Castle Roland

Chapter 50

Published: 10 Oct 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Vacation Bible School was off and running on Monday. Since their duties were largely those of overseeing the program, Dane and Colt could have been excused in the afternoon if they had been interested in attending the memorial service for Coach Crouser. But, they had no desire to go.

Alex was there in the morning as promised to organize the physical activities for the various levels of kids. Joel volunteered to assist because he wanted to be near his boyfriend. He was a big hit with the kids too. The two guys worked well together and certainly had the attention and respect of the kids in their charge. If anyone suspected that the games leaders were gay young men, no one mentioned it. It felt great to be involved with the kids.

Football practice in the afternoon was cancelled due to the memorial service for the coach. The funeral was fairly well attended, although a number of team members did not go. Some of them felt it would be hypocritical for them to attend knowing what they did about the coach's treatment of Alex and the events leading up to the coach's untimely demise. Others simply had a denial thing about death. If you ignored the black angel, he might not notice you. Some of the young people who went did so because their parents expected them to. The coach had had a wide following in the small community.

The Albers twins, Joel, Cory, and Dan were among the guys who didn't attend. They couldn't pretend to honor someone who turned out to be a nasty, anti-gay bully. He had always said the right words in the presence of the school administrators, but didn't really believe in what he said. The boys thought that he talked the talk, but didn't walk the walk.

Joel continued to assist his boyfriend with the children's activities at church in the mornings all week. Sometimes in the afternoon he watched some of the football practice, and other times he met with the representative from the company which was custom-designing the modules for the new lake cottage.

The designer/architect, who introduced himself as Chuck Mason, was quite impressed with Joel's ideas and his ability to solve problems. He encouraged Joel to think about going into architecture as a career. Joel had always thought he would go into computer engineering because it was what his family expected, but he now realized he might have other options. Besides, Joel was going to start calling the shots in his own life. He didn't have to do what his parents wanted. He had severed relations with them for all practical purposes. Both sets of grandparents gave him the emotional and financial support he needed. He could decide for himself what he would major in.

The young architect encouraged Joel to take a couple of drawing or drafting classes if he could work them into his schedule in the fall. Joel decided to call the counseling office to see if he could make some schedule changes for the coming year.

Besides everything else, Joel and Alex began doing a lot of serious reviewing in order to take the SAT's in a couple of weeks. Both were certain they could face them immediately, but both wanted to hone their skills a bit more to increase their chances of achieving a high score. Allen, offered to tutor both guys. His help was especially appreciated by Joel who had not taken these particular exams before.

By the time Friday arrived, Joel wasn't sure if he wanted to go into architecture or possibly something to do with teaching kids. He really loved children, and the ones he had worked with loved him in return. The week's experience had been gratifying for everyone involved.

Since they were busy cramming for their entrance exams, Joel and Alex decided to stay away from the lake for most of the weekend. They did take a break from studying to go to mass with their families on Saturday afternoon. The priest chose that day to talk about the culture wars and how America was going to Hell in a hand-car because of its tolerance of abortion and gays. The boys were shocked to hear such a blatant tirade against homosexuals. They were nearly ready to leave in the middle of the homily, but instead, they boldly held hands as they went to the front to receive the Eucharist. The young priest frowned at them and refused them the sacrament. The boys turned around and walked down the aisle without stopping until they were outside. Most of the members of their families had been ahead of them in the line and didn't know what had transpired. Alicia and Allen, who had been behind the boys, refused to take communion since it had been denied to their brother and his boyfriend. They walked out with Joel and Alex. The four of them were ready to leave the church in the ultimate sense of the word.

When the service ended, the parents and grandparents came out looking for the younger members. As soon as they heard the story, they went to talk with the priest who was just finishing shaking hands with the parishioners.

"We need to discuss your attitude toward my grandson and his friend," Rhys plunged in as soon as he got the man's attention.

"What is there to say?" the priest answered. "These boys are obviously flaunting their homosexuality in defiance of the recent proclamations from the Pope. I will not give the body and blood of Our Lord to unrepentant sinners!"

"Who are you to sit in judgment of these young men?" Lori Albers broke in. "There are many men of the cloth who have molested children for their own deviant sexual desires. Who are you to judge people who love each other?"

"I am going by what the Church teaches, lady, and if you don't like it; you don't have to come back."

Lori looked at her husband and the Masterson's. They all nodded their assent to her unspoken question.

"I'm out of here and I think the rest of this family is with me."

Again, all of the rest nodded.

"We have lived through some nasty bullying incidents in the past few months; one of them by a person who should have been into loving and nurturing rather than berating and excluding. If you are taking a bigoted attitude too, you don't know enough about love to be a representative of God. God is Love! God does not turn his back on those he has created - however he created them!"

With that, Lori Albers turned on her heel and headed for the parking lot. The rest followed. She was still fuming as they waited to be seated for dinner. Of course the church was the topic of conversation over the meal the two families shared.

The younger members of the family simply wanted nothing more to do with organized religion. The older ones were not so hasty to throw out the baby with the bath water (or baptismal water as the case may be). They recommended finding a more tolerant place to worship.

By the end of dinner, nothing had been settled. However, the adults were feeling a bit mellower after a couple of glasses of good wine. The kids felt it was just one more example of how society and the church would not accept someone who was different.

On Sunday afternoon, Joel, Alex, and Allen were about studied out for the moment. Joel suggested that they take Allen and Alicia to the lake property for a bit of fun in the water. Of course they couldn't lie out bare-assed with a girl along, but they really needed an outlet to burn off the stress that had been building up.

At the lake, they soon bumped into Dane and Colt who were out water skiing with Trent, Sara, Jerry, and Carrie. Alicia was delighted to have another couple of girls to hang with. Soon they were all taking turns on the skis and jet skis. It was like a big party. The lake was pretty busy until later in the afternoon when people began to go home. Just before dinnertime, it was almost like their private playground.

Greta had planned a hotdog roast for Dane and Colt's company and she had plenty of food for four more. They agreed to join her picnic after they called home to let their families know where they were.

"Grandma is going to have to do something to get even with you, Mrs. Johnson," Joel exclaimed. "She thinks I've imposed on your hospitality way too much."

"Joel, you're always welcome at my table. I'm sure your grandparents have fed plenty of teenagers enough times to equal anything I've done. And, please call me 'Grandma' or 'Nana' or 'Greta' whatever you feel comfortable with. 'Mrs. Johnson' is way too formal."

"Okay, Nana," Joel grinned. "But just be sure you come to our open house when our cottage is finished. Have you seen the concrete work? It's all set for the panels to be put up as soon as they arrive from the factory. We'll have a snug place, like you do, that can be used year round before fall is over - maybe even sooner."

Greta said she would go over to check out the construction the next day.

"I'll make sure to take over lemonade and iced tea for the workers once they begin building," she said. "Sometimes a little kindness goes a long way toward making sure you get quality work. It's like the cup of cold water that is mentioned in the Bible."

That biblical reference led to a discussion of Joel and Alex being refused communion. Greta mentioned that she knew of a great Episcopalian priest in Cosgrove who would welcome gay couples since he and his partner were gay.

"You know the Episcopal Church isn't terribly far from the Roman Catholic one. I'm sure you'd be comfortable there with a few adjustments. I think the priest is Father Jerry something or other. We can call Zeke Adams to find out. He knows the man and respects him."

Colt spoke up in favor of talking to Zeke. He thought the young college dude and his partner, Bryan walked on water. Dane raved about how those guys had helped roof DJ's house.

"We need to get Zeke and Bryan to speak to our gay/straight alliance if we can get it started," Colt added.

Since it was getting dark, the young people all headed back for Bentonville. Several had jobs or other duties in the morning. Joel, Alex, and Allen planned to hit the books again in preparation for the SATs at the end of the week.

The next week was a busy one for Colton and Dane as they worked in the basement at DJ's house. Since they'd finished off the attic rooms, now could work in the coolest part of the house. It was a good thing, too, since the weather turned very hot and humid. That which was a good climate for growing corn wasn't always a great atmosphere for people.

Even though they were working where they didn't have to sweat, Ellen persuaded them to take most afternoons off for some fun. That involved either time in the swimming pool or taking a trip to Camelot. The latter usually won out because of the crowded conditions at the pool. It seemed like every kid in town had the same idea. Meeting their friends there was fun, but some of the little brats could get on anyone's nerves in short order.

On Thursday afternoon, the boys enjoyed going water skiing. Since they needed a third person to be a spotter, Grandma put her suit on and joined them. She skied once, herself, but mostly spotted or piloted the boat. Her pleasure was in seeing her grandsons playing. They were both getting quite good at water skiing. It was rare that either took a spill no matter how much they cut back and forth across the wake of the boat.

When the boys tired of skiing, Greta said she was going home to Bentonville for the rest of the afternoon and would have dinner ready around 6:30. They would be on their own in the meantime. That was certainly not an unwelcome announcement. The gate had barely closed behind her car before the boys put out the tarp and towels for sunbathing. It took only a few minutes of grab-ass before both were naked and boned up.

It might be assumed that two boys who slept in the same bed every night and showered together every morning would have their sexual needs taken care of without getting horny in the afternoon. This however was not the case. There was something about being naked out of doors in the hot sun that turned them on like nothing else. It reminded them of the nude beaches they'd been on and the times that they couldn't be so free and uninhibited because of being in a public place.

Dane began by having Colt lie down while he coated his cousin's body with sun-block. Colt moaned his appreciation when Dane made extra sure that Colt's 'nads would be protected against the sun's rays.

When Dane finished, Colton got up and did the same thing to him. But at the end, he lay on top of Dane and began kissing. Both boys had avoided putting any lotion on the other's face, so they didn't have to eat sun-screen while making out. Sucking on each other would have produced the same unpleasant results, so there was lots of petting and stroking. Eventually, Dane got their erections aligned side by side and Colt began slowly and sensuously moving his body against Dane's. Dane reached up, cupping Colton's buns, to help maintain the rhythm. The ends of his fingers found their way into the crack of Colt's butt. That increased the pleasure for both.

The motion of their hot bodies increased along with the level of their deep kissing and moaning. Dane thrust his hips upward just as Colt shuddered. There was a split second when they teetered on the edge before both exploded in the ecstasy that they had come to treasure. The major event was over before they wanted it to be, but the aftershocks were almost as satisfying. They kissed tenderly as they came down from the stratosphere.

The boys had that strange feeling that you get when you know you aren't alone. Dane looked up at a young man in khakis and a polo shirt. He was looking embarrassed, but also had a rather large bulge in the front of his pants.

"Uh, I'm awfully sorry, but the gate was ajar and Greta had said I was welcome to come over anytime," the young man stammered. "Uh I didn't mean to stay once I saw what was going on, but it was so hot..."

"That's okay, dude," Dane grinned. "We're all finished anyway, but you look like you need some of what we just got."

The architect looked down at his own crotch which was not only uncomfortable, but beginning to show a growing wet spot. He adjusted it as best he could after turning away from the boys.

Colt got off of Dane and grabbed a towel to wipe the fresh cum off of both of them. The man standing there shuddered as he watched. It looked as if he was about to cum too.

"Sorry about our dress-code," Colt offered. "We always run around naked when it's all guys. Oh, by the way, I'm Colt and this is my boyfriend, Dane."

Colt held out his hand in introduction.

"I'm Charles Mason, but please call me Chuck."

They shook hands all around. Chuck swallowed hard trying to focus his attention on something other than the firm, young bodies in front of him. He allowed them to lead him into the cottage where he accepted a big glass of iced tea. He felt uncomfortable sitting there with two naked teens. The boys sensed that and pulled on their shorts.

Eventually, Chuck asked to use the restroom. The boys were making bets on why he needed it. The young man emerged a few minutes later looking flushed and relaxed. The projection in his pants had subsided, but still looked like a nice bulge.

He finished his iced tea and thanked the guys for a very "stimulating" afternoon. He invited them to come and look at the progress on the Masterson's cottage. He suggested that they might want to throw on some shirts since there were still a few workers around.

"You guys might draw more attention than you want. There's one guy over there who would probably blackmail you into something if he had caught you like I did. He'd threaten to tell Greta for sure."

"That's not a problem," Dane assured the young man. "Grandma and the rest of the family know that we're lovers. Everyone's cool with it. We're coming out at school this year, I think. If not, next year for sure."

"I wish I'd had the guts that you do," Chuck said sadly. "I knew my father would never give me any money for my education if he thought I was gay. Now, I'm married and everything..."

"Do you have kids?" Colt asked.

"No, my wife doesn't seem to want a family. She has a pretty high-up job in the banking industry."

"Then, why don't you consider getting out of your marriage? If her income is as much or more than yours, you won't be paying alimony. Why would you stay with a woman if you can't have kids? Get out while you can!"

"Wow, Colt, you don't mince words. What made you so wise for your years?"

"I've seen a lot of hurt in people who were in the wrong relationships. My mom was in one of those."

The boys accompanied Chuck to the construction site. They couldn't believe the progress that was being made. Since Rhys had the money to do it, he could hire all sorts of workers. There were plumbers and electricians installing pipes and wires as quickly as the walls were going up. The sheetrock crew was due in as soon as they were through. This was shaping up in a hurry.

Colt was not unaware of the fact that he and Dane were being noticed. Perhaps it was good that they had put on shirts as well as shorts. He was certain Dane was picking up the same vibes.

As the left, Chuck told the boys that this afternoon had been a turning point for him. He wanted to find what they already seemed to have. He was going to call his lawyer and see about ending his sham of a marriage. He was tired of living a lie.

They all shook hands warmly. Chuck would like to have hugged them both, but felt he couldn't in the presence of the builders. He would try to let them know how things turned out for him.

In Bentonville, John had just gotten home from his shift at Wal-Mart. He was greeted at the door by Miss Charlotte who handed him his share of the mail. There were a couple of advertising flyers and a letter from the college. He opened the letter quickly. The smile began to work up from his mouth and spread all the way to his eyebrows.

"Yes!" he shouted.

Lottie's smile got as big as John's as she read his grade report. He had solid "A's" in all of his classes. He was eligible for a partial scholarship for the next term based on his performance. She was proud of the young man that she had begun to think of as a grandson. He had come a long way from the scruffy, Goth-looking boy who had sat in her parlor worried about his fate at the hands of the law.

"Well," she announced. "I'm going to call Emma and we're taking you and Darrin to the Italian restaurant in Cosgrove to celebrate tonight. It's too hot to cook up an appropriate dinner here. Since Dan is over with Cory tonight, the four of us will fit into one car comfortably. If you're okay with that, I'll call and make reservations right now."

"I guess we should make sure Darrin is up to it. He's had a long shift today."

"You know he'll be up for it when he finds out about your grades. You know he would do anything for you; he loves you that much."

"Yeah, I know he does. I just hope I never let him down. I'll call him at work."

John picked up the phone, but put it down again as he heard the kitchen door open and Darrin's voice.

"Honey, I'm home," Darrin giggled parroting an old line for a TV sitcom.

"I'm in the parlor, Darling," Lottie chirped back in return.

That got them all giggling.

Darrin was as elated as Miss Charlotte had been and immediately suggested inviting Emma and all going out to dinner. He was not surprised that the idea had already come up. So, while he and John took a quick shower and changed clothes, Charlotte took care of calling the restaurant and Emma.

Dinner was delicious and served at just the right pace to allow for leisurely dining and conversation. Darrin thought John and he should take off some time for a vacation before school started again. John said that he didn't feel like he could afford to miss work. That brought a response from Miss Charlotte.

"Nonsense!" she insisted. "You take the time you need. That place takes advantage of workers who are loyal. It's give and take. You do all the giving and they do all the taking! You now have more money for next term with the scholarship and you have your family to help you. You have worked night and day this summer to succeed. You need to relax. I'm going to see what vacation packages are out there. Would you like to go on a cruise or maybe spend a week at one of those special resorts in Key West that caters to nice young men?"

"But, Miss Charlotte, you've give too much already. I can't let you do that."

"Nonsense!" she repeated. "You can and you will. You're closer to me than my grandchildren and I'll spoil you if I like. Lord knows you could use some spoiling after the hand you were dealt in life!"

John sat there with tears of joy in his eyes. He loved this old lady like no one other than his brother and Darrin. She really was as close as a real grandmother.

"You don't know any expressions other than: 'nonsense,' Grandma," he laughed.

"I most certainly do! And you are going to hear a few of them if you don't stop being uncooperative. I'll give you the cash, and you and Darrin can have the fun of deciding where you want to spend it. And if you don't accept it, I'll book an 'Elder Hostel' trip for you with a bunch of senior citizens!"

Everyone had a good laugh over her last statement, knowing she was capable of carrying out a threat.

"Oh, this is as good a time as any to bring up another subject," Charlotte continued as she looked toward Emma for confirmation. "Emma and I have decided to move to Arizona. I liked it when I was there last winter. Our old bones and blood are getting too brittle and thin for Iowa winters. I'm deeding the house to you in both of your names. That way, you'll have to stay together for life. I'm setting up a trust fund for Dan that's equal to half the current value of the house. I'm not treating any of my adopted grandchildren differently."

Darrin and John sat in stunned silence of a couple of minutes. They had no idea she would do anything like that.

"Well, say something. Do you hate the idea of living in my old place?"

"No, we love it, but It's way too much to do," Darrin responded when he finally found his voice.

"I'm going to say the 'n' word again - NONESENSE!" Charlotte grinned. "I have a will to provide for all of my grandchildren. They don't want to live here, and they have no interest in my old stuff. You boys have shown an appreciation for antiques and you shall have them. It's what I want. Now, humor an old lady and just say: 'thank you'."

"Thank you, Grandma," the young men said in chorus.

Exhilarated by the events of the day, John and Darrin wanted nothing more than to be alone cuddling in their bed after they got home from dinner. Lottie sensed that, and made an excuse about needing to spend the rest of the evening in her room phoning Emma to further discuss plans for their move in the fall. Darrin suspected it was a ruse to give them time together, but he appreciated the gesture.

As soon as he and John were alone in their room, he attacked his young lover and nearly tore his clothes off. John played hard to get and laughed as Darrin tried to dominate him. Once they were naked in bed, their mood turned gentle. They spent a long time kissing each other's body all over. The extended foreplay made them feel like they could burst at any minute.

They slowed down the pace to cool off a bit. Then Darrin got the lube out of the nightstand and John rolled over on his back with his legs pulled up to his chest. Darrin handed the lube to John and assumed the same position.

"Tonight, I want my studly lover buried to the hilt in me," Darrin said huskily.

"Your wish is my command," John assured him.

While John often liked to be in the bottom position, he also loved to top. With the boost in self-esteem he got from his grade report, he felt like a stud in rut tonight. He would make love to Darrin until they both came. But instead of greasing up and ramming his cock home, he began by licking Darrin's balls. He got brave and licked further down to his perineum. Eventually he took a swipe across Darrin's rosebud. That elicited deeper moans than usual. Encouraged, John went back in for more. Then he used his fingers to prepare Darrin. By the time he was ready to enter with his steely cock, Darrin was getting dangerously close to cumming.

John started his ride slowly, but built up the rhythm to the point that he nearly came. Then he stopped and let them cool down. After a few minutes, he started again. He did this several times until Darrin was pleading to be finished off. The last time, John went for the gold. As he began to shoot his copious load, Darrin came between them.

Exhausted, John lay on top of his lover's body. Darrin loved the feeling of his weight. They both fell asleep in that position for long enough for the cum to begin to congeal. A half hour later, they pealed themselves apart and took a shower together.

Down the hall, Lottie was preparing for bed. She might be old, but there was nothing wrong with her hearing. She wasn't naïve either. She had a pretty good idea of why the shower was running. She smiled as sleep overtook her.

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