Castle Roland

Chapter 45

Published: 3 Oct 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

While Dane and Colt had been on vacation, Joel was hard at work with summer school at Cosgrove Community College. To be honest, it was more time-consuming than difficult. There was a lot of reading to do and there was homework, but the competition wasn't any stiffer than in his high school classes. Besides, he and Alex reviewed some of the things from the lessons in the afternoon. Alex reasoned that he would be taking similar classes in the fall, so he might as well get a head start.

Alex had a part-time job at the feed store three days a week. He didn't know much about feed or the other things that were sold there, but he had a strong back to help load sacks and boxes into the beds of pickups. It was also enough of a job to keep the 'rents off of his back about not being lazy. When football practice began again in the latter part of the summer, his afternoons would be messed up anyway. There wasn't much chance of getting a full-time job in a small town.

Allen was working as an assistant coach at a summer training camp for younger football players. It didn't involve weekends and it wasn't hard work. He even got off early on Fridays. The pay was okay, but not spectacular.

Joel was becoming a kinder and more caring individual partly because of Alex. He had always been that way to an extent, but since being alienated from his parents, he was becoming less materialistic and more interested in helping others. Now that he was in a loving relationship, he didn't have to impress anyone. It wasn't a conscious decision he'd made, but rather a subtle thing that went on inside.

One of his kind deeds came about the first day of driving to the community college. He ran into John on campus and found that their schedules were nearly the same as far as hours on campus were concerned. Joel suggested they might save gas money if they commuted together. Obviously, money didn't mean a lot to him, but he knew John was working hard to get an education. This would be a way he could help without being obvious about it.

John was very pleased at the prospect of cutting his gas bill in half. He also mentioned it would lessen pollution and help the economy by saving on petroleum. He was a bit embarrassed about his old car, but Joel assured him that a functioning set of wheels was the main thing. They started commuting together the next day.

After John's mention of the differences in their respective vehicles and their responsibility to the environment, Joel began to think about it too. It especially hit home when they heard a feature on NPR about global warming. He loved hot cars, but he was beginning to feel almost ashamed of burning up a lot of fuel and possibly contributing to climatic changes with his Cayenne. He decided to talk to his grandfather about it. He didn't want to seem ungrateful, but he also didn't want to come off as an unfeeling, spoiled brat in this small town. Rhys would know what to do.

So long as it didn't interfere with their work or studies, Alex and Joel were allowed to spend their nights together at one house or the other. Jane and Rhys loved having Alex, and treated him like another grandson. Alex's parents loved Joel as much. They did their best to have Joel stay over to eat meals with them because of all the nice things the Masterson's did for Alex. It was a very harmonious arrangement.

This freedom allowed the two boys to feel that they were having a wonderful summer despite other obligations. In some ways, it was almost like being married except they didn't have to prepare many meals.

Cuddling in bed every night was the best thing that could happen for Joel. It was intimacy beyond sexual fulfillment. It created a bond between the guys that no one or no situation could drive a wedge between. It helped to fill the void created by the lack of parental affection.

Another form of bonding came with working out together along with Allen, Alex's twin. The three of them would attempt to exercise at least four times a week. The Albers' family had excellent equipment in their basement including lots of weights and two adjustable benches. By staggering their exercises, they could do the same routines without needing more equipment.

The Albers' were also having a hot tub installed complete with a privacy fence. The guys could soak their sore muscles in the steamy water completely naked when the women weren't around. The twin's dad didn't mind; in fact, he encouraged them to do so.

Joel was certain that he would never be as big as his boyfriend, but he could feel his body becoming stronger even in the first few days of working out. Alex's dad suggested that all three of the guys might like to take self-defense classes besides working on their muscular strength.

"You never know when it might come in handy with some idiot like that Derek kid. I'm sure the few things I taught your sister probably helped her get out of a bad situation alive. We're going to enroll her in some serious training too."

The boys agreed and began to check on places in Cosgrove where they might take judo or karate. It couldn't hurt.

Poor Dan and Cory couldn't find much in the way of summer jobs beyond lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Cory's mom and Miss Charlotte provided the money for the boys to go to a week-long basketball camp. That cheered them up and gave them something to do besides doing each other. They were still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship and could hardly keep their hands to themselves.

Miss Charlotte figured out what was going on pretty early. She didn't miss much.

"When are you going to talk to Cory's mother about your love for each other?" she asked one day out of the blue when they were seated at her kitchen table.

Both boys blushed and looked at the floor.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you!" she chirped. "I tend to open my big mouth when I shouldn't. But to anyone who's around you much, it's pretty obvious that you are more than friends."

When Cory found his voice again, he asked Miss Charlotte's advice.

"What do you think we should do? What if mom throws me out?"

"My dear boy, your mother is a fine and loving person. I'm sure that won't happen. However, in the unlikely event that you need a place to stay, you are always welcome to live here. I don't think Dan would mind sharing his bed," she laughed. "I'm beginning to feel like Wendy in 'Peter Pan' – you know, the mother of the lost boys."

"Maybe I should talk to her this week while Jamie's gone and before we go off to basketball camp. Being away would give her time to think about it..." Cory suggested.

"I'm going to be with you when you tell her," Dan insisted. "She might blame me for turning you gay and maybe she'd be right."

Miss Charlotte shook her head.

"Boys, I firmly believe you were born that way. I don't think that you had a choice in the matter. I did some looking on the Internet after John and Darren came out. I'm pretty well up on the subject and I can give you some sites to look at if you don't know about them already. Just go to and then click on the part that says 'local support groups.' You won't find any around here, but there is a section over to the left on that page called: 'out athletes' and there you'll find a whole list of guys and gals who are out. They're regular, nice people just like you. Oh, there's some swimsuits and underwear in there too, modeled by some pretty hunky guys."

The boys were surprised at her knowledge of gay sites, and a bit embarrassed at her candor, they but were glad to hear about a place to search for more people who were like they were. They wouldn't mind looking at some of the guys in hot swimsuits either, but they didn't admit it to Lottie!

They decided to talk to Nancy Fordham, Cory's mother, before the day was over. It was better to get it out in the open with her since Miss Charlotte thought their relationship was noticeable.

That night at dinner, Nancy was well aware that something was on the boys' minds. Neither seemed as light-hearted or hungry as usual. After the meal, she asked them what was going on. Fortunately, for Cory, his younger brother was off at a church camp all week so he wasn't there to listen in. This was going to be difficult enough without more of an audience.

Nancy sat in an overstuffed chair and the boys were on the sofa. They were perched on the front edge of the cushions in a tense pose that made them look almost brittle. Nancy thought if something struck them they would shatter like glass.

Cory wanted to say something meaningful, but when he looked at his mother he began to cry silently. He hadn't meant to. He was planning to be brave, but the tears just flowed down his cheeks. Dan was sensitive to his boyfriend's mood, so his eyes filled with tears too as he instinctively took Cory's hand in his.

"I know you aren't the kind of boys to be into drugs or stealing or something bad. School went well. Is this about something more personal?" Nancy asked, glancing at their hands.

Cory could only nod his head.

"Does it have to do with both of you?"

The boys both nodded.

"You care for each other very much, don't you?"

There was another nod from the guys. They looked at the floor, not wanting to meet her eyes.

Nancy arose and but an arm on the shoulder of each.

"It's okay. It wasn't what I had in mind for my older son, but I'm okay with it," she whispered.

"Mom, I don't think you understand; we're gay."

"Yes, I know. Don't underestimate a woman's intuition. Really, it's okay. I've seen the signs for some time now and I wondered if I had it wrong, but I didn't think so. Jamie's seen them too. You're going to need to talk to him as well. Just make sure this is real before you tell the whole world. A lot of guys go through a 'curiosity' stage. Even your father admitted doing that."

"Dad messed with other guys?" Cory asked with eyes as big as saucers.

"He told me once that he had experimented in 8th grade. He always noticed good-looking guys, I think. I suspect he may have been bisexual, but he was always faithful to me as far as I know."

"We know for sure, Mom," Cory stated.

"So, you've consummated your love?" she asked before she thought about how personal the question was.

The boys blushed profusely making her think she knew the answer.

"Well, not exactly, I guess. We haven't, um, done serious stuff. We weren't sure at all that we were gay until we kissed. We were just fooling around talking about kissing girls and decided to practice on each other since we, like, know each other really well. Uh, we've both kissed girls a couple of times and never felt anything like we did together. It was like a bolt of lightning!" Cory exclaimed.

After his enthusiastic confession, he felt very self-conscious. He was sharing things with his mother that most guys wouldn't talk about. Nancy smiled at his embarrassment because she empathized with him. He was such a sweet boy. But, she would have to stop thinking of him in that way. He was becoming a man with a man's needs and she must admit it and help him as best she could.

"Well, I have a couple of new flavors of ice cream in the freezer. Let's celebrate the fact that you are going steady. Dan, I hope this lasts because I have become very attached to you since the accident. If you two break up, I want you to know you'll always be welcome to visit me. I care about you!"

The boys looked at each other with smiles for the first time all evening. The big, scary occasion had turned out to be a non-event after all. They wolfed down a couple of bowls of ice cream and some cookies. It was obvious that their appetites had returned; and so had their care-free boyish dispositions.

Later that night, they made out for a full hour after going to bed. They both came almost immediately after Dan laid his naked body on top of Cory's and rubbed it rhythmically over his lover's. They cleaned up resulting stickiness with their tongues and then they went back to making out again, savoring the bitter-sweet taste in their mouths. The build-up for the second orgasm was awesome. They both hung on the edge for several minutes as they gently sucked each other toward heaven. When release eventually came, it was powerful and satisfying. They nearly choked on the volume. Neither would have thought they had that much left in their young balls. None of it went to waste.

Eventually, they went to sleep intertwined.

The weekend at Camelot proved to be a lot of fun for everyone. This was their celebration of Independence Day. Dane was pleased there were enough activities to keep Colt from thinking about last year's July 4th events that could have led to his death by the hand of his former step-father.

DJ showed his family he could still water ski despite his injury. He had been fitted with an alternative prosthetic which looked mechanical, but functioned better for sports than the one which looked more natural. With it, he managed to get up on one ski and made a pass around the entire lake before he got too tired. It did take his strength, but he was bound that nothing would hold him back.

By noon on Saturday, Wade and DJ had taught Roger to ski on two skis and gotten the boys to the point they could get up on one pretty comfortably. Roger and the boys took several spills in the process, but no one got hurt.

It was a time filled with lots of whooping and hollering and male bonding. The men were all acting as if they were teenagers. The ladies shook their heads, and grinned, at their antics.

When the guys got worn down, Greta showed them that she could still ski too. She didn't try to get up on one ski, but she could do well on two. Had she been completely frank with them, she would have admitted it sapped her energy. But, like DJ, she had her pride.

Ellen made one short trip to prove that she was still able. She didn't want to overdo because of her responsibility for her babies. Mothers had to be careful. The boys each held one of the babies as she showed off behind the boat.

On Sunday afternoon, Roger and Wade got ready to go back home. The boys, especially, were sorry to have them leave. It had been a fun time.

"I'm afraid we've burned up too much vacation to go to Disney World this summer," Wade said sadly. "We had planned to take you guys, but maybe we can do that after Christmas or on spring break."

"Hey, being with you guys has been the best vacation ever," Colt answered. "We don't have to GO places to have fun with you."

"I know, but I really had planned on it." Wade insisted.

"Uncle Wade, no offence, but I think if planning was involved, it would be Uncle Roger who was doing it. I'm not sure you could organize your way out of a paper bag."

Dane had to jump aside to avoid the playful swat Wade aimed at his butt. When the laughing subsided, they all got serious and hugged each other goodbye. All promised to keep in touch by email until they got together again.

After the evening meal, everyone but Greta went back to Bentonville. The boys had some drywall work to do in the attic of DJ's house and wanted to get an early start in the morning before the heat built up. DJ wanted to rest his tired body before going to work on Monday. And, Ellen wanted a good night's sleep before dealing with the twins the next day.

The annual scout canoe trip was coming up soon. Originally, Dane and Colt had thought they wouldn't go, but DJ encouraged them to. He reminded them that it might be the last time they could participate in it, depending on how things settled out after they came out to the world.

They talked to Trent about going and he was all for the arrangement they'd had in the past.

"We get along great! We need this time together. You two have been hanging out with the other gay guys so much that I hardly see you."

"You're always welcome to see us HARDLY!" Dane quipped as he cupped his crotch.

"Get your nasty mind out of the gutter," Trent teased. "We'll have a few nights to compare hardons if that's what you want."

Dane and Colt were both a bit surprised he would joke with them in that way. Or, was he joking? Hmm, this could be an interesting trip.

Colton steered the subject back to the part about not seeing each other as much as they used to. He reminded Trent that since he and Sara were going steady, most of their time was spent as a couple.

"We see you doubling with Jerry and Carrie, but we don't see you alone unless it's in the locker room."

That got another round of teasing going with Trent suggesting that they were trying to perve on him. Dane decided Trent must be especially horny that day and hadn't gotten off yet.

Despite the bantering, some plans were formed and the three were looking forward to some time on a Wisconsin river.

"I wish we were canoeing past Mazo Beach," Colt grinned.

Trent didn't know about the place, so the other two had to fill him in on what was there.

"Damn! Didn't you guys pop boners all the time?"

"Well some of the time," the boys admitted.

Trent was envious that his friends had so much more experience at nude sunbathing than he did. Someday, he'd catch up, he hoped.

"Hey, let's plan a weekend at Camelot," Colt suggested. "We could get a couple of other guys to go along. We can sun naked as jaybirds if we want. It would be fun."

"Yeah, me and a bunch of horny gay guys," Trent snickered.

"We could invite Joel, Alex, and Allen. Allen isn't gay, so you wouldn't be the odd man out," Dane interjected.

Another set of plans was made for the following weekend. Colt called Greta to see if they could have the cottage for an all-male retreat. After she agreed to it, Dane got hold of Joel and Alex who welcomed the idea. Alex was sure that Allen would enjoy being there too. Joel said he had a big exam on Friday and would be very happy for a weekend of going wild and not studying. He also said he might have a surprise to share.

Before the sun had set, most of the organizing for the time at the lake was done, at least on paper. There would be a number of last-minute supplies to purchase, but that wasn't as difficult as deciding on what they would eat.

When Friday finally arrived, Dane and Colt picked up Trent to go out in the morning to set things up. There wasn't much to do, but they wanted an excuse to get an early start on the weekend. On the way, they stopped to pick up the perishable supplies.

Most of the morning was spent water skiing and tubing. Trent had been taught to ski by his cousin, and was surprisingly good at it despite not having had much opportunity to practice.

The boys ate a quick lunch and then lay bare-assed in the sun for a while to let Trent work on evening out his tan. He made a few teasing remarks, but didn't act as horny as he had a few days before.

Around 3:00 p.m., Joel, Alex, and Allen arrived in a brand new Chevy Avalanche with a small trailer behind. The other three pulled on their trunks and came running to see what was up.

Joel told them that his grandfather had managed to sell his Porsche for almost exactly what they paid for it. Some wealthy man wanted it for his daughter and didn't want to wait for one to be shipped in.

The Chevy cost a lot less, so Joel used the extra to buy the two Sea-Doo jet skis and the trailer to haul them. (He didn't tell the others about scholarship fund he had set up or how much less the Chevy cost. To most Midwestern high school guys, this vehicle was more desirable than the Porsche.)

"I suppose you'll think I'm stupid to give up that hot SUV, but I got to thinking about how much gas it was taking and what it does to the environment. This flex-fuel baby has the ability to run on about anything including 85% Ethanol. And a lot of that comes from right here in the Midwest. We could probably just stuff a couple of ears of corn in the tank." He joked.

Alex beamed as Joel explained this to the other guys. He was extremely proud of his boyfriend at that moment. No one would ever know that the scholarship fund was created specifically to help out John as well as other young offenders whom the sheriff thought could be redeemed with a break or two in their lives. Rhys had set the fund up in a way that it couldn't be traced back to Joel. Rhys was also tremendously proud of Joel. Rhys was sure his decision to fight for custody of his grandson had been the right one. The boy was maturing into a first-rate, ambitious young man with a social conscience!

Joel and Alex took the first ride on one of the new Sea-Doos with Alex at the controls and Joel coaching him. After he was certain that Alex knew what to do, he taught Dane how to operate it while Alex taught his twin. In the meantime, the others were cruising around in the boat. Before it was time to eat that evening, all of the guys felt pretty confident about using the jet skis. It was exciting for everyone and Joel was happy he'd been able to provide a new thrill for them.

Colt and Dane, as hosts, prepared the evening meal which consisted of burgers with lots of chips and salads mostly purchased from the deli. They had made some things on their own including a pan of Greta's famous brownies which got half demolished for dessert.

After the cleanup was done by the other guys, Dane announced that this was the time when everyone usually stripped and hung around naked for the evening.

"I suppose in deference to our straight buddies, we need to amend the tradition," he smirked.

Trent and Allen looked at each other as they slipped their thumbs under the waistbands of their trunks. Then, together, they pulled down the garments to the floor and stepped out of them. They had both taken it as a challenge and had both wanted to prove they weren't going to look like wusses. The two straight boys were grinning as they stood, completely naked and proud, to face their buddies. The other guys shed their clothing in a flash. It was great not to feel inhibited.

The couples in the group did feel self-conscious about doing anything too sexual in front of the other two. It wouldn't have offended either Allen or Trent in all likelihood because both had fooled around with other guys a little - principally with some of those present. But, perhaps it was just that fact that kept the gay boys from doing more than holding hands or sharing an occasional kiss.

Along about 9:00 o'clock, Allen yawned in an exaggerated manner and said that he was going to bed. He could sense that his twin wanted to bed down with Joel pretty soon and was probably eager to have the excuse. Trent picked up on what Allen was doing and soon when to his bed also. They had been assigned the two downstairs bedrooms to give them privacy.

The two gay couples grinned broadly as they mounted the stairs to the loft. There was a certain amount of good-natured goosing going on, and everyone got involved with a bit of grab-ass with everyone else. This was a great thing considering the rocky start that Joel had gotten off on with Dane when he first arrived in Bentonville. It spoke volumes about how close they'd all become and how much they all trusted and cared for each other.

Dane began to move some of the panels to divide the sleeping spaces in the loft.

"What are you doing that for?" Alex grinned.

"Uh, well, you know..." Dane responded.

"Yeah, I know, but you don't have to do that. We've all seen each other do our boyfriends and it'll be pretty dark up here anyway. You certainly won't be able to wall off Joel's screams when I make him cum!"

His comment earned him a swat on the butt from his snickering lover.

"Besides, it will make things all that much hotter," Alex continued. "I think we all like the group concept in some way even if we are faithful to our boyfriends."

Dane and Colt knew what he meant. It was hot knowing your friends were going at it and sharing their bodies close by. It made them harder just thinking about it.

Alex had said it would be dark, but by the time their eyes adjusted to the ambient light, they realized that the moon was full and provided enough illumination to make things interesting.

No one was self-conscious, however. It wasn't long before the gentle, romantic kisses turned into hungry, needy ones. The sound produced by each teen certainly inspired more of the same from his peers. A chorus of love arose from the moans and gasps of guys being satisfied by their lovers. It was beautiful music. And when the rhythmic chanting began, all knew that everyone was approaching the finale. The sounds went into a crescendo of love and lust as four guys reached climaxes that porn stars would have envied.

Then stillness pervaded the loft, broken only by the occasional kiss, sigh, or soft giggle. Before long, those too ceased as the boys fell into a peaceful rest.

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