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I Can't Be, Can I?

by David Spowart

Short Story

Short Story

Published: 14 Dec 15

I Can't Be, Can I?

David Spowart

I don't understand, I mean how it could have happened. I walked out of the gym, and wondered how I could have done such a thing. I watched Cody take a shower, and I jerked off. I can't be turned on by him. Yes he is a good looking guy. But Michele, I like girls. How can a hot guy... "Shit, I thought he was hot" I berated myself. Cody James is my roommate, I see him naked most days, so why now.

I re-entered my room, threw my gym bag in the corner, and sat down hard at my desk. Guilt was flowing through me. "Stress" I said to myself, "Stress, that's it" I repeated, "I have never looked at a guy…that way" I reminded myself. "But fuck, I said he was hot, and he is……shit, I said it again" I continued to berate myself. I can't be gay, I can't, Can I?

After a short period, I drifted off to sleep, but was woken when Cody came back from the Gym.

"Hey man why did you run off" he asked me,

"I didn't run off, I just left before you, why?" I replied.

"I don't know, when I came out of the shower, you dressed somewhat in a hurry, and ran out of the door, like a scolded cat" he responded, "Here you left your cell" he added, handing me back my phone,

"Shit, thanks" I replied.

"So what's up your ass" he asked, and me not responding, "Come on something's bugging you, so come on tell Uncle Cody" he joked.

"It's nothing, just a bit stressed, that's all" I replied, hoping that would satisfy his curiosity.

"You need a shower Kent, you stink" he said, "You didn't shower after your workout, and you reek" he added, as the sweat had now dried, and yeh I was a little ripe, and of course the dry cum, in my jock doesn't mask any.

"Yeh message received and understood" I replied, picking up my towel and my shower-gel and headed for the dorm showers.

I climbed into the shower after setting the right temperature. I lathered up my hair, and washed the sweat from my body, the warm water cascading down my torso, as thoughts of Cody washing his body entered my head. The water was falling down his well-defined abs, his perfect legs, his ass so perfectly shaped. "Fuck, stop it, FUCK" I yelled to myself, I need a distraction, I need Michele, and I have to get laid.

But the images of Cody were so vivid, and it had me boned, I was hot, my cock throbbing demanding attention. I soaped up my balls and slowly stroked my cock, the soap forming a nice slick grip as I stroked with purpose. Naked images of Cody becoming more erotic, as my imagination, and then just as I was about to shoot, the thought of Cody's cock in my mouth was appealing, and I climaxed against the white tiled wall, and I let out a satisfied moan "Ahhh ohhh Cody" I said, and then I heard the bathroom door close.

"Shit, was someone in here while I jacked off" I said to myself. Again I dried and dressed somewhat in a hurry and left the bathroom, and headed back to my dorm room.

I entered my room, and a note was left on my desk, and it read. ` Gone to Jackie's, back later'

"Good" I said to myself, and I dropped on to my bed, and sighed. "Who and what did the person in the bathroom hear, or for shit sake saw" I asked myself. I lay on my bed thinking of all that had transpired and my now apparent attraction to my roommate.

"I don't need this, fuck I don't need this at all" I moaned out to myself, but the images of Cody kept popping into my head, the size of his dick, his low hanging balls, the small mound of pubic hair just above his dick, the narrow treasure trail that lead there, and once again at that image seared into my sub-conscious, I was fucking boned up yet again, "I mean it, I do not fucking need this" I moaned out, pulling a pillow to my chest.

I awoke about two hours later to the sounds of laughter.

"Hey Kent, sorry if I woke you buddy" Cody whispered coming through the door, looking at me with some strange expression.

"What's so funny" I asked,

"Sorry, Kent it was one of those moments that you had to see, and explaining wouldn't do it any justice" he explained, "And besides, you wouldn't have found it funny" he added. And I just watched as he walked back and sat himself down at his computer desk.

"So how was your day" he asked, and the smell of his sweat was causing my groin to stir, and I don't know where this is coming from, have I always been attracted to him, because right now my roommate is turning me on like no other.

"Been ok, and yours" I asked, "Oh Jackie dumped my ass" he responded

"Oh fuck, are you ok" I asked

"Will be, but right now I have all these questions whirling around my head" he added, and again looking at me strangely

"Any reason given, why" I asked, and waited for a response

"She says that I don't give her enough attention, I don't romance her enough, and she said she needed wooed" he said out with a hint of humour.

"But that isn't the question whirling around my head" he said, again looking intently at me.

"How long have you been jacking off, over me" he asked, looking me dead in the eye

"What, what the fuck are you talking about" I replied, my heart rate rising rapidly, and my breathing quickening.

"I saw, and I heard you say my name when you blew" he responded, and came and sat at the bottom of my bed, was he going to kick my ass, I wasn't sure, so I had to reply and defend myself if need be.

"No I didn't, yeh I jacked off, but not with thoughts of you, saw you in the shower room, when I went for a wash, and you caught my eye, and I said your name in shock, but you left before I could say anything" I replied before he kicked my ass.

"Busted" he yelled, "Kent, I never came to the shower-room when you went to wash the stink off, I was talking about this afternoon, you jacked off, I saw you, and when you shot, you moaned out my name, but now you tell me you did it again when you came back" he responded, and my heart was on the verge of exploding out of my chest, I was hyperventilating, struggling to breath.

"Kent, calm down, you are freaking out," he said, with a slight hint of concern in his voice.

"So are you going to answer my question" he repeated, and I was stunned. I was involved with Michele, and she fucked brilliantly, she does anything I desire,……But I do have some feelings for Cody, his smell, his mere presence turns me on.

"I can't." I whispered out, "I don't know what to say, Cody." I added.

"Well how long have I turned you on, that's always a good place," he asked. "We have roomed for four months, and now I find out you are jacking yourself off with thoughts of me," he added.

"Cody………Cody I never would…you know…try anything, …it's just…recently that,…that…you have…" I struggled to get out, "It's just……you…Cody…look…I am sorry, ok" I added, waiting for him to say something.

"So I turn you on……is that what you are saying, Kent?" he asked, and waited for me to respond, but I could not look him in the eye, and say anything. I just closed my eyes and pictured him in the gym, his blond hair matted to his brow, sweat pouring off of his body, as he spotted me, his sweat dripping onto my face, and some into my mouth, the salty taste again turning me on, but the thoughts of him sitting on my bed waiting for a response to his leading question, and me waiting to see if he will follow through with violence snapped me back to reality.

"Well Kent" he asked again.

"Cody, I am sorry" I whimpered out "But yeh, you do" I added, and waited for the oncoming taunts of Faggot! And cocksucker and all the names associated with that sort of shit.

"Kent, look at me" he asked, and I opened my eyes, moist with tears, "Look I'm not pissed ok, surprised, yeh, who wouldn't be" he added. "Come here, Kent sit up" and I did, not knowing why he asked me to do so, but then he pulled me into a hug.

"I am your friend, you should have said something to me, I would have understood" he responded, and I sunk into his embrace, sniffing his smell, it soothed my nerves somewhat.

"Kent, are you sniffing me?" he asked, with a hint of humour in his voice.

"Sorry, it's you smell so good" I replied

And he looked at me, and smiled, he then removed his T shirt, and lifted his arm, "Sniff my pits, see if you like that smell" he told me, and I stuck my nose into his pits and inhaled the aroma that was Cody, and let out a slight moan "Ohhmm"

"Can I lick you" I asked, and got no response, so I took that as a go. I licked his pit hair and tasted the same salty taste I had at the gym. I moved around and licked his chest; I worked my way down and took his nipple into my mouth with no resistance from Cody.

I worked one then the next, the smell of his body driving me further "You like my sweat" he asked, and I just moaned in the affirmative.

"Well let's see what else you like" he sniggered out stood up in front of me "On your knees" he ordered, and I like the fact he hadn't attempted to kick my ass, and so I did as instructed. He then grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into his crotch. "You like the smell, Kent, you like the smell of my Junk" he asked, rubbing my face in to his hardening cock, the smell pouring through his shorts, "Answer me Kent, you like my dick pressed against your face?" he asked, and the hardening of my own cock, the answer to his question was a resounding


"I never got any off Jackie before we split, so perhaps I will fuck you tonight" he instructed me. And I never even thought about him fucking me. I thought I might taste his cock. And with the hard bulge being pressed against my face that prospect looked more likely.

"You would love my cock buried in your ass, wouldn't you Kent?" He asked, grinding his cock into my face harder and harder.

"Cody…I never thought" He cut me off

"Kent, if you want any of this, I get your ass, get me" he told me, "Drop your shorts, got any lotion, or lube?" he asked, and well I'm a guy I jack off a lot, ok quite a lot, so yeh I have some lube. "Top draw" I replied. "Get it" he told me. And I did as instructed. I retrieved the rather large tub of super slick, and handed it to him.

"Get up on the bed and lie down, and pull your legs to your chest" he instructed me. And I complied, laying there my ass winking at him.

"Going to bust that cherry wide open for you Kent, you will thank me later" he informed me.

At this point I would do just about anything for him.

He squeezed a generous amount of lube onto my asshole and began to use circular motions, rubbing my asshole, teasing it. Manipulating it, he pressured it and slowly my asshole gave way, "Ahhoooo" I moaned out, as he pressed forward, manipulating my hole, he worked slow at first, and then picked up the pace and the direction he plunged.

Soon he pushed a second finger into me. Twisting as he pushed. "That feel good, Kent, because the look on your face tells me yes" he asked, then informed.

I was now breathing hard, his fingers were doing things to me I didn't think were humanly possible, he was hitting something inside me, and it was awesome, I was panting like a whore begging for her next John.

I was opening up and he took advantage pressing a third finger into me, driving my body and my emotions insane. Right now I wanted. I need his cock inside me. And I wanted it right now, and the look in my body language informed him of that.

"Come on Kent, your turn to work now. On your knees" he instructed me, he pulled down his shorts and his jock. His cock was wet and dripping. His cock looked eager to fuck as I was to be fucked.

"Come on suck it, slick it well and good" he demanded, and I didn't hesitate I opened my mouth. My eager mouth I may add and engulfed his manhood. The taste of his pre-cum, natures lube tasted better than the sweat that had me begging for his body. I also discovered I do not have a gag reflex. As he slid him down my throat without any sort of problem.

"Fuck man, you have been holding out on me" he informed me, as he slotted my throat, "Fuck, yeh take it" he moaned out as he began to skull fuck me, and his power over me only drove me on, his dominance really excited me, my cock was now throbbing, he pounded my face relentlessly. He pulled his cock from my throat and slapped my face taunting me before ploughing it straight back down my eager throat.

"You like my cock. You like my cock down your throat, come on Kent tell me how much you want, no tell me how much you need my cock?" he taunted me with a question, and I moaned out my yes, the humming driving him on the edge. And he realised that and ripped it from my mouth.

"No not yet, you don't get that yet" he informed me. "Get back on your back, same position" he demanded.

I lay down pulling my legs to my chest. With Cody looking down over me, his cock pointing straight up. His cock slicked from my saliva, as he moved up onto the bed. He hovered over me smiling as he pressed his cock, to my still well lubed hole. He pushed forward popping the head in. a sudden bolt of pain engulfed my body, and he saw that and stopped.

"Wait until the pain eases, and tell me when to go, ok" he said, with a bit of concern for the person he was totally dominating.

A few minutes had passed with his cock all 8 inches buried deep. The pain now being replaced with pleasure. "Ok it's fine" I informed him.

He slowly withdrew his cock and ploughed back in, painful but a good pain, he repeated that move several times, and I begged for more. "Yeh Cody, just like that" I told him, he proceeded to change moves. Long deep fast strokes. To slow shallow slow, and deliberate strokes. Short fast and with purpose strokes, that again were driving my body into feelings I never thought possible. My body was an orchestra of emotions, and he conducted like a maestro.

"Turn over, push your ass in the air" he demanded, he now lost in a world of want and lust.

I did as commanded by my dominant roommate, I was on my knees, ass in the air and my head pressed into the pillow. And he mounted me, slotting me deep.

This now being an experience I wasn't ever likely to forget. His pounding of my ass was expertly done. Jackie dumped him for lack of passion, all I can say she has high standards if she has kicked this guy out of her bed.

I was now finding it hard to breath, my legs grew week as I dropped my knees. Falling flat on my stomach. He never missed a beat. His cock still driving me on forcing the greatest orgasm to ever escape my body. "Ohhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhh" I yelled as my climax hit with full force. A definite F5 on the fajita scale, as my ass was definitely hit by the finger of God.

As I started to come down from my orgasmic high, he withdrew from my ass, my ass now feeling somewhat empty. He pulled me off the bed as I was incapable of movement. And slid his cock back down my throat. He pumped for a few minutes and then I felt his balls tighten and his cock thicken as he also hit and unbelievable climax. He pumped his cum deep into my guts. Withdrawing just enough to fire the final volley over my tongue. It was a taste sensation. I had discovered I loved his sweat. His pre-cum. His aroma. And most definitely the sweet taste of his cock. But most of all I will never forget nor get the memory of the taste of his cum. Ambrosia. Total ambrosia.

He picked me up, and dropped me onto my bed, both of us unable to breath with any form of confidence. Several minutes past. I leaned over and cleaned his cock. Not missing anything.

"Kent, from now on you are my Gym. I never get a fucking work out like that" he said patting my ass as he stood up.

"Fuck, Kent I am straight as they come, but fuck……buddy that was the greatest fuck I have had since coming here" he informed me.

"So as long as I am single, fuck even if I am not, shit you want me to hit that……it's yours" he again informed me.

I for one like that arrangement. I get to keep on fucking Michele, and I get to keep getting pulverised by Cody, I loved that situation and the way he unloaded down my throat. I guess he did.

"So let's get some sleep. And see how your ass is in the morning, because I love to fuck in the morning" Cody told me and smiled, as he lay on his bed, and the bed without the wet patch.

I drifted off to a very contented sleep. Not giving a shit if my ass was sore the following morning. His cock would be going into it's new home.

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