Castle Roland

Chapter 48

Published: 6 Oct 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

While Dane and Colt were off with the scouts, Joel and Alex were enjoying their time together. They even went out to Camelot with Allen one afternoon at Greta's invitation. She said she wanted to do something to thank Joel for loaning one of his jet skis for her family to use. She invited them for lunch on Wednesday and then said she would leave after that to go to Cosgrove on some errands. She was planning to stay in Bentonville for night. The place was all theirs until the next morning if they wanted to stay over. There was plenty of food in the fridge and they were to help themselves to anything they wanted.

The guys were elated to have the place to themselves. Joel was far enough ahead in his studies that he didn't need to feel guilty about having fun in the middle of the week. They took two cars because it would be simpler for Joel to drive by himself to school the next day rather than to go back to Bentonville. He made sure to let John know ahead of time about the plans.

The minute Greta's car was out of the drive, the three guys unloaded the other jet ski from the trailer and got both machines in the water. They played for an hour and a half before deciding to take a break for pop and snacks. They had burned up more calories than they had realized.

Once they were in the area that was screened by vegetation, Allen pulled off his swimsuit and walked naked to the cottage. The other two exchanged grins and followed suit (or suit-less as the case may be). They got out a plastic tarp and their beach towels and lay bare-assed in the sun. Alex spread lotion on his twin's back and also on Joel's. Joel returned the favor causing Alex to begin to "rise to the occasion."

"Don't you two horn-dogs ever stay soft?" Allen grumbled trying to keep the corners of his mouth from turning up.

"If I know my big bro, you are lying on a log while you're stirring us."

"Stirring?" Allen grinned.

"Yeah, I've been reading a story called: "Double The Trouble" on one of the gay story sites and it takes place in Australia. They say 'stirring' when we would say 'teasing' or something like that." Alex responded

"I like the word," Allen agreed, "although I think 'stirring' could also be taken to mean something else."

"You mean like if I greased up Joel's front and he lay on top of me and we did some stirring?" Alex giggled.

"Okay, you perverts, if you keep that up I really will get horny. I'm still not getting any from my girlfriend and you guys are going at it like rabbits every night."

"Well, not every night," Joel chimed in. "Sometimes we just fall asleep cuddled naked together feeling each other's hot body and other times we do it in the morning...

"Shut up already!" Allen snickered. "I'm getting my towel all sticky."

The sex talk made everyone hornier.

"I think Joel and I should go in and take a nap," Alex suggested.

"Don't bother; I can take a hint," Allen said as he got up and followed his hard-on into the cottage.

Alex sensed that his twin might be watching them, but he was too turned on to care. He wasted no time in pulling Joel on top of him and engaging in some deep kissing while they rubbed their bodies together.

After a little foreplay, they went for the main event. Joel flipped around so that they could give each other oral stimulation at the same time. Doing that out in the open was even hotter than doing it in bed.

Allen did look out on the scene from one of the living room windows. He was totally into girls, but the sight still made him even hornier than he had been. He began to stroke as he watched the scene. He felt kind of guilty spying on the other two, but not enough to stop. Jeez, this was hot!

The twins blew their loads at almost the exact same time even though they were several yards apart. They could almost sense the other's orgasm. Joel came as soon as Alex let loose with the first volley. Their bodies were so in tune with each other that they could trigger the other guy's climax.

In the cottage, Allen grabbed paper towels to soak up his sperm. Alex and Joel ended up smearing their loads on each other's body. They would have licked each other clean, but didn't particularly like the taste of sun lotion. The amount that had been on their dicks was more than enough.

Allen soon rejoined the other boys and they all napped awhile in the afternoon sun. Joel awakened first and kissed his lover to consciousness.

"Wow," Alex whispered. "I can't wait until I can wake up this way every time."

"What does he usually do, suck your dick?" Allen quipped.

"Sometime he does and sometimes I do him," Alex answered without a pause.

Allen laughed at how comfortable his brother was about discussing sex. It hadn't always been that way. Joel and Alex had come a long way.

Alex and Joel used the downstairs shower to rid their bodies of the lotion and dried cum. Allen went to the one on the loft level. When they emerged a few minutes later, all were wearing grins and nothing else. Nudity was house-rules when it was a stag event at Camelot.

The boys put together a good meal around 5:30 and then put on trunks so that they could ride the jet skis again. Once the evening fishermen came out, the boys loaded up the equipment on Joel's trailer. Alex and Allen would take his vehicle back to Bentonville in the morning and he would drive Allen's coupe to Cosgrove Community.

Once in the cottage again, the clothes came off and the boys made a huge bowl of popcorn to share as they sat on the sofa watching TV.

At an early hour, Alex and Joel bade Allen goodnight and went up to the loft. They had all brought sleeping bags to keep from making more work for Greta. Joel spread his on one of the queen sized beds and Alex snuggled next to him. Alex had a sheet to put over them in case they needed just a bit of cover.

The sheet ended up on the floor as the two made use of the opportunity to make love again. The TV downstairs was loud enough to mask most of the sounds they were making as they sucked each other to a glorious climax. Since they were teens, they "reloaded" relatively quickly. It would be difficult to say whether these loads were less in quantity than the ones in the afternoon. These did not go to waste.

Allen was aware of what was happening in the loft. He could hear enough to bring a big smile to his face and to stir his loins. He decided that he needed to relieve himself again if he was going to get a good night's sleep. So, he grasped his cock and began to stroke it lightly. He put his head back and opened his mouth in ecstasy. He was pumping a bit faster when he heard his twin's whimpering which signaled an impending orgasm. That was enough to put him over the edge. His first shot landed squarely in his open mouth. He hadn't tasted his cum since early puberty. Hmm, it didn't taste too bad. He scraped up the rest from his abs and chest and licked it off of his fingers. Then, he turned off the TV and the light and headed to bed.

In the morning, the boys awoke early enough for a good breakfast before they had to head out. Joel thoughtfully remembered to write a nice note to Greta thanking her for the use of the cottage. After checking to make sure they were leaving the place as clean as they had found it, all three went on their way.

On the final morning of the scout trip, everyone was sad to see it come to an end. The boys began taking down their tents and packing up as soon as they were showered and dressed.

Breakfast was a big affair with bacon, eggs, French toast, and juice because the leaders wanted to fill the boys up before their trip home. It would make them more likely to be lethargic and to sleep for much of the way.

Dane and Colt staked out their place in the big four-passenger back seat of one of the rental vans. Mike and Brent put their things on the same seat to hold their places. That meant Trent wouldn't get to sit beside them. He was okay with sitting on the seat in front of them. He sensed that, for whatever reason, the younger boys had bonded with the Johnson cousins. It wouldn't be a bad idea for these boys to know some older guys when they went to high school in the fall. Having friends really helped the transition. He remembered his freshman year all too well. He was going to do his best to see that no one felt as miserable as he had.

As predicted, many of the kids did fall asleep on the return trip. Brent and Mike held hands under a towel that one of them had been smart enough to leave out. Colt and Dane were the only ones who could see what was going on and they thought it was cute.

When they pulled into Bentonville about an hour earlier than scheduled, Colt pointed out Greta's SUV sitting the parking lot. They had called her a few minutes before from their cell phone.

Mike and Brent didn't have that luxury, so they were going to find a payphone to see of anyone was home to pick them up. However, Greta insisted on giving them a ride to Brent's house. His parents both worked until later. Dane grinned at Colt knowing that they were both thinking the boys would find something to occupy their time until the rest of the family got off work.

The following afternoon, Allen found a postcard in the mail addressed to him reminding him of the beginning of football practice the following week. He frowned as he looked through the mess of junk mail for another one for his brother. This didn't feel right to him.

"Hey, Alex, if you can pry yourself away from your boyfriend for a moment, I think we need to talk."

Of course Joel was included in the conversation. Allen was simply trying to tease the lovers.

"Football practice starts on Wednesday afternoon, but the card was only addressed to me. What do you think's going on?"

"Oh, it's probably an oversight. Don't get so paranoid!" Alex responded.

"Okay, but I think you and I should pay a visit to Coach Crouser and see what the word is. I want this cleared up before we see the rest of the team on Wednesday," Allen said.

Joel was hoping that Alex was right, but given his experience with his parents, he was always concerned about what might come up.

The weekend passed rapidly. Even after being on the water for several days, Colt and Dane welcomed the chance to water ski on Saturday and Sunday. They had lots of fun with their family.

On Saturday, Joel got his grandparents to look at a piece of property on the lake next to Greta's cottage. There was a fair amount of land, but the cabin on it was dumpy, and the grounds were not kept up at all. The area wasn't big enough to turn into a housing development without someone's acquiring Camelot to add to it, so the place was going begging. Joel thought they could transform it into a lovely summer home by erecting an A-frame something similar to Greta's. They could easily afford to fence it in and have a privacy gate too.

Jane and Rhys were delighted with Joel's idea. Being a shrewd business man, Rhys knew he could make money on the deal when it came time to sell it in the future. He put in a low bid on it that very afternoon.

When Monday afternoon rolled around; Alex, Allen, and Joel went together to see the football coach. He was in the PE office working on some plays on the computer when they knocked at his door. He looked up with a frown. Allen reached into his shirt pocket to adjust something.

"What can I do for you guys?" he asked.

"Well, I just wanted you to know that Alex and I will be here on Wednesday for practice. It looks like Alex's name got accidentally left off of the mailing list," Allen stated.

"I'll be delighted to have you here, Allen, but your brother is not on the team this fall."

"May I ask why?"

"Given the events of last spring, it's obvious that his presence on the team would be a disruption. The other guys won't want to be on a team with a fag."

Joel involuntarily shuddered. He had come to the point of being able tolerate that word if he were quoting someone else, but the way the coach used it made him think of his father.

"Mr. Crouser, that's a derogatory term and one which hurts. Please don't use it," he pleaded.

"I'll say whatever the fuck I please. I'm not having some fairy on my team. If it weren't all over school that he is a fudge-packer, I might reconsider. But he made his own bed when you and he came out at the dance."

"Look, I don't appreciate being talked about as if I'm not here!" Alex spoke up. "This school has an anti-discrimination policy which includes sexual orientation as well as race, creed, and color. You were happy enough to have me last year. I helped win some games for this school. You have no right to kick me off of the team."

"Look, punk, I do whatever I want here. I run this program. What I say goes. And I'm saying that you go! There is nothing you can do about it."

"I'm going to do something about it," Alex said very quietly and firmly. "I will go over your head. I'm sure Mr. Haggerty will see things differently."

"You do what you want," the coach sneered. "You can't prove that I'm kicking you off for being queer. I'll say it was for insubordination. You are being insubordinate right now in my book."

"Yeah, well I have two witnesses," Alex replied.

"And who is going to believe them? It's obvious your twin brother and your boyfriend would lie to protect you," Crouser shot back with a smirk.

"Come on, Alex, we're not accomplishing anything here. I think we need to talk to the principal," Joel said.

"You just do that," the coach smirked. "And Allen, for your part in this you're off of the team too, another case of insubordination!"

The three guys went to the other end of the school where the main office was located. They asked the secretary if they could see Mr. Haggerty and were ushered into his office about 10 minutes later when he got off of the phone.

"Well, gentlemen, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" he smiled.

"We're here to file a discrimination complaint," Allen said. "I think we have all of the evidence we need."

Then, he pulled one of his mother's small recording devices from his shirt pocket. He turned it on and the three of them relived the unpleasant affair in the company of their principal. Mr. Haggerty's eyes widened and his face flushed as the coach's words filled his office.

When it was finished, he looked at the young men with moisture in his eyes that betrayed his feelings.

"I am very sorry this has happened. If you will leave this recording with me, I will see that things are taken care of."

"With all due respect," Allen ventured. "I would like to make a copy of this to keep as a backup. I'm not suggesting you would destroy it, but I'm feeling really paranoid about this - at least that's what Alex accuses me of."

"No offense taken, son," the principal answered. "You are very wise to do so. We can do it here and now and you can keep the original. You might want to put it in a lockbox for safe keeping. You'll make a good lawyer someday!"

The boys sat there while Mr. Haggerty recorded the evidence into his tape machine. He began by stating the date, time, and the nature of the recording. Then he mentioned that it was an exact copy of the original and had not been tampered with.

On the ride home, Alex kept shaking his head.

"Allen, I still can't believe this. You were so right! I really didn't think anyone would be like that."

"It's my fault for coming out to keep my father from forcing me to go back to Florida," Joel said sadly. "I should have just gone and let you have a life."

"No way," Alex countered. "Without you, I WOULDN'T have a life! Don't you know that you mean more to me than some silly game? I like football. But, I love you a lot more!"

Joel began to smile for the first time in a couple of hours. Alex pulled him into a tight embrace. He kissed Joel lovingly and then whispered something in his ear that made him snicker. Allen couldn't hear what it was, but suspected that is was something naughty.

The minute the guys got in the front door, Alicia told them that several of their teammates had called and wanted them to call back. Allen figured he should do the calling to save his brother from whatever was coming.

The first guy, Tom, sounded really angry.

"What's this bullshit about you and Alex quitting the team?" he demanded. "Coach called to say that you weren't coming back. Without you two, we don't have the chance of a snowball in Hell of winning anything this fall!"

After Tom had calmed down, Allen told him about the meeting with Crouser. Tom was even more upset after hearing it.

"I don't give a big rat's ass who's sleeping with who. I know you guys are the best and we want you on the team. The coach is full of shit! I'm going to call him and tell him a thing of two!"

"Whoa, Tom, don't do that. Things are being taken care of. If you want to help, please call some of the guys and explain that we aren't leaving."

Tom agreed to do it. He promised to call whatever guys Allen wasn't going to call, and started the ball rolling. Before he got off the phone, he talked to Alex to assure him that no one cared about his being gay. It wasn't an issue. Alex felt much better. And, of course, his lover did too.

At a specially called school board meeting that same night, everyone there heard the recording Mr. Haggerty presented as evidence. Coach Crouser was shocked to hear his own cocky words filling the meeting room. He was given the option of resigning or of being fired. He chose to defy the board and was promptly given his walking papers. Mr. Haggerty reminded the man that he could still face a lawsuit if Alex decided to take him to court. Crouser left the meeting looking like a bull that had been prodded by a toreador. The people leaving the building saw him tear out of the parking lot leaving black streaks of rubber on the pavement.

Mr. Haggerty immediately called the Albers' to let them know about the outcome of the hearing with the board. He also told them to be careful because the coach was in a foul mood at being recorded. He had used every word in his extensive vocabulary of foul language to express his anger at the boys. The Albers' said they would make sure the house alarm was set that night. They would have Allen call Alex and Joel to pass along the word since it was their night to stay at the Masterson's. Mr. Haggerty said he would call Rhys as well to let him know about the situation. He felt it was only common courtesy on his part.

The coach was really pissed. His emotions were out of control. No group of fairies was going to get the best of him. He had to think of a way to get even, but first he needed a drink. There was a tavern near the lake that stayed open late. He'd go there to do some serious thinking and drinking.

The guy behind the bar looked kind of gentle. He had a soft voice and the coach thought he looked like a pansy. After downing his first drink quickly, Crouser decided to take him on verbally.

"Give me another shot of scotch and don't skimp this time, fag."

"Here you are, sir," the bartender said as if he hadn't heard the epithet. "Are you ready for another beer too?

"Yeah, thanks, queer-boy," Couser sneered.

The young man didn't react, but one of the patrons did. The big burly, biker-looking guy grabbed Couser by the nape of the neck and got in his face.

"You apologize to my boyfriend if you want to keep your balls," he growled.

The coach knew he'd met his match. He hated to back off, but he wanted to keep his body in one piece.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I've just lost my job because of some teenage fags and I'm ready to take it out on any fairy I see."

"Finish your fuckin' drink and get the hell out of here!"

Crouser gulped down the rest of his shot and threw some bucks down on the bar. He turned on his heel and went out the door. Moments later, he shot out of the parking lot, squealing his tires all the way.

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