Castle Roland

A Christmas Transformation

by David Spowart

Short Story

A Christmas Transformation

Published: 24 Dec 14

Note: First published on Dec 21st, 2013

I watched as a guy walked toward me; he smiled as though he knew me, but walked past me and did not speak. I had to admit, he did look vaguely familiar. You know what I mean; you see someone, you know you know them, but cannot quite place them. At that moment, that was me.

Okay, a little about me. My Name is Brodie Doyle. I am 22yrs. old, about to re-start my third year at Cal Tech and doing surprisingly well; at least to my folks, anyway. Top 3% in class, not bad for a complete embarrassment of a son; well, that's my dad's assessment of me anyway.

However, I did go back to Chicago for thanksgiving. I had to, for my mother's sake. You see, when I was 20, I told my folks that I was gay. My dad almost had a heart attack; he told me to leave, and I did. My mother calmed him down and I was reluctantly allowed back home; but to say the air was always thick from that point is an understatement.

My trust fund (Thanks Grandpa) has paid for my tuition, as, if dad had anything to do with it, he would have had me removed from that particular windfall in a Nano second.

I had wished them well, despite his ill feelings toward me; and informed my mother I would not be attending any Christmas or New Year's celebrations, which she understood.

Now, it's only a couple of days away. I am single, and have been for a few months. You see, I believe in kismet. You know, don't mess about; find your soul mate, and, well, take it from there.

Now, to get back to the guy. I know I have met, or, at least, seen him before; but, for now, I am at a loss. I cross back over the street and head for Starbucks; a caffeine infusion was so desperately needed.

I ordered a coffee and took my usual seat. I flipped through my phone, checking emails, and it hit me. I sort of recognized the guy...but it couldn't be, I thought to myself. The last time I saw Kane Bull was high school; but this guy was fit, and Kane was, for want of a better description...FAT, and not just a little. He must have weighed 150kg, if not more. I knew his shirts were 6xl. I mean, he was enormous; but, this guy weighed no more than me, and that's closer to 90kg, soaking wet.

The facial resemblance was uncanny; but, no way on earth could that be the Bull, just a guy that looked a bit like him.

I finished my coffee and left the shop. I headed east, back toward my apartment (Thanks again, Grandpa) and, since the sidewalks were pretty busy with last minute shoppers, it was a struggle. I only lived a few blocks away, but the foot traffic was frantic. I decided to grab a taxi and damn the expense. A car pulled over, and I reached for the handle as the guy also grabbed for it. "Erm, Sorry" I automatically responded.

"Go on, I'll get the next one" I add.

"Doyle, get in; we will share it" he replied, and I was stunned. It was Kane Bull; but how?

"Kane?" I replied in a low voice.

"Yeah" he replied, looking a little confused.

"But how, you were" I trailed off.

"Fat, ugly, an outcast" he said, a little harshly.

"Well...Yeah!" I replied, a little apologetically.

"Are either of you guys getting in this car?" the taxi driver enquired, sounding a little pissed.

"Share?" he repeated.

"Sure" I replied.

We drove the few blocks to my apartment. I turned and looked at him, "You wanna get a coffee, sometime; you know, talk about past history?" I asked.

"You have to be fucking kidding...right?" he scowled back. Fuck; where had that come from?

"Sorry, what is that supposed to mean?" I demanded, my hands crossing my chest.

"Doyle, you and your friends made my life a living, fucking hell; so why the fuck would I wanna talk about the worst period in my life?" he asked, and I could see his point.

"Kane, we never made your life hell. We never bothered you, well, not much, anyway" I replied.

"What, here come's lard ass, better get to the food first, as this thing will eat the lot, was one of their better ones" he bemoaned, and pointed to the door of the taxi.

"Look man, we were kids; we did and said stupid things, and sometimes we were good at it. If I hurt you, I am sorry" I replied, and opened the door.

"Bullying is bullying, but thanks for the acknowledgement" he said, in a less defensive reply.

"Doyle do you not know how miserable my life was in high school, I hated it, I mean I even contemplated" he stopped and just closed his eyes and sighed.

"Kane, I do not know what to say, but I never hated nor bullied you, yeah we did say some harsh shit and thinking back on it yeah we were assholes for want of a better word" I say and he smiled and slightly nodded in agreement.

"So, coffee?" I ask, and wait. Kane leans over, pays the taxi driver and climbs out of the cab. Fuck, he is hot.

"So, lead the way" he responds.

"Homemade, or Starbucks?" I ask.

"Well, we are here, so you make it" he replied, still a little stand offish.

We rode the elevator the few floors to my apartment and I unlocked the door and invited him in. "Sorry about the mess; maids day off" I scoff.

"Don't worry about it" he replied, moving some laundry and an empty pizza box from my dining chair and took a seat at the table.

"Milk?" I ask.

"Please, no sugar" he replied.

I quickly made the coffee and sat opposite him. He looked amazing; his short jet black hair, his square jaw, perfect teeth, and his complexion is a wet dream.

"So, what are you doing here, anyway?" he asked.

"Cal Tech, third year; and you?" I replied.

"Just transferred from M.I.T" he replied.

"Nice school. Why the big move?" I ask.

"Needed a change" he replied, with an evasive remark. I will have to delve further, but at a later date.

"Kane, man, this is freaking me out. I mean, dude, you were, and look, I apologised already; but Christ, you were huge, and now" I stated, pointing up and down his torso.

"Doyle" I cut him off.

"Dude, the names Brodie" I corrected.

"Sorry, Brodie, things were complicated. I mean, you remember my brother, right?" he asked, and oh yes, I remember Joseph the crusher Bull, alright; star line-backer, and an asshole, to boot.

"Yes" I replied.

"Well, I promised I would be honest, so, fuck it; I don't care how you respond, so just listen" he started, and took a drink of his coffee.

I stayed silent and waited.

"When I was 14, we were in the mall and some kid, you remember Luke Donnely ?" he asked, and yeah, I remembered Luke; nice kid, gay as Christmas, and didn't give a shit.

"Joe kicked his ass just for saying hi as he walked past us. He was brutal, and some of the comments were shocking" he went on, and I guess I knew where this was heading, but waited.

"So, I ate for comfort; and, I guess, like a lot of guys, eat and get used to over indulging. Joe and my dad thought I was bulking up to play football, but Brodie, I was not. I was hiding, but I was dying" he went on.

"And" he struggled.

"I'm gay, Brodie, and you know my family. How can a kid be gay in that family? I was fat to hide. I mean, nobody asks why a man mountain does not have a girlfriend; it never crosses their minds" he went on. I don't know if I look like an agony aunt, but I felt like one.

"So, what happened?" I asked.

"Joe was killed, he was killed doing his job; he was a Marine" he sobbed.

"Sorry man" I replied.

"We were never close, and I won't pretend we were; he made my life miserable. My parents adored him; they tolerated me" he added, and I knew how he felt.

"Go on" I encouraged.

"Well, after the funeral was over, I was sitting with my parents. They were grieving and ignoring me; this was almost 2 years ago, mind" he went on.

"Every time I came home, they would be sitting, looking at old films of Joe; and then I realized they had none of me, only a couple of photographs, and that's because Joe was in them" he continued.

"So, since I was off to M.I.T soon, anyway, on a full scholarship; I just blurted it out. I sat down on the sofa and just blurted it out" he began to get emotional.

"And what did they say" I asked

"Dad just looked at me and scowled and then without emotion stood up and replied, 'We buried our only child. In Gods eyes, you are an abomination, and, therefore, you are to us. You died at birth, as far as your mother and I are concerned. Now leave our home, you are no longer welcome.' Those words have been seared into my brain" he replied.

"Harsh, very harsh" I said, shaking my head.

"You see Brodie here is the strangest thing, I wasn't as upset as I thought I would know" he added.

"No love in that house; well, not for me, anyway" he went on.

"Then what happened, I mean, the transformation?" I asked again, pointing down his torso.

"Brodie, what can I say. The day they put me out was the day I began to live, I sought advice from some dieticians I began to eat the right foods. I exercised a couple of hours a day, at first, then increased. It took me 14 months of hard work to shed the weight, and 3 surgeries to remove the loose skin; but the plastic surgeon was amazing, I mean, look" he said, and lifted up his shirt, and fuck those abs were ripped. I could just make out a thin line on the sides of his body, and a couple on his arms; but he looked hot enough to eat.

"Dude, you look hot" I blurted out.

"I mean, you look great, I'm pleased for you" I hopefully corrected.

"Brodie?" he asked

"Yeah" I replied, not looking into his eyes, at first.

"Brodie" he repeated, and I looked up, and soon he smiled.

"You are joking, you are!!!!" he added.

"Same reasons, man. I mean, okay, I didn't have a psycho family to contend with; but the pressure was still applied. Dad still acts as though I am a leper" I replied.

"Kane, I am not the same person I was" I added.

"I can tell" he replied.

"So, are you happy?" he asked.

"Happier; like you. In high school, I pretended to be someone I wasn't, just to get through it. I don't keep in touch with anyone back home. I am not even going back for the holidays" I add.

"Makes two of us. I have both parents, but still, I'm an orphan" he replied, looking at the floor,

"Dude, when was the last time you vacuumed?" he asked, and, to be honest, I couldn't answer it. I'd moved in here about eight months ago, and...well...boxes are still packed.

"I need to buy one" I replied.

"So, Boston, why the move here?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Oh that is easy; Donny McCloud" he replied.

"Donny, as in, Donny from Chicago, Donny?" I asked.

"The very same" he replied.

"What about him?" I ask.

"He's an asshole" he started.

"Yeah, what's new?" I scoff.

"We dated for a few months, after my surgeries; he liked what I had become" he replied.

"What, you transformed into a big titted cheerleader?" I snicker, as I remembered Donny being somewhat of a player in high school. There were a couple of pregnancy scares, as I recall.

"Oh, Brodie, you have no idea how sexually depraved he can be" he replied, with a serious look on his face.

"I mean, I am no angel in the bedroom; but some of the stuff he wanted to try would make German porn look like a Disney movie" he responded.

"Well, going by the both of us, it's true you never ever really know anyone" I reply.

"So you left him?" I asked.

"Ran, more like" he replied.

"Brodie, I love a little role play, even a little BDSM; but he was a little rougher than I like. We used safe words, and he would be so much into what he was doing, he would just ignore me; so, I said fuck it. I applied for a transfer, and presto, I am here" he concluded.

"Sorry, I am a little prudish. I am very vanilla in the sex department. I have never fucked around, never had sex in the back of a club, it's not me" I reply.

"You've never experimented with anything?" he asked.

"Never. It's always been simple. I meet a guy, get to know him, and, at some point in the relationship, we sleep together. No rockets, no explosions, no electricity; just two people who like to have sex without complications" I add, and even I knew I sounded a little lame.

"Christ, Brodie, we need to show you some fun. Have you ever been to a gay club? You know, dancing, drinking, having a great time?" he asked, and I had not. I would be lost in a place like that.

"Okay, we are going out tomorrow night. The Christmas Eve balls, it's on at a club I found a couple of weeks ago. No refusals, you are coming; probably in more ways than one" he snickers.

"Oh Kane, I don't know" I reply, sounding lamer by the second.

"That's it dude, but I do" he replies, with a shit eating grin I am beginning to like the sight of.

"Brodie, there are times when you have to grab and experience with both hands, and fuck,...just go for it. See a cute guy in a club, flirt a little, then take him in the back and do the nasty" he smirked, looking at me, and me at him, in a whole new light.

"Do the nasty" I replied with a scowl,

"Look, have you never seen someone you wished you could just cut through the bullshit and have at it?" he asked.

"Well, yeah, but I am not that forward" I respond.

"So, perhaps a little role play may be in order" he responds, and I'm looking a little confused.

"What I mean is, just for tomorrow night, be someone else; a Christmas Transformation if you will. Get dressed and meet me outside the club, and leave Brodie Doyle at the door. Just treat it as a holiday from yourself... You never know, you just might like it" he replies, and I have to admit, the idea of leaving my life at the door and playing a part in a club, being whomever I desire to be, has me a little excited.

"Okay, but watch for me; don't let me get in over my head" I ask, and he smiles.

"So, before we go any further with our plans, some blunt talking; what do you like? I know you said your style is a little vanilla, but you must have a fantasy you would like to see happen. Tell me what you would like; do you top, bottom, both? Come on, spill" he asked, being a nosy shit.

"Okay, in the spirit of openness, I like being fucked. I do like the guy knowing what he is doing. I like being blown and I like to blow them. I have never tasted cum, except my own; and, as far as fantasies are concerned, I did once want to just be taken, you know, two or three guys using me and fucking me into the mattress. I've just never plucked up the courage to go that far" I reply, a little sheepishly,

"Okay, I can work with that. So, for tomorrow's role play, be the guy who wants that fantasy to happen; even if it is just the once" he replies.

"So, when was the last time you got some?" he asks.

"Fuck, dude, nosy much?" I scorn.

"Oh, that long, huh" he scoffs.

"Do you wanna fuck me?" I ask, putting him on the spot.

"Perhaps, but not yet" he replies, with no malice in his words.

"I wasn't offering, I was just asking if you wanted to" I respond.

"Not Brodie Doyle, but his twin; so, yeah, I might help get the action going at the club. Brodie, you are a hot fucking guy, just loosen up a little; take the stick out your ass and live a little" he replied, and I had to smile at that.

"I do like you, Brodie, I always have; but the way I appeared, nobody would ever give me a second glance, unless it was to mock or ridicule me" he adds, obviously remembering his high school life.

"Kane, I have apologized, I don't know what else I can say" I responded, and walked around the table. He stood up and I embraced him, squeezing him tight; but not as hard as he was hugging me.

"It is good to see you again, dude" he said, pulling himself off of me.

"I am pleased you had the courage to get out of that shitty life, dude. You are one of the hottest guys I have ever seen here" I informed him, and he blushed, just a little. I kiss his cheek and he stopped me from walking back around the table. He looked into my confused eyes and leaned into me and kissed my lips softly; and when he did that, I could swear a bolt of electricity just hit my nuts.

He pulls away and he smiles at me "you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that; but back then, you were a fantasy, an image to use when alone. But Brodie, let's not rush into anything, okay? I'd like to be your friend and not complicate things too much" he said, and steps back a little more.

"Kane, what about you're getting in on the action, tomorrow?" I ask.

"Oh, that is a little different. That is Brodie's twin, and an act; I can handle that" he replies with that mischievous grin on his face.

I walked him to the door after I had called a taxi for him. It rang up and he left to go meet it. I closed the door and put my back to it, letting out a breath I was unaware I was holding. I walked back into my kitchen and sat at the table and wondered what I was letting myself in for; a little excited at the prospect, but a little scared, also.

I had trouble sleeping, the events of the following day, blood flying through blood vessels to parts that keep most men happy. What had Kane planned? He said I needed to live a little, branch out, explore new and exciting things. I mean, the only positions I have been in are the two everyone is accustomed to.

The following day was Christmas Eve. I searched my closet for something less boring than my usual attire. Have I led a boring life? Okay, yeah, as I stated, my sex life is plain and, okay, boring. As I said, there were no fireworks, no electricity. I mean, when I came, I came. When I was done, I just fell asleep; no satisfaction, just empty balls.

I found a shirt I had been given by somebody whose name I cannot remember, and it was more stylish than my usual dress sense. But again, I am going to be someone else; Brodie Doyle will have the night off.

I arrived at the bar that Kane had given me directions to, and I heard a wolf whistle and turned and saw Kane, sitting at the bar, talking to a couple of guys that were almost as hot as he was.

"Looking Good, Dan" he said, and approached me.

"Dan?" I asked, whispering in his ear.

"Your persona for tonight" he replied and smiled. Okay, I like it!

"Dan these are my friends, Troy and Trent" he introduced us, and they looked me up and down, checking me out, nodding with some sort of approval.

One stood up, walked up to me and shook my hand, and touched the side of my face. I stepped back a little.

"Don't worry, kitten, Trent won't hurt you...much!!" Said the guy I am assuming was Troy.

"Easy boys, this is his first time with multiple partners: but it is his fantasy" Kane said, and smiled at me. He had arranged for these guys to do what they wanted with me; and the thought of it sent shocks to my groin.

"So are we having sex?" I asked.

"No" Trent replied and smiled.

"Kitten, we do not have sex, we Fuck!!!" he responded, and high fived his friend.

"And the difference being?" I enquired.

"Oh, kitten, you obviously have never been fucked" he replied with an evil grin.

"Yes, yes I have" I replied, knowing that I have had sex.

"Okay, answer this for me. Have you had such mind blowing sex that you are panting for breath, your body is totally sated, you have no energy left to move even the smallest part of your body; sex so satisfying, you smile when falling into a coma like sleep. Your bones actually ache and you felt like you were coming for hours?" Trent or Troy asked. Shit, they were a tag team.

"Well, erm..." I began to speak.

"You haven't been fucked, trust me" one replied.

"But Dan, trust me, when we have finished having you, your ass will need a splint" they both laughed.

I looked at Kane, my heart now attempting to leave my chest via my throat. He came, stood next to me, and leaned in and whispered into my ear.

"Brodie, I will be there the whole time. I won't join in unless you request it. I will step in if you have had enough. I have your back; only take what you can handle" he said, and that still gave me little reassurance.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yeah" I said, nodding like a child.

We walked about a hundred yards, where we found the club. We paid and entered, the place was a throng of humanity. Drag queens to lesbians, all making out on the dance floor.

"Never knew this place existed" I had to yell above the music.

"I guessed" Kane laughed. We walked and found our table. Kane had reserved one earlier. He ordered our drinks and we took in the vista in front of us.

After about an hour, when I had loosened up a little; or as Kane put it "Removed the stick out of my ass".

"So, you clean?" He asked me.

"Huh" was my reply.

"Are you clean?" he repeated.

I just looked at him, my buzz now in full swing.

"Have you excavated the man cave?" he repeated.

"Oh, erm... Yeah" I replied.

"Cool, follow us" he said, and stood up with Trent and Troy.

"Oh, we leaving, now?" I asked.

"Fuck, no" Trent smirked, and put his hand on my ass.

I followed them toward the back of the club, down the passage toward where the toilets were located. "I'm not fucking in a toilet" I bemoaned, and they just snickered at me. "Dicks" I responded, as we walked past the toilets and around a corner. A large purple padded door was at the end of it.

Kane knocked on the wooden hatch at the centre, and showed the person on the other side a card of some sort; a membership of some kind, I surmised.

"Hey Lance, busy tonight?" Kane asked.

"Yeah, wall to wall cock, dude" the doorman replied.

We walked inside a lobby and Kane came over to me and whispered into my ear.

"This is when we get naked. This is a male only sauna, and Brodie, anything goes in here; but remember, no still means no" he says, and licks my ear and smirks.

"Naked in front of how many, exactly?" I asked, getting a little shy and nervous as I wait for an answer, and Trent and Troy snicker at my blushing cheeks.

"So fucking cute, Dan. I could bend you over, right here, and fuck that shyness right out of you" replied Trent, and that sort of excited me a little... Fuck, a lot, actually.

"Don't fret, nobody will be looking at you," whispered Kane into my ear, as he rubbed my ever growing erection through my still covered cock.

"And, besides, your cock is not as shy as you are" he adds, pulling me toward the changing rooms.

The changing rooms were not exempt from sexual activity. We walked in and immediately came across a young guy sucking on two other guys. I was shocked, and it showed.

"Dan, remember" whispered Kane.

I went to a bench and undressed. I was hard, harder than I think I had ever been. My heart was still trying to leave my chest, and my legs were beginning to wobble. Don't get me wrong, I had seen scenes like this on websites; but, never in my wildest imagination did I think this actually took place. Soon, I felt someone's hand stroking my ass, and I turned and saw a lustful looking Trent as he kissed my cheek.

"You are even hotter, naked" he growled into my ear. He nibbled my ear, and a low moan escaped my lips as Troy walked over and started licking the other side of my neck. How I never blew my load right there and then, I have no clue.

They were the hottest two guys I had ever seen. Troy, as tall as Trent, both stood at over six foot. Troy, erect, was a good 8 inches; with Trent a little longer. Both were fit as fuck, the 8 pack abs testified to that; but when I saw Kane approach me, my jaw just dropped. He was a vision of perfection; the small scars from his surgeries only added to his beauty. His 9 incher, erect and pointing straight at me, had me drooling.

"He's right, Dan, you are a fucking vision, naked" replied Kane.

I was in shock when he dropped to his knees and started licking at my cock. Again, I have no clue why I did not lose it.

"Ohhh Fuck!!!!!" I moaned out.

"Oh, dear Dan, just wait for the real action" he smirked, as he again swallowed my length. Troy then dropped to his knees behind me, and begun to lick at my ass hole.

"Ohh Fuck, that feels so good" I again moaned, as all of my senses were being stimulated. "Shit!!" I again moaned, as all three begun to snicker at my reactions.

"Do you wanna try?" asked Troy.

"I nodded again, like a school child, and he stood up and led me to a bench. He sat down and told me to drop to my knees. I did as instructed.

I began to lap at his erection, and fuck, did he taste good.

"Get on all fours" Instructed Trent, and, again I did as instructed. I again took Troy back into my mouth as Trent and Kane licked at my ass hole. Again, how the fuck I didn't nut right there and then was a mystery only God could answer.

The feeling changed when I felt fingers being pushed into me. Where the lube came from, I had no idea; and, more importantly, I didn't care. I had a nice cock in my mouth and was living a fantasy I had jacked myself, imagining.

My ass was being stretched and licked at the same time. The flavor of Troy in my mouth was an experience in itself; his pre cum had an amazing texture and taste. His moans, and his hands pushing me down onto his length, informed me that I was doing it very much to his satisfaction.

"Put a rubber on" I heard Kane say, but not to me, and soon I felt what could only be described as a marrow being forced through a needle. The pain shot through me, and I yelped out loud.

"Ow ahhh, for fuck sake".

"Relax, Dan," I heard Trent shout, as he stopped to allow me to adjust to his sheer size and girth.

I stopped sucking on Troy, but he stroked my head, soothing me a little. Soon, I again began to lick at his cock, and Trent took that as a cue to continue. He pushed in deeper and I winced a little, but did not stop sucking at Troy for a second. The long, slow dicking of my ass sent my eyes into the back of my head.

I had to stop sucking on Troy as Trent picked up the pace, and was now slamming into me. The sensation was somewhat overwhelming my senses.

The force of the strokes had pushed all the right buttons, and I lost all reasonable thought. I shot one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. It felt like my nuts had exploded. My knees gave way and I dropped flat onto the floor, forcing Trent to come out of me. He helped me up and lay me face down on the bench. A cushion was brought over. I thought, for my head, but it went under my stomach, lifting my ass back into the air, and Trent was soon ramming back into me.

Troy went back around front, lifting my head and forcing his tasty cock between my lips. I sucked around him, licking all the leaking pre cum I could manage. I could feel his cockhead hitting the back of my throat, and eventually, passing into my throat. I had no idea I had no gag reflex; well, all the guys up to this point were not blessed in the cock department. The three with me now were definitely blessed.

"Yeah, your throat is amazing, Dan, fuck, yeah!!" Troy moaned, as he fucked my throat. He soon pulled out and swapped with Troy. I, at this point, had no idea where Kane was.

I began to feel a little dizzy at this treatment. Don't mistake my condition, I was loving every inch of it, no pun intended.

"You ready for some liquid protein, Dan?" Troy asked, as he withdrew a little and shot a huge load into my mouth. This guy must have withheld for a few days, with the amount of cum filling my mouth. It was like caviar to me, a rare treat.

"That's it, Dan, milk that fucker" he yelled, as I kept sucking on the head, to get the last of him out, like a dog trying to get the last remnants of marrow out of a bone.

"My name is Brodie" I corrected.

"Figures" he replied, as his cock popped out of my mouth. Soon, I felt Trent pull out of me and come around and took Troy's place, fucking my throat. My ass felt empty and barren, but that didn't last long, as I felt a larger object take its place. I pulled off of Trent and looked behind me.

"Fuck, Kane, that part of you didn't lose any of the weight, did it" I said, as he plowed my ass like a porn star.

"Oh fuck!!!!!!"I screamed, as he bottomed out at pace. He hammered home, driving me close to busting my second nut.

"Yeah, take it, you love being fucked, don't you, bitch; do you hear me, bitch?" he yelled at me, and I loved this dominance.

"Do you hear me, bitch?" he yelled, but I could not answer, as, I had a cock, a rather large cock, down my throat. The sweat was pouring out of me. I tried to nod, but found it impossible.

"Yeah, look at your hole, its gaping and wet" he said. As he withdrew from me, he slid a few fingers inside of me, rubbing over my prostate, and that did it.

"Ohhhhh. Fuuuuuckkk!!!!!!!" I shot, and it was more powerful than the previous one.

"Yeah, transformed from a mild mannered, vanilla sex loving, boring little shit, to this; a cock hungry, ass dripping, cum eating, cock swallowing slut. You like being a slut, don't you, Brodie?" he asked, as I pulled off of Trent.

"Fuck, yeah, oh, fuck yeah; fuck me, fuck me, please" I begged and pleaded. I wanted to be fucked sore, I needed to be used and abused.

"Oh fucking right, you won't be able to walk out of here when we are finished" Troy responded, as Kane entered me, again, with force. I didn't feel a single twinge of pain. Christ, he knew what I needed before I had.

I was plowed into submission.

"Pick him up, let's put him in the sling room" Kane instructed. I tried to stand, but found it hard. Trent helped me up. I was not ready for my Christmas experience to be over yet.

They placed me on this swinging contraption and placed my legs in what I could only describe as stirrups. My legs spread automatically, as I was raised; and when I looked up, I could see four other slings with guys being fucked, and joy was written all over their faces.

I could feel something being shoved into my ass. I looked down and could see a bottle of what I think was lube; and a nozzle was shoved into me, lubricating my ass.

A guy whom I didn't know, came over and talked to Trent and Troy. I looked at him, black, about 6'5", and a cock that looked impossibly huge. He must have been a foot long, and thick. He grabbed a rubber that read Trojan xxxl, and all I could think, was, oh fuck!!!!

He looked at me and smiled, and was soon pushing at my reluctant hole.

"Push out like you need a shit" he instructed, and I did; and that massive mushroom head popped into me.

"Fuck, yeah, I like fresh white ass; and baby, you have a sweet ass" he said, as he began slowly, but soon picked up the little pace. Troy was now licking at my hardening cock, but I could hardly feel him; the monster cock that was buried inside of me had taken over my senses.

"Fuck, you are so tight, baby" he said, as he picked up the pace, again.

"Ohhh Fuck, that feels so good" I groaned at him. I, within the confines of my sheltered life, had no idea I could feel like this. I loved what was happening to me. I had had a very boring sex life, but now, FUCK!!!!!!!

"You like my thick black cock, don't you, baby?" he asked, and all I could do was grunt. Troy was getting me close to nutting for a third time, and when I came, it was almost a dry orgasm, but just as intense.

"Does that feel good, Brodie?" Kane asked.

"Fuck yeah, oh fucking wow, Kane, ohhhhhhhhh" I replied, as he started long dicking my ass, sending electricity through me.

After another twenty minutes, it was over; and, to be honest, I had no energy, and, in the words of Trent and Troy, I had been so well and truly fucked, my bones hurt.

Trent and Troy left after we got dressed. My legs were still not my own as we sat in the lounge area of the Sauna club. I had a Jack and coke and Kane had a coffee; he just looked at me, and I smiled at him.

"You slut" he said, and smiled.

"You think so, do you really think that?" I asked?

"No, Brodie Doyle just had a new experience; Dan, however, is a slut of the hugest proportions" he snickered at me, and that made me smile.

"Come on, let's get you home" he said, standing in front of me.

"You are so fucking hot, you know that?" he added.

"Kane, I pale in comparison to you" I replied, and he looked at me with a bemused expression.

"You are kidding, right?" he asked.

"Dude, you are hotness personified" I respond, as I stood and put my jacket on.

"Brodie, you have no idea, do you?" he asked.

"What?" I responded.

"Christ, you don't. Brodie, you are every gay guys wet dream. Shit, when I went home last night, I jacked three loads, just thinking of you" he said to me, and I was stunned.

"Look, I have wanted you since high school; do you know how hot you look?" he asked, and I was still stunned at what he was saying.

"Kane, what?" I asked, still shocked.

"Brodie, you are the hottest guy in here. Shit!!" he said, as he pulled me into a kiss.

"I want to date you; and, when I say you, I mean only you. Okay, yeah, we can have a little fun every now and then; nothing like a little fun to spice things up... Well, as long as you come back with me" he stated, and I couldn't find the words. This sex god wanted

"You want to date me?" I asked.

"Brodie, I want to fucking marry you" he laughed out. "Okay, I was a little pissed at you, but I can see the genuine you, the real you, and I love what I see".

"I don't know what to say" I replied.

"Just say yeah to the dating, and we can see where it leads us" he replies.

"Okay" I reply.

"You mean that?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think so" I replied.

"Okay, let's get you home; I need to do something" he said.

"What?" I asked.

"Well, tonight I fucked you; we fucked you, and hard. But Brodie, I need to make love to you, and I mean, love" he added, kissing me softly on the lips.

"Okay, but can we wait for that until the morning? I think my ass needs an ice pack. It feels like it has pussy flaps, it's so swollen" I reply.

"Anything for you, babe" he replied and helped me out of the door. The club was still in full swing, some guys making out on the dance floor. We spotted Trent and Troy, making out in the corner of the club.

"Are they a couple?" I asked

"Yeah, they have been since highschool" Kane replied.

Soon we were in a cab, and I noticed the time: 02:33a.m.

"Merry Christmas, Kane" I said, and he kissed me.

"Oh, baby, it will be, it will be" he replied, kissing me softly as we pulled away from the curb.

The End

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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014