Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 1

Published: 30 Mar 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

Hello, my name is Ryan, and I am 20 years old. I come from Texas, but was raised in Montana; by my aunt. You see, both my parents were killed when I was a child, and my Aunt Lisa has taken care of me. Her husband, or, as I like to call him, the womanising shit head, does not like me. She married him when she worked for him, three years ago. I tolerate him, as he does me.

Well, today I am off to University; the University of California, no less. I am on a Soccer scholarship, and my grades are not too shabby, either.

I have spoken to, and emailed my assigned roommate. His name is Lance Molt. He is an African American, and also on a Soccer scholarship; so we should get along famously. The coach has won more titles than any other in school in history, so we're in good hands, and all that.

Later in the day, my Mom, in her car and a U-Haul trailer, pulled up outside my dorm. Lance, as far as I could see, had not yet arrived; so it was up to my Mom and me to lug all my stuff up the two floors to my room.

The room was basic. I was pleased we had a shower room. The two of everything single bed, table, chest of drawers, and a wardrobe, were all identical. Since I was here first, I took the bed by the window. "You okay honey?" Mom asked, and I smiled back. This is not the first time I had been away from home; that was some 4 years ago. I was away from the high school for a semester, in Utah; and that was the time I had begun to call her Mom. She liked that.

"Yeah, Mom, I am not a child" I smirked back.

"Strange place, strange state" she added.

"It's only strange if you let it" I replied. Just then, the door opened up, and a tall African American stood in the door way. He had to be all of 6' 3 and around 160; he was a big guy.

"Lance?" I asked.

"No, Leroy, I am his brother; you must be Ryan" he replied, shaking my hand.

"This is my Mom, Lisa" I introduced.

"Hi, nice to meet you" she said with a smile.

"Oh, hey" Lance said, carrying a large box into the room, "Hey, can I help?" I asked, with a smile. "Nah, you are okay; Leroy will bring up the last box" He replied.

"You bring the TV?" Lance asked, and I nodded pointing to the set in the corner. "Bring the microwave and kettle?"I asked. "Yeah, last box" he replied, as Leroy walked back into the room. "Okay bro, better shoot; the highway will be bumper to bumper" Leroy replied, hugging his brother.

"Yes, honey, I better make moves myself. U-Haul will collect the trailer tomorrow morning" she informed me and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks, Mom" I returned the kiss.

And soon, both Ryan and Lance were free; free of mothers and siblings and dickhead stepfathers, or uncles.

Lance rooted through one of his boxes and pulled a small ice box free from the rest of his belongings. "Beer?" he asks, offering Ryan one. "Yeah, thanks" Ryan replied.

So what is this big revelation you want or need to tell me" asked Lance.

"Huh?" I replied with bemusement.

"You said you had to tell me something when I got here" he added taking a seat on his bed. He looked at me and waited

"Oh, yeah, that...well, Lance, I hope you don't freak out but... I like guys" I said, softly.

"Shit! You're gay!" he replied looking somewhat shocked at my revelation

"Yeah, sorry" I replied.

"Does Coach Daniels know?" he asked.

"Yeah, I told him when he came to my high school" I replied.

"Fuck, you must be good if he can overlook that" He replied.

"22 goals and 17 assists" I responded.

"Wow! So, you are a striker?" He asked.

"No, midfield, actually" I replied.

"You scored all those coming in from midfield? Wow, dude" he smiled.

"So, we okay?" I ask. "Yeah, just don't hit on me and we will be fine. Besides, you don't want any of this" he smirks, pointing at the obvious package he was packing.

Ryan did not look; he was happy he didn't have to find a new room or roommate.

Several weeks passed; training for the upcoming season was in full swing. Various frat parties were being organized; pledging season was at fever pitch on campus.

"So, are you rushing?" Ryan asks. "Yeah, it's a jock frat, and a few of the Soccer team are members" Lance added.

"Yeah, Tyler asked me, and so did Billy Rayland" replied Ryan.

"They know you dig guys?" he asked.

"I've never told anyone, just you and Coach; it's my private business" Ryan said, sounding low, as he said it. "High school was no picnic for me, dude" Ryan said, as he sat down on a park bench, after they finished their morning run.

"Want to talk about it?" Lance asked.

"Nah, it's history, and frankly, that's where it should be left" replied Ryan, as he stood up to stretch his muscles. "Sure, but if you want to, just ask" Lance replied, with some amount of reassurance. "Thanks, but I'm fine" replied Ryan.

"So, rushing, want to put our names in the hat?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, breaks up the weekend" Ryan replied, with a smile that would force any girl to drop her panties. Shame he didn't bat for that team.

A few days pass, and Lance was sitting again on the park bench as Ryan caught up. "Too hot, I am melting" Ryan said, gasping for breath, as he dropped next to Lance on the bench.

"You worried about the hazing shit?" asks Lance, looking at his roommate. "Dude, hazing is illegal" Ryan smiled. "Yeah, I know, but Tyler said it still happens; and I want in. Leroy pledged this frat, and I need to get in" Lance replied.

"Wow, didn't know it meant that much to you. I thought we were doing it for a laugh" Ryan replied. "Are you not in automatically, due to legacy, or something?" Ryan added.

"No, I am adopted, not blood" Lance replied.

"We better win a place then, huh" Smiled Ryan.

The night of the frat party, and the night to meet prospective brothers, was Friday night; and that came around too soon. Lance and Ryan both dressed in smart casual, as that was the dress code for that evening,

They met some of the brothers they hadn't met; some of the guys they knew on the team introduced them around. They met guys on the other athletics teams; some from football and baseball. They had a great night and plenty of drink, and one of the brothers pulled Ryan to one side and talked to him.

"So Ryan, you want to pledge this house?" he asked.

"Yeah, would be cool" he replied.

"You would fit in just fine, and no harassment is tolerated, just so you know" he added, and a concerned look on Ryan's face became all too apparent.

"Sorry, you lost me; why would I be concerned about harassment" He asked.

"Because you are gay" he replied, with no malice to his reply. "Dude we check all prospective brothers. We have a good network and all information is secure and does not get out; at least, not from us" he went on.

"I take it you are not fully out, then?" he asks, and Ryan just shakes his head, unable to articulate. "We don't like surprises, so we look for that sort of stuff. We know about the bullying at your high school; that is why I mentioned the no tolerance to harassment" he adds.

"And, if you decide not to, or you fail to get in, your information will remain private, okay?" he concludes.

"Thank you" Ryan replies, and takes a seat.

"Look, here is my cell if you have any questions, okay?" he said, and returned to the party.

Ryan looked at the piece of paper and it read, Donny Lucas, and his cell number. He sits and watches the party go on around him, wondering who else knows? Does the rest of the soccer team know about his preference for guys?

"Hey, you look deep in thought" Lance said, as he approached him. "Sorry?" he asks. "You look like you are sitting in an alien existence" Lance replied.

"The Frat knows about me" Ryan responded.

"Know, know?" Lance replied.

"How; how could they know about you?" Lance asked.

"They searched when we put our names in as prospective pledges. They wanted to know I didn't have a problematic past" Ryan added.

"So, what have they said? Are they dumb jocks and homophobes?" asked Lance, sounding a little annoyed. "No, Donny tried to reassure me, reassure me that I would not receive any harassment. He saw my high school record; so they know about my torment" he went on.

"So, we are okay, we still have a chance?" Lance said, breathing a hard sigh of relief.

"Yeah, I think so"

"Can I have your attention?" someone yelled, and the music was switched off. Lance and Ryan stood up and looked at someone standing on a chair.

"Well, first off, thank you all for coming; and for the pledges who have rushed this fraternity house, welcome. Now, we have received seven pledges, but only four places are available; so we need to whittle that down. We will invite six of the seven to participate in an interview and aptitude test. This will take place over several days. The six chosen will receive an invite, via envelope, pushed under your dorm door" he went on, and you could hear a pin drop.

"Now, for pledges, there is a strict dress code. You must only wear what is written on the invitation, no deviation. Any deviation, you will be cut, no excuses. Enjoy the rest of the party" he concluded, and the music again filled the house.

"Told you, didn't I; hazing" Lance went on.

"Dude, it won't be that bad" Ryan replied, as Donny approached him and Lance.

"Hey, you two guys okay?" he asked.

"Donny, is this hazing?" Ryan asked.

"Ryan, no; that's illegal" he smirked.

"Let's just say, nobody gets hurt. Everything is on a strictly volunteer basis; we just want to know how far you would go to help your fellow brothers" he added.

"Jarred will explain if you are selected" he added. "So, no kicking, or getting two pledges to bum fight drunk, or to drink piss water from a toilet?" Lance asked, his brother obviously filled his head with bullshit.

"Leroy?" I asked.

"Yeah, the dickwad" he smiled.

"No, not even close to that. No bodily fluids exchanged...unless mutually agreed" again, he smirked.

Ryan considered his answer, and shrugged it off as a joke; but he let it play on his mind. Donny was hot, and to be honest, it was a hot frat house; hot guys flowed like water. He smiled at the thought.

The party ended and they headed back to the dorm. "That was a kick ass party" Lance said, before they got back. "Yeah, now you know you are not drinking stale piss" Ryan laughed, mockingly. "Well, Duh" Lance laughed, as he opened the dorm door.

It didn't take long before they were out cold, sleeping like babies; but, drunk babies, so the snoring would wake the dead.

A couple of days passed, as did classes. The guys came back to the dorm, after eating at the cafeteria and opened the door. There, on the floor, pushed under the door, were two dark red envelopes.

"Shit" they both said, in unison

Lance bent down and retrieved the envelopes. They sat on their beds and opened the letters.

From Delta Kappa Ki, you have been chosen to apply for a position as brother at said fraternity. You will, on Friday of this week, be judged on merit. You will acquire garments suitable for this purpose, no deviations. Plain, white, round neck T shirt, 1 and 1 spare, 1 pair of dark denim jeans and 1 spare, 1 pair of plain white briefs and 1 spare. No boxers permitted. Rules explained on this, no exceptions.

The door will be open at 16:55 and locked at 17:00.

Jarred (President of Delta Kappa Ki)

"Do you have this stuff" Ryan asked.

"White briefs and T, yeah, jeans, nope" Lance replied.

"Okay, shopping tomorrow. Do you have a class tomorrow afternoon?" Ryan asked.

"No, I have two in the morning, nothing afterward" Lance responded.

"Okay, 1pm, we shop" Ryan smiled.

The following day went as planned. They shopped and acquired all that was needed. They took a small overnight case and packed what was required, along with toiletries. They looked at the dorm room clock and it showed 16:43.

"You ready?" Ryan asked, and Lance, looking a little apprehensive, "as I am ever going to be; I just hope I don't fuck it up" he said, in a low tone. "Dude, show confidence, show you have what it takes" Ryan replied.

"Dude, you are okay, you have your shit together" Lance bemoaned.

"Appearances can be somewhat deceiving, dude" Ryan replied, with a small, wry grin.

They walked the short distance and knocked on the door at 16:55 hours. "Pledges, welcome. Drop your bags in that corner" the guy in a black robe instructed. They did as ordered, and stood next to another robed guy.

"How many were invited?" Ryan asked.

"SILENCE!!! Pledges only speak when spoken to" The robed guy yelled.

One more person came into the room.

"Pledge master, there are only 2 minutes before the door is locked" he announced.

Knock! Knock!

The pledge master opened the frat door and allowed two more pledges into the large hallway; he gave them the same instructions as the others.

The pledge master then turned the key on the large door. He walked over and stood next to a hand bell. He picked it up and rang it twice and left the room.

"Dudes, we are already in" Lance said, with a happy smile.

"How do you figure that?" a guy asked.

"Four spaces, we were told there were four spaces. There are only four of us here" he repeated, with a relieved look plastered on his face.

The side doors opened and the brothers from the frat walked in and stood in a circle around the four pledges. The pledge master, who was the only one robed in black, stepped forward.

"Pledges, you have been invited to see if you are worthy to be a part of Delta Kappa Ki fraternity" he started. "You four were found worthy of such an honour. You, along with the Legacy candidates, will try and prove your worthiness" he said, and the inner smile that was inside Lance had disappeared, he was adopted, and was not allowed to pledge as a legacy.

A side door opened and two more pledges emerged. "You will all be known by your assigned number, and will only be known by that number. The legacy pledges have an advantage over the four invited pledges. The point system that we use starts off in a negative number; it is up to you to climb out of the negative and into the positive. The legacy pledges start at zero. The invited start off at minus 10. Do you understand?" he asked.

There was silence.

"I said, do you understand?" he yelled.

And in one large yell from all six candidates, "YES, SIR"

"Good. Now, the rules of this house are strict, and they will be enforced, if necessary. The rules are simple" he started

" 1: No racism" do you understand?" "YES, SIR"

" 2: No homophobia, none. Do you understand? We have gay members in this house, and they are equal; and, besides, they would kick your ass. Do you understand" he asked. "Yes, Sir"

"Now, point 2, and be free with this information. You will be protected by all in this house. If you fail to secure a place, and you wish it to remain secret, it will never, and I mean never, be divulged by a member of this fraternity; the penalty is removal. So, if any pledge here wishes to inform his brothers of anything, now is the moment to do so" he concluded.

Ryan stepped forward. "Brothers, I am gay" he said, and stepped back. Lance smiled at his honesty and his bravery. "Thank you, pledge 1" he smiled.

One of the legacy pledges stepped forward. "Brothers, I am bisexual" he stepped back. "Thank you, pledge 2" and a wry smile came over the pledge masters face; as it would turn out that pledge number 2 was his brother.

"Okay, take your belongings up to the four rooms, tidy them away, and return to this floor in 5 minutes; minus your jeans" the pledge master announced.

"Are you deaf, you have four minutes" he yelled, and they bolted for the rooms on the second floor. Lance and Ryan grabbed the second room, but were shocked to discover that there was only a single bed, and no bed linen, only a small blanket.

"Shit!!" proclaimed Lance. "Don't shit it, they must have another cot or mattress some place" Ryan replied.

They dropped their belongings and removed their jeans and ran back downstairs; and again stood in the centre of the circle formed by the frat brothers.

"Now, the tasks will begin; and pledges, those spare garments are for you to wear to leave on Monday. You will not change, you will not wash, shave, unless instructed to; you will not clean yourselves. If, at any point, you need to go to the toilet to shit or piss, you will rely on the pledge with whom you are rooming. if you piss, he will take your dick out, aim and tap; if he has to shit, you will take down his briefs and you will remain in the bathroom until he is finished, and you will wipe your brother. This is to see how far you will go for your fellow brother" he said, with a wicked smile that portrayed "Yeah, you are all fucked, now".

"This is the point that you may wish to leave" he added, and nobody moved.

"Okay, I want you to slide your hands inside your fellow brother's briefs, and get acquainted with his dick; not play with, just acquainted" he added.

"NOW!!" he yelled.

Lance, in a nanosecond, had his hand down Ryan's briefs and fondled him; and Ryan returned the motions. He was one hung motherfucker. Arousal was not happening for either of them, but Ryan could not help but admire his roommate.

"Okay, enough" Pledge master instructed. He looked at the six in front of him and smirked at his brother, as he and his pledge brother were evidently aroused.

"Pledge 2, you horny?" he asked.


"I asked if you were horny. Your dick betrays you" he added.

"Sorry sir; skin on skin, and, well, hand on dick" he replied.

"You are supposed to help a brother, not HELP a brother; do you understand me, pledge?" he said, with a sardonic tone.

"Yes sir, sorry" he replied.

"Pledge 4, your excuse?" he asked.

"I have none, sir, won't happen again" he replied.

"Pledge 4, you are a legacy pledge, you can take 10 demerits and fall into the negative category, or take a forfeit" he informed him.

"Sir, Forfeit?" he asked.

"Yes, one that is appropriate for this occasion" he replied.

The guy looked confused. He didn't want to risk being put out, as he was a shoe in for a spot in the house. He looked at the pledge master and replied,

"I will take the forfeit, sir" he responded.

"Are you sure, pledge 4?" he asked

"Yes sir, my mistake, my forfeit" he responded.

"Jack off" the pledge master ordered him.

"Sir?" he replied, shocked.

"I said jack off, are you deaf?" he repeated.

The room started to giggle a little, and the pledge master scowled at the watching pledges. "Stop, wait, pledge 4" he said, before the pledge removed his white briefs. "Pledge 6, step forward" and an African American guy stepped forward.

"Sir" he said, standing tall.

"You find his discomfort funny?" he asked.


"You laughed loudest" he informed him.

"Pledge 6, step forward" he yelled, and the room watched as the pledge master was in complete control. "Drop your briefs" he instructed pledge 4.

He did, looking somewhat embarrassed; but he dropped them and stood with his hands at his sides.

"Pledges, what are the instructions of this house; no brother does anything for himself, is that rule clear? Whether it's taking a piss, taking a dump, or, and I emphasise, emptying your balls!!" he yelled.

"Pledge 6, grab his meat and jack" he yelled.

"Now!" he made sure he was heard.

Pledge 6 took hold of pledge 4's dick. He squeezed and it was not long before he was hard. Pledge 6 could not look at what he was doing, he just stroked and stroked. "Pledge 4, is you dick dry?" he asked.

"Sir, yes sir" he replied.

"Pledge 6, spit on his dick" he instructed, "and you better look at what you are doing, or you might get a mouth full" he smirked.

Pledge 6 stroked fast. He knew from his own little playtimes, a quick one is always fast; quick with a little bit of grip. He again looked away. He could hear moans from pledge 4 and could tell he was not far off.

"Is he performing like a helpful brother?" the Pledge Master asked pledge 4.

"Sir, Ahhhh, yes sir" he yelled, as he blew his load all over the floor, and some on pledge 6; but pledge 6 knew the game, he kept jacking him until the pledge master said not to.

"Okay pledge 6, you can let go now" he informed him. Pledge 4 was breathing hard, he could not help it; he looked at pledge 6 and gave a sorry stare at him.

"Pledge 4, you have soiled the floor of this fraternity, lick it up" Pledge Master instructed. "You heard me; on your knees and clean your jizz off of this fraternity's floor" he repeated.

The brothers and pledges watched as pledge 4 licked his own jizz off of the tiled floor. He cleaned every drop. "This is lesson number 3 people, you clean what you spill, get me?" he added. "I said do you get me?" he repeated.

"Yes, sir" they all replied.

"Pledge 4, you have not completed your task" he said, and pledge 4 looking a little confused.

"Pledge 6, step forward" and he did as instructed.

"Pledge 4, is that your bodily fluids upon pledge 6?" he asked.

"Yes sir" he replied in a low tone.

"Lick it off of him; your mess, you clean it" he repeated

Pledge 4 went over and licked his cum off of pledge 6's chest and arm. He took his hand and licked it clean, also. He dropped to his knees and licked it off of his thigh; and, for some of the guys, this was the hottest thing they had seen in ages.

"Okay, job done, stand with your fellow pledges" The Pledge Master instructed.

"Now pledges, you will have noticed that the rooms you have been assigned only have one bed and a small blanket. It is not warm at this time of year, and the heating has been turned off in those rooms; so you will have to rely on your pledge brother to stay warm. How you choose to do this is up to you. There are no points won or lost on this task, but a warm restful sleep is better than no sleep" he concluded.

"Okay, dinner will be served in twenty minutes. Go get dressed in your jeans" he added.

All the pledges departed and changed, and returned for their meal. They ate well, as it was prepared and served by the fraternity brothers, and it was well received.

"Pledges, once again, welcome to Delta Kappa Ki, and may your stay be always fraternal. Eat up and go to bed. You will prepare and serve breakfast for the house tomorrow morning; and pledges, breakfast is served at 7:30 sharp" he added.

With all the instruction and tasks performed by the pledges, and the meal and good company, they were more than ready for sleep.

Ryan and Lance sat on the bed and wondered how this would work, and it was not long before Ryan spoke up.

"Shit, dude, we are over thinking this. Look, I have seen your junk and you have seen mine. You have seen me bear assed, and vice versa. Stop fretting over things we have no real control over; just climb in behind me and pull the blanket over us, our bodies will keep each other warm" Ryan, the voice of reason said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, that is not it, dude, I need to piss" Lance replied.

"Oh, well, okay...come on, then" Ryan responded.

"What?" he asked.

"Look, I need to piss, as well; let's just get this over with" Ryan responded, heading for the door.

They walked into the bathroom, nobody there. "Do you think we are being watched?" Lance asked.

"You wanna chance it?" Ryan asks.

"No, I told you, I need to get in here" Lance replied.

"Okay, then, come here, stand at the urinal" Ryan replied back.

Lance stood there and Ryan pulled his briefs down to his knees, and he lifted the hefty piece of man meat and pointed it at the urinal. He wrapped he hand around it and Lance let go; his flow was strong and constant. At the end, Ryan tapped the end and kept a hold of it, as Lance retrieved his briefs. Ryan stuffed his appendage back inside his briefs.

"What I would give to have a chance with that" Ryan thought to himself.

"Okay, Ryan, you ready?" he asks.

"Yeah" and Lance pulled down Ryan's briefs, took hold of his dick, and pointed it at the urinal; and, with some effort, Ryan, as Lance did, began a strong steady flow. As Ryan had done, Lance tapped the end to get rid of the remaining drips, and Ryan pulled up his briefs. They were about to wash their hands, but remembered they were forbidden.

"Hang on, Lance, remember what the Pledge master said, now. Remember what he said, exactly" Ryan said, with a smile on his face. "No, not really, he said we could get washed, or something like that" Lance replied, looking bemused.

"No, that is not what he said. What he said, was, we were not allowed to clean ourselves; hence, us holding each other's dicks to piss" he replied, with a smile.

"Grab the soap. You are washing me. Just a flannel will do, then I will clean you" Ryan responded. They took turns with the wash cloth, and went back to the room, cleaned, and somewhat refreshed.

They lay there for around twenty minutes. "I can't sleep, dude. I am sorry, but I have to take my underwear off, I cannot sleep restricted" Lance informed him, and Ryan was smiling to himself.

"Lance, we usually sleep naked; so, even though this is a strange situation, we will handle it, okay? Just strip, and I will, as well" Ryan whispered, removing his briefs.

"Spoon in behind me and pull the blanket over; as I have said, our bodies will keep us warm" Ryan added, hoping that Lance would not freak out.

No words were spoken. Lance moved over closer and cuddled into the back of his roommate, his friend. "Do you mind if I wrap my arm around you, Ryan? I don't know where else to put it" he asked, a bit embarrassed.

"Feel free" Ryan replied.

They soon were snoring, but Ryan woke up around 2am; Lance's ample dick was hard as steel and pressing into his back. Ryan just pushed back, and Lance's dick flattened against his back. He lay there, feeling the size of Lance against him.

"Shit" he heard Lance whisper.

"You okay, buddy?" Ryan asked.

"Ermm yeah, sorry, didn't mean to wake you" he bemoaned.

"No, that's alright" Ryan replied.

Ryan then turned over and saw what had been pressing into his back. Lance was horse hung, no mistake about that. "Fuck, I see what you mean. Shit, dude, what do you feed that thing?" Ryan joked.

"Brunettes, usually" he snickered back a little.

"Dude, it won't go down, and I usually jack off before I sleep; but I can't, here, no privacy, and no fucking cum rag" he bemoaned.

"So, what do you usually do?" Ryan asks, as he now may have a vested interest in this situation. "I usually jack off into my briefs; but since the spare pair is for Monday, and the frat likes us to stand in our briefs, I cannot jack into these...can I?" again he bemoans, his dick now throbbing.

"Lance, just do what 4 did" Ryan replied.

"What, cum, and lick that shit up? No fucking way, dude" he scorned. An idea, a wicked idea, was forming in Ryan's head.

"I could help you out" he whispered.

"What?" he asked.

"I could jack you off" Ryan replied.

Ryan also knew that Lance was a little slow on the uptake; he didn't think fast enough to work the simple things out, and Lance asked what he meant.

"As I said, I could jack you off" he repeated.

"Yeah, but I will still cum all over, and, no sheet; and I guess they will probably have a black light and check for spots, if you know what I mean" he again sighed.

"Well yeah, if there was a spot or spots to find" Ryan replied, hoping Lance will catch on.

"Huh" was his reply.

"Cum in my mouth" Ryan replied.


"I'm only offering to help you out, dude" Ryan replied.

"But, Ryan, you know I'm not that way inclined" he said, trying to sound smart, and failing.

"I never said you were. You are in need of release, and I am offering to help you out in that release. Call it helping a brother in need" Ryan replied.

"Look, I will jack you off, you tell me when you are close, and you shoot off in my mouth; no spots no evidence. I get to taste my best friend and we both get a good night's sleep. Two winners; no harm, no foul" Ryan said, trying to convince Lance.

"Okay, please, yeah, thanks'" Lance spluttered out, tripping over his words.

"Do you want to just lie there, or do you want to stand up?" Ryan asks.

"Erm, standing, if you don't mind" Lance responded.

Lance stood up and Ryan sat on the edge of the bed. He spat on his hand and wrapped his hand around Lance's monster cock. He slowly began to stroke him. He slid off of the bed and was on his knees in front of him. A few minutes pass, and he spits on the end of Lance's cock and massages it in. Moans of appreciation escape Lance's mouth.

"Feel good?" Ryan asks.

"Yeah, fuck yeah" he responds

A few more minutes pass, and Ryan wants to move this on a little. He looks up at Lance, who is looking down at him, watching his eyes. Ryan smiles and looks at his friends cock, and back up at him, asking the question with his eyes, and Lance just reaches down and pulls Ryan closer. Ryan opens his mouth and takes him in.

He closes his mouth around, sealing it in; he then began to suck, and slide. "Ohh fuuck" moaned Lance, as he began to thrust deep inside his friend's mouth.

"Ryan, shit" he moaned louder.

Ryan began to work Lance into a sexual frenzy. Lance's head was all over the place, his body was shaking, as this was probably the first decent blowjob he had received; sorry girls.

"I'm close" Lance whispers through gritted teeth.

"Give it to me, feed me, Lance" Ryan teased, sounding like a seventies porn star.

And soon, he got what he craved. Lance exploded into his mouth, igniting his taste buds, his senses going into overdrive. Ryan milked every last drop out of him; he licked his cock clean. Lance was panting hard as his cock deflated.

" was fucking ace" Lance said, with a sated smile.

Soon, they were again lying on the bed; Lance with his deflated cock spooning in behind Ryan, and wrapping his arm around him.

"I have a confession" Ryan whispered.

"Of what?" Lance asked.

"Well, you could have just jacked off, and I could have washed it off of you in the morning" he said, with an embarrassed look on his face that Lance could not see.

"Well...yeah...but where is the fun in that?...Go to sleep" he snickered back.

Ryan smiled and liked the response, as now he figured out he would be helping Lance out a lot more before this weekend was over.

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