Castle Roland

Chapter 47

Published: 6 Oct 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

After breakfast, the troop struck camp and packed all of their belongings into the vehicles and trailer. They drove to the place where they would put their canoes into the river and unloaded the supplies that they would need. Then the leaders, Mr. Simmons and Pete, drove the vans off to the campground where they would eventually land in a few days. A van from the canoe rental place would bring the canoes and the men back to where the scouts were waiting.

Trent managed to get alone with Dane for a couple of minutes to talk about the night before.

"Uh, I hope you didn't think I was hitting on your boyfriend last night when I held him."

"No, I was glad you felt comfortable about doing that for him. He's had several bad dreams again since the incident at school," Dane said sadly.

"Uh, well, I kinda did more than hold him."

"What do you mean, Trent?"

"Well, when I put my arms around him and snuggled up to his back, he moved my hand to his dick. I held it too. I'm sorry!"

"No foul, dude. He automatically does that when I hold him. It's like a security blanket. I'm sure he thought it was my hand. We're all too close to worry about it. You did what needed to be done."

Trent smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thanks! I remember the mess when Joel tried to touch him. You and Colt were so miserable. Shit! I don't want to be a party to starting World War III!"

Dane smiled and gave their buddy a hug. He would have kissed him on the cheek, but thought there were too many others around who might not understand the gesture. Besides, Colton was coming over to join them. If he had been kissing Trent, he would have to tell Colt the whole story and he didn't want to bring up the bad dream again.

The younger boys got antsy waiting and began to horse around and play grab-ass. The older guys left them alone as long as no one was getting hurt. A couple of the boys, Mike and Brent headed back into the woods. They were gone for a long time, so Dane and Colt decided to go looking for them in case they were lost or injured.

In a small clearing, they found the missing boys who were lying in the grass with their shorts around their ankles and were giving each other a hand job. Dane and Colt smiled at the sight. They weren't going to let the boys know they'd been discovered, but one of them opened his eyes just as they both came all over their abs.

The younger boys' cocks quickly deflated with the scare of being observed.

"Don't panic," Colt called. "We've all done things like that and it's nobody's business. We aren't going to tell anyone."

The kids looked relieved, but were still feeling an adrenalin rush. They quickly wiped off and pulled up their shorts blushing as they did.

"You guys really blew some big loads," Dane said trying to assure them that they weren't doing anything bad.

"G-g-gee, thanks," one of the kids stuttered.

"Next time you need to get off and want to be alone, just tell one of us that you need a little 'rest' and we'll know not to bother you. We all need to get off sometimes," Dane assured them.

Although the younger scouts were still nervous about being found in a compromising position, they finally opened up enough to carry on an ordinary conversation with Dane and Colt on the way back. (Mike and Brent were destined to be close to the older boys from that time on. They would do whatever Dane and Colt asked; not out of fear, but out of a sense of mutual respect.)

It wasn't too much longer before the leaders returned with the man from the rental place and the canoes were loaded up with their gear and put into the water. Trent had planned to canoe the whole trip with his two buddies, but all three of them got split up for the morning. There were two young scouts who had never been in canoes before and two more who felt they needed an experienced guy with them in the beginning.

Dane got paired with Mike, and Colt with Brent. Trent was put with two kids, Jared and Tom, who had a little skill. Each older teen hoped to teach his trainee(s) the basics before lunch so they could be together like last year. Yet, it was kind of fun helping other kids learn a new skill.

"So," Dane said once Mike and he were underway. "Are you and Brent tenting together?"

"Uh, no, we just got acquainted a few weeks ago. I moved here from Newton. I didn't know anyone, and I didn't know that Brent and I would have so much, you know, in common," Mike responded.

Then he blushed realizing how his statement must sound to someone who had caught Brent and him playing with each other's dicks. He looked away from Dane and concentrated very hard on watching for rocks in the shallow riverbed.

"It's okay," Dane said, sensing the boy's discomfort. "I think it's great you've found a friend with similar interests. It really helps to have a good buddy."

"Uh, you have a couple of good buddies, right?" Mike ventured.

Dane wondered if Mike was just making conversation or if he was fishing to see how close the older boys were to each other.

"Yeah, Trent and Colt are my good buddies, but Colt and I don't see Trent as much now that he has a girlfriend," Dane answered.

They glided along the river in companionable silence for a while. Dane wondered if Mike would ask about whether he and Colt had girlfriends, but he figured that Mike had either deduced the answer or thought it impolite to ask. If Mike asked the ultimate question about his sexuality, Dane would answer it honestly. He and Colton had already discussed what they would do in a case like that.

"It really doesn't bother you that Brent and I are, um, really close?" Mike asked later.

"Not at all," Dane smiled. "In fact if you and he are desperate to get some 'rest' together you can probably use our tent sometime."

Mike turned around and blushed as he looked Dane in the eyes.

"You guys are really cool!" he grinned. "I'm glad it was you who, um, found us instead of someone else."

Their conversation came to an abrupt halt as they ran aground on a sand bar. Mike was quite embarrassed that he had been looking at Dane instead of watching the channel of the river. He half expected to get chewed out. But Dane was really laid-back about it. He got out to push them into deeper water while he had Mike stay in the canoe. Mike made sure he didn't take his eyes off the river the next time he spoke.

In another canoe, Colton and Brent was having a similar conversation. Brent was more outgoing and less inhibited. He asked Colt pointblank if he had ever been in a circle jerk. Colt admitted he'd gotten off with other guys watching. He didn't go into any details or mention that he lived with his lover. It wasn't anyone's business at the moment.

Brent seemed to relax a lot knowing that he and Mike weren't the only ones who played around. Getting discovered by Dane and Colt wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. In fact, it might turn out to be a good one!

Unlike his buddy, Brent didn't take his eyes off of the river when he talked. He kept good track of where the water was the deepest and kept a sharp lookout for rocks. He was a fast learner. Colt was pretty sure the kid could take the front spot in a canoe with Mike after lunch.

In a canoe with Jared and Tom, Trent had an interesting time. He found that the two boys knew more than they had thought they did about paddling through the shallow water. Jared was very good at navigating from the front and Tom did fine at the stern. About 10:30, Trent had them ground the craft on a sandbar and switch places. Both seemed to do well in either position.

At noon, their leader, Mr. Simmons, had the boys all beach their canoes for lunch and a break. Most of the boys were in shorts or trunks and the few who hadn't shed their shirts earlier did so then. Simmons advised them all to put on sunscreen to keep from burning.

Pete (since he was only 20, the boys didn't call him Mr. Monroe), the assistant scoutmaster pulled out a bottle of #15 sun lotion and offered to smear it on the back of anyone who didn't have their own. Several guys took him up on it. Colt nudged Dane to watch the scene because he thought Pete was getting pleasure out of the experience.

The boys all dug into the coolers and ate their lunches with enthusiasm. They had burned a number of calories paddling and were ready to replenish them. There were lots of sandwiches, chips, and fruit. The boys also gulped down plenty of sodas. That made them all need to piss, so they found a place along the bank of the river where there was enough brush to screen their activities from anyone canoeing by.

Several guys stretched out on the sand to rest. A few splashed in the water. Others sat in the shade talking in little groups. Since Trent had joined Dane and Colt for lunch, his morning crew mates, Tom and Jared, tagged along. Mike and Brent wanted to hang around with them too because they were beginning to bond with Dane and Colton.

"So, you two seem like good buds; are you tenting together?" Trent asked his two young canoe mates as a way of making conversation.

"No," said Tom sadly. "Mr. Simmons asked me to bunk with Mike since he's new. We would have otherwise."

"Well, it looks like Mike might be willing to switch. He seems to have made a buddy already," Trent smiled tipping his head toward Mike and Brent who were wresting in the sand a few feet away.

Those two were happy to have some excuse to make bodily contact. Dane and Colt could empathize. From the grins passing between the two on the ground, the Johnson boys figured they must be horny again (or still, as the case might be).

Trent got the "wrestlers" to join the conversation and he suggested that they talk to Mr. Simmons about switching around. He was sure his guys were ready to canoe on their own. Colton and Dane were also confident that their trainees were qualified too. After some discussion, things were all sorted out. The rest of the day, Trent was with Dane and Colt and the other boys were on their own. However, the two canoes containing the younger kids stayed within close proximity to their mentors. They were like little brothers wanting to follow the older boys and do whatever they did.

The troop got to the first night's camping place in the middle of the afternoon. It was early enough to scavenge for dead limbs for firewood. While one group did that, others helped unpack equipment and set up tents.

Mike and Brent set up Brent's tent near the one that Trent, Dane, and Colt were sharing. Dane asked Colton how he liked having little bros. Colt said he loved it as long as they didn't get underfoot like a new puppy.

Colton and Dane were on kitchen duty for dinner, so Trent volunteered to help them. Mike and Brent tagged along to do whatever the older guys asked of them. It was great to have many willing workers because it made preparations go quickly. Colt and Dane promised to return the favor when the others had KP.

After darkness fell and the traffic on the river ceased, some of the boys wanted to go skinny dipping. The leaders agreed it would be fine. Most of the kids stripped and played in the water. Mr. Simmons and a few boys stayed back to tend the fire. Pete was naked in the water splashing and dunking like one of the kids.

Colt and Dane brought out some biodegradable soap later and took a quick bath. Mike asked if he could borrow some. He and Brent seemed interested in getting squeaky clean too. The older teens suspected why.

Trent figured that his tent-mates would probably like a little privacy, so he made sure to tell them that he was planning to sit by the campfire for about an hour. He told them they should make an early night of it if they wanted to. They took the hint.

Brent and Mike decided to retire for the night too. After Trent left, they stopped to say goodnight to Dane and Colt and to express their thanks for everything they had done that day. Dane and Colt got the feeling that the boys weren't just referring to the canoeing lessons.

Fortunately, the boys around the campfire were full of piss and vinegar and fairly noisy. That covered the soft moans which emanated from Brent's tent. Colton snickered as he drew Dane's attention to the sounds. They both giggled. Dane slipped into some clean boxers and went to the next door tent.

"Knock, knock," he called.

There was the sound of scrambling around before Brent's face appeared at the screened window.

"Yeah, what do you want?" Brent asked.

"Well, the moaning is making us horny and keeping us up. Can you tone it down a little?" he snickered.

Later Dane would tell his cousin that the blush on Brent's face lit up the tent enough to see that its occupants were both naked. Of course he was exaggerating, but not my much!

Dane chuckled again as he heard Brent admonishing Mike not to be so loud. Then he hurried back to his own tent because he didn't want to waste their hour fooling around. Or, rather he wanted to use the time doing some serious fooling around with his lover.

The scene of the younger boys' cumming all over themselves in the morning was still fresh in the mind of the cousins as they kissed. Foreplay is awesome, but it is a luxury to be enjoyed when there's lots of time. Dane and Colt got down to business in short order. After a bit of rubbing together while in a serious lip-lock, they turned around so they could swallow each other's pulsing cock. They did their best to keep quiet, but it was difficult. Both let out a kind of quiet "nnnngghhh" sound as they gave each other their sticky offering of love.

When Trent entered their canvas shelter for the night, he saw that his tent-mates were asleep cuddled together. The aroma of male sex which greeted his senses let him know they had used their time wisely. He inhaled deeply. It was a definite turn-on knowing what must have happened a few minutes earlier in that very place. Trent stripped naked and lay on his back on his sleeping bag. His cock hardened pointing toward his head. He took it into his right hand and massaged it lovingly while pinching his nipples with his left. He imagined that his right hand was Sara's warm mouth. A few strokes later, he was spewing a big load from his chest to his pubes. He smeared it into an even coat adding his personal scent to the atmosphere. He promptly fell asleep.

Dane had slept in the middle spot. He disentangled himself from Colton and went out to pee. It was early and since it was a camp of all males, he didn't bother to put anything on, but simply followed his morning wood to a convenient tree. Trent joined him, in similar condition, before he was finished.

"Hey, thanks for last night," Dane smiled.

"You're welcome. I figured you two needed some, after the way you were looking at each other after supper."

"Are we that obvious?"

"Only to someone who knows you well," Trent responded.

"Hey, that's a nice crust on your pubes," Dane giggled. "I'm guessing you got some too!"

"Yeah, but just with my hand and my imagination," Trent sighed.

Colt appeared, naked and hard, just as the other two were shaking the last drops off of their wilting dicks. He noticed the dried cum on Trent's body too, but didn't say anything. The three took their soap and towels down to the river to scrub away the evidence of last night's fun.

Pete Monroe was watching all of this from the door of the tent he shared with Mr. Simmons. The tent was a bigger one than any of the boys had, but Pete vowed he was going to bring a small one for himself next year. He needed to jack off bad! He couldn't very well take care of his needs with Simmons a few feet away. Those healthy young men in their hard, naked glory made him horny. He was about to sneak off into the woods and pound his aching cock, when Simmons stirred and said they had better get up to see to breakfast. (Pete's need would have to wait until later.)

It was another glorious day on the river. The younger scouts were becoming more confident in their skills by the hour. Mike and Brent still kept their canoe close to the one that the Johnson boys were in. Once in a while, one of them would catch the eye of the guys in the other canoe and grin, sharing an unspoken secret. Trent wasn't in on the story, so he thought it was just a way of expressing appreciation for the canoeing lessons from the previous morning.

That night it was rather chilly and Trent said he would like to cuddle. Dane and Colt put on boxers before climbing into bed. They put Trent in the middle again.

"How come you always put me there?" he asked.

"Because we want to share you," Colton explained. "We don't want it to look like either one of us is cheating on the other. If someone gets hard or gets randy, we're sharing it equally."

"I guess that makes some kind of weird sense," Trent admitted. "But, much as I like you guys and I love snuggling, I'm not trying to come between you."

"Well, you can CUM between us if you want, but we probably won't give you a hand unless you beg us." Dane snickered.

After a little more teasing, the three conked out cuddled together like a litter of pups. They stayed warm and comfortable all night long.

The next day on the river was much like the previous ones. The boys had lots of fun, but felt sorry it would be their last one for the year. No one knew what the next year would hold. Trent reassured his buddies that he would stand by them no matter what.

The last night was spent in a more public campground so there was no chance for skinny dipping. However, there were hot showers! Those helped to compensate. When Colt and Dane went to take theirs, Mike and Brent tagged along. It was the first time all of them were naked together with adequate light to check each other out. All were sufficiently impressed with what they saw. Brent took the opportunity to thank the older guys once again for being so cool.

"Hey, Mike and I really appreciate what you've done for us -" he said. "not only for teaching us about how to canoe, but for EVERYTHING."

"No problemo," the boys responded. "You two are really nice, like younger bros and you do make a cute couple."

The younger teens blushed, but didn't deny their budding relationship. They both boned up some, and Dane and Colt felt the blood flowing to their guy-parts as well. Someone came in the door to use the toilet and the guys all began to soften in response.

Mike and Brent asked if they could come over to the tent that Dane and Colt were sharing with Trent. They wanted to talk some more. Of course, they were welcomed.

When they got seated, Brent asked some questions.

"Uh, um, can I ask something personal without making you mad?"

"You can ask anything, but there's no guarantee we'll answer," Dane teased.

"I sorta get the impression you guys are closer than most cousins," Brent ventured. "It seem like you have a special bond maybe like Mike and I are feeling."

Colt and Dane both smiled as they looked into each other's eyes. The moment had come and they weren't going to deny the truth. They pulled their faces toward each other until their lips met in a soft kiss. It wasn't a show of lust, simply a token of their love.

"Wow," Mike sighed. "That is so cool. I wasn't sure I was gonna like the move here, but this is a whole new life for me."

Having said that, he turned toward Brent and planted a kiss on his lips in a similar gesture of affection. Despite his shyness, Mike started to get more passionate. The bulge in his underwear left no doubt that he was hot for his bud.

"Brent, you better get this guy back to your own tent before he creams all over our sleeping bags," Colt snickered.

Mike's blush was visible even in the subdued light of the tent's interior. But, he was grinning and nodding his head. It suddenly struck him how cool it was to have kissed another boy in front of other guys without having to be afraid of being beaten up or bullied in any way. Sure, he would probably get teased by the older guys, but it would be done in fun by people who understood! Wow!

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