Castle Roland

Chapter 44

Published: 29 Sep 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

The morning after the wedding, Colton and Dane awoke early because Roger wanted to get a start on their adventure. The boys were dressed and packed when Wade knocked on their door.

They were only taking camping clothes and swimwear, so their luggage was light. The wedding suits and accessories had been put into their zipper bags and given to DJ the night before. All they had to do was transfer their bikes to the rack on the camper Roger had rented.

When the four went down to eat breakfast, they found DJ, Ellen, and the twins there already. Both babies had been fed and were, thankfully, beginning to nod off so Ellen could enjoy an uninterrupted meal with her husband.

After getting their food, the men and young men joined DJ and Ellen. It was nice to be able to chat as a family before they guys had to leave. Greta came into the dining room just as the guys were heading out, so she got to see them off.

Once on the road, Roger said that the first stop was Mazo Beach. He had purchased packed lunches for the cooler and had plenty of soft drinks as well. They would park their rig in the lot and ride to the river on the bicycles. It was a long haul.

"What's the attraction?" Colton asked.

"It's about the only public nude beach in the Midwest." Roger grinned. "We thought you guys might like to be exposed, if you'll pardon the pun, to a place like that. There are families and all."

"Kinda like in Mexico," Dane said, before he thought.

"So, you boys have already experienced being on a nude beach," Wade commented. "Roger and I suspected you might have tried it, but we didn't want to say anything to embarrass you. I'll bet you got your share of looks and offers."

"Da-a-ad!" Colton exclaimed. "Now you ARE embarrassing us."

"Sorry, but you'll have to get used to SOME teasing. I've got to tell you you're both pretty hot if you don't already know it. I suppose only gay dads talk about things like that openly with their male offspring, but it's true in any event."

The boys blushed profusely, but grinned at the same time. They were beginning to realize that maybe they weren't exactly hard on the eyes. Still, they didn't think of themselves as "hot" although each thought it of the other.

The town of Mazomanie, Wisconsin is roughly 18 miles west and slightly north of Madison with the beach itself a bit further. The distance was nearly covered in the time it took for their discussion about naked beaches.

The parking lot was not crowded early on a Sunday, but would be before noon. It didn't take long to get the bikes down and divvy up the towels, cooler, etc. so everyone would have a fairly light load. The guys were glad to be biking since it was some distance to the beach. It seemed as if the people in charge were trying to discourage the use of the place.

When they eventually got to the river, Roger suggested they turn to the eft to go to the area which was basically all-male. The boys didn't object, but they wanted to explore the rest of the place later. Though they weren't tempted by the opposite sex, they were still curious to see what was out there.

After the bikes had been chained together around a tree, Wade suggested they all strip before going further.

"We don't want to look like tourists!" he warned them. "Besides, like I always say; if you've got it, flaunt it."

The boys giggled as they stripped off their shorts. They had spent enough time naked with other guys in the locker room and at the cottage so they didn't necessarily pop boners from being naked in public. However, they did plump up a bit when they saw some other hot studs. It was especially true when they observed a couple of college guys who were busily applying sunscreen to each other's body. One guy was making extra sure his buddy's nuts weren't going to get burned. He spent more than enough time slathering on the lotion. The other guy was reacting as any live male would under the circumstances. They both gave the new-comers a cheeky grin. The boys smiled back knowingly.

Dane and Colton lathered each other with lotion once they'd found a good place to spread out their towels. They more or less repeated the show for the college dudes who were watching them and gave them the thumbs-up. The boys might not have been so bold if Roger and Wade hadn't walked on further to check the rest of the area out.

When the men returned, they were grinning.

"Did you two get some back there?" Dane asked.

"No, you naughty boy, but we ran across a couple of guys who are," Roger replied. "They're still going at it if you want to see a live performance."

The college guys had overheard the conversation and wanted to know how far away the others were. After getting directions, they headed that way asking Dane and Colt if they wanted to go too. The boys agreed it might be exciting to do a little perving.

The four young men were drawn to the exact spot of the action by the sound of moans. Behind some bushes not far from the beach, two rather fit looking middle-aged men were engaged in very hot sex. The college guys began to stroke themselves as they watched. Dane and Colton were tempted to do it as well, but were concerned lest Wade and Roger return and see them. It would be kind of embarrassing to have your dad or uncle see you jacking off!

Colt jumped as one of the college guys ran a hand over his young ass.

"Uh, please don't do that. My butt belongs to my lover."

"Oops, sorry. I didn't know you were a serious couple."

When the college studs went over closer to the older men, Colton grabbed Dane's hand and nearly pulled him back to the place where their towels were lying. He thought the show was hot, but he was afraid they might get caught up in something that he wasn't ready to do.

Their very hard cocks were swinging in front of them as they returned. Roger looked up with a big grin.

"Well, it looks like you found the entertainment," he snickered.

"Yeah, but we didn't want to become part of the attraction," Colt replied.

Both boys lay on their stomachs for a long time before they could will their aching cocks into submission. If this kind of action kept up, it was going to be a long, HARD day.

The boys eventually settled down enough to fall asleep. Wade gently sprayed their arms, backs, butts, and legs with more sunscreen to prevent them from getting burned while they slept. His action didn't awaken them.

About 45 minutes later, Colt awoke with a start. He remembered a dream in which someone was lurking nearby with a gun. He shuddered at the images still in his head.

Dane woke up too, guessing what was going on. He got Colt to talk to Wade about it. He mentioned the nightmare that Colton had had a couple of nights before. Wade agreed that Colt should go back for more sessions with the psychiatrist when he got home.

"I think the incident at school conjured up a lot of bad memories," he said. "There's no use trying to get past this without some professional help."

Colt nodded. He could remember a part of his nightmare in which his former step-father, Robert, had turned into Derek and threatened to kill him. He had tried to run, but couldn't make his feet move. It had seemed very real.

The guys turned over to sun their front sides. They applied more number 30 sun-block to their genitals to avoid a painful burn. They were somewhat seasoned from being naked at the cottage, but they didn't want to take any chances with their favorite parts.

The college guys were watching them from nearby, but didn't come over to hit on them again. Their dicks remained soft - which made the boys assume that the pair had gotten off with the older guys. They wondered exactly what had transpired and if the men had used protection if they got into anything heavy. AIDS was a scary proposition! It would be a shame for two handsome studs like them to end up like Grandpa.

At noon, the guys got out their lunches and enjoyed the food and drink in the shade of some nearby trees. They hadn't done anything to burn up lots of calories, but they still had good appetites from the bike ride and the fresh air.

After lunch, the boys strolled over to the "family" side of the beach. They did see a few couples with little kids. The little dudes looked cute running around, unembarrassed, with their little bare butts bouncing. In this setting, nudity seemed very natural.

There were a few good-looking women, but many were rather ordinary - with breasts which hung a bit too low to be seductive. The boys furthered their knowledge of female anatomy, but didn't get hard at all in response to what they saw. The moment they got back to the "male" area of the beach, their dicks were hanging a bit heavier. Once again, their orientation was validated by experience. They also noticed, by comparison with other men, that they were not lacking in size. There were lots of guys out there with far less than their friend, Dave. They would have to bring him sometime to pump up his ego.

Around 3:00 o'clock, the weather seemed to be changing. The temperature dropped a couple of degrees rather quickly. Dark clouds were gathering in the west, so the guys packed up their things and headed for the parking lot. It was good they did, because they had hardly gotten their bikes back on the rack before the first sprinkles began. Then, it quickly turned into a deluge driven by strong gusts of wind.

Wade thought it might be better to wait until the rain let up before getting into the mess of traffic caused by people trying to leave. The roads were narrow, providing little maneuvering room if something went wrong. So, Roger broke out snacks and a deck of cards. The four played king on the corner until both rain and traffic lessened.

The campground where they were staying that night wasn't very far away. By the time they had gotten there, the storm had turned into a steady, gentle rainfall which was likely welcomed by those trying to grow gardens, but not appreciated by those trying to set up tents.

For once, Dane and Colt were not unhappy that Roger's idea of roughing it came with a dry bed and indoor plumbing. Setting up camp consisted of driving to a black-top pad after registering with the office.

The first order of business was to wash away the sand and lotion that had built up on their bodies over the past few hours. All went to the open shower in the men's side of the facilities. When Roger and Wade washed each other's back, the boys saw no reason not to follow suit. It was great to be able to do some loving, personal gestures without worrying about what someone else was thinking.

After they had donned fresh clothes, Wade suggested that he and Roger get their rain jackets and walk to the little store about half a mile down the road.

"We'll give you guys about 45 minutes of time alone in case you want to nap or whatever," he said with a smile. "Then, maybe after dinner you can go over to the rec-room and shoot some pool or something while Roger and I have some "alone time."

The implication of Wade's statement was not lost on the boys who quickly decided to do "whatever" instead of napping. As soon as the adults had left, their clothes ended up in a pile on the floor.

The small bunk over the cab of the rig wasn't all that convenient for making love, but the two horny teens were not deterred by that. Instead of their favorite 69 position (which they could have managed), they chose to rub their naked bodies together with Dane on top. It wasn't going to take too much to get them off, because the experience of being naked on the beach most of the day had kept their hormones simmering.

Before they got into serious humping, they licked and kissed each other's freshly washed body. There was no trace of sweat or oil, but there was still an aroma and a taste that was characteristic of each. Those combined with touch and warmth filled their senses with the presence of their lover. It was as pleasurable as anything they had ever experienced.

Dane reached between them to align their hard, throbbing cocks side by side. Then he began a slow thrusting, aided by the copious amount of precum each was producing. He stayed with the easy, sensuous movement until both were moaning loudly in their desire for release. Then, he picked up the pace. Colt grasped Dane's firm bottom and pushed up against his lover to add to the stimulation. As he felt his balls tighten up signaling his impending climax, he wet a finger and ran it into the crack of Dane's butt. That was all it took to put Dane over the edge. And, Dane's first spasms and spurts of cum were what caused Colt to follow a split-second later.

They lay in that position, enjoying the euphoria that a great mutual orgasm can bring. It seemed like seconds later they awakened to the sound of the camper's door opening.

"It looks like our boys took the napping option," Wade said to Roger as they looked in on the two rousing teenagers.

Roger sniffed the air before commenting.

"You may think they've been sleeping, but it smells like the inside of a sperm-donor lab in here. I hope it stops raining enough to open a window."

The boys blushed, but couldn't help giggling at Roger's comments. They'd been caught in a compromising position and it was okay. It was very cool to have not only their sexual orientation, but also the intimacy accepted as being completely normal and expected. This, plus the kiss on the dance-floor, made them feel like they were getting closer to coming out to the world at large.

Dane and Colt ran back to the shower house to rinse off quickly before helping with dinner preparations. Their towels were pretty damp from earlier, so they thought they would put everyone's in the dryer while playing in the rec-room later.

Dinner was a very casual affair, but Roger managed to put a tasty meal on the table in short order. By the time the boys returned from showering, it was mostly ready. Cleanup was a snap. Then the teens excused themselves to go play in order to give the adults some quality time.

At the recreation hall, the guys quickly found others their ages to interact with. As always, there were kids who were genuinely friendly and others who were trying to impress the rest. All in all, it was a pleasant evening.

At one point, a girl began to flirt with Colton. She asked him if he would like to take a moonlight walk since the sky had cleared up. He told her that he was involved with someone else. Her response was that his girlfriend wouldn't know.

"What makes you thinks I'm going with a girl?" he asked.

She giggled and responded: "If you were gay, I could tell. I have a sixth sense about things like that."

Colton and Dane (who was nearby) both giggled at her response.

After a couple of hours, the boys thought it was probably safe to return to the camper without interrupting anything. As long as they were out, they went by the bathroom to relieve their bladders before turning in. When they got to the camper, the soft sounds of snoring assured them that they had stayed away long enough.

The teens stripped and climbed into bed. The chilly night air made them want to cuddle. Soon they headed for dreamland with Dane spooned against Colt's back. Dane had learned that Colt was less likely to have a nightmare when he was being held.

All four of the guys awoke fairly early, feeling refreshed. There was no stress in this kind of vacation.

They ate a full breakfast because Roger had planned for them to go on a long bike ride. The trail wasn't far from the campgrounds, so they would be staying another night in the same place. That was fine with the boys. They liked the location and the facilities this site had to offer.

Colt never ceased to be amazed at the strength and endurance of his father and step-father. They acted like a couple of teenagers and neither had any problem keeping up with the younger set. Of course, if he had used his math skills, he would have realized that Wade and Roger were not yet 35. To a high school dude, that seemed like old age, but the men were actually in their prime.

They rode leisurely. It was possible to enjoy the scenery and fresh air with no rush to get anywhere. They took several breaks for Roger to use his new digital camera to document the adventure.

At noon, they sat in the shade of a huge old tree. Roger pulled a plastic sheet out of his backpack for them to use like a tablecloth. They sat on the edges and put their food in the center. It deterred the ants and picnic bugs long enough for them to finish their meal.

Back on the trail, the riders approached the place where another trail headed back by an alternate route. The sign said it was a more challenging path. A quick vote was taken and all elected to try it. They thought it would be more interesting to see new sights.

The alternate route had more hills and valleys, but was definitely worth the effort. It paralleled a large, rapidly moving stream which almost qualified as a small river. The water was so clear that one could see fish swimming in it. The boys wanted to stop to wade in it. So, everyone took off their shoes and cooled their feet in the frigid water.

At the end of the ride, the boys thanked Roger for his good job of planning. He beamed with pride; not only for the praise, but for the fact that the young guys had the manners to thank him.

Dinner was special. Wade had purchased some great steaks that he cooked to perfection over the coals from the campfire. After things were cleaned up, the guys all went to the recreation room and played pool for an hour or so. Some of the same kids were there from the night before. The girl who had previously been interested in Colt, took some time to talk to the boys.

"Who is the handsome red-haired stud you came in with? He looks interesting. Is he your brother? You guys look a lot alike."

"No, that's my dad. He's off-limits too. The other guy is his partner."

The girl blushed realizing that her gaydar might not as accurate as she thought.

"You're kidding me, right?"

"No, I'm not kidding." Colt grinned. "And this guy over here is the one I'm involved with."

He loved the startled look on the girl's face as he put an arm around Dane's shoulder. He wasn't sure if she believed him or not, but it didn't matter.

After a bit, the guys all went to shower and go to bed. Colt and Dane talked, kissed, and cuddled for several minutes before drifting off. There was no hot sex, just the pleasure of being together.

The next morning, they got around leisurely and began the drive back to Bentonville. On the way, they called Greta on her cell phone to see where she was. Wade was going to take the boys home so they could get clean clothes, and then the four would drive to the cottage where Greta said they would find her with a book in one hand and a glass of iced tea in the other.

Greta was looking forward to spending time with her other son and his lover in the peaceful surroundings of Camelot. She had been reading some, but also thinking. She was grieving Walter's death even though she had not seen or heard from him in the intervening years. She was remembering the good times and wishing Walter had been honest with himself before his younger son came out of the closet. She would have understood and given him the freedom to explore his sexuality if that would have helped. They might have even remained married. Of course, she might have ended up with AIDS too. Life was a complicated, and sometimes, sad affair.

She was in the midst of musing about the past when she heard the sound of the camper's horn and pushed the button on the remote to open the gate. She would put away sad thoughts and immerse herself in the love of her living family.

Dane and Colton bolted out of the side door of the rig and nearly bowled their grandmother over in their joy to see her. She smiled at the energy and exuberance of youth. They were like big puppies sometimes. Yes, life did go on.

Toward dinner time, DJ, Ellen, and the twins came to eat with them. Greta had a picnic-type meal prepared ahead of time in the fridge so that they could all visit without having much KP duty. Afterwards, the two boys volunteered to clean up the kitchen so the adults could visit. It didn't take long anyway.

Dane and Colt could hear some of the adults' conversation in the next room as they were working. It seemed to center around their grandfather. Wade expressed how much better life seemed after being accepted by his father; even though they didn't have much time to talk. Roger told them about the change he could see in Wade's attitude toward life.

"He's been so much more laidback. I used to feel the tension in his shoulders. Now, the stress is gone."

"That's just because you give great backrubs," Wade quipped.

But, in his heart, he knew Roger was correct. Life did seem different. His dreams were no longer haunted by his father's accusing finger pointed at him. He was more at peace with the world and himself.

Before DJ's younger family needed to go down for the night, they all took a ride around the lake. It was pretty quiet in the middle of the week. The setting sun painted the few clouds with colors too exquisite for any artist to duplicate. A lonely loon called out for its mate. A few other birds could be heard when they cut the motor in order to listen to nature. Once again Greta knew she had done the right thing in buying this property.

Since the drive to Cosgrove for work wasn't much farther for DJ than commuting from Bentonville, everyone was staying that night and through the weekend at least. Somehow all the cares in the world faded away in this magical spot.

Dane and Colton helped with the feeding of the babies before they got put into their shared crib. The twins seemed to sleep better when they were together. Ellen had tried to separate them with no success. She guessed she would have to wait until they were older before putting them into separate beds.

When it was time for the big people to retire for the night, Dane pulled the panels in place to separate their bed from that of Roger and Wade's. He hadn't made love the night before and could wait if he had to, but he wasn't going to miss an opportunity if his "stallion" was in the mood. Colt was!

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