn! It's good to see you again," Colton said as he hugged their visitor.

"Same here," Dave replied as he turned to hug Dane too.

"Uh, we thought you might prefer to be in a different bed tonight because, you know... So, we put you in the downstairs room to the right. There's a big teddy bear in there in case you get lonesome. You might want to take a little nap before dinner. It'll be awhile before we get it going. Why don't you go get settled?"

Dave felt like he was being hustled away, but he supposed maybe they wanted to make out and didn't want to do it in front of him because he was alone. That was okay; they had been his best friends and support since his breakup with Dustin. They truly understood and loved him. He would go take a short nap if that is what they wanted. He WAS tired.

When he got into the bedroom, Dave was aware of another person in the bed facing away from the door. What the Hell was this? Were they trying to set him up with a fuck-buddy to take his mind off of Dustin? They had said something about a teddy bear, but he'd assumed it was a stuffed animal.

He went around to the other side of the bed to get a closer look at the face of the sleeping boy. OH MY GOD! It was Dustin! Tears of joy flooded Dave's face. He stripped down to his underwear and climbed under the covers behind his long-time buddy. He put his arm over Dustin's chest. Dustin roused slightly and snuggled back against Dave. In the warmth and comfort of that setting, Dave did fall asleep.

About 15 minutes later, Dave awoke realizing his boyfriend was looking at him sadly and lovingly in the fading light.

"I'm so sorry I hurt you. Can you forgive me?" were the first words that tumbled out of Dustin's mouth as he bit his lower lip in an attempt not to cry.

"Of course I can. There's really nothing to forgive. You didn't do it on your own. You were in a no-win situation. What happened to bring you here?"

"Well, it really has to do with the sermon I heard in church last Sunday. Do you remember it?"

"Yeah, I guess. It was pretty good, but it wasn't anything unusual."

"Remember when pastor Tom said: "God wants us to be honest with ourselves and that we can't really serve Him to our best ability if we aren't?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"That's when it hit me that I had to be myself no matter what the cost."

"Have you figured out what you may lose when your dad finds out?" Dave asked.

"Yeah. I did one of those things where you list the pros and cons of a situation to help you in making up your mind."

Dustin pulled out a sheet of paper that was folded in half vertically. On the side he showed Dave there was a list of all the possible things he could lose.

It read:

1. Dad could out me to the church and school.

2. Dad could take away the pickup.

3. I might not have any money for college.

4. Dad could smack me around.

5. Dad could throw me out and I could lose all of my family and be on my own.

On the other side in large block letters filling up the space was a single word:


"See," Dustin explained. "It's no contest. You're more important to me than anything else."

Dave started to cry and Dustin joined him. They hugged and kissed tenderly. Neither guy got an erection from their contact. This was pure, heart-felt love. They were still the kindred spirits that they had been for a long time. They loved and needed each other.

They smiled, kissing away the salty residue on each other's cheeks. A soft knock interrupted them.

"Come in," they called in unison.

Dane and Colt poked their heads in to tell the guys that dinner was nearly ready. They were delighted at the scene that greeted them.

Dave jumped out of bed to hug and kiss both of the Johnson boys.

"I love you guys! And, I love the teddy bear you put in here for me!"

Everyone laughed with him.

After the dinner things were cleaned up, the four sat in front of a blazing fire. It was warm enough that they had stripped to their underwear as they cuddled with their boyfriends at opposite ends of the couch. It seemed very much like the last time they were there except that no one had gotten involved in any serious sex-play yet.

"So, do you want to stay in that room, or do you want to use the other bed upstairs by us?" Colt asked.

"I think we want to be alone tonight unless you think we're being anti-social," Dustin responded. "We have a lot to talk over. I still have some penance to pay for how I treated Dave. I was such a jerk!"

Dave responded by kissing Dustin to shut him up. When they came up for air, Dave spoke.

"I've already told him I understand completely. I know how his dad can get, especially since he was in the war. I pray he won't get violent and hurt him."

Dave addressed his words to Dane and Colt, but he looked deeply into Dustin's eyes as he said them. Then he leaned down and sucked on Dustin's left nipple. That sent his boyfriend into instant ecstasy since his nipples seemed to be hard-wired to his groin.

"Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I think Dave and I have some s-serious b-business to take care of," Dustin stammered.

Dane and Colt giggled as their friends hurried off to the bedroom. A moment later, the two guests headed for the downstairs bathroom for a mutual shower before going to bed.

Back in their private room, Dustin asked Dave to lie face-down on the bed, removing their towels as he did. Dave got comfortable, and Dustin began kissing the back of Dave's neck. He worked his way down. It felt to Dave as if every square inch of his back was going to be visited, but Dustin stopped at his waist.

Next, Dustin started at Dave's feet. This time, he kissed his way up. When he got to Dave's butt, he tenderly kissed both sides. Dave giggled at the feeling and the implication.

"You don't have to kiss my ass!" Dave insisted.

"Yeah, I do." Dustin exclaimed. "I need to prove to you how sorry I am, and that I'll do anything to get you back."

"You've got me," Dave gasped as he felt Dustin's tongue snaking between his cheeks.

Dustin took his thumbs and spread the firm globes to allow his tongue to penetrate deeper. Dave was whimpering and squirming.

"If you keep that up, I'm going to cream the sheets!"

Dustin lifted Dave's butt enough to place a towel under his throbbing cock before continuing. Dave began to hump the bed with subtle rocking motions. He couldn't take much more. He flipped over on his back hoping that Dustin would take the hint. He did. He engulfed Dave's hot dick in one gulp. Dave squealed in delight. The excitement and long separation fueled his horniness to the point that he had no choice. With a thrust and a long moan, he expelled his load in strong, continuous jets until he had nearly drowned his lover.

"God, I'd nearly forgotten how much you cum!" Dustin snickered.

Dave smiled weakly in return. The two kissed, sharing some of the sticky fluid from Dave's loins. They tongue-wrestled, until Dave began to recuperate. His strength had literally been sapped. It took him a few minutes to have the energy to take care of his lover. When he began to kiss Dustin's chest, Dustin tried to stop him.

"Hey, this was my penance to you to atone for the sin of pushing you out of my life. This is about you. I can wait."

"Yeah, you can wait," Dave mocked. "Look at that big throbbing cock. You need relief. I think I can see your balls turning a bright shade of blue!"

Dustin giggled at Dave's assessment of his private parts.

"Besides," Dave continued, "I should get the chance to say thank-you for the penance!"

Dave didn't say anything more because he was busy sucking Dustin's nipples. Dustin was again in ecstasy. He loved what Dave was doing to his tits. His erection expanded (if that was actually a possibility). It throbbed with each beat of his heart. Dave could feel it pulsing against his abs.

Dustin was already turned on from the things he had done to Dave. He had gotten tantalizingly close to licking the very rosebud itself. He thought that it wouldn't be too long before he would try that too. Dave, however, was showing no mercy in bringing him to a speedy climax. He kept teasing Dustin's nipples and then worked his way down the treasure trail toward the "treasure" itself.

Dave switched tactics and licked the inside of Dustin's thighs. He nibbled his way up to the balls, bathing them tenderly before sucking each in turn into his mouth. Feeling the smooth surface, he realized Dustin had shaved them recently. This turned Dave on even more. Dustin knew that Dave hated to get pubic hair in his mouth and he had planned for this in advance.

Then, Dave licked his way up Dustin's ample shaft. When he got to the top, he was rewarded with several drops of precum. It had a familiar and satisfying taste. He milked some more from the hot shaft and lapped it up eagerly. The movements of his tongue were having a fantastic effect on Dustin's cock. He was clutching the sheet in anticipation.

"Uuunnnnhhhh!" Dustin moaned as he shot a quantity of cum that rivaled Dave's output.

Dave choked slightly on the first shot, but sucked up the rest like a champ. He remembered to save some to share as Dustin had with him. Their after-glow experience was awesome too. They had shared their intimacy in an act of pure love.

For the next half hour or so, they talked about their future together. Dave assured Dustin that his parents would take Dustin in if he got thrown out.

"I know you love your family and you don't want to be cut off from them, but if they won't allow you to be yourself and be my boyfriend, I know Mom and Dad will. They love you like their own and they want me to be happy too. You remember what Dad said about that."

"Yeah, I know. He made me feel like a member of the family, but won't they hate me for how unhappy I've made you these last few months?"

Dave told Dustin that his parents understood what Dustin was up against with his father and that they wouldn't hate him.

The boys talked and cuddled for some time longer before falling asleep intertwined. Both slept very soundly for the first night in a long time.

After breakfast in the morning, the four boys got the boat out to take a cruise around the lake. The air was cool so they were bundled up in sweatshirts and windbreakers. As the morning progressed, the sun came out to warm their bodies. It was great. Dave and Dustin cuddled to retain some heat since they were back where the breeze hit them more. They didn't care if anyone else saw them. To Hell with the rest of the world - they were together!

In the afternoon, the final two guests arrived in Joel's new Cayenne. The other boys drooled over it. Joel didn't let anyone know how expensive it was. He knew that even Alex didn't have the money behind him that his family did. He wanted to be accepted for himself and not for what he had.

The other boys knew this vehicle was way out of their league, but they also realized some of them had loving families whom they wouldn't trade for all of the fancy SUV's in the world. Dustin could only hope his family would still accept him eventually.

By this time in the day, the temperature had risen to over 60 degrees F. It looked like the rest of the week might actually feel like spring. The boys took the boat out again, but since they didn't have wet-suits, skiing was still not an appealing option.

In the evening, the guys all pitched in to make dinner. Joel and Alex were quite impressed with the skills their hosts possessed. They were going to have to get serious about cooking too. They took mental notes on what the others were doing.

Later, in front of the fire, the guys cuddled with their boyfriends. Joel, Alex, Dave, and Dustin were on the sofa while Dane and Colt were on the floor. No one was stripped down because they were all a little hesitant to go too far with two other guys in the mix.

It was just as well that they stayed dressed because they saw the lights of a vehicle driving up the lane. Everyone tensed since they weren't expecting company.

Earlier that evening, DJ had had a visitor in the person of Dustin's father, Gary. At first, it was like any friendly call. Gary admired the new babies who were asleep in the crib that they shared. Then, he asked DJ if they could spend awhile talking. DJ looked toward Ellen who nodded her assent almost imperceptibly.

The two men sat in the den. DJ offered a beer, which Gary surprisingly declined.

"I've got to keep a clear head. I don't know what to do. I pretty sure Dustin's depressed, and I'm having trouble accepting what I know will make him happy. He's a great kid; I hate to think of him living as a gay man."

Gary's use of the word "gay" instead of "queer" gave DJ some hope that there might be some progress in his thinking. Maybe Gary was coming around. DJ hoped so.

"I've always thought of homosexuals as being sissies and cowards. My kid isn't like that. He's no fairy!"

DJ got up from his chair and walked over to the mantle where he removed a small sealed ceramic vessel. With tears in his eyes, he sat back down by Gary to tell him about the significance of the object in his hands.

"Inside this urn are some of the ashes of two lovers - both male. They both died bravely in Iraq. Neither was a sissy or a coward. The one that I knew in life was Barry Wilson. But for him, I would have come back in a bag rather than just losing part of my leg."

DJ went on to tell Gary, in detail, about Barry's heroic deed. Gary's eyes were filled with tears too by the time DJ finished. He sat there nodding his head as if he had come to a decision.

"I know Dustin is with your boys. I suspect Dave is there too. Am I wrong?"

"No, you're not wrong. I didn't promote it, but I didn't prevent it either. I trust Dane and Colton to do what's right. If they have reunited Dustin with Dave, I guess that is how it is. Are you pissed?"

Instead of answering directly, Gary said: "Will you please take me to them?"

Dustin shuddered involuntarily as he saw his father emerge from the passenger side of DJ's van. Dave put an arm around him and squeezed his shoulder. The other boys were aware of the situation and let Dustin know that he would not be physically harmed because they would not allow it!

Dane went to the door to usher Gary and his dad in. He greeted them politely and asked if he could serve them a soda or something. DJ half smiled at his son's good manners in the face of what could become a confrontation.

"Uh, could I talk to Dustin and Dave alone, please," Gary asked in response.

"With all due respect, sir, we aren't going to leave them alone in case you try anything." Alex spoke up firmly as the other boys nodded.

Gary smiled at the resolve of Dustin's companions. He was proud that his son had good buddies who would have his back.

"I'm not going to do anything to them. What we're going to talk about is rather personal."

"If it's about being gay, we don't have any secrets here," Dane said. "Colton and I are gay too."

Joel and Alex looked at each other for direction before they spoke in unison.

"So are we."

"We're not ashamed of it!" Joel continued.

Gary shook he head as if to clear it. He'd had no clue that any of these guys were different from the rest of society. They were clean-cut and masculine appearing. Evidently, he was still living with a stereotypical attitude about what it meant to be gay. He plunged into his speech.

"Dustin, I'm sorry I hurt you. David, I said some insulting things about you too. I apologize. I blamed you for turning Dustin homosexual. I've come to understand that neither of you had any choice in your orientation. I've been on a quest for the truth. My shrink has talked to me and pointed me to a lot of information on the Internet. DJ took me on the last mile of that journey tonight. Will you both please forgive me?"

Dustin sprang forward throwing himself into his father's embrace. Both hugged and cried. Then Gary moved over to where Dave was standing in disbelief. He pulled his son's lover into his arms as well.

"Dave, you mean the world to my son. I'm going to love you like another son."

Dave sobbed in the arms of the man who had been his nemesis and his greatest fear. His relief nearly drained him of his strength. Gary's embrace was all that held him up at the moment.

When the shock wore off, Dave and Dustin were almost drunk with the feeling of freedom. They had known they would be together, but this was more than they had hoped for. They wondered if they would be able to sleep at all that night. But before leaving with DJ, Gary produced the thing that would relax them.

"I'm going to do something that could get me in trouble," Gary remarked. "I have a chilled bottle of wine in this bag that I brought along in case we had reason to celebrate. No one is going to over-indulge and if anyone tells on me, I'll hang you up by your balls!"

The boys reacted more strongly at Gary's imagery than the comment deserved. (Dave had once been afraid that Gary might actually do that to him!) As they giggled while cupping their crotches, all were glad to be able to enjoy the tension-release that hearty laughter can bring.

DJ stood in amazement as Gary toasted Dustin and Dave wishing them long life and happiness together. In his mind, he thanked God once more for Barry Wilson.

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