Castle Roland

Happy Holidays Yeah Right

by David Spowart

Short Story

Happy Holidays Yeah Right

Published: 24 Dec 14

Note: First published on Dec 20th, 2012

Chris and Krystal sat in the office canteen watching their colleagues discuss the upcoming festive period; Chris however was not in the festive spirit. Only just over a month ago his long term partner had betrayed him, he caught him cheating with one of his work colleagues. So as far as Chris was concerned, Christmas this year was a bust.

"So what are you planning this Christmas" asked Krystal

"Not doing anything to be honest" I replied.

"Chris, stop moping and enjoy yourself, it's his loss" she replied.

"Krystal my heart is just not in it and besides its still 10 days away" I replied.

I sat in the break room looking at all my colleagues discussing plans for their family's and the oncoming holidays. Who they have coming and what they have planned. Krystal and her husband are going on a winter cruise. My relationship ended just over a month ago, Harry was my world, he was everything to me, but I caught him screwing someone else and a girl to boot. So miserable I am and probably stay.

My name is Chris Noble, I am 27 years old. I work for an accountancy firm in lower Manhattan. I love my job. It is not mundane like normal accountancy work. I do not number crunch all day like some do in this office.

Krystal is my boss, and as bosses go she is pretty cool. She was the one who introduced me to Harry, and was disgusted when she found out he was screwing around on me. Hope his dick shrivels up and falls off. Bitter damn right I am.

"Look we are going out for a drink on Friday after work, come out have some fun. Try at least" Asked Krystal. "Yeah okay" I replied smiling somewhat forced.

"You never know you might just get your Christmas wish" she added. Stood up and walked away. What are you my fairy fucking godmother now? I laughed to myself.

I worked all day and left at my usual time and headed for the subway. I turned a corner and walked straight into a guy. "Shit, sorry man" he said picking me up. "Nothing broken, I'm fine" I said. He was tall white good complexion and the most come fuck me blue eyes I had ever seen. "You okay David" I heard a woman's voice coming from behind him. "Yeah Sue I'm good" he replied.

"You sure you are okay" he asked again. "Yeah just my pride that was hurt honest" I replied. "He's okay, we have to get going if we are going to catch Macy's" she insisted. "Yeah okay, again sorry man" he added and walked away. "Okay Krystal my wish would right now was for that sex on legs to be gay and into me" I again laughed at myself.

I arrived back at my apartment about forty or so minutes later. Did my usual thing, worked through the take out menus, and ordered supper. I showered and changed in time for the delivery guy to deliver my meal. I had not cooked since Harry betrayed me. I had attended meals with work colleagues but never tried to cook despite I love to do that.

My cupboards are always well stocked as was my ice box. Just ordering in solved all the hassle for me.

I sat in front of the TV and watched some reality show. Nothing good on that I like to watch. I then over the past few weeks noticed how much Harry took over my life. I didn't have a favourite show anymore didn't have a favourite meal anymore. I did everything to accommodate him. well no more I am me and I am going to be me. I am going out on Friday night with the guys from work and I am going to be fun Chris not mopey Chris.

Have I really lost myself? Did I let Harry dominate what I did, I never realised that until recently. Was I that weak that I allowed that to happen? Don't get me wrong he was loving, he never treated me unkind. I was happy or at least I thought I was. It was just coming home early and finding him fucking some woman from work in our bed that crushed the happy out of me.

No point dwelling on that. If I meet a nice guy and he starts to take over I will be the one ending it. I need equality sharing in all aspects of a loving relationship and that includes sex. I never had the chance to fuck Harry. He was a permanent top. I didn't really mind that fact he fucked great. But I liked to fuck also so I hadn't fucked anyone in over four years and would like to experience that again. So Krystal wish number two, I want to fuck a handsome attractive guy, hopefully the guy that swept me off my feet. Literally.

Sitting at my desk thinking of what a total wuss I have been moping about Harry, well from now on that part of my life is in a file at the back of my head marked recent history. But underlined history.

"Hey, you look deep in thought" said Krystal walking past my desk. "Something perked your attention has it" she asked smirking somewhat. "No not really just realised I need to move on. Get on with my life" I replied. "About time sweetie" she sniggered and walked back to her office. And soon a text came to my phone.

"So you are up for Friday then...Krystal"

I replied, "Can't Wait"

I for the first time in weeks looked forward and not back. I needed to find a life beyond Harry. I wanted him to suffer, I wanted him to feel the anguish that I had felt, the betrayal that he made me feel, I resented his presence when he begged me to take him back. I am not as helpless as I thought I was. I loved him I craved him, but I had enough self-esteem to refuse that request. So Friday yeah bring it on.

I sat in the break room still watching my colleagues planning their special day, and looking forward to a great new year. To be honest I am looking forward to seeing the back of this one. I ate my cob salad and flipped through some emails. I wrote to my brother who was still in Australia with his family, and not planning on returning to the states until March. My mother was with her new husband seeing Europe. And at this moment seeing Paris before heading off to London. So a quiet Christmas looked more than likely. I loved to see friends and family over this time of year but with Harry I sort of drifted away from some old friends and the new ones were more his than mine.

The next couple of days drifted by. I myself am making plans for the New Year, and for the first time in years thinking of only my independent self. It was Friday morning I had clothes sorted and waiting for me to get home and change. We were doing Time square and a few trendy bars around that area.

Work dragged as it usually did on a Friday. I saw David the guy who swept me off my feet on the subway. He gave me the knowing you nod of the head, for which I returned. And the words "if only" running through my thoughts, as I stepped off the train.

I showered and changed and dabbed my favourite cologne on and did what I usually did when I was getting ready to go out, step in front of a long mirror and critic what I was wearing, you know what not to wear sort of shit. I did that and changed the shirt I was wearing... twice.

I must admit it had been so long that I had gone out without someone on my arm so to speak I was feeling somewhat daunted at the prospect. I almost backed out a few times. Christ I am only 27, not over the hill just yet. Okay yeah I had never been without company. I loved he who will no longer be named.

I arrived at the assigned first bar. I walked over to the bar and ordered my drink of choice. Jack D and coke.

"Hey glad you showed" Krystal said as I approached the few who had turned up early. "Yeah, you look good" I replied. "And you, how many times did you change" she sniggered "Once, I just threw this on" I lied.

The music was very festive, and the usual song at Christmas came on, and one of my favourites and had us all singing when the chorus came around. "You Scum bags you maggots you cheap lousy faggots merry Christmas you arsehole thank god it's our last" we sang at the top of our lungs. I must admit it was turning out to be a great night.

I danced with most of the woman who had a little too much to drink. "You are cute you know that" Mary informed me, slurring her words. "Yeah so are you" I said kindly, but she was plain Jane. A lovely person and married to boot. "He must have been mad to dump you, you know that, ass" she continued to slur. "Mary you wanna sit down?" I asked. "Nooooo, not yet, a smooch one will be on soon, let's see if I can convert you for Christmas" she laughed before she fell to floor laughing.

I bent over to pick her up, when another set of hands helped me. "Hey, you seem to be in the area when people fall" I said looking up at David. "As do you sir" he replied with a smile that could melt the hardest of hearts.

"Ohh get a room" slurred Mary as we picked her up. "Girlfriend?" he asked. "Work mate" I replied. We sat Mary down and he walked away. "Hey thanks" I yelled, he turned and mouthed "No Problem" I watched as he walked over and sat beside the woman he was with the other day. "Okay one wish failed and therefore the second doomed" I whispered to myself. "What" Mary asked. "Oh nothing" I replied, still staring at David. "Waste, absolute waste" I thought to myself.

"Okay next bar" I informed them.

"Chris, it's 2 in the morning I'm wrecked, I mean Mary is a sleep for fucksake" replied Krystal "Okay I'm going home, you gonna be okay" she asked helping Mary to her feet. "Yeah, I will be fine" I replied and helped them into a cab a few minutes later.

I wondered back down 4th street and hit O'Neil's Tavern. I sat at the bar sipping my umpteenth Jack and Coke. It was approaching 4am as I stood up to leave. I walked out of the door and walked straight into someone coming in. I dropped like the proverbial stone. "Fuck!" I yelled as I hit wood.

"Shit not you again" I looked up and saw David. "Are you stalking me are something" I replied. Drink getting the better of me. "Nope, but you are the one in the bar beneath my apartment" he replied. "What shit really?" was the best I could come up with.

"You need coffee" he responded. "Yeah, probably, just get me a cab" I replied rubbing the bump rising on my forehead. "Can't believe you knocked me over...twice" I moaned out. "Yeah but you did run into me...twice" he replied.

"Coffee first then Cab okay" he added helping me back into the foyer next to the bar. He entered the code and we went inside. "Nice very nice" I said looking at the plush interior of the hallway. "I like it" he replied. "Ohh won't we wake your wife" I replied. "Not married" he replied pulling me onto the elevator. "Girlfriend then" I responded. "Don't have one of them either" he replied being mysterious.

"Ohh and the woman you were with" I asked. "Why the interest?" he asked as the elevator opened on his floor. "Only asking" I replied and he smiled that boner inducing smile of his. And the thought that immediately reverberated through my mind was, was he hinting to his availability or was drink clouding my judgement.

We walked or should I say I stumbled into his apartment. A very nice place, put mine to shame, "Nice place David" I responded, as he entered the kitchen and put the kettle on. "Black okay, I'm out of milk" he asked, and I said it was fine. "Sugar?" he asked. "No none for me" I replied. I sat on a plush leather sofa.

He shortly walked in and placed the coffee in front of me. "So you know my name, so you have the advantage" he started. "Chris, Chris Noble" I replied. "David Tanner" he replied. "So Girlfriend not live with you then?" I enquired. "Told you I don't have one" he replied. "But the woman you were with, you two seemed pretty cosy" I added.

"Sue is my sister, her husband is working away and won't be back until just before New Year" he replied. "So I thought the fact she had the kid's and I was alone anyway. So we arranged to spend the holidays together" he added.

"And you Chris, no Mrs" he asked. "No nothing like that, no girlfriend either" I replied. "What a good looking guy like you. And an empty bed, surely not" he replied. And again am I drunk or is he flirting. Okay my judgement was impaired somewhat but he is definitely flirting. So perhaps wish one and two are still in play.

"I could say the same about you" was my response, you know subtle as a sledge hammer. "See Chris I look for a person to invest time in, I have never been a slam bam thank you Ma'am sort of guy. I like to get to know the person I want to have a relationship know" he said

"Yeah, my last relationship lasted just over four years" I replied. "She left you for someone else right" he replied. "No it ended that's all I am prepared to say...for now" I added. "And you...the reason you are alone at Christmas?" I asked, being nosey.

"Oh that's easy. I moved here for work. My partner didn't want to come with...simple" he replied still being vague.

"Ohh wow that bump on your head is a doozey" he said getting up and heading back to the kitchen. He returned a minute or so later with a towel and some ice. "Here let me..." he placed the ice filled towel on the bump "Ahhhthhhhhh" I moaned like a child. "Sorry" he replied as he held the ice in place.

"The aroma that was coming from him was pure man, he smelled welcoming, I could just wrap myself into him. "Feel better" he asked, and I just replied "Mmmhmm"

The drink and the events overtook my mouth and my brain didn't respond in time for before the words poured out of me. "You smell good" and the embarrassment that came with it made my face turn a certain shade of red that I had not experienced since I was a teenager.

I pulled away quickly before he kicked my ass.

"Your cute when you blush, you know that" he replied with a smile.

"Sorry, what?" I asked still blushing.

"Calm down Chris, it's obvious that we are both cut from the same mould so to speak, am I right?" he added, and for once I was speechless.

"Chris...Chris are you gay" he asked, and for once I though he was dumb, I just told him he smelled good, a straight guy wouldn't say that. "Yeah, I thought the smell comment sort of give me away" I replied, still showing a certain shade of red.

"You are though" he added.

"Yeah I am gay" I replied.

"No not that...cute when you blush" he repeated.

"Please don't tease me...please" I replied.

He brought his hand up and lifted my chin. He looked into my eyes and replied. "But you are" I looked deep into his eyes and saw no deception. His expression was one of honesty. "David, I have had a little too much to drink. My judgement is not what it should be. I don't flirt...okay I do...but never with strangers...just people that know me and don't get offended by it" I somehow got out without struggling for breath.

"I am not offended, in fact I was flattered. Nobody has ever said my scent was good" he replied. "You do smell good, I won't lie you are a turn on" I flirted again and yeah blush city.

I looked at his wall clock and noticed it was heading towards five o'clock "I better get going, I need to clear my head, call me a cab please" I asked.

"Yeah sure...I would like to get to know you though Chris" he replied.

"I would like that...perhaps you could call me sometime after Christmas" I added. "Why after, I mean yeah I am spending Christmas day with Sue and the kid's. but that's Tuesday, it's only Saturday Morning" he responded.

"I thought you said you were spending the holidays with them" I asked. "Yeah but they only live four blocks from me" he replied.

"So Dinner tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah, Yeah I would love that" I replied.

He picked up his cell and dialled a local cab company. He walked me downstairs and waited in the foyer until the cab arrived. The cab honked his horn and I opened the door. He stopped me and pulled me into his body and kissed my lips. It was like kissing a cloud. Gentle yet firm. My toes felt like they were curling in my shoes.

"Tonight then" he added pulling away. My head light, my breathing struggling somewhat. "Yeah tonight" I replied and walked out into the very cold morning climbed into the yellow cab and headed home.

I climbed into bed the second I walked into my apartment. Okay pissed first stripped naked them climbed into bed. I woke sometime late in the afternoon. My head hurt, my throat parched and tasted like sandpaper from a birdcage.

I walked into the bathroom and climbed into the shower, I blasted myself first with cold water 'Mistake number one' I jumped banging my head yet again against the tiled wall, I reached over and turned the hot water on. I few seconds later the temperature was just right.

I reached for the soap and washed the city off of me. the smell from the cab still on me. I washed and cleaned until I felt great. I wrapped the towel around my waist. I picked up my cell phone and went back into the bath room. I flipped it open and spotted a text from David. Then it all started to come back to me, the running into him...again...his smell...that kiss.

My cell rang and it startled me somewhat, that lead to mistake number two, I jumped and my cell slipped out of my hand and went straight into the toilet bowl.

"Fuck!" I yelled.

"Fuck! Fuck!" I repeated.

I fished it out. The screen was off and the thing was flooded. I never got to read the text and whoever was calling me was a mystery. I placed the cell phone opened up on a tray and placed into the oven on the lowest setting. I saw this on some TV show, so thought it couldn't hurt.

I made myself some desperately needed coffee. I dressed and waited the right amount of time before I took the phone out. I opened the door and realised I committed mistake number three. Not a great afternoon so far. I hadn't put the oven on. I had put the grill on; my phone was toast, literally.

I pulled it apart hoping the sim card was okay, why I put that in the oven only god could answer that one for me. I fished through my draws in the bed room and found my old cell. I placed it on charge and waited about twenty minutes for it to have enough charge to recognise the sim. Hoping I hadn't destroyed it.

"Great!" I proclaimed when my contacts list was still there. I went through all sorts to see if David's number had saved to sim and not just the phones memory, it had been. I text him and told him I deleted the message by accident and could he resend it.

The text came back.

"Having second thoughts are we...I asked how was your head...end of message"

I replied with. "Head's a little sore, and no not having second thoughts, looking forward to Dinner XXX" send.

"Shit I am 27 and I sent a message with XXX what am I 16...fuck!"

Beep! Beep!

"You blushing?" he asked

And he was right. He isn't even here and I am blushing, just like a 16yr old teenager.

Reply "No" I lied.

Beep! Beep!

"What's your Address, pick you up at 8" end message.

I sent him my Address and asked where we were going. I waited for his response.

Beep! Beep!

"You have to wait...surprise" end message.

Oh god I'm being courted, I have never been courted. I like it.

I went through my entire closet searching for something warm but yet stylish, not to flash but not saying I don't give a shit. I found a pair of slacks I had not worn for a while and I nice cotton shirt, a pair of polished brogues. And plain socks, and of course my favourite cologne.

He arrived prompt at 8pm. "You look and smell great" he said as I opened the door. "You don't scrub up to bad yourself" I replied, and he did he looked stunning. "I don't even know what you do" I asked. "We will answer all questions at dinner" he replied. "So where are we eating?" I asked. And he would not answer he just smiled that awesome smile of his.

"Tease" I replied.

We pulled up outside a restaurant called Bloomfield's next to the entrance to central park. We spotted a couple being taken around the park in a horse and buggy. "Too cold for that" I said looking at David. "Read my mind" he replied.

"This place looks like it cost's a bit" I said, and realised I sounded stupid. "It is, but Sue is the Manager here" he replied. "Hey sis" he said kissing his sister on the cheek. "David, this must be Chris" she replied. "Don't I know you" she asked. "He knocked me over" I replied. "Oh yeah, I knew you were interested in him" she said lightly punching his arm.

"Was not ...Okay just a bit" he replied and his shade of red now showing. "Come on I will show you your seat" she replied and showed us to a corner seat that looked cosy. "She seems friendly" I said as I took my seat. "She is unless you break my heart then all bets are off" he responded, and laughed lightly.

"Drinks?" the waiter asked. "Just sprite for me" I replied. "Really?" replied David. "Yeah after lastnight, no alcohol...couldn't face it" I replied. "Okay 2 sprites please" he ordered. "Okay what do you want to know" he asked.

"What is it you do, I mean for a living, you said you came to New-York for a job" I asked. "I'm an Engineer; I was headhunted for a New-York branch of a Major company. I will be a department head in design" he informed me.

"Impressive" I replied. "And you" he enquired. "Ohh senior accounts manager at Morgan Stanley" I replied. "Age?" I asked, "30 and you" he asked, "27 so no huge difference" I replied.

"So what do you look for in a prospective partner" he asked. And I sat for a few seconds and answered. "Equality, honesty and most of all trust" he looked at me. "I totally agree with all of those anything else"

"One thing actually...Time...I like to spend time with the person I want to share my life with, my ex couldn't do that" I added. "His mistake then...yeah" he replied.

"So what are you...Top or Bottom" I asked. "Wow, can't believe you have already asked that" he almost spat his drink out. "Look David I like you..and I mean like in the fact at some point I want to have more from you, but my ex was selfish, I never realised that until it ended" I began. "What do you mean" he asked.

"He wouldn't let me top, don't get me wrong he was a great lover, but it was all him, you know what I mean" I added. "Yeah I know what you mean, and to set your mind at ease somewhat, I like, like you too and for sex, I go where the wind takes me, you bottom or me, as long as we feel fulfilled at the end of if it goes that far...and Chris I hope it does...I am versatile...okay" he ended.

"Good, I am not saying if you came back with I only top, that I would have walked away, but I am glad you are not like my ex, you look and act considerate. He was domineering and I never noticed him doing it, it just happened" I replied.

"Was he violent" he asked. "No he never hit me, he never insulted me in anyway. I just fell into his way of doing things, you know" he nodded.

"So if you don't mind me asking, what happened?" he asked

"Oh same ol same ol, gay guy comes home early from work catches boyfriends banging some co-worker...female to boot" I informed him

"Oh so he was bi-sexual?" he asked. "Apparently I had only found that out when I caught him" I added. "Ouch, sorry" he replied placing his hand on mine. "His loss" he added.

We ordered our meal and it was an amazing meal, I had lobster and he had a rib-eye steak, the food was exquisite, we did end up having a bottle of house wine with our meal but never too much. I learned that lesson from the night before.

"Chris I don't want to rush things and ruin what this may turn into, I don't do quick relationships, I want to get to know you more" he said as we walked back to his car. "Yeah, I have never been interested in quickies either, shame my ex wasn't more like you" I replied. "Don't dwell, look forward" he replied, and I couldn't agree more with those words, my Christmas was looking better by the second.

He drove to a part of the city that could be seen from the park, you could see most of Manhattan and the surrounding areas. "This is beautiful" I said as he leaned in and kissed me, just a peck. "I could easily fall for you" he informed me, "No pressure, but you are everything I have been looking for in a partner" he informed me, and for the first time I felt scared.

"David you know very little about me, you don't know my likes nor dislikes, you could love something be totally passionate about something, and I could hate it, so yeah I could fall for you as well, but let's not jinx this okay" I replied. He looked at me and responded with.

"Fucking smart as well as gorgeous"

I must admit sitting here, I know he had just worn his heart on his sleeve, and for a brief moment it scared me, but seeing the vulnerable side to him, made me want him even more. This is the kind of guy I should have been looking for, Harry was exciting at first and I am sure I loved him, but serious long term partner he wasn't and he proved that in the end.

"I meant what I said though Chris, I am not trying to freak you out in anyway, I never admit this to anyone this soon, but I could fall for you" he repeated, except this time my heart swelled, I leant over and kissed him softly on the lips. "Me too" I replied. My wishes starting to come true.

He told me on the Sunday his plan for Christmas was to spend the eve at his sister's so he could be there when the kids woke up and opened their presents. He said he loved kids and would want to find a way to have at least one. An only child would not be an option, I had honestly hadn't thought about kids, being gay I never thought I would have the option, but you see things and hear things about same sex couples adopting or hiring a surrogate, so that could be an adventure in itself.

"Hey, you okay" Krystal asked, being back at work first thing on Monday was not an agenda I wanted to be involved in, but Christmas takes up most of the working week and besides I wouldn't see David until after anyway. So a few hours' work would somehow concentrate my mind. I was still going to be alone on Christmas but with more optimism for the future than I thought I would have. I had strong, very strong feelings for him and it didn't scare me, with Harry it was lust at first and then progressed, but with David the affection was already there, and it had only been a few days.

I just hope he is ready to make love to me soon, I know I am ready to make love to him right now, my erection was getting painful, I was even contemplating excusing myself for about ten minutes to sort of you need a picture?.

Here I was texting my hopefully new lover, wrong choice of word but it would do for now, lover doesn't quite cover it. But texting like a love torn teenager was what I was doing. He said he couldn't wait to see me and he was ready to take things further...bout time I say.

But I would have to wait...damn!

I finished work just after lunch. I had a drink with Krystal and wished her a Merry Christmas, and a happy 2013. She was heading for the airport in a few hours to fly out to Frisco to meet her cruise ship. Strange thing for her to do, she gets ill traveling down an escalator. I made my way home through the crowd of late Christmas shoppers, and I realised I hadn't bought David a gift, it occurred to me. I joined the throng of heaving shoppers, I searched high and low. I went from department store to department store, nothing hit me.

I had spent nights at his apartment holding each other I never looked at his stuff; I don't know his real likes nor dislikes. I had said that to him earlier this week and never took my own advice. I did remember seeing a print in his hallway and commented on it, he said he loves surrealist art. So I checked around a few stores and eventually spotted a print of a Salvador Dali painting, melting clocks you can't get more surreal than that.

I purchased the print and headed back to my apartment. I tried to order take out but everywhere was busy. So for the first time in months I decided to cook. I took out a couple of steaks and let them thaw. I prepared the remainder of the meal after a couple of hours. I marinated the steaks and let them cook slow on the griddle.

Knock! Knock!

The clock in the kitchen showed 8:54pm

Knock! Knock! A bit louder

I opened the door, and there stood David with a bunch of the reddest roses I had ever seen.

"What are you doing here" I asked pulling him into the apartment.

"Michael came back early, so I thought I could see you, is that okay" he said holding out the flowers.

"Okay, Okay you are what I want for Christmas" I informed him taking the flowers, and pulling him to a passionate kiss, "David I have a confession" I began. "Ohh yeah what have you done, who is dead?" he sniggered out.

"I think I love you" I said softly.

"And why wouldn't you?" he said just as soft.

"Chris, I fell for you the day you fell into me on the street, and just so it is clear Chris, I know I love you" he said, again pulling me tight into a passionate kiss.

I removed myself from his arms and went into the kitchen,

"Something smells great" he yelled.

I returned to the living room, after turning off the stove.

"I said something smells great" he repeated, I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. "What's up" he asked. "At this precise cock, fuck now eat later" I replied.

"Look David I have wanted you ever since I realised I was falling in love with you, I need you in me and I need to be in you have a problem with that?" I asked looking at him with longing.

"Nope" he replied, we went straight to my room and had him stripped in double quick time. He was as aroused as I was, he was cut and very healthy. I stroked his cock, and began to sing softly, and all I want for Christmas is youuuuuuu.

I engulfed his cock and savoured my lovers taste, he let out an appreciative moan. "Like that huh" I said before taking his whole length into my mouth and down my throat. Harry loved my gag reflex. David would love it more as I feel like he has more respect for me, okay his cock is wedged down my throat so perhaps respect at this moment was not top of his agenda.

"Stop!.....Please" he begged. "I don't want to cum yet and you are so fucking hot, I almost..." he informed me. he pushed me over and returned the favour, he tried without success to take me down his throat...bless him for trying.

While he was sucking me hard, his mouth was a gift from Santa and he worked hard to please me, he also worked my hole with a couple of fingers, he slowly opened me up with tender strokes of his fingers, he was also pushing all the right buttons.

"Babe ...Babe..."


"Now, please do me now" I pleaded, I was becoming a two dollar whore at his touch.

"Not yet...soon though" he denied me.

"P L E A S E...David...Now" I begged, I was now begging like a love torn teenager begging his lover to get past first base, I was 27 and experienced but the feelings being shot through my body as his finger worked me over were magical.

"Chris, when was the last time you got tested" he asked, shit what a mood killer. "You're asking me that now?" I replied. "Sorry" he responded.

"Soon after I broke things off with Harry ...why?"

"I am clean, I have not had a lover since Martin, and that was a few months back, I tested a few weeks later, so I know I am clean" he replied, and me being hornier than that love torn teenager and my brain cells firing on horny mode was lost at this point.

"I want to make love without a condom, I never want any barrier between us ever" he added, and I smiled and agreed with this sentiment. "I like you're thinking" I replied

He pushed my knees to my chest and pressed his cock into me, creating a loud gasp from me, my head felt light the room was spinning, he bottomed out and waited for me to adjust.

"Okay, please David"

He then began to thrust slow then fast, deep slotting me, making me moan out in sheer pleasure, I had never had electricity during sex with anyone and I mean anyone but the bolts of energy firing through me right now was making my toes curl.

He moved me on my side and re-entered me, thrusting in deep and hard, he kissed me hard with those sex induced swollen lips, he continued to drive in deep.

"Ohhh David...Ahhhohhhhhhhhh" I screamed out, and I knew that this was going to be a regular occurrence, me screaming his name. He moved me again, I was flat on my stomach and he thrust inside me fast and hard. He then changed tack, he began to deliberately slow down torturing me. "Ohhhh Fuckkkkkkkk" I screamed as this treatment caused my nuts to erupt, I coated the bed linen and myself. He never stopped he kept driving hard and deep. My lover was a cock lord, and he was a master at his craft.

"Ohhhh Fuck...!" I screamed as my body was rocked with the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced, he was a master as I had stated.

I eventually came down from my orgasmic high, he had withdrawn from me, I couldn't have him wait for his release. I again took him down my throat, I sucked hard I made him moan out with every move I made, he rocked back and forth with the same rhythm as I moved. It was not long before I felt his cock swell and his body rocked with the same force that had hit me earlier. I took his essence in me; I would from this moment on not waste a drop of his seed.

We collapsed on my bed both completely sated. The clock on my bedside table showed 12:01am. "It's Christmas" I said looking into David's eyes as we lay side by side. "I have never loved anyone as much as my heart loves you" he replied. "David, what can I say...I am in love with you, you will go home tomorrow and I don't want that, I don't want to spend a moment a part more than absolutely necessary" I informed him, kissing his lips softly.

"You mean that don't you?" he replied.

"David I believe you are my soulmate" I replied.

"You are mine I know that much" he replied.

"Chris this is quick I know, but my place is huge, bigger than your home, I would like my place to be our place...if you want to that is?" he asked me.

"Wow, you sure?" I replied.

"Very, I love you, and you said you love me, so yeah" he added.

I lay there and I began to cry, not through sorrow, not through pain, I was the happiest I had ever been, I mean being sucked off by the 1st basemen in highschool when I was 16 was a high point and my first. But right now, I knew I found my one real true love. What a Christmas this was turning out to be.

"Yes please" was my reply. As I wrapped myself in my partner's arms, dreaming of making a family and future Christmases with our own kids tearing open the gifts under the tree, a future that looks more likely than it did ten days ago.

"Thank's for the Christmas present" replied David, "But I haven't given it to yet babe" I replied. "Oh Chris you do not know how wrong you are" he replied pulling me in close and tight, and okay yeah it was an amazing Christmas. Awesome infact.

The End...

Hope you liked my Christmas story. All hope is not just for the straights in the world, sometimes it trickles down to us mere mortals.

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