Castle Roland

My Years of Discovery

by David Spowart

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Chapter 2

Published: 28 Dec 15

My years of Discovery

By Dave Spowart
Edited by Jerry M

My day flew by. The anticipation of meeting Chad was, well, distracting. I daydreamed most of the day until my cell went off.


"Hey, Brian; you good, little brother?" my sister asked.

"Yeah, Sis; just a bit distracted, that's all."

"Pray tell" she said. My sister loved gossip, even if it was about me.

"I cannot say sis. I promised" I said, hoping she wouldn't dig; but I knew better.

"Oh, are you going to tell me now, or do I have to come down there and kick it out of you?" she laughed. I knew she was kidding me; as she doesn't have a malicious bone in her body.

"Okay, I am going out on a date, but he isn't out yet; and he's worried about it, you know?" I said, waiting for her remark; and I knew from past experience, there would be one.

"Oh Brian, Brian, Brian, why do you always go for the closet cases?" she said, and she was right. I had 3 different boyfriends in senior year in high school; all so far in the closet, I could have had a discussion group. But I digress.

"Yes, I know; but he wants more. He just needs time, that's all" I replied. "Same old, same old" she got out. I just hoped my hopes and dreams were right for once. "I like Chad" I said before I could stop myself speaking his name. "Chad. Your roommate Chad?" she asked. "Look Sis, just drop it for now. If something develops, you will be the first to know, okay?" I responded, hoping she would take the hint and drop it.

"Okay Brian, you are old enough to make your own mistakes. Just be careful, okay?" she asked. "Always Sis" I replied. "Okay, talk later. Gotta run" she said. "Love ya" she added. "Yeah, you too" I said. She then put the phone down, and the call ended.

How does she do that? I always end up telling her everything, despite my attempts not to. She's creepy sometimes.

I climbed into the shower and washed the day's dirt and grime from my body; but thoughts of Chad were never too far away, and I was aroused almost immediately. I hoped this would work. He is a sex god, and, well...I want him!!!

It was soon time for my date with Chad. What if he's changed his mind? What if he thinks it's too risky? Fuck... stop doing this. Fuck, just go see if he's there. If yes, have a good time. If not, come back and cry, I said to myself.

I drove past the Campus gates and Chad was not there. My heart sank. I drove on and spotted him a short distance down the road. I pulled just in front of him, and he climbed in. "Hey" he said. I replied, "Hey yourself. I thought you changed your mind". He shook his head, "Nah, some guy I knew was waiting at the stop; so I walked on" he informed me. I pulled over in a quiet lane. "Why we stopped?" he asked, and I just leaned over and kissed his lips. "I wanted to do that all day" I informed him, with a shit eating grin on my face. "I've wanted you to do that all day" he responded, and initiated another kiss.

"Ok. What do you wanna do?" he asked. I looked at him and smiled; then suggested we head out of the area and see what we could find. "We'll be ourselves, instead of the closet case I have to be" he added, and we headed out of town. Almost fifteen miles later, when we were in a neighbouring city; we found a place to eat and talked about what we want out of our college experience, and what we hoped we could accomplish with our education. Then we talked about what we wanted in our personal lives. I knew what I wanted and it was him. I just have to get him comfortable with him being him.

It was almost 11p.m. when we headed back towards campus. "I have enjoyed tonight" I said, and he squeezed my leg. "Brian, I want us to take our time. I don't just want to take you out once in a while and, sorry, I will be blunt here; I don't just want a fuck buddy. If I am going to come out 'eventually, I don't want to do it and fuck it up" he said softly, and my heart fell that little bit further. "Chad, I agree. I like you, okay? I like you a lot, and yeah, having sex with you is high on my list of things to do; but hey, I can wait. I have waited this long, and, as I said, I really like you. So, when we are both ready, and only then" I responded. Leaning over, I kissed his cheek; almost causing him to crash.

"Fuck, Brian, don't kill us before we have even consummated our relationship" he laughed out, and we both smiled at each other. "I am looking forward to that bit" I added.

Soon, we pulled up close to the campus; and Chad climbed out of the driver's side of the car and I slid over. I said I would see him soon. So, not to be seen, we made our goodbye a quick one, and I drove the short distance and parked into my spot. I made short work of getting to my room. I fell onto my bed, and, thinking of Chad, I drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by a knock at my door. I got off the bed, still fully clothed, and answered the door.

"Chad" I said, startled. He moved past me and sat on the bed that used to be his. "What's up?" I asked, and he smiled. "My dick! Every time I think of you" he giggled out, and I noticed the bulge in his khakis. "Oh, I see. So, is this a booty call, then?" I asked. "No, I meant what I said; but can I lay with you? I just want to hold you, and sleep" he replied, and I smiled. "I would love you to".

We lay on my bed fully clothed, and spooned, and went to sleep. His scent was a total turn on, and his hold increased my desire for him; but I will wait, and hope it is worth waiting for. I woke up around 7am and the other side of my bed was empty. Chad had left before any other Dorm residents had awakened. He left me a note on my pillow, with just a simple few words, 'I like you, too' and that made my heart swell. God, I hope this works out. I drifted back to sleep, with his note clung to my chest.

I got out of bed at around 9am, as my first class of the day would be at 10:15. Some food was needed, especially coffee; so a quick shower was had, and I headed to the local coffee shop for a breakfast bagel and a cappuccino. I spoke to a few friends, and comments were made that I had a smile on my face. That was a rare sight. I could not, at the moment, let them know who the reason was; but hoped someday soon that would all change.

Again, later that day, I was on the sport field going through ground ball drills and fielding plays with the rest of the baseball team. I spotted Chad going through their drills on the football field; and all I could focus on was how great his ass looked in those tight pants. A sudden hit in the head by a fly ball soon brought me out of that particular daydream. "Eyes on the ball Jameson" the coach yelled. I acknowledged that a bug was in my eye, and he just shook his head. I smirked again, looking over toward my secret boyfriend; rubbing the bump now rising on my head. But the sight of Chad was causing more than the bump on my head to be rising at that moment.

I sat out the next few plays, and watched as the rest of the team went through the usual routines. I received a text from Chad that read "That looked like it hurt. You ok?" I responded, "Pride hurt more than head."

Practice was over about thirty minutes later and I headed for the dorm showers, as the athletic ones had low water pressure. I would have to get a shower back at the dorm again anyway, so I just cut out the middle man, so to speak. I had that shower and sat in my room catching up on some assignments when my sister rang my cell.

"Hey sis"

"Brian, how was it?" she asked, and again, a conversation that could have waited, ensued. But, as I have already stated, she loves gossip; especially if it's juicy.

"It was good. Thanks, Sis" I responded; but I knew from past experience with her, she wanted details.

"Come on now, little brother, spill" she replied. Told ya.

"We went for something to eat outside of town, and talked some" I replied, knowing that would not even come close to satisfying her.

"And?" was her comeback.

"And nothing, Sis. We just talked. We are taking things slow, ok?" I replied.

"So you didn't have sex, then?" she asked.

"Fuck, Sis, ask embarrassing questions much? "I replied. Christ, she could be a nosey bitch. "Do I ask about your sex life? NO!" I added.

"Sorry. Just showing sisterly concern, you know" she said, in a quieter tone.

"Ok and no. We did have the sex talk, and he decided he wanted to wait" I responded.

"Oh. He decided. Hmmm" she laughed out. "Yeah, but he wants to come out sometime, but not if we fuck it up, so he wants some time to see how we go, and I respect that" I responded. "I like him already" she replied. "I like him, Sis. I like him a lot, so I will go at his pace; coz I would like this to work out" I replied. "Yeah, I understand Brian. Just don't do what you usually do, ok?" she said. I responded, "What's that supposed to mean?" and waited for her response. "You know what I mean, Brian. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you have been hurt in the past" she responded, in a concerned tone; and she was right. I have been hurt in the past, with people letting me down and sometimes badly. But I have a good feeling where Chad is concerned. Yeah, it's new and shiny; but still, a good feeling.

"I won't let myself get hurt, Sis. Promise" I replied.

"Okay. Love you, and speak soon" she responded, and hung up. I couldn't help myself. I giggled at her concern for my love life. My sister is awesome, I thought to myself. Fucking awesome.

I had received a text from Chad while I was talking to Cathy, and it read, "Weekend. Wanna go someplace" and I responded "What do you have in mind" and a few minutes later his response came "Camping. 2 days?" and all I could, think of was two days with Chad. What's not to like, and I replied "FUCK YEAH!"

To be continued...

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