Castle Roland

Chapter 40

Published: 22 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

On Monday, Dane felt the kind of excitement that Colton had experienced on Friday. Today, he would get his license. Only this time, Grandma wouldn't have to get off early from school to play chauffeur. Colt would be able to drive him.

Dane was up early in the shower when Colton came in to do a pay-back for Friday morning. They both got satisfied! Greta wasn't there to see their smiles because she had gone in early to do some of the work she would normally have done on the weekend.

The boys threw together a lunch out of some of the leftovers from the weekend and then drove off to school in their new set of wheels. It was a proud day.

It didn't hurt their pride that Alex and Joel parked next to them and admired their car. Of course, it wasn't anything like Joel's, but it was nicer than the one Alex and Allen had shared before the downed tree had taken it out. Alex said it was newer than the car his parents had bought for him.

Word spread quickly around school and by second lunch period, most of their friends were congratulating them. Few seemed to think it odd that the boys shared a car since they were cousins and living together at their grandmother's house. Leah, however, wondered. She still hadn't gotten over Colton's apparent lack of interest in her, and she thought any red-blooded American boy should at least show some desire for her company. She knew she was a looker. If she didn't turn him on, he must be gay.

All of these thoughts were quickly forgotten as Derek Carver burst into the cafeteria with a gun in his hands. The whole place went silent as he shouted out his intensions.

"I hear that the guys who got me in trouble are queers and I hate queers. I'm gonna take you out," he shouted as he moved toward where Joel and Alex were seated across the table.

Tension filled the air as a number of kids contemplated if they would survive, and what they could do to prevent a couple of killings. Alex felt he should protect Joel. Joel felt he should shield Alex. But at the moment, neither could figure out what to do. They were trapped in a seated position. A sudden move could get them both killed. Dane and Colt exchanged a glance as they quietly tried to circle behind Derek. John sized up the gun and decided that since he'd lived through being shot with a larger caliber one, maybe he could do it again. Possibly he could pay forward some of the breaks he had been given. Allen wasn't about to let his twin get hurt if he could prevent it. He had to do something. Even Alicia was protective of the boys. And it was she who would be the key to Derek's undoing.

"Hey, I'm Alex," Allen called out from the seat across from his twin. I'm the one you want."

"I know you're not Alex because your head's shaved." Derek yelled back.

"NO, he wants me," John said loudly. "I helped get him arrested and I'm as queer as anyone here."

Being called to from various places in the room was unsettling to Derek's drug-addled brain.

"Shut up," Derek demanded. "Just shut the fuck up!"

Derek turned to fire off a shot in John's direction. Anticipating the movement because he had seen it in his dream, Jerry yelled for John to watch out. John dived behind the salad cart in the nick of time as the bullet imbedded itself in the wall near where his head had been a Nano-second earlier. Derek wheeled around toward Jerry, but was distracted again, this time by Alicia.

She slowly moved toward Derek from the front. It was as if she were in a dream. She seemed to be unafraid of the weapon in his hand.

"You're in enough trouble by bringing a gun to school. No one's been hurt yet. You don't want to go to jail for murder."

"I've still got enough bullets to do them and me," Derek responded. "I've done some time in juvenile before and I got fucked by queers. I ain't going to jail!"

When Alicia got within range, Derek made a lunge for her.

"If anyone tries anything, she's dead. That includes you Colt and Dane. I know you're back there."

Everyone froze in place and the room went dead-quiet again. That is, it was silent until Alicia let out a blood-curdling scream.

"I said shut the fuck up, bitch!" Derek yelled almost as loudly.

The noise seemed to be causing him to crack. So instead of being quiet, Alicia screamed all the louder. Derek forced his free hand over her open mouth. He couldn't take much more. That was a major mistake. Alicia bit down on his hand and stomped on his right instep with every drop of energy she had left before rolling out of his grasp. In the process, she broke a bone in his foot and nearly severed his middle finger.

As he screamed out in pain, four guys hurled their bodies toward him at once. Seconds later, Derek lay on the floor - disarmed, bleeding, and unconscious.

He had a broken jaw, three broken ribs, and a nasty gash on his head where he had hit the side of a table in the brief scuffle. These were in addition to the injuries Alicia had inflicted. No one would ever ask who caused the rest of damage. Actually, none of the participants knew for sure. The only thing the boys did know for certain was that three of them would swear they were responsible, in order to keep John from being in violation of his probation agreement.

Sheriff Larkin and Deputy Anders entered the room immediately from two different directions. They had been trying to get into position to get a clear shot at Derek if it became the only way to prevent innocent bloodshed. They were relieved that they didn't have to fire their weapons and risk accidently hitting an innocent bystander.

Darrin and two other paramedics rushed in behind the sheriff. They had been called out in case there were casualties. Larkin was not a man to leave things to chance.

Darrin let his two companions see to Derek as he ran to take John in his arms. John was not embarrassed or surprised. When his lover hugged him in relief, he hugged back. The embrace was long enough and intense enough to make any gay boy in the cafeteria know that John hadn't been lying about his orientation. The kiss that followed left no one in doubt.

Sheriff Larkin called for quiet while he sorted things out. As soon as he determined who the key players were, he asked them to remain in the room while Mr. Haggerty herded the rest into the gym. The kids who were now in class, because they had eaten first lunch, were dismissed to the gym also. The counselors and nurse were called in to talk to everyone.

Back in the cafeteria, the sheriff took statements from all involved. He praised Alicia for having had the guts to do what she did to get away from Derek. After it was all over, she was badly shaken.

"I just tried to do what my dad taught me," she sobbed. "He always said if I got attacked I should fight back with everything I had."

Alicia accepted hugs from her brothers, Joel, John, Dane, and Colt. She was feeling almost sick to the stomach, but she was proud at the same time.

One of the ladies in the cafeteria brought cartons of orange juice and some homemade buns for Alicia and the others who had been involved. She thought they could use the calories to prevent them from having the sugar drop which often follows an adrenalin rush. Her kindness was appreciated.

When Larkin was done interviewing the kids, and the handcuffed Derek was being hauled away in an ambulance (accompanied by Deputy Anders), he took Alicia by the arm to steady her as he escorted them all into the gym. They were greeted by a standing ovation from their peers. It made them all feel appreciated and humble at the same time.

Mr. Haggerty asked the music teacher if the kids from the cast of "Annie" could do a couple of songs to help distract the assembly of students from thinking too much about what had just transpired. The kids who had played in the pit for the musical were sent to get their instruments and the scores which hadn't been sent back yet. While they were gone, the principal asked the crowd to take a few minutes in silence to feel thankful that everyone was safe and alive. Everyone remained very quiet. Probably a lot were praying.

Once the musicians had tuned up, Allen found the strength to reprise a bit of his role as Daddy Warbucks. Sara sang her main solo from the musical: "Tomorrow." Then, she asked the whole student body to stand and sing it with her. Everyone participated. It was probably the best therapy to be had at the moment.

(Haggerty would later be publicly honored for his sensitive handling of the aftermath of an ugly situation. That scene which followed so closely upon the heels of the tornado could have sent a number of kids into serious depression. As it turned out, most would get back to normal quickly although some would have recurring nightmares for months to come.)

A TV crew from Cosgrove arrived while the singing was going on. The reporter couldn't believe there had been a nearly fatal situation an hour earlier. He tried to get the scoop, but Haggerty wasn't giving out any details. He also cautioned the students not to. The story was destined to fade about as quickly as it had begun.

When it got close to the usual dismissal time, the principal let the kids go saying that any who needed to talk to someone to feel free to stay. A few kids did.

Dane and Colt took John aside on the way out of the gym.

"Obviously you weren't just making that up to confuse Derek." Dane said

"You mean about being gay?"


"Yeah, I really am."

"Us too," Colt said.

"No shit! That's cool." John responded. "Thanks for telling me. I guess I'm happy I'm out now. Darrin is glad too. He's tired of hiding his feelings. When he hugged me, it seemed natural to kiss. Are you guys coming out this year?"

"We're not sure, but we'll be out before we graduate. We might wait until fall." Dane smiled.

"I'd like to talk to you guys sometime," John continued. "It's kind of lonely and scary not knowing many people who understand. I've always been kind of a loner, but still..."

"Yeah!" Colt agreed. "Since Alex and Joel have come out, we now know there are at least five of us guys in school here. Statistics would indicate there must be more like us - even in a place this small. There have to be some girls too. I wish we could all come out without fear of something like the scene in there today happening again."

"I think it was more about a kid who'd been raped, and whose brain is fucked up with drugs, than it is about anyone's sexual orientation," John suggested.

The others agreed with his assessment.

John sought out Jerry before he left school. He needed to thank the kid for once more coming to his rescue. He hugged Jerry for several minutes, while both stood there with tears in their eyes.

"God, you really are my angel," John exclaimed. "You have saved my sorry butt again and I was so terrible to you..."

"Hey, I think somehow it was all meant to be. You've proved to be a new person and I suspect that God has a plan for you."

"You say that even though you know that I am gay?"

"Well, duh! Who said being gay has anything to do with it?"

John ended up driving Jerry and Carrie over to her house where the couple held each other until they fell asleep. Carrie's parents were not upset at finding them on the sofa cuddled under an afghan sound asleep. They knew the kids had been through Hell that day and needed to be close. They wondered if this was just a crush or if it would stand the test of time. The two seemed to be very good friends.

Colt and Dane started to walk home because, in the excitement of the day, they had forgotten about their car in the parking lot. They had been so distracted that Dane nearly missed going to get his license before the office closed.

He made it to the site in the nick of time and had an even shorter wait than Colt had had to on Friday. One of the ladies sitting nearby asked about the rumors going around of a disturbance at the high school. Colton filled her in quietly while Dane was having his picture taken.

"You kids were involved?" she said in amazement.

"Yeah, but the one who really saved the day was Alicia Albers. I hope someone gives her a medal or something. She was awesome! That girl can kick butt!"

When the kids got home, they were greeted by Greta, Ellen and DJ. DJ had left work early on hearing about the school shooting. Greta knew about the boys' role in subduing Derek because Mr. Haggerty had called her.

"We're all going to Cosgrove for dinner to get out of here and try to forget some of this," Greta exclaimed. "I have called for reservations. I'll take the Highlander so we can all ride together."

Of course they could all have fit as easily in DJ's minivan, but Greta was enjoying her new vehicle. Older women can love cars almost as much as young boys.

The majority of families in Cosgrove did something special for their kids that night. Some sent out for pizza, some made special meals, and others, like Greta, took their loved ones out to eat. Nearly everyone hugged their kids before sending them to bed. Even the biggest, toughest jock-types appreciated the love they felt. Several families vowed to express their affection more often in the future. No one could predict when life might be snatched away.

Miss Charlotte and her friend Emma prepared a small banquet for John that evening. He had called in to work to say he would be late because of the trouble at school. After hearing a few of the details, his supervisor had given him the evening off with pay. Darrin was free too.

Lottie invited Cory's family to eat with them. Despite the fact that all of the "storm refugees" were back in their own houses, it was a big task to feed that many people a multi-course dinner, so Darrin and Dan pitched in. They even let Cory and Jamie help with setting the table. John was ordered to put his feet up and relax, but he kept the younger guys company in the dining room.

At dinner, Lottie gave a short prayer of thanksgiving for John's life as well as for their food. Everyone had moist eyes when she was done.

Afterward, Cory's mom, Nancy, made sure that Charlotte and Emma rested while she and the younger boys took care of the cleanup. As they were doing it, Cory and Dan begged her to let Cory sleep over. She gave in despite its being a school night. She was well aware of the stress everyone had been through that day. And though she wanted to keep her son close and safe, she knew he was growing up and was forming new relationships. She hoped he wouldn't get his heart broken from becoming so close to Dan.

Some of the evening conversation centered on the near tragedy that had transpired, but much of it was about lighter things. No one wanted to relive the day, but everyone needed to get some of it out of their systems.

Nancy took Jamie home at a reasonable hour because he did have to go to school in the morning. He wasn't ready to leave the older kids, but he knew there was no use in whining. Besides, it would make him look like a little kid and spoil the more mature image he was trying to project.

John and Darrin also retired early that night at Darrin's suggestion. Once upstairs, he led John to the bathroom that was next to their bedroom. He filled the old tub with warm water and added some bubble bath. Then, he lovingly stripped John and practically lifted him into the tub, kissing him tenderly as he did.

Darrin took a clean washcloth to scrub John's back. John moaned in appreciation.

"Please get undressed and join me," John pleaded.

"This is for your pleasure," Darrin answered. "I want you to know how much you mean to me and how devastated I would be if anything bad had happened to you."

"My pleasure would be greater if my lover were in here with me," John insisted as he ran his tongue over his lips suggestively.

Darrin gave in. But before he joined his boyfriend, he did a sensuous striptease act for John's entertainment. When he got down to his skimpy underwear and pumped his crotch suggestively. His hardening cock bounced tantalizingly in the sculptured pouch. John pulled himself up enough to let Darrin see how much the show was affecting him. His pulsating erection was ample evidence.

After some soaping up of each other's body and sharing lots of kisses, Darrin adjusted the water temperature on the shower hose and rinsed them both off. Then, he gently dried John's body and handed him a satin robe to put on.

"This is beautiful! Where did you find it?" John wondered.

"Miss Charlotte wanted you to have it. It was her brother's and she has kept it carefully stored all of these years. She hand-washed it this afternoon so it would be fresh and clean, but she's afraid that it might be too small for you."

The robe which had been large on Robbie was just about perfect for a guy of John's size and build. It clung to his body nicely showing off its best features.

Darrin slipped into his lounge pants, hung up the towels, and tidied up generally. Then he literally picked his lover up and carried him to the bed they shared. John was giggling as he kissed Darrin's neck.

As soon as John was deposited on the bed, he pulled off the robe to avoid staining it with the precum which was beginning to flow like a fountain from his expectant cock. Darrin grinned at how hot his lover was.

Despite the fact John was raring to go, Darrin didn't skip the foreplay. He instructed John to lie spread-eagle grasping the headboard as if he were tied on the bed. John complied.

Darrin stripped off his lounge pants so he was naked too. Then, he ran his tongue the inside of John's right leg slowly from the ankle to just below his scrotum. He stopped tantalizingly close to John's nuts. He followed up by doing the same thing to the inside of John's left leg. John was writhing in ecstatic bliss trying to keep his hands and feet where Darrin had told him to.

Finally, John could take no more teasing. He grasped Darrin's head and guided it toward his aching cock. Darrin took the not-too-subtle hint and sucked nearly the entire thing into his mouth and throat. He made swallowing motions with his throat where the tip of John's erection was lodged. The extra stimulation was all it took. John moaned loudly in love and lust as he pumped the first shot of his sticky load directly into Darrin's esophagus. Darrin pulled back enough to taste the rest.

Almost immediately, John grabbed his legs pushing them up against his chest offering his ass to Darrin.

"Are you sure, John?"

"Oh yeah!"

Darrin lubed his lover quickly and then gently entered him. The excitement of what he had just done to John had put him close to the edge already. For the sake of John's pleasure, Darrin held back as long as he could. John began to jack himself as he sensed Darrin was nearly there. When Darrin made the final plunge, John came a second time at nearly the exact moment. They giggled as they thought they heard an echo of their lusty moans coming from the next room.

They kissed for several minutes in the afterglow. When sleep eventually overtook them, they were spooned together naked and smiling. As they were drifting off, they heard more sounds that made them wonder if they were the only gay couple in the house.

Meanwhile, Cory and Dan had settled down to sleep in Dan's double bed. They had slept together before, but tonight they seemed to need to snuggle more than usual. One of the more vivid pictures of the day's events that was stuck in Cory's mind was the kiss Darrin and John had exchanged in the cafeteria when the turmoil was over.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Cory asked.

"Yeah, have you?" Dan responded.

"Yeah, did it feel like you thought it would?"

"Not exactly; how about for you?"

"No, it was kind of a letdown. Have you ever kissed a boy?"

"You mean other than my brother when I was little?"


"No, have you?"

"No. Do you think you would ever like to?"

"You mean like now?"

Cory didn't get to continue his questions because Dan's lips were on his. Their first kiss was tentative, as if they were analyzing the whole thing. Their next one was extended and passionate.

"Shit, I'm gay!" Cory announced when the broke for air.

"If you are, I am too." Dan concluded.

They were quiet again as they went back for more. Dan ran his tongue across Cory's lips. Cory parted them inviting Dan in. That hesitant beginning escalated into a session of open-mouthed tongue-wrestling that left them both breathless. The erections trapped between them made it plain that they enjoyed the experience.

"Wow! There's the spark you're supposed to feel!" Cory exclaimed after he caught his breath enough to talk.

"Yeah!" Dan grinned. "I used to wonder what was missing. Now I know."

Dan moved down to Cory's chest to work on his nipples. Cory gasped as he felt the thrill of having them sucked. It was a totally new experience and it nearly made him cum right then and there. He didn't want it to ever end, but he wanted to try it on Dan. It turned out that Dan appreciated it as much as he did.

Eventually Dan kissed his way down Cory's sparse treasure trail toward the throbbing piece of meat that was pointing up toward his face. Dan licked the end tentatively. It tasted as sweet as Cory's mouth had. He wanted more. Soon, he had engulfed about 60 percent of it while holding the base in his fist. Cory was breathing raggedly, teetering on the edge of bliss. Before he could warn Dan, the first volley splashed into the back of Dan's mouth. It was followed by several others of less intensity. Cory moaned and thrashed like a madman through the whole thing.

They kissed again and Cory tasted himself in his buddy's mouth. They continued to make out until Cory regained enough strength to return the favor.

Dan had enjoyed making Cory feel great. It was a real blast to make Cory cum so hard in his mouth. But when he felt his own sap rising, it was even better. Cory had a great technique. He cupped Dan's balls with one hand while he jacked him with the other. All the time, he was swirling his tongue over the sticky head of Dan's hot phallus. Dan didn't last any longer than Cory had. His offering was equally large and his vocal orgasm was as loud.

When it was over, it wasn't really over. The kissing and hugging went on for several minutes before the two were able to settle down to sleep. When they did, they were cuddled closely together, Dan spooned up against Cory's bare butt with his softened dick nestled in the crack.

"I love you," Dan whispered when he thought Cory was asleep.

"Me too," Cory whispered back dreamily.

Dan squeezed his lover tighter to his chest. Maybe he was gay after all. He wasn't going to fight his feelings. Maybe this was how it was supposed to be.

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