Castle Roland

Chapter 49

Published: 10 Oct 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Despite the possibility of retaliation from the football coach, Joel and both twins slept well on Monday night - Allen at his own home and Alex at Joel's. They all awoke refreshed and ready to go to school or jobs without much thought about yesterday's drama.

Joel dropped Alex at his home and picked up John. The two of them drove to Cosgrove Community College for the final week of summer school. John was interested in hearing all of the details about the confrontation with the coach. The two discussed it while their favorite rock station played in the background.

"You guys were smart to record him," John declared. "He might have gotten away with it if you hadn't. He always had a reputation of being tough, but fair. I never suspected that he had a dark side. I know you guys well enough to know you're telling the truth, but lots of people might not."

"Well, it was Allen who thought of the carrying the recorder. Alex and I were too naïve to believe that he could turn that ugly."

As they were turning toward campus, the morning news came on. The reporter said that there had been a high-speed chase the previous night and that someone in a red Corvette had been killed. However, the name of the victim was being withheld pending notification of kin.

"Hmm," John frowned. "Who do we know that drives a Corvette now that you don't have yours anymore?"

"I don't know anyone, but I did see a Vette convertible parked at school yesterday. I wonder..."

Colton and Dane were back working at DJ's again. They were up early putting the finishing touches on the attic room before the oppressive heat and humidity of late July closed in on them. They attached the last of trim with the nail gun and puttied the holes before noon. By then, they were sweating profusely. Dane sniffed his left armpit and then sniffed Colt's.

"You smell better than I do, but that's not saying too much," he giggled.

"Yeah, I think we're due for another shower before we meet with the Bible School volunteers this afternoon. We don't want to drive them all away!"

The boys dug into the cold lunch Ellen had waiting for them, and then returned to Greta's house to shower and rest a bit before the meeting. They felt welcome to stay at DJ's, but they also loved feeling like they were on their own with Grandma away at the lake.

Being true conservationists, they showered together to save water (R-i-i-i-ght!). Of course there were other benefits as well. When they had finished cleaning the cum off the shower door, they lay naked on their bed with the ceiling fan on low enjoying the gentle breeze it created. Fortunately, Colt set the alarm in his watch because they would have slept too late if he hadn't.

The meeting went well and all was arranged for the next week's events. The pastor was very pleased to have everything completely organized. This was the best-planned volunteer effort he'd witnessed in his several years of being a minister. As soon as he could break free, he was going to call the scoutmaster to tell him that the boys had not only met, but exceeded his expectations.

After the meeting, Alex told the guys about the disagreement with the coach. He even played the recording for them so they would know first-hand what had gone down.

Colt shuddered while listening to it. Dane instinctively put a protective arm around him. He didn't care that anyone might pass by and see the gesture. His lover needed his touch.

"Man, he sounds just like my step-father did. I think he's dangerous," Colt exclaimed.

"Mom thinks so too," Alex responded. "She says he's a classic bully and might take it out on us since we had the balls to challenge him. Those kinds of people don't like not getting their own way and not being able to run everything just the way they want."

"We're here for you if you need us," Dane offered. "I'm not sure what we could do, but there is strength in numbers. I doubt he'd try anything in the churchyard, but you never know."

Colton nodded in agreement. This was an unpleasant situation, but he'd be damned if the abuse he'd received at the hand of his mother's first husband would deter him from standing by a friend.

Dane and Colt were ready to sit down to dinner with DJ and Ellen when Dane's cell phone began to vibrate. He answered it and headed for the TV. Ellen was surprised at his action because they almost always kept the set off during dinner. No one thought that any news could be more important than family-time.

The Cosgrove station's camera was panning a field in which there was a mangled red convertible. The reporter said that the name of the person killed had just been released by the sheriff's department. The body of the lone occupant was that of Coach "Buzz" Crouser. The accident was the result of a high-speed chase in which the coach had turned onto a gravel road in an attempt to elude Deputy Anders. The car went out of control and threw the man thirty feet through the air. He had not been wearing a seatbelt and an autopsy was pending. The reporter alluded to some trouble with the school board and said more details would be available on the 10:00 o'clock broadcast.

Dinner was delayed by only about 5 minutes, but the discussion of the news cast dominated the family's time together. It was Alex who had called to alert the guys regarding the news. He knew they would all sleep better knowing that the coach was no longer a threat. Colt was visibly relieved. He talked about it and how it had conjured up old memories. His counselor had encouraged him to share his thoughts with his family. It was better for him to talk it out even if it was painful. In the long run, he would be less likely to suffer from nightmares.

DJ had known the coach and had seen some of his darker side, but could not imagine he would be capable of what the boys were telling him. It wasn't that he doubted their word, but it seemed so out of character for the man to have been so far out of control.

A few hours later, Dane was cuddling his lover in their room at Grandma's house. The air conditioning coupled with the fan made it cool enough to be in close contact. Neither guy was interested in sex play at the moment, but both were enjoying snuggling together. Colt thought about how lucky he was. He didn't have to worry about abuse anymore, and he knew that he was loved by his extended family as well as by Dane. He relaxed, enjoying the feeling of being enveloped in Dane's arms. He moved Dane's hand so that it cupped his penis. It wasn't so much an erotic feeling as one of comfort.

Colt didn't suffer any bad dreams that night. In the ones he could remember, he was running naked through a field holding Dane's hand. They were blessed with sunny skies and cool breezes. (The ceiling fan was probably responsible for the latter.)

Joel's summer school session was nearly over. He would have finals at the end of the week. It was ironic that football practice was beginning just when his schedule was easing up. At least he would have more free time to be with Alex. Perhaps he would watch some of the scrimmages like he was today. Then it struck him that he'd better take college entrance exams pretty soon. The date for spring testing had already past when he had decided to graduate early. Fortunately, the community college was holding a special late summer testing opportunity. Alex had taken his last fall, but hadn't done as well in math as he would have liked to. Since Joel had tutored him, he should score much higher. Perhaps they could both BONE UP and get them out of the way before school started. He snickered at his own pun.

After Alex and Allen came out of the showers, they joined Joel who brought up the SAT test with Alex. Allen said he would like to do them again too in order to see if he could boost his score. The three began planning time for cramming sessions during the next couple of weeks.

On Friday afternoon, John and Joel were celebrating the end of the summer term. Both felt pretty good about their achievements and were eager to have some time off. John would be going back to work in the mornings again, but he would still be free of books and tests for more than a month. That in itself was something to look forward to.

Joel again watched part of the football practice. He couldn't get over how well Alex and Allen played together. It was like they were inside each other's head. He supposed that, being twins, in a way they were.

It was great to see the new coach working with the guys. Everyone seemed to be happy and eager to please the young man. Bart Heitz had been the assistant coach as well as a PE teacher in Bentonville. He had definite ideas of how to treat a team, and they weren't the draconian methods used by his predecessor. Bart thought that the game was about having fun as well as winning, and possibly the fun part was more important at the high school level. As a result, his players were putting forth their best efforts.

Joel had a longer wait for his friends that afternoon because the team was choosing co-captains. It was done by secret ballot rather than show of hands so that no one would feel intimidated. Allen and Alex received the most votes. In fact, Alex received a couple more than his bro. Allen smiled the rest of the evening about the results. He was so pleased that his twin had been completely accepted by their peers.

"Call your 'rents and see if you can come out to our primitive lake cabin. Gramps got possession today and we can use it for the weekend. I know it's like roughing it, but we'll be in the water most of the time. I'm sorry to say that the shower's rather yucky and not very big."

Allen teased Joel about why he might want a bigger shower, and Joel took it in the spirit it was meant to be. The boys were delighted to have a chance to use the jet skis again. Their parents gave permission with no reservations.

Joel went home to get the trailer with the jet skis and to pack food and cleaning supplies. His grandmother told him that she had been to the cabin in the afternoon stocking the refrigerator and supervising a cleaning crew who had made the place spotless.

"I know it won't be what you're used to, but it is clean. Your grandfather hired men to clear brush and mow. And don't panic, he didn't remove anything that would decrease the privacy of the place. I'm assuming you boys might want to work on your tans," she smiled.

Joel blushed enough to let her know that she had been correct.

Half an hour later, the three guys were on their way to Lake Delhi. They were ready for some fun to relieve the stress of the past several weeks - especially the previous few days.

There was no privacy gate yet, but Joel blocked the entrance to the drive with his vehicle after they unloaded the jet skis. He didn't want any unannounced visitors in case they wanted to lie naked in the back yard.

Since there wasn't lots of daylight left, they ate a quick snack to tide them over and got out on the water. They played on the sleek machines for an hour and a half before hunger and diminishing light caused them to head for shore.

Joel fired up an old, rusty charcoal grill and roasted a bunch of hot dogs. Those were combined with the various goodies Jane had purchased at the deli. It was a good meal and the boys did justice to it.

"What are the house rules about clothing here?" Allen asked with a grin.

In response, Joel grinned at Alex who seemed to understand some unspoken communication. They both jumped Allen and relieved him of his swimwear. He was giggling and yelling: "Rape!" all the time they were doing it. After Allen was naked, Joel and Alex helped each other out of their trunks too.

"Okay, does that answer your question?" Joel snickered.

Their wrestling around got them warm again, so Joel turned on the ancient air conditioner that was in the main room of the cabin. It wheezed a few minutes and went silent when a fuse blew at the moment the compressor kicked in.

"I think this unit is toast," Joel declared. "Grandma said it didn't work very well when she had the cleaning people out here."

The boys spend a futile 15 minutes trying to find a replacement fuse before they got dressed to go to Cosgrove to buy a package of new ones.

"We don't have to go that far," Alex suggested. "I'll bet that gas station has fuses."

"Yeah, but they don't carry air conditioners," Joel replied. "I'm sure either Wal-Mart or Kmart will have one. We should pick up a fan to circulate the air in the bedroom as well. That place is musty from being closed up so long. The screens are rotted out, and I'm not going to be uncomfortable while we wait for the new cottage to be built. When we don't need the cooling equipment anymore, we can donate it to some needy family."

The boys piled into Joel's vehicle and headed off on their quest. After finding a small air conditioner on sale and picking up a supply of fuses as well as a couple of Frisbees and a small fan, they headed back toward the lake. They did have to stop at the Dairy Queen for some treats on the way. Allen insisted on buying because he had some extra money from his job.

The girls behind the counter openly flirted with the guys. These were hunks they hadn't seen before. The young ladies wondered if they were attending the community college. Joel mentioned that he had been there in the summer. Of course he didn't tell her that he and the others had another year of high school left. He wasn't telling a lie, and he knew he had no interest in pursuing any of them.

Allen, on the other hand, gave his cell number to one of the girls who had caught his eye. Joel and Alex smiled because they didn't have to play those games.

Back at the cabin, it didn't take the boys more than half an hour to have the new air conditioner installed in the window and the new fuse in the circuit. There was no problem this time when they turned the unit on. It began to cool the place immediately. The only downside was that a few mosquitoes had come through the open window while they were installing the machine. So, they spent awhile killing the pests.

There was a double bed in the tiny bedroom and a queen sized one in the main part of the cabin. It had a curtain to pull around it for privacy, but no one in this crowd worried about that.

Joel set up a small fan pointed into the doorway of the little bedroom where Allen would be sleeping in order to cool it off as well. Since the whole cabin wasn't very large and the new air conditioner was efficient, the place rapidly began to feel livable.

The boys discussed their plans for the next day, and Joel showed them pictures of the modular cottages that he and his grandfather had looked at. Rhys was going to have a contractor out to begin grading the land and pouring the concrete for the lower level as soon as they decided on which floor plan they liked best.

By 11:00 o'clock, they were tired enough to go to bed. The cabin was cool enough for Joel and Alex to snuggle in the queen sized bed. The mattress wasn't the best, but Jane had made sure there was a new mattress pad to provide a barrier between her boys and whatever germs might have accumulated while the place was closed up. The boys kissed and cuddled some, but soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

Around 9:00 the next morning, they were jolted out of their sleepy state by the sounds of someone pounding on the door. Joel got up to pull the curtain back enough to see who could be raising that infernal racket so early on a Saturday. He was greeted by the smiling faces of Colt and Dane. Seeing who was there, Joel opened the door to let them in despite the fact that he was naked and sporting morning wood.

"Whoa, did we interrupt something?" Colt asked with a smirk.

"No, you perverts, we were just waking up and haven't had a chance to even pee yet!" Joel retorted with a grin.

"Well, you'd better empty those big things and throw a pair of shorts on because Grandma says you're invited to breakfast and she is starting the pancakes in five minutes," Dane chimed in.

The thought of one of Greta's big breakfasts got the other boys motivated in a hurry. Alex and Joel stepped outside to find a handy tree since Allen was in the bathroom already. They took turns running through the little shower, applying deodorant, and getting dressed enough for polite company.

Then, the five of them walked down to the security gate of Camelot and headed in to eat. Greta greeted them with a big smile and a large platter of bacon and sausage. As that was being passed, she pulled out another plate from the oven where she had kept a stack of pancakes keeping warm. The boys dug into them while she made more.

"We won't have to eat again until dinner," Alex announced as he slid his chair back and patted his stomach. These were great, Grandma Johnson!"

Greta smiled at his words of appreciation.

"I certainly hope you'll have room for lunch around 1:00. Rhys and Jane are coming out and we're planning a picnic. Jane insisted on bringing the bulk of it, but I'm going to make a few things too. They're going to look at this cottage to see what things I think are necessities in a vacation home and what I would do if I could start from scratch. It should be a fun afternoon. You guys are welcome to look over our shoulders or ski or whatever."

A bit later, after expressing their thanks again, the three guests went to their cabin to put on swimwear. Dane and Colt went down to the dock to make sure the boat was gassed up and the skis and tow lines were in good order.

The five boys spent the morning using the water skis and jet skis. They were actually ready to eat again when Greta rang the old fashioned school bell near the back door to summon them to the picnic.

Well, it was billed as a picnic because it was eaten without formality, but it was a lovely lunch. Jane had brought freshly made chicken salad for the main entrée, but that was accompanied by other salads she had also prepared herself. Greta had prepared bowls of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables as well as homemade rolls to complement what Jane had brought. It was all delicious. The two grandmothers could have opened a gourmet tea room had it been their desire.

The boys couldn't believe how good it all tasted. Again, they had to hold back not to stuff themselves to the point of discomfort.

After the table was cleared, Rhys laid out copies of the cottage plans that were still in the running, after having eliminated the rest. He asked Greta's opinion on floor plans and features. She studied them and made a few suggestions. She had given Jane and Rhys a tour of her place before lunch and she was able to tell them about what she loved about Camelot.

The boys were all polled as well. They were pleased to be able to put in their two-cent's worth and to have the adults actually listen to them. Colt made a few suggestions that Rhys wrote down in the margins of the plans. Joel wanted it placed in such a way that the upper floor would have a view of the lake over the vegetation which served as a privacy screen. He wanted to see a deck on that level which would wrap around the whole area that faced the lake. He liked the idea of raising the land level in the front so the upper floor could be the main floor and accessible without having to negotiate stairs. He felt that, as his grandparents aged, they should have a bedroom suite on that level so they could enjoy it without ever having to go down below. At the end of an hour, many of the details had been worked out.

By then, the boys were ready to get more sun. They retreated to the Masterson's newly acquired property where they quickly stripped and lubed up with lotion to lie bare-assed. Dane had told Greta on the sly that she should ring the school bell before any adult came over unless they wanted to see more than he thought they might. She had grinned meaningfully and assured him the grandparents would be discreet.

While the adults were sipping a glass of wine, the boys were soaking up rays and talking about the start of the school year which was getting ever closer. Dane mentioned that he had heard from Dave and Dustin who were eager to come to Bentonville for their junior year. Dustin had said the summer was better for Dave and him because they were away from his mother more. Dave's parents had extended an open invitation for him to sleep with their son anytime he wanted. Dustin had taken them up on it often.

The two were also together doing de-tasseling. That was a dreadfully hot, sweaty job, but paid really well for the short time it was in season. Dustin and Dave had opened a bank account together with Dave's father on it as an adult so their money would be safe and available when they needed it. They didn't trust what Dustin's mother might do. They trusted Gary, but were still worried that she might have some undue influence on him.

Joel sighed and nodded his head.

"I know how they feel. I think my mom might have come around if Dad didn't put so much pressure on her not to. Sometimes I got the feeling she could have adjusted to me as a gay man."

Alex instinctively put his hand on Joel's shoulder and squeezed. He wished he could make things okay for Joel. Although Joel never said it, Alex could tell that the rift with his parents still hurt. He supposed it would for a long time. He hoped and prayed that things would change eventually.

Everyone got drowsy after a while and took short naps. Dane was first to awake. His lover was lying face up, and he couldn't resist copping a feel. Colt began to rouse (in more places than one), and grinned over at Dane. He pulled Dane on top of him so they could share a few kisses while the rest were still sleeping.

Alex came too at the sounds of making out that was taking place beside him. He couldn't resist running his hand inside Joel's leg up toward his crotch. Joel's eyes fluttered open and he smiled in appreciation.

About the time things might have gotten heavier, the boys were startled by the ringing of the bell. They grabbed their swimsuits, and aroused Allen so he could slip on his trunks as well. All were decent by the time the grandparents came up the drive.

The boys went back to skiing while the adults walked the over the grounds to determine the best location for the cottage.

When the boys got tired of playing in the water, they returned to Camelot to find that the grandparents had brought in pizza for supper. All enjoyed it. Rhys and Jane left after eating saying that they wanted to get up early for Mass the next morning. Greta said she was going back to Bentonville for the night as well. She invited the twins and Joel to stay over if they wanted to.

Allen offered to go back to the cabin so the other boys could have more fun with their boyfriends. No one let him.

"You can have one of the downstairs bedrooms if you don't want to hear all of the moaning and grunting," Dane snickered.

"Maybe I'll leave the door open just a crack to inspire me," Allen shot back.

"Whatever," Dane responded.

Later that night, there were muffled moans and sighs emanating from the loft. Allen did leave his door open to hear them. It turned him on, knowing that his twin was getting hot sex. He stroked his big cock while he listened to the sounds of love. It didn't take him long to reach his goal.

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