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Halloween Hook-Up

by David Spowart

Short Story

Short Story

Published: 8 Apr 14

Halloween Hook up

Story Written By
David Spowart

Charlie is 19 and at University in Newcastle, Mark is a Student at Edinburgh University; but Mark was coming down with some friends to party over the Halloween weekend in Newcastle. Charlie was an old friend from elementary school but had not seen nor spoken to him in almost five years. This is their story.

"Zombie; well, that's original" Sean said looking at Charlie's costume. "Yeah, but the makeup looks awesome. I tried it all on last night; the walking dead has nothing on this one, believe me" Charlie replied.

"Evil clown never fails. I have been one every year since I moved up here" Sean replied. "Yeah, but Sean, its dated. The place will be filled with clowns, you will not hook up with your dream date as a fucking clown….trust me" Charlie added.

"I have hooked up every time I have dressed like this" he retorted.

The day before the trip south, Mark was talking to his sister about what costume to rent or make before traveling down to Newcastle.

"Come on, Sis, ideas; I need ideas" Mark whimpered. "Okay, what is the big theme this year?" she asked, and Mark was at a loss. "Dracula, Evil Clown, Zombies, murder victims" he replied.

"Awesome. I can sort out a costume …..ummm…….okay, we will do a zombie; but how about a particular zombie" she replied. "What do you mean?" Mark asked. "I have the material, and you know I can make just about anything; so how about going as Michael Jackson, from Thriller?" she replied with an intense smile.

"Fuck! Sis, if you can carry that off, it would look fantastic" Mark replied.

The following day, Mark and several of his college friends travelled down to Newcastle, booked into the Premier Inn, and set about readying themselves for the night's festivities. "This is going to be one hell of a weekend" Sarah said, while getting into her leopard skin outfit. "Oh! Femme fatale" Mark replied, while applying extreme makeup for the full Jackson affect.

"Wow, Mark. That is awesome! Your sister outdid herself this time" she replied.

"Don't go kissing strange boys" she added.

"Sarah, I am here to have a good time, that's all. Besides, after Leon, I am off boys for a while" Mark responded.

"Okay, where first?" asked Sean, looking at Charlie after they got out of the Taxi. "Switch; then the @ne bar, to meet the guys" Charlie replied. "Good. Get me a Vodka Coke; I need a piss" responded Sean, as he headed off to the toilet.

It was almost nine before the place began to fill with all manner of creatures of the night. As predicted; hundreds of clowns, and okay, loads of zombies were there; but none as elaborate as Charlie's.

They danced and pranced and drank to their hearts content. At about ten thirty the music style changed, back to normal pop stuff. The guys sat down; catching their breath. They scoped out the local talent. "Ohh He's nice" started Sean. "Who?" Charlie asked, and Sean pointed at a guy dressed as a Cowboy; but with backless chaps. "Slut" Charlie added. "Oh Fuck, I hope so" Sean responded, and stood up. He walked over to the Cowboy and began to chat; the smiles from both were evidence that Sean had hooked up… a fucking Clown outfit.

Eleven o'clock approached, but the night was still young.

"Mark, that is one hell of a fucking costume, mate" yelled Troy; who, like half of Newcastle, came as a murder victim; a knife sticking out of his chest. "Yeah, yours is cool" Mark responded, as they walked down from the Switch Bar. "The Bank looks good. In here" yelled Billy, and they all filed into the Bank bar. The Time warp had just started, and they all joined in. They couldn't help themselves, and burst into fits of laughter; as all missed various steps to the dance.

The night just got weird. Charlie started walking up towards the station, and the ground was covered in low mist. Some bar had a dry ice machine, and the area was eerie. As he walked with Sean and his cowboy, he spotted several zombies walking through the mist. It looked like the scene from Thriller.

"Wouldn't it be fucking hilarious if Michael Jackson walked up now" Sean said, with his hand on the cowboys' hip. As he said it, Mark walked out of the Yard bar, dressed as Jackson, and the boys just creased themselves laughing. Charlie, in makeup, as was Mark, didn't recognise each other.

"Mark walked toward the group and said to Charlie "awesome costume".

The night was loud, the music even louder, so voices were hard to recognise, also. "Yeah, turn around" Sean replied. Mark did, and he also almost shit himself, laughing; as the scene the guys had just watched had become apparent.

"That is just unreal" Mark replied.

They all walked up to the night club, The Powerhouse; Newcastle's best known gay nightclub. The queue was long, full of vampires, mummies, zombies, you name it; but a guy dressed as Marilyn Monroe was lost on the guys.

When all had entered the club, they split up and went to different dance floors. Later on, Mark was again in Charlie's company. They stood on the balcony, the noise was deafening. "Hey" Mark said and Charlie turned. "Hey yourself" he replied. "Just getting some air" Mark added. "Yeah, me too" Charlie yelled.

They talked, struggling to hear what the other was saying; but the electricity between them was obvious. They continued to flirt, still oblivious that they knew each other. Mark made the first move. He leaned into Charlie and he did not back away. They kissed softly for a few minutes. so far, a normal weekend hook up; no strings.

"Nice" Charlie said pulling off of Mark's lips. "Yeah" responded Mark.

"My Name is" Charlie cut him off. "No names, no mobile numbers, just tonight; okay?" Charlie said back to him. "Okay, I can live with that" replied Mark. Both returned to the tonsil tennis they had been engaged in.

After about ten minutes, they came up for air. Charlie reached out and grabbed Mark by the hand, pulling him back into the club. A slow dance had just started, and many guys on the dance floor and a few girls, also, were kissing along with the slow dance. Sean was not being the exception, his hands firmly grabbing the cowboys' ass cheeks.

The make-up in the room was now smudged and not looking as pristine as it once was. Sean walked over and started talking when the music took a lower slower turn. "C, I am going. Buzz Lightyears sidekick is taking me to his place; so the room is all yours" he said, walking away with a wink; grabbing the cowboy, and leaving.

"So, Mr Jackson, you wanna go back to my place?" asked Charlie; both still at a loss to the fact they know each other.

"So, what's the C for?" asked Mark. "We agreed no names" Charlie replied. "What if I want to scream your name later on?" Mark sniggered out. "Just scream C; and, Mr Jackson, you will be screaming my name; I promise you" Charlie sniggered back.

The guys left, jumped in a black cab, and headed to Elswick; the area where Charlie lived with Sean off campus. They arrived just a few minutes after leaving the club; and as soon as they entered the room, Charlie grabbed Mark around the neck, pulling him back into a passionate kiss. "You taste great" said Charlie. "You wanna get this shit off of our bodies first?" asked Mark. "Nah, makes for an interesting reveal in the morning" he replied, and soon had his shirt off. Mark, not to be out done, ripped the vest off of Charlie. "Eager much?" Charlie laughed out.

"Fuck, you are hot" Mark replied. "Yeah, thanks. I work out, and by the way, you are such a fucking stud. Shit. That six pack is rock" Charlie responded.

"Yeah, I swim everyday" he replied. "Fuck I had a friend who did that" Charlie replied. "Boyfriend?" Mark asked, still not realising he was the friend. "No, just best friends; but my family moved down south and we sort of lost touch" Charlie said, nibbling at his neck.

"Yeah families do that to find work. My friends' family did that" Mark replied, both still being dumb shits.

"Less talking more playing" Charlie replied, and they both just went at it. Mark licked Charlie's nipple; eliciting a moan from him. He worked the second the same way, getting more appreciation from his quarry.

Mark continued to work down Charlie's body, ending up at his intended destination. He bit softly through the tighty whities, nibbling the now rock hard member; again eliciting a moan from Charlie. He hooked his fingers at the top of the hem and pulled them off. His cock sprang from its white cotton prison, splattering pre-cum onto his stomach.

Mark moved in and licked at the sweet nectar that was all Charlie. He then started to lick the shaft of Charlie's engorged nine incher; his head, a very wide mushroom. He licked and savoured the taste of his nights partner; no names no mobiles, no complications. Mark liked this at first. Well, he was heading back to Scotland in thirty six hours; so, yeah, a great hook up and nothing more. He smiled as he took Charlie's cock into his mouth.

"Oh fuck that feels' fucking amazing" Charlie struggled to get out. "You taste just as amazing. I won't lie. I love sucking good looking guys. I haven't been with many; but fuck, you taste awesome" Mark responded.

"I have to admit, you give the best blowjob, and I am not just saying that because you are here doing it. I don't lie about this shit" Charlie complimented. As Mark, to prove him right, let Charlie's cock slide into his willing throat.

"OOOOOhh, Fuuuuckk!!!!!!" Charlie moaned out in pleasure, as Marks throat massaged his shaft and cock head. He was almost ready to blow the strongest most powerful load he could ever imagine.

"Stop……Please stop!" Charlie begged. "I don't want to shoot yet. I want to fuck you and cum that way" he informed Mark. "C, I was looking forward to me fucking you. Okay, I do bottom a lot, but I like to top just as much" Mark replied.

"Good. I can see what you are packing and I cannot wait to get nailed by it; but it's my turn to play" Charlie added. He pushed Mark onto the bed, pulling off his leather trouser costume; but hot as fuck. He wasn't wearing any underwear and Charlie liked it. "Commando; I like" he responded. "The leather doesn't leave any room for another layer" Mark replied.

Charlie tortured Mark with slow bites and nibbles to his upper body; his cock screaming for attention. Soon, he was at Marks desired location, it still demanding attention. "Please! I need to feel you on me" Mark demanded.

Charlie slowly licked the shaft and the head; also, like himself, leaking copious amounts of nature's lube. "Fuck!!!!!!!" Mark moaned out in appreciation. Charlie started to work Marks cock, slow deliberate sucks: not taking him down his throat. Unlike Mark, Charlie's gag reflex was strong, and throwing up on his nights partner was never a good idea; a definite mood killer.

Charlie, while working Mark's cock, also began working his pucker; his finger lightly rubbing over his future fuck chute, his mangina. He himself had often bottomed; he preferred to top, but was willing to concede once in a while.

He worked the hole until it eventually surrendered. He pressed forward, working a single finger until it slid in easily. He then added a second; pressing, twisting, probing. The moans from Mark told him to continue the pressure. He would have this boy before too long.

The taste of Marks cock was intense. He savoured every second of it. He wanted more of it. He had to admit, he needed it as much as Mark did. He pushed Marks legs up to his chest, revealing his hole. He leaned into him licking at his slowly transforming hole. He probed with his tongue; he flicked it with his finger, tasting the musky scent that was driving him insane. The pleasure that Mark was receiving was the most he had every received from a random hook up.

"Condoms" Mark moaned out, reluctant to let Charlie stop. "What?......Oh yeah" he replied and got off of the bed; cock swinging hard, long, and thick. He opened the dresser drawer and retrieved a bottle of lube and a pack of Durex. "Oh, ribbed for her pleasure….yeah, right" Charlie sniggered, and Mark joined in.

"Fuck me, C. Please, fuck me hard" Mark demanded. "Mr Jackson, that is my intention" he replied. He placed his body over Marks, his legs still tight to his chest. He looked into his blood shot eyes, the makeup still messed up. The strange contacts that Mark was wearing were freaky. He plunged straight in and bottoming out; the look of pain on Marks face soon disappearing.

"Okay?" Charlie asked, and Mark nodding to give his approval to continue. Charlie, at first, was deliberately aiming his cock at Marks joy button; driving his night's partner crazy. "Ohhhhh ahhhhhhh" Mark moaned out in sheer pleasure. "Fucking pound me; drive me into the fucking bed" Mark demanded; his persona changing with each thrust.

Charlie picked up the pace and the power. He hammered Mark hard and without mercy; the sweat pouring off of both of them. He pounded him in multiple positions; he was relentless. He jack hammered him for what seemed half the night. Mark was a whimpering mess, his body was limp. He was satisfied beyond being satisfied; his body was wrecked. If there was a fire right now, he would die; his strength sapped. Charlie, however, powered on for another twenty minutes. Marks orgasmic convulsions shot through his body twice before Charlie filled the condom.

He collapsed hard on top of Mark, who could not care less. His body was spent. He was ruined. he was fucked beyond fucked; and by someone he had only just met. Or so he thought.

The boys just lay there; both waiting to get air back into their lungs and to come down from the ultimate orgasmic high. Mark spoke first.

"Never! Never! Never in my wildest fantasies! Never could I have imagined that could happen. You fucked the cum out of me twice" He responded.

"I have never experienced sex like that. Wow…..Wow....Mr Jackson, you are insatiable" Charlie replied, and both started to drift. "Should I go?" Mark asked. "No, don't be stupid. Sleep… have to fuck me in the morning" Charlie replied. "Yeah, but clean, I hope" Mark said, pointing at the makeup. "Porn Zombie fucks Jackson" Charlie laughed out, and Mark laughed along with him.

Voices still were not recognised; well, understandable. They were 13 and 14 when they went separate ways, voices not yet changed; and now, voices of young men. They both held each other and drifted off to a contented sleep.

9:34am Sunday Morning

Charlie woke first. He wanted to wake Mark up, but thought about breakfast first. He got out of bed carefully so not to wake Michael Jackson's stunt double. He went to the bathroom and twenty minutes later came out clean; no make-up. He dressed and went to a local café to get some take out.

He left a quick note, in case Mark woke up, and headed out. Mark woke with the sound of the door closing. He sat up, taking a few seconds to get his bearings; and remembered the boy, who, indeed made him scream. He read the note and decided to take a quick shower. He was still in the shower when Charlie returned with breakfast.

"Mr Jackson, you okay?" He yelled. "Yeah, I'm taking a shower. You don't mind do you?" he asked. "No man, knock yourself out. Clean towels are in the cupboard" Charlie replied. "Be quick. Breakfast is getting cold" he added.

Soon, Mark had cleaned off all make up and sweat from the previous night's activity. That still brought a smile to his face, and a tingle to his body. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and opened the door. He walked into the kitchenette. He looked at Charlie's face for the first time and his jaw dropped.

"CHARLIE!!!!" he yelled. Charlie turned and looked, and then the penny dropped. "Fuck, Mark! Is that you?" he yelled back, getting to his feet, walking over to his old friend. "Shit Charlie" Mark began to cry. "Mark…..I can't believe it, Mark" he repeated and also began to sob.

"I never knew you were" Mark couldn't get it out. "Mark, we were kids. I didn't know myself until I was about seventeen" Charlie replied. Now, both were sitting on the bed again. "I missed you when you left" Mark cried out; "and now, this" he added.

"Mark, I have missed you every day of my life. I mentioned that to you last night when you mentioned swimming" Charlie replied. "Well, for one, the no names, no mobile part of last night can fuck off. I have found you again and I am staying in contact" added Charlie.

"Wow! Mark, I still cannot believe what I am seeing here" Charlie said, pulling Mark into his chest, as both began to cry.

"I cannot believe the greatest sex of my life ended up being with my best friend" Mark whispered. "Yeah, that was awesome, and now that I know it was you,it makes it more special to me" added Charlie.

"Charlie, I want you back in my life so much. I feel actual pain just thinking now that you are not. it's not just the sex, and yeah that was fucking unreal by the way; it's you. You were my closest ever friend, and yeah, it was special" Mark said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Mark, I want you in my life just as much, if not more. Besides" Charlie started, "Besides, what?" Mark asked.

"You have to fuck me remember" Charlie added.

"Charlie, I want to so much; but I go home tomorrow, and I want more with you than just a quick fuck" Mark replied. "Mark, after the connection we made, yeah I want more; and fuck, you still live in Edinburgh, yeah?" he asked. "Fuck, that's 50 minutes up the road. It's not exactly a long distance relationship, so yeah" he responded, and Mark launched himself at Charlie. "Okay, breakfast" Charlie reminded him. "Fuck breakfast, Charlie, I am falling for you and I cannot help it" Mark whispered into his ear, nibbling on his lobe.

"Mark, I am glad you said that……me too" he responded.

"Now are you going to fuck me, best friend, boyfriend?" Charlie said with a lustful tone.

"Charlie……that would be my life's wish" and pulled him to his body and began to kiss. The passion was very evident. "Mark, I don't want to scare you off, but I think I could love you; I could love you very much" he added. Mark smiled and a single tear fell from his face. This is the happiest he had ever been. The reconnection with his old childhood friend proved to be more. So much more.