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Wyatt's Thanksgiving

by David Lee

Short Story

Short Story

Published: 26 Nov 15

Wyatt's Thanksgiving

A very short story by David Lee Copyright © 2012

There he was serving food in the church's fellowship hall on Thanksgiving when he could have been at Grandma's with his family. But he had volunteered in order to be done with his sentence. Thirty hours of community service on top of paying for the damages seemed like a pretty tough penalty to Wyatt. At least it would be over soon, and he wouldn't have to come back on Sunday which was his birthday. Yet he had mixed emotions.

In actuality, the experience of participating in providing meals for the poor hadn't been dreadful like he had feared. Over the past fourteen Sundays, Wyatt had felt a spontaneous evolution going on inside of his head despite his initial reaction.

The judge had called him a spoiled brat who needed to do something meaningful for others in order to become a decent human being, and his parents had agreed, much to his dismay. How could the people who had indulged his every whim for the past 17 years suddenly turn against him?

He'd never been in trouble before and still wouldn't be if it hadn't been for the jerk who'd parked right next to his red Mustang convertible and left a mark on its door. There were plenty of parking places, but the dumb-shit had to use that one. Damn!

Born the last of four children by quite a few years, Wyatt had lived a charmed life from day-one. His older siblings doted on him and his parents seemed always to be trying to make up for the fact that he hadn't been planned. If his father's vasectomy hadn't failed, he wouldn't exist.

Here he was in his 15th week of serving meals and it would all be over in another half hour. He hadn't seen any sign of Jesse yet and wondered if the boy wasn't going to make it. It would be a shame to miss this meal.

The cook and her helpers had gone all out to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. It was as good as any home-cooked meal, and Wyatt was eager to partake of it when his shift was over. The aroma made his mouth water.

It had probably been something like 10 weeks ago when they'd first met. It was a Sunday evening when pizza was on the menu. Jesse was new to the place and had come back to the line to see if he could have seconds.

"Please may I have more?" Jesse had asked.

His request made Wyatt grin because it reminded him of "Oliver" which he'd recently seen on stage.

"Are you making fun of me?" Jesse asked with more than a hint of hostility.

"Not at all. We're supposed to be pleasant. Who pissed in your Cheerios?"

"The whole fuckin' world!"



"Wyatt, would you like to eat? There's plenty more pizzas in the oven, and I can take your place since I'm basically finished," the cook offered.

"Thanks Mrs. Harvey. May I have salad and the rest too?"

"Of course. Just grab a plate and come through the line."

Wyatt got his food and looked around for a place to sit. He decided to join the teen whom he'd talked to a minute before.

"May I sit here?"

"It's a free country," Jesse shrugged.

"My name's Wyatt; what's yours?"

"It's Jesse, but I don't know why you'd care."

"I guess I don't care all that much, but I don't have anything in common with most of the people in here."

"And you think you and I do?"

"Well, we're both young studs," Wyatt responded with a slight smile.

"You're upper class and I'm dirt. Doesn't seem like much of a connection. I have no choice of where I eat tonight, unlike you do-gooders!"

"Hey, take the chip off your shoulder. I'm not thrilled to be here either and I'm not a do-gooder."

"Yeah, well why else would you be mixing with street people."

"It's part of my sentence, um, community service."

"Got caught selling pot to your preppy friends?"

"No, I did something really stupid though. Some asshole parked right next to me in an almost empty lot and his passenger opened the door into my car and left a big white mark on it so I kicked his car and made a dent in it. Unfortunately the mall security dude was driving by just in time to catch me. I offered to pay for it right away, but he had me arrested for malicious property damage and I had to appear before a judge and the whole thing. She was like that Judge Judy on TV and really threw the book at me."

"Aw, poor baby. What's it like to have a car? It's probably a hot convertible with mags and a whole lot of other shit."

"It IS a Mustang convertible. How'd you know?"

"I saw a red one in the parking lot and it looks like one I've seen at Wash. I can't imagine that any of the older volunteers here would have one, and the 'clients' certain couldn't afford it, so I made a lucky guess."

"Whoa, you go to Wash? I thought you looked familiar. Weren't you in the big honors history lecture class in the auditorium last year?"

"Yeah I was. Now that you mention it, I remember your presentation on the American Revolution as a civil war. You were really good," Jesse exclaimed dropping his acrimonious tone.

"Thanks. What was yours on?"

"I did mine on Valley Forge."

"Now I remember. You even dressed as George Washington. That was a great way to keep everyone's attention.

"So what's the deal? Why are you here?"

"Look, I'm on my own and I don't want to talk about it."

"I'm sorry if you're down on your luck. Let me help you." Wyatt offered pulling a $20 out of his billfold.

"Keep your damned money. I don't need your pity!" Jesse said heading for the exit.

Wyatt ran after him, catching him at the door.

"Come back, please."

"Why should I?"

"For one thing, there are rules here about cleaning up after yourself. If you leave a mess, they won't let you back in next week. I know the head lady keeps track."

"Okay, is that it?"

"No it's not. You left your bags of stuff, and I want to apologize for offending you. Let's see what's on the dessert cart."

Jesse was initially inclined to push Wyatt's arm off of his shoulder, but the kindliness of human contact kept him from doing it. Perhaps Wyatt was trying to be helpful. Jesse was still wary of his motives, but his touch was comforting, and the kid was cute. Jesse could only dream.

After they'd each eaten a piece of chocolate cake, donated by a local supermarket which didn't keep them on their shelf for longer than a day, they put their dishes on the proper cart and headed outside.

Ava Harvey watched them depart, thinking it was nice of Wyatt to befriend the scruffy lad. A few weeks ago, he'd have ignored the kid as if he didn't exist. He'd really changed. Both of those boys could probably use a friend.

"Could I give you a ride home?" Wyatt asked.

"Nah, I'll walk to where I'm going."

"It's no trouble."

"Thanks, but it's warm out and I can use the exercise."

From the week of their first meeting, Jesse had always arrived about 15 minutes before closing time and Wyatt had joined him to eat. Jesse had let down his guard a great deal, so the two of them frequently talked and laughed together over their meal. Their conversation usually revolved around school because Wyatt was afraid to pry into Jesse's life for fear of offending him again.

As autumn approached, he wondered how his new friend would survive the cold weather. It was pretty evident that Jesse was on the street. A person didn't carry three shopping bags of things with him if he had a home. Wyatt really wanted to help but didn't know how to go about it.

Their lives were a study in contrasts. Wyatt had everything a teenager's heart could desire. Not only did he have a decent little sedan to drive in the winter when his 'vert was stored, but he lived in his own quarters. The big old Tudor style house had once been staffed by a couple of servants who lived over the carriage house in separate rooms. His parents had remodeled the place into a two-bedroom apartment for him when he turned 16 so that he could feel independent. It was really cool and other kids envied him, but he sometimes wondered if his parents were just trying to keep him out from underfoot.

He had come out of the closet at 15 and they'd appeared to be fine with it like any couple of liberals were supposed to be. Yet he occasionally felt alone and sad, finding solace in a joint. Maybe they had figured he'd want to try pot or sow wild oats and were giving him space. He ate most of his meals with them, so he guessed they really weren't cutting ties.

Before coming out, he had dated a couple of girls and messed around with a few boys. As a child who was used to being catered to, he's always expected his needs to be met but didn't reciprocate. He'd never really cared about the other person enough to make sure they were satisfied, though he enjoyed having someone get his rocks off for him.

When he'd nearly given up hope on that Thanksgiving Day, he saw Jesse coming in looking paler and thinner than he'd remembered him.

"Hey Stud, I saved a big piece of dark meat for you because I know it's your favorite."

"Thanks," Jesse smiled wanly.

Wyatt got his food after dishing up Jesse's dinner and joined him as usual. They sat in companionable silence savoring each bite. The freshly made cranberry relish tasted especially good to both of them.

After their second helpings were nearly consumed, Wyatt decided the time to intervene in Jesse's life had come. The weather was still reasonably warm, but the nights were getting colder and winter would be upon them in a week or two. Jesse already seemed to be suffering from some kind of congestion.

"What classes are you in next trimester?"

"I'm registered for all AP classes starting with calculus first hour with Harding followed by creative writing with Birch and government with Miller."

"Wow! That's identical to my schedule. Perhaps we can study together."

"Nice thought, but short of a miracle, I'll have to transfer to Metro so I can work part time in order to get a room somewhere."

"Man, you can't go to Metro! A diploma from there isn't much more than a GED and, while it's better than nothing, it won't help you in the long run. Maybe my dad could find someone to offer your dad a better job so things wouldn't be so hard for you."

"My dad IS feeling the pinch, but making him the president of General Motors wouldn't benefit me. When his hours got cut back, he had to reduce expenses and the easiest way to it was to throw out his worthless faggot son," Jesse said, closing his eyes in a vain attempt to block his tears.

"Shit," Wyatt swore softly.

"I knew you wouldn't like me when you found out. That's why I didn't tell you earlier."

"You mean because you're gay?"

"Of course!"

"I said 'shit' because of how your father treated you. My parents didn't throw a coming out party for me, but they were great about it. Mom even offered to help me find a boyfriend."

"No way!"


"You're one lucky bastard."

"Jesse, don't transfer; move in with me. I have my own apartment over the garages."

"Why am I not surprised?"

"Jesse, please…"

"Sorry. I guess it's a kneejerk reaction to be sarcastic about having plenty. Really, it's a kind offer, but how could I ever pay you back?"

"I'm sure we can work out some kind of deal if you're too proud to accept help without doing something for me in return."

"What will your parents say about the arrangement?'

"We've discussed it already and they're fine with it. They promised me a reward if I finished my community service on time without complaining, and I asked them to let me have you."

"Humph! Am I some kind of property or toy for their son?" Jesse bristled.

"Damn! I'm sorry about how I phrased it. I got an 'A' in humanities last year, but I still don't seem to edit my words before they come out of my mouth. I honestly didn't mean to offend you. I don't expect to own you! Please forgive my stupidity!"

"You're forgiven, if you'll forgive me for taking offense too quickly," Jesse said with a lopsided smile.

If they'd have been in a less pubic place, Wyatt would have been tempted to kiss Jesse's beautiful lips then and there. He could scarcely hold back now that Jesse seemed to be warming to the idea of sharing his quarters. The mood was broken when Jesse sneezed into his napkin.

"That settles it! You're coming down with something and you're not spending another night in the cold. Let's scrape our dishes and go."

Actually there wasn't anything to scrape since both boys had eaten every scrap on their second plates as well as their first ones.

As the boys were heading out, Mrs. Harvey came up to give Wyatt a hug.

"I'll really miss you, Son. You've been an excellent helper."

"Will you be short-handed on Sunday?"

"Yes, but we'll make do."

"I'll come back then," Wyatt insisted, tiny tears forming in his eyes in his realization of how much this place meant to him.

"I can come too," Jesse spoke up. "I promise I'll be clean."

"It would be splendid to have you both," Ava smiled as she unhesitatingly embraced the unkempt boy.

"Wow, this heated leather seat feels awesome on my cold butt!" Jesse exclaimed.


"No, sincerity; I really am thankful today."

"Cool! Our first order of business will be getting you in the shower and finding some of my clothes from last year that should fit you. They'll have to do until I can buy you better ones. I may have to fatten you up a bit first."

"Yes, Mother," Jesse giggled. "And that is meant slightly sarcastically."

"I love to hear you laugh. You're really cute, you know…."

"Don't call anyone cute until you've looked carefully in the mirror," Jesse responded.

They teased back and forth for the remainder of the ride. Jesse wasn't really prepared for the view when Wyatt pressed a button to open the gate to the driveway. This was nearly like being whisked away to a castle by prince charming.

From the garage bay where Wyatt parked, they took the stairs up to the kitchen door of his apartment. Again, Jesse was overwhelmed. This was nicer than any house he'd ever lived in.

Wyatt hung up his coat in the closet and was about to do the same with Jesse's, but the boy stopped him.

"It's filthy. You can't pollute your stuff."

"Okay, I'll put it in the washer and see if it can be salvaged. I'm sure I have something that will fit you anyway. Come into my room and we'll find you a toothbrush, towel, and clothes for you to wear after your shower. I want you to look your best when you meet the 'rents. They'll be back from Grandma's in an hour or so."

While Jesse was in the shower, Wyatt found the things he was looking for. In addition to a Henley and jeans, he laid out an "A" shirt and a pair of Super Man briefs that he thought would look cute hugging Jesse's tight butt.

Jesse emerged from the bathroom with a tented towel around his waist. When he got closer to Wyatt, he dropped the towel revealing his thin but beautiful body.

"Whoa!" Wyatt exclaimed. "You'd better get dressed before I'm tempted to do something I shouldn't."

"I'm ready to do whatever you want. I know there's no such thing as a free lunch," Jess sighed.

"Dude, did you think I brought you home to have sex with you?"

"You said we could make some kind of arrangement. I've never sold my body to survive, but I'll gladly give it to you."

"I meant you could tutor me in calculus! I'm not sure I'm up to taking that high a level and I know you're a brainiac!

"Oops, there I go jumping to conclusions again. I thought you liked me." Jesse apologized, blushing a cute shade of red as his rampant cock deflated to half-mast.

"Jesse, I more than like you. I've realized for some time that I care about you. What I'm trying to say, in my inept way, is that I love you. I want to make love to you, but not until we become friends first. I hope you're not offended."

Jesse's tears flowed freely down his smiling face. As they hugged tightly, they shared their first kiss. Initially it was gentle but graduated to lustful as their passions arose. Jesse's reaction was quite obvious since he was still naked.

"We'll have to cool it because I see lights in the drive. You'd better get dressed in case they decide to come directly up to meet you."

Jesse hurried to make himself presentable. He smiled at his image in the mirror as he worked to bring order to his hair, which was long overdue for a trim. He'd get it styled as soon as he could scrounge up the money. Of course Wyatt would probably insist on paying, and for the time being, he would accept the charity. In the long run, he would do his best to hold up his end of things. He giggled at what was going through his mind.

"What's the joke?" Wyatt asked assessing the awesome transformation in Jesse's appearance.

"I was thinking it's ironic for you to be my sugar daddy when I'm a few months older. So the 'daddy' part doesn't fit. But your lips do for the sugar part." He said, planting a kiss on Wyatt's mouth which the latter returned with ardor.

They were interrupted by the ringing of Wyatt's phone. It was his parents were asking if it would be a good time to meet Jesse. If so, the boys should come to the house for cocoa and cookies.

"Jesse, it's great to meet you. You are all that Wyatt's talked about for the past week. He seems to be quite taken with you."

"Thanks, Mrs. Thorne. It's a pleasure to meet you too."

"Please call me Helen," she responded.

"And call me Walt," Wyatt's father requested.

The boys spent a pleasant 30 minutes or so visiting with Wyatt's parents. The adults were cordial and relaxed, making conversation flow easily. Jesse began to relax too, after he realized they weren't going to put him under a microscope.

Helen told them what time she would be making a hot breakfast in the morning if either of them wanted to come over. There was always cereal, milk, eggs, and bread at Wyatt's apartment if they preferred to be on their own.

As soon as the boys were home with the door bolted, Wyatt drew Jesse into his embrace.

"I love you! I can tell they love you too. You were wonderful!"

"I'm glad." Jesse smiled as he reached for Wyatt's belt and zipper."

Before long, they were both naked and lying in Wyatt's bed. Jesse kissed his way down Wyatt's chest and abs toward his throbbing cock.

"I thought we agreed to wait until we're friends." Wyatt squeaked.

"I thought we were friends already," Jesse grinned. "You certainly seem happy to see me!"

"Thanks Friend!" Wyatt responded as he turned his body around to taste Jesse's oozing phallus.

Nothing more was said for the next 15 minutes until they had both experienced awesome orgasms. Then as they cuddled in the afterglow, Wyatt looked heavenward and thanked God for the best Thanksgiving ever.


Author's notes: I need to give a BIG thank-you to my editors Tom and David who have helped spot typos, extra quotation marks, missing words and commas in order to make this a better story. They also make suggestions which are helpful.

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