Castle Roland

Chapter 51

Published: 13 Oct 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

John and Darrin spent the next several days deciding where they would go on their vacation. In the end, they settled on a gay resort in Key West. It would be their chance to enjoy the scenery and it would be an opportunity for Darrin to loosen up a bit about being naked around other guys. He was shier about that than John was. , All of this planning and the knowledge that he would be away from Wal-Mart for a week of sun bathing and loving, made John much happier with life. He called his probation office as soon as the plans were firmed up to make sure he would be allowed to go. He certainly didn't want to violate the terms of his agreement with the state. Life was going too well to screw up. In view of his grades and his participation in counseling, permission was easily obtained.

Joel, Alex, and Allen went to the community college campus to take the grueling series of tests for college entrance. When it was over, they felt drained, but satisfied that they had given it their best shot.

"I feel like some giant brain-sucking alien just vacuumed out my entire head!" Alex complained.

"Me too," Joel agreed. "I'm ready to take a nap in the sun. How about we go to the lake? The men don't usually work on Saturday. We'll grab some burgers on the way and phone the 'older ones' to let them know where we are."

"I think you should drop me off in town because I want to take a nap without hearing you two going at it." Allen teased.

"You know you love it when we stimulate your brain with our vocal orgasms," Alex grinned.

"Yeah, but I really do want to go home. Thanks for offering to include me."

They grabbed burgers from Mickey D's on the way to Bentonville, so they wouldn't waste too much time. After dropping Allen off, Joel and Alex phoned their parents to let them know their plans. Then they hurried off to the lake. They were eager to get out of their clothes as soon as possible.

As predicted, the construction site was deserted when they arrived. Alex parked his vehicle in the middle of the drive to block others from entering without warning. The fencing around the property was installed already, but Rhys had thought it unnecessary to have the gate installed until the workmen were finished. He didn't trust having too many remotes in the hands of others and he didn't want to get up early every morning to open for them.

The guys went to the primitive cabin which was still standing and stripped to the skin. They got out a plastic tarp and their beach towels to lie on. Joel remembered to grab the lotion and some cold sodas. He put those in a bag along with swim trunks to slip into if someone happened to come by.

On the way to their secluded spot, they stopped to check out the progress on the new cottage. Joel had to run back to the cabin for a key. Rather than being irritated, he was pleased that the workmen were locking things up so that the new appliances wouldn't be stolen.

The boys did an extensive tour and were happy to see the progress. There was some painting and trim to be finished, but everything else was done. They would be able to stay in the new place before school started. That was a big plus. Rhys had spared no expense to keep the project moving. He had promised a bonus to the workers for speed accompanied by good quality. He wouldn't pay for having something shoddy put up no matter how quickly he wanted it finished!

Going out the sliding door from the living room to the deck, the boys were Impressed by the great view. They squatted down to dick level to see if anyone could observe them naked. The trees were high enough to prevent anyone on the lake from seeing them below the waist, and at that distance they would need a pair of binoculars. It was very cool because it meant they were free to run bare-assed when they were alone or with certain other guys.

"Great view, isn't it?" Chuck Mason called out.

The boys were startled because they hadn't heard him come up. They wondered if he was asking a question or making a statement. From the grin on his face, they decided that he meant it both ways.

"I'm glad you appreciate it," Joel called out, continuing the possible innuendo.

"Oh, I do!" the young architect replied. "I'm sorry to have interrupted you. I have something I need to check out to make sure that the specs were followed and then I will be out of your way. Do all of the young studs hang out naked around this lake?"

"We do, and some of our friends do," Joel answered.

"Yeah, I bumped into a couple next door the last time I was here," Chuck grinned.

"That would probably be Colton and Dane," Alex said. "They're the ones who got us into this dress-code in the first place."

Chuck nodded his head and then went to check something on the lower level while the boys slipped into their trunks. He came back a few minutes later to tell them that the correct supporting beams had been installed and the place would be ready for the final inspection once the trim was installed on Monday. He left fairly quickly, but not before giving their bodies a "final inspection."

"I'm thinking that guy is one of us unless my gaydar is entirely out of whack," Joel snickered after the architect had left.

"I'm thinking your sensors are functioning well." Alex smiled.

The subject was quickly dropped, as well as their trunks, and Joel pulled Alex into a tight embrace and kissed his willing lover until they were both hard and breathless.

"Do you think we should take this opportunity to christen the place?" Joel grinned.

Alex nodded. Joel took his hand and led him back out to the deck. He spread their towels on the floor before pulling his lover down beside him. The kissing resumed where they had left off when they were interrupted.

"Shit!" Joel announced. "I can smell my own pits. I must have stressed more than I thought on those tests. Let's go back to the cabin and shower before we continue. I don't want to gross you out!"

Alex stuck out his tongue and licked Joel from his navel to his neck.

"Umm, I love your salty skin! Nothing about you could ever gross me out."

"Yeah, well, it will make me feel less comfortable if I know I could offend you, so please let's shower."

"Okay. Hey, is the water hooked up here?"

The boys checked to see. Sure enough, the water was on. Since Rhys had insisted on having a water heater which supplied hot water on demand, Joel had only to turn on the correct breaker and the shower was operable.

The shower on the lower level was big enough for four guys. It had four shower heads above and four lower down at about butt level. The large stall didn't need a curtain because of the way the walls were placed - kind of like in some small gyms. That was one of Joel's design contributions and he was eager to try it out.

Joel sprinted back to the cabin to get shower gel and shampoo. Moments later, the lovers were soaping each other's body and enjoying water coming from four sources. To rinse the soap off of their favorite parts, the guys used the lower showerheads at close range.

"I feel really fresh and ready to get sucked," Joel giggled.

"Me too, but think of all the precum we've wasted down the drain!" Alex commented.

"I'm working up a new load," Joel assured him.

The guys returned to the deck once more. This time, Joel made love with abandon. The heat of the day soon caused them to perspire again, but this sweat was fresh. Alex could enjoy the slightly salty tang of his lover's skin without having Joel feel self-conscious. Alex got brave and ran his tongue inside of Joel's armpit. From the latter's lusty moan, he was pretty sure that it was appreciated.

Joel switched positions and gave Alex the same treatment. Pretty soon, he squirmed around so that he could bathe Alex's balls and Alex could do the same for him. Joel ventured further down to Alex's perineum. Alex nearly lost his load at the sensuous feeling of being licked behind his balls. He went for that area on Joel's body. Joel reacted the same way.

When they got to the main course, neither was lacking in sticky precum. Whatever had been sent down the drain had been quickly replaced by an ample new supply. Both were thinking of how great the other tasted.

Alex wet his middle finger and slipped it between Joel's cheeks, lightly touching his rosebud. That was all the stimulation Joel could stand. It tripped his trigger and he blew a hot, powerful load into Alex's mouth. Before Joel got his second shot off, Alex began to pump out his offering. They both came a lot. Even after the strong force of the first several blasts had subsided, there was a continuation of small tremors that produced more cum.

Joel swung back around and planted a big kiss on his lover's lips. The two explored the insides of each other's mouth, sharing the stickiness they found there. This went on for several minutes as their cocks finally softened.

"I hereby pronounce this place christened!" Joel exclaimed. "Between you and me, this place will forever be known as: 'Cum-a-lot' because I think it fits!"

Alex laughed so hard he nearly choked. He appreciated his loving boyfriend with the quick, quirky sense of humor. Somehow, he felt completely at ease with this, bright, good-looking guy. He didn't know how he had existed before Joel came into his life.

The boys did have a nap in the late afternoon sun before showering again and going back into Bentonville. They got there just in time for dinner at the Albers' house. Jane and Rhys had been invited and all enjoyed the turkey Alex's father had cooked on the grill rotisserie. It was like Thanksgiving without heating up the house.

Conversation revolved around the new cottage and the plans for the weekend. All were slated to go to Cosgrove on Sunday to visit Father Jerry's church and then to the lake to play after lunch. It would be a great time for the families to get even closer.

August began as hot as July had ended. But, despite the temperature, activities were heating up for the beginning of the school year. The marching band was working on moves and music. This was the first year that Bentonville would have a serious band. With the bringing in of kids from the other district, there were enough people to sound really good.

Dave was one of the guys who made the trip in every afternoon to rehearse. He didn't have to come alone, because Dustin was going out for cross-country and would be running for nearly the same period of time the band was practicing.

Colton and Dane had been persuaded to go out for cross-country and they had convinced Joel, Cory, and Dan to join them. Joel wasn't sure he was cut out for team sports, but soon found out that he could run with the best of them. Dan and Cory felt the exercise could only improve their endurance on the court when basketball season opened. Dane and Colt were pleased that a new policy at school would allow them to replace a gym class with participation in an active sport. It was another benefit of having more students in Bentonville High. Now, there was no need to make everyone take gym each term to keep the classes filled. In fact, the PE classes would be at capacity and there might be the need to hire an additional teacher.

Most of the coaches of teams wanted their guys to get inured to the heat by not sleeping in air conditioning. This was going to be a big sacrifice for some. The gay couples among the groups didn't want to give up snuggling at night. Dane and Colt figured out they would adapt by turning the thermostat up a few degrees each night until they could get used to going without air conditioning. When they mentioned it to Joel and Alex, Joel suggested they all might try sleeping at the cottage. Jane and Rhys were planning to use the place on the weekends, but would give it over to the boys during the week. It sounded like a plan!

Before that plan got put into action, Colt invited Dustin and Dave to stay over the next night so they wouldn't have to commute the following day. Of course, he had cleared it with his grandmother first. Dave got permission easily from both parents. They thought the world of Dane and Colt. Dustin was up against another problem. His mother fussed, saying that Dustin would be likely be found out as a "fairy" if he slept in the same house with Dave. Dustin, of course, didn't want to out his friends without their permission, so he couldn't tell her that everyone there would be gay. Eventually, when his dad came home, he got the okay. Gary was happy that his son would be with kids who really knew him. Because, of course, Gary knew Dane and Colt were lovers.

After a long hot afternoon of practice, the cross-country guys showered at school and changed into shorts and T's. Poor Dave had to wait to get to Greta's house to shower because no one thought of the band members as athletes.

While he was getting cleaned up, the others were making dinner. Colt and Dane were delighted to find that Dustin knew his way around a kitchen and could be a lot of help. Among them, they put a hearty, healthy meal on the table shortly after Dave got out of the shower.

After dinner, they sat around in the living room catching up on each other's lives. Dustin shared some of his troubles with his mother. The others were sympathetic while realizing how truly amazing their own families were in being so accepting. They had heard enough tales of kids being shunned, thrown out, and made to feel like lepers to know how lucky they were.

While they were visiting, the phone rang. It was Joel telling them that all was set for living at the lake for most week-nights until school began. When Joel heard that Dave and Dustin were there, he extended the invitation to them as well. Dustin decided to call his father immediately for permission before his mother found out. He told Joel about his mother's comment about being outed. Joel said that he and Alex were completely out and that maybe he'd better not mention it to his mother because she would be concerned he'd be "guilty by association."

"I'm not going to worry about that," Dustin announced. "I think Dave and I may come out in a big way once we see how things are going at school. If you guys get a gay/straight alliance thing going, we'll be there and that should let people know which team we're on."

"Not necessarily," Joel said. "Alex's twin is straight as anyone and he'll be there to support us. His sister is committed to help too. I think you'll be surprised at how many straight kids will show up. I know several jocks on the football team are coming because of how Coach Crouser treated Alex. Even though the guy is dead, some of the team can't forgive him. I have to admit I can't either. You should have heard him. We'll play the tape for you sometime."

Later, Dane made popcorn and the four guys enjoyed it while watching the late news. The weather report held out little hope of a break in the heat anytime soon. The sportscast had some footage of the Bentonville football and cross-country practices. The guys enjoyed seeing themselves on the news and the idea that their school was getting positive publicity. There was even a short clip that included the marching band, but it was difficult to pick out Dave in the mass of bodies at the distance from which the footage had been shot. At the end of the broadcast, the boys trudged upstairs. Dave and Dustin got the guest room across from their hosts. It was a bit too warm to really snuggle, so the boys held hands with their lovers. They didn't make love because they were all exhausted from training and the heat.

The next morning, after breakfast, Colt and Dane took their car to go with Dave and Dustin to get clothes and things they'd need for the next couple of weeks. Dave's mother welcomed them with cookies and milk while Dave was throwing his stuff together. She gave Dave extra money so he could pay for groceries and possibly take the other guys out for dinner.

Dustin's mother couldn't have been further to the other extreme. She wasn't particularly hospitable and made derisive remarks about her son. Before they left, she dealt the final blow.

"Do you guys know that my son and Dave are lovers? They're queer! Now, how happy are you to have them staying with you?" she asked.

"Just great!" Dane grinned as he turned to Colt.

They closed the gap between them to share a discreet kiss. It wasn't sensuous or open-mouth, but it left no doubt that they were thumbing their noses at her. She was left in a quandary. Those boys didn't look like she assumed gay kids would. Were they playing with her? Of course, if she admitted it, her own son wasn't the TV stereotypical homosexual kid. She turned on her heel and left the room.

Dave was suppressing a giggle when Dustin came back with his things.

"Your mother just met her match. She started telling these two that we're queers and they smiled and kissed in front of her. I've never seen her at a loss for words before!" Dave snickered.

Dustin's grin began slowly and then spread over his face. He turned to his boyfriend and planted a little kiss on his lips. Then, the four guys departed to Bentonville to have lunch and rest before the afternoon exertion.

That evening, Greta had all six of the guys over for a simple supper at Camelot before they went to Joel's new cottage for the night. She figured they would be too exhausted to make their own meal and she loved having a houseful of kids with healthy appetites. Their energy and spontaneity always left her feeling energized in return.

After they ate, Joel invited Greta over for a tour of the new place. She appreciated all of the features that had been planned into it. Joel beamed when his boyfriend pointed out the ones he'd been especially involved in.

Once Greta had gone back to her cottage, Joel pressed the remote to close the new gate. Now, no one would come onto the grounds unannounced.

"Okay, house rules," he announced as he and Alex began stripping.

The rest caught on quickly and soon all were naked and slightly aroused. Joe invited them to sit on the deck, but that didn't last long since the mosquitoes were out in force.

"Well, I guess we'll have to screen the deck next," he stated. "Gramps thought maybe we should, but I held back. I guess he knows more about Iowa than I do."

The guys agreed that a screened deck would be ideal on a warm summer's night. But, they enjoyed the slight breeze that was coming through the sliding doors.

Of course there were plenty of bedrooms to go around so each couple had their privacy. Dave and Dustin made the most of theirs. They had been bushed the night before, but were feeling pretty good now. The temperature by the lake was lower than in town; therefor, getting close to one's boyfriend wasn't a problem except for the hard dicks which kept poking them when they faced each other. And that wasn't the worst problem a couple of horny guys could have.

Needless to say, all three couples renewed their pledges of love that night. Each drifted off to sleep realizing how lucky he was. Dustin and Joel who had more difficulties with family than the others were possibly even more appreciative of their soul-mates. This was truly like a new family.

Thursday morning, everyone got up at a reasonable hour for breakfast and spent a bit of time with the water skis and jet skis before going into town to catch a bite of lunch early enough to have it settle before practice. Dave and Dustin hung around with Dane and Colton, but Alex and Joel went to Alex's place.

Alex grabbed the mail from their box on the way into his house while Joel went up to the room they sometimes shared in order to check the email. Alex saw a letter, addressed to him, with a label that looked like the ones the school used. He set the rest of the mail down on the kitchen table as he tore open the envelope. When he opened the letter, some white powder spilled out. The letter which had been written in 64 point on a computer said: "YOU KILLED THE COACH, NOW YOU AND YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR BOYFRIEND MUST DIE!"

"Shit!" Alex exclaimed.

"What is it," Joel asked who had just come into the room.

"Get out while you can, this is a threatening letter saying we killed Crouser and this could be anthrax or poison or something."

"I'm not going anywhere! We're in this together. We have to call the sheriff and report it. Then, we have to make sure your family stays away until the house can be cleared."

Joel pulled out his cell to start calling the people who needed to be informed. Alex sat there paralyzed with grief and indecision. After a couple of minutes, he took the phone that Joel offered him and listened to what the sheriff had to say.

The boys were to remain in the house and allow no one else to come in. A special team from Iowa City was on the way. They were a part of the homeland security system and were equipped to handle any such emergency. The boys were told to wash their hands thoroughly and not to handle anything near the letter. It would be best if they not eat or drink anything and they stay out of the kitchen area.

After they had scrubbed their hands, the guys called Alex's parents to inform them, and asked them to call Allen and Alicia because Alex didn't know where his siblings were. The Albers' were concerned, but Lori said she suspected it was a cruel hoax and that the boys should remain calm. She thought it best not to inform Joel's grandparents until after it had all been sorted out. She would take responsibility for that decision to keep Joel out of trouble with them over keeping them in the dark.

The Hazmat team arrived in a short time. Their helicopter set down in the park not far from the house. This, of course, caused a number of people in the neighborhood to be curious. The team put cautionary yellow tape around the fence in backyard and the bushes in front to keep people out.

The team performed a quick test on the white powder and determined it was laundry detergent. They pronounced the area safe and asked Sheriff Larkin to come in to handle the rest of the investigation.

The sheriff allowed Alex and Joel to call their families to tell them they were safe. Rhys wasn't annoyed with Joel, because he and Jane were not at home earlier and hadn't had their cell phones on, so Joel couldn't have reached them anyway. Alex's parents were much relieved and said they would call the other kids immediately.

Then, the sheriff took their statements and carefully collected the evidence. Alex was the only one, other than the perpetrator, who'd handled anything so there would not be lots of fingerprints on the letter. The envelope had been touched by the letter-carrier and who knows how many other people, so it would likely not yield any usable prints.

The boys grabbed a few things out of the fridge and some high-energy bars before heading for their practices. Both were shaken by the experience, but were resolute in their determination that life would go on as normally as possible. Each arrived just in time to get into their sports gear before it was time to start. Both tried to put the incident out of their minds in order to do their best, but it was difficult to concentrate.

Alex kept his eyes open during the scrimmage. He was trying to determine if anyone was reacting differently than usual. A couple of times, he felt as if he were being watched. However, he didn't have a chance to look around much.

During the break, Allen took him aside and talked to him for a few minutes without anyone else around. Allen assured him things would turn out, saying he, Allen, would look after his "little" bro. That made Alex smile.

The rest of practice went well for the twins as they began to focus more. Their old uncanny ESP kicked in and they played like one guy in two different places at once.

Joel managed to tell Dustin, Dane, and Colt about what happened as they ran along together as they often did. The other boys offered to keep an eye out for trouble and guaranteed him that they would do whatever was necessary to protect Alex and him. Once again, Joel thanked God for good friends.

Dinner that night was at a small restaurant near the lake. Dave said that it was his turn to treat. They ate a good meal while they caught Dave up on the happenings of the late morning.

"God, this tastes good," Alex commented. "Joel and I hardly got to eat anything. If the Hazmat team hadn't been efficient, we would have missed practice altogether."

"That reminds me," Allen spoke up. "I got the feeling Kevin Hames was almost surprised to see us today. Maybe I'm paranoid, but he seemed almost unhappy to see us going on as usual."

"I missed that," Alex said. "But, I did have a strange feeling someone was watching me today. I could be wrong. I know I'm jumpy after opening that envelope."

"Hey, anyone would be," Dustin commented. "I'm thinking maybe someone has a grudge that isn't even related to the coach's dying. I wonder if someone is using this as a cover."

"Wow, you should be a shrink! Our mom is, and she said the same thing," Alex said excitedly.

"Gramps is concerned either way," Joel informed them. "He's hired a couple of security guys to watch the grounds at the lake tonight. I guess we won't be naked as usual. You guys should probably stay somewhere else to be safe, anyway."

"As long as you guys are safe, we can keep our underwear on. And as far as abandoning friends in need, we just aren't going to do that! I remember how you stood up to my dad when you thought he might want to harm me." Dustin exclaimed.

"We're in too," the rest chimed in.

Joel and Alex beamed at their friends through eyes that appeared to be misty.

It was a subdued group of guys who left the restaurant for the cottage in two vehicles. They got there just as the security people were arriving. The guards checked out the building and the grounds before allowing the boys to settle in for the evening. They insisted that all of the outside yard lights be left on.

Dane called Greta to fill her in on what had happened so she wouldn't wonder about the lights and the guards. She was upset about the attack on Alex, but agreed that the boys were probably all safer there than in Bentonville. She would sleep with one eye open, despite her words of assurance.

Allen had his own room. He kind of wished he were sharing with someone. He wished he could find a girl who would be as close to him as Joel was to Alex. He was a bit envious that the guys could have a sexual relationship without their families getting upset, while he couldn't do that with a girl without someone considering wrong. Yet, in some families it would be just the opposite. Life is a funny thing.

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