Castle Roland

Chapter 36

Published: 15 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Back in Bentonville, the guys who were living at Lottie's house were busy in her absence. John was working as many hours as he could at Wal-Mart to make money. He was going to need it to help pay for the paramedic program he planned to start as soon as he could after graduation. He had been keeping his grades up as well. When he had a goal, it wasn't very hard to do the things he needed to in order to reach it.

John was feeling pretty good about life in general. His car looked better after the repairs than it had before the vandalism. He was sharing his life and his bed with Darrin. In doing so, he was learning what real love was about. He no longer used his body to get a quick thrill (though Darrin was certainly capable of thrilling him). He used it to express his feelings for the guy he really cared about. Darrin was the one who had steered him away from the destructive path he had been on. John now knew the difference between merely getting off and making a genuine connection with someone.

Dan spent much of vacation with Cory at Cory's house or his. Nancy Fordham loved to hear the musical sound of their giggling when they played computer games in Cory's room. She knew Dan was holding back to let Cory win sometimes. His hands weren't up to their normal flexibility yet. Dan was very good to him.

Cory still didn't have much energy. His surgery had taken more out of him than he was willing to admit. It was fortunate that he had spring break to use for recuperation. He got to take a nap every afternoon. Sometimes Dan napped with him. Dan was always around to take care of Cory.

Nancy wondered exactly how close the two guys were becoming. She was aware that boys sometimes are intimate sexually in high school. After all, her late husband had confessed that he had had a "special friend" as a teenager. Yet, he had never given her reason to suspect he was anything but straight. Well, she wouldn't concern herself about it. She was happy Cory had bonded with another nice kid. If they explored their bodies together, it wasn't a big deal.

Dan's week of looking after Cory was interrupted on Wednesday for a hearing with Judge Maples about his guardianship status. Darrin had to take time off from work to appear and Dan's parents were there, of course. Dan hadn't seen either of them since Christmas time (and the mess with Marvin). He hadn't particularly missed them either.

Marion Tracewell balked at the idea of paying any child-support for her second son. Her husband kept his mouth shut and let her do the talking for both of them.

"I've decided I want him to come home. It will cost less to keep him than to spend the $300 a month you're asking for," she told the judge.

"Is money the only thing you're thinking of," Judge Maples inquired. "Surely it costs more than that amount to feed and clothe a teenager these days. I know it does mine!"

Dan's mother continued her argument.

"Besides, I think it isn't healthy for him to be living with other young males. There's no telling what kind of things go on there. I know there was a party that lasted quite late. They probably do drugs or get drunk every night."

"You're the one who gets drunk every night!" Dan shouted. "You don't give a damn what happens to me or to John. You're just worried that you have to part with some cash. Does anyone care about me - where I want to be?"

"We certainly do, young man," the judge assured him. "Tell me about this wild party."

"Some wild party!" Dan snorted. "We had pizzas, trays of fruit and veggies, and lots of sodas to drink. I drank so much Coke that I had to get up to pee in the night! That's pretty wild. But if you really want the details, ask Deputy Anders because he was there."

Dan's last statement got his mother's attention. Her mouth snapped shut like a mousetrap. Judge Maples smiled. She picked up her phone and called the sheriff's office to talk to the deputy. One could tell by her nodding that he was confirming what Dan had said. While she had him on the line, she asked him some other pointed questions about the negligence Dan's parents were accused of. After she ended the call, she wrote some things on a few papers and signed her name.

"This court hereby awards custody of the minor: Daniel Tracewell to Darrin Holmes until the said child reaches majority age. Daniel's biological parents are ordered to pay Mr. Holmes the sum of $300 per month until that time. This includes the month in which his 18th birthday falls. This hearing is adjourned!"

Dan hugged Darrin the minute they both stood up. Judge Maples could tell she'd made the right decision. In all her years serving in judicial matters involving families, she was hard pressed to think of a couple who'd been so callous about their offspring. She was pleased that this young man had someone who actually cared about him.

Sara and Carrie had been best friends since the day they learned to walk. They never kept secrets from each other though they shared many. So, it was inevitable that Sara would eventually tell Carrie the manner in which she'd given pleasure to Trent. She didn't tell, however, what he did in return. In some ways, she was beginning to feel it would be disloyal to blab about him without his permission.

"Wow, you really took his dick in your mouth?" Carrie giggled in astonishment. "Didn't it taste nasty? I mean, they DO pee with those things."

Sara assured her friend that Trent kept himself very clean and that it was exciting to be able to make him feel great. She even talked about the silky texture and the heat of his penis.

"Didn't he get sperm all over your clothes," Carrie asked.

"Uh, well, no," Sara stammered.

"You took it in your mouth!" Carrie exclaimed.

Sara's blushing told her that she had guessed correctly.

The girls spent the next 20 minutes discussing the pros and cons of oral sex as well as the look and feel of a hard cock. Carrie was beginning to wonder if she was too much of a prude. If Sara could do that without appearing to be a slut, maybe she could too. Would Jerry think she was a whore if she did, or would he appreciate it? Maybe she would let her hand wander toward his jewels sometime and see where things went from there.

By strange coincidence, Jerry and Trent asked the girls to double date for a movie the next evening. Trent's dad was still paying for a driver because he was elated to have a straight son. The kids weren't happy with Miller's old limo, but it did beat having parents drive you and there was privacy glass in the back as well as between the driver and the passengers. The arrangement would have to do until summer when Trent would get his license and some kind of vehicle.

They had to go all the way to Cosgrove to find something none of them had seen. (A long ride in the back of a big, darkened car with someone you were dating wasn't exactly a hard thing to manage, although some things did manage to get hard!) The movie was kind of a chick-flick, but the boys didn't mind as long as there was plenty of hot, buttered popcorn and soft hands to hold. In the more dramatic parts of the movie, they could count on having the girls move closer.

After the show was over, Trent asked the driver to take them to a little restaurant for ice cream. Their driver sat in a distant corner to have some too. The place was famous for its homemade treats.

The ride home was more exciting than the movie. Trent and Sara were making out pretty heavily. It was obvious even in the dark interior that Sara was petting his cock through his pants.

Jerry ran his hands over the contours of Carrie's soft breasts as they kissed. The moan which escaped her mouth and entered his gave him reason to suspect that she enjoyed it. Carrie got brave and felt the inside of Jerry's thigh. He spread his legs slightly inviting her to continue. She did. Pretty soon, her hand was cupping his crotch while his hand was cupping hers. They were both oozing natural lube, making their underwear sticky.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the trip to Bentonville didn't last long enough for anyone to get any further. Jerry's balls were hurting by the time Carrie got dropped off. The group continued to Sara's place. She and Trent spent a few minutes saying good night at the door before Trent joined Jerry again.

Mr. Miller dropped the boys off at Jerry's house where they were spending the night. After they had greeted Jerry's parents, the boys went to his room to get ready for bed. They stripped to their underwear and climbed into the twin beds that were in Jerry's room. They talked for a while about the evening and how horny they both felt.

"Are you going to get off?" Trent whispered.

"Probably," Jerry answered blushing in the dark. "My balls are aching."

"Do you have any Kleenex handy?" Trent asked.

"Yeah," replied Jerry as he grabbed a box off of the table on the other side of his bed and handed it to Trent.


In the darkened room, the boys began to stroke themselves. They didn't bother to stifle the moans they were making. Jerry was the first to kick off the covers to keep them from hampering his progress. Trent followed his example.

In the dim light, they could see each other's fist moving in the time-honored manner. It was kind of sexy. Jerry gave a long groan and let loose a volley of cum-shots. That put Trent over the edge. It took several tissues to clean up the messes. Both pulled up their skivvies and went to sleep smiling.

At Lake Delhi the morning after Gary's "acceptance speech" (as the boys would call it), there was joy and frivolity at breakfast. Regardless of the evening's excitement, Dave and Dustin had slept like logs again. They woke up with "logs" as usual and didn't even try to hide the projections in their underwear as they walked down the hall to the bathroom. They met Joel and Alex returning from the same bathroom since that pair had used the other downstairs bedroom. The latter two snickered at the tents that greeted them.

"You guys need to do something about taking care of that wood. It looks like enough to heat the whole cottage for a month." Joel suggested.

Dustin turned around and mooned them causing both to break into applause. Dave just grinned at his boyfriend's antics. After last night's events, all the guys felt light-hearted.

The boys cooked a big breakfast which everyone ate, dressed only in their underwear. They enjoyed the freedom that came with being an all-male group.

The day warmed nicely. By noon, it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Dane suggested nude sunbathing which was met with approval by all. So, after lunch, the guys took tarps and blankets outside for sunning.

When they stripped off their underwear, everyone checked each other out and grinned as they did. They all showed some signs of arousal before lying face-down to hide their burgeoning erections.

Modesty wasn't the order of the day after Dave turned over to allow his hard cock to stand up proudly in the spring sunshine. Dustin move onto his back as well. He reached over to caress his boyfriend's tool. Dave moaned in appreciation. Their actions made the other guys even harder than they were before.

Dane and Colton began to make out and were soon followed by Joel and Alex. It wasn't a classic orgy in that the guys didn't exchange partners, but it was a very hot time. The couples ended up giving each other pleasure with abandon, not caring who was around or who saw what. For Alex and Joel, it was particularly liberating because they hadn't done anything in the company of others before.

After everyone was sated and satisfied for the time-being, they lathered each other with tanning lotion and fell asleep. It was a good thing they'd used plenty of sun-screen because without it, there might have been some painful dicks. As it was, they got a start on their summer tans.

In the evening after dinner, Joel and Alex departed for Bentonville. They thanked their hosts and said that they would plan some way to get even with them - after Dane and Colt refused to accept any money for the stay. They all felt it would be nice to get together in the summer. Dane and Colt were sure Greta would allow them to have friends at the lake often.

After the other two had left, the remaining four sat by the fire hanging out and talking. Dave and Dustin were still in awe about how Dustin's father had come around. Dustin credited DJ for causing the change in his father.

"Your dad is awesome!" he exclaimed. "I was nearly at the end of my rope. I knew something had to give. That's why I came here to be reunited with my love no matter what my dad did or said. It was either get back with Dave or kill myself."

Dave shuddered.

"Don't ever say that Dustin. I couldn't live without you. It would be like Romeo and Juliet. I would have died too."

It was a tender moment as the boys looked into each other's eyes. The tears dropped silently, but the guys smiled through them. They knew that their road might not always be easy, but they were sure that they would face it as a couple.

That night, they chose to sleep in the loft bed near Colton and Dane. Their other sheets were getting a little crusty anyway, and they would be doing a bunch of laundry before they left. The four guys talked quite a while before eventually drifting off to sleep cuddled with their lovers.

Some kids came back to school after break with tales of conquests and drinking parties. Others, like Joel, Alex, Dane, and Colton, just smiled. That was their usual attitude. The ones who were boasting figured the quiet ones actually had more fun than they did, and it was likely true.

Things at school began to move at a more rapid pace as the months dwindled. For several of the kids, it was all about theater, track, tennis, and baseball or softball. Bentonville was too small to have enough kids to compete well in spring sports. However, things were about to change.

The Bentonville school system was actually making arrangements to consolidate with the one in Maynard where Dave and Dustin attended. Since the towns were only about 15 miles apart, it was manageable. Both towns would keep their elementary schools, but would share administrators. The new high school would remain in Bentonville since it was far larger. The construction and accompanying bond issues would not allow for its completion for the coming school year, so the middle school kids would be bused to Maynard and the high school aged kids from there would be bused to Bentonville. It would require some give and take on the part of everyone, but it would also provide more opportunities in academics and activities. There would be an expanded music program and some theater. Most of the kids were excited about it. Some weren't happy to have former "foes" in sports become teammates; however, most were looking forward to expanding their friendships.

This was the year for Bentonville to stage a musical production. They were going to do a slightly condensed version of "Annie." It wouldn't be as fancy as the ones that Cosgrove High put on, but it would be fun and the parents would all love it.

A young graduate student from the university had been hired to direct it. He would be working with the music teacher and a group of parent volunteers. The parents would help with building the sets, painting props, etc. Many of the kids tried out for parts.

Allen got the role of "Daddy Warbucks" and he agreed to shave his head. He had a good voice, but it was not a trained one. The music teacher agreed to spend time helping him with his breathing and intonation. Allen was very pleased.

Since Sara was petite, she was perfect for the starring role. Her mother was going to help her tint her hair red for the show. Trent signed on to help with the stage crew so he could be close to her (and keep an eye on Allen just in case the older boy tried to move in on his territory).

Joel had worked with lighting in his old school and was pressed to take on the job of lighting director. He took it seriously, to the point of ordering some new equipment that he was having his grandparents donate to the school. It was sorely needed, and could be incorporated into the theater that was being planned for the new high school facility.

Rehearsals and construction began right after break. The show would be presented on the last weekend of the term, just before graduation.

Easter was a pretty big event in most of the local churches. Many people who rarely graced the pews the rest of the year seemed to feel that they should go to church for that holy day as well as Christmas.

Wade and Roger came down from the Twin Cities to see Wade's family. Roger was beginning to feel like it was his family as well. He had been accepted without reservation. As a result, he dropped some of the "campy" fa├žade that he often adopted when in uncomfortable situations. He knew he was in for a festive and relaxing time.

Sharon and Dwayne were coming to visit Sharon's sister, and spend time with Colton and the rest. They were planning a summer wedding and wanted to work out details so Colton could walk his mother down the aisle. It would be a small, church wedding, but it would be formal and beautiful. This would create a special new memory for Sharon to help erase those awful ones of being married to Robert Crider.

Ellen was planning to have the whole group at her house for Easter dinner. Greta insisted that she and the boys would do the majority of the cooking. After all, Ellen had two little ones to keep her occupied. Greta also said she would hire a lady to come in to help dust, vacuum and set up the dining room. Ellen was thankful for the assistance. Keeping twins fed, changed, and entertained, as well as putting meals on the table, was often a full day's work.

Sharon stayed with her sister, but Dwayne stayed with DJ and Ellen. He didn't want to give the impression that they were sleeping together before the wedding. Whether or not they engaged in sexual activity was anyone's guess, and no one's business.

Wade and Roger slept in the room across from Dane and Colton. They enjoyed the chance to bond with the boys. There was at least one bull-session that lasted fairly late into the night.

On Saturday, DJ, Wade, Roger, Dwayne, and the boys went out to the cottage for part of the day. DJ felt that he should stay home with Ellen, but she insisted he go do some things with the guys. Sharon and her sister were going to spend some time with Ellen and the babies. She would have company and have a chance to talk "girl talk." DJ was delighted to be able to spend time with the other guys. Of course they took the boat out as well as doing some yard work. DJ was bound he was going to water ski again in the summer despite his war injury.

Sunday dinner was wonderful. The boys had helped Greta after they returned from the lake. Roger, Wade, and Dwayne had done their share to prepare for the feast too. All seemed to be compatible. If Dwayne felt out of place as the only straight man in the group (after DJ went home), he didn't show it.

When all were full to the bursting point, and the leftovers were in the refrigerator, everyone sat in DJ and Ellen's parlor to discuss wedding plans. Sharon invited all of them to attend and had plans for Dane to sit with Colton in the family section after Colton had escorted her down the aisle. It would allow the boys to be together during the evening. Dane was happy to be fully accepted by his lover's mother.

Across town, Joel and Alex spent much of the day together. Their families attended mass in the morning and had dinner together at Alex's house. Lori was trying to do her best to host as often as possible. She was especially sensitive to the fact that Joel was estranged from his parents, so she tried to provide a family atmosphere for holidays when she could.

The two boys chose to sleep at Joel's house most weekends. Alicia was more accepting of the situation than she had been, but her presence still made the boys feel uncomfortable when they emerged from the bedroom together.

John, Darrin, and Dan were invited to the Fordham house for Easter dinner. All attended the Lutheran Church in the morning. Nancy cooked most of the meal, but Darrin brought salad and dessert. He wanted to hold up his end. She was impressed that young men living on their own would be so thoughtful and provide good food too.

Later in the afternoon, all of the guys (including Cory's younger brother, Jamie) went over to Miss Charlotte's house to play video games and hang out together. Jamie was excited to be included with the older guys. They seemed to accept him like he was one of them.

After they finished with their games, they went back to Cory's house because Nancy had urged them to help her eat the leftovers. They didn't balk at the idea of another meal that they didn't have to prepare themselves.

Darrin and John left about an hour later. Dan was staying over with Cory. Darrin was looking forward to having John alone in the house. It was rare when they were both off at the same time. He had a few plans.

The minute they got back to the big old Victorian house, Darrin put a serious lip-lock on John. It was enough to take his breath away. John was still recovering when Darrin began to strip him right in the foyer. He was naked in no time.

Not to be outdone, John began to remove Darrin's clothing. He nuzzled Darrin's crotch as he removed his briefs. Once those were off, he began to lick the hard cock that had popped up in his face. Darrin shuddered in pleasure.

They took the elevator up to the second floor. On the way, John was on his knees again. Darrin giggled like a school-girl all the way up.

Their shower was a quick one, with the time spent on getting clean. John hurried to their bed and lay there with his knees pulled up against his chest. There was no doubting what he wanted and Darrin was not about to disappoint him. He greased up his steely rod before rubbing it teasingly across John's rosebud. He entered slowly and gently. Since John had tested negative for any STDs, they had ceased using protection. They both preferred the skin-on-skin contact.

Darrin began with a gently rocking motion. His tongue was in John's mouth imitating the movements of his cock in John's ass. The slow, sensuous action continued until John begged him to speed up.

"Drill me with that monster!" John pleaded. "I want you to fuck me hard!"

Darrin didn't reprimand John for talking dirty, but got into the mood to give John the ride of his life. Each stroke pleasured John's prostate. His dick was being stimulated by Darrin's abs brushing across it. John was approaching heaven quickly.

Before he was ready for it to end, John felt his cock tense and his balls draw closer to his body. With a shout of elation, he pumped his load between their bodies. The clenching of his muscles put Darrin over the edge. He too cried out as he filled John with his seed. Both felt emotional, but neither shed tears.

They lay connected until Darrin's softening prick slipped out. Then they went back for another quick shower before cuddling.

In the afterglow, they hugged and kissed and talked. Both felt refreshed and relaxed. The stresses of the past couple of weeks drained away. The sleep that overtook them was peaceful.

Cory and Dan didn't neglect their needs that night either. After they showered together, Cory invited Dan to start out the night in his bed. They were both naked. Their hands migrated toward each other's cock. Cory was turned on by the feeling of Dan's bare thighs against his. His libido rose even higher by what Dan did next.

He leaned over and licked Cory's right nipple. Cory had never experienced that kind of play before. He drew in a ragged breath as he pushed his chest closer to Dan. Dan responded by sucking the other side. Cory moaned.

"I've got to let you feel that too," he exclaimed as his long tongue took a swipe at Dan's pectorals.

Dan loved it as much as Cory did. Their hands were beginning to get sticky with precum. Cory kicked back the sheet as their stroking sped up. Thick, hot globs soon landed on their abs. They emitted several gasps in the process. Finally, they cooled down and Dan got up to grab some Kleenex.

"Do you think we're turning gay?" Cory wondered aloud.

This was not the first time he had been concerned about their mutual play.

"I don't know." Dan responded. "It could be we're just two horny guys giving each other a hand. I told you I'm not going to worry about it and I don't think you should either. If we're straight, we're straight. If we're gay, we're gay."

Cory made up his mind that he would just go with the flow. It felt good to do this with a buddy sometimes, so why not do it?

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