Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 2

Published: 2 Apr 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

Ryan woke up around 6:40 and remembered that breakfast was due on the table at 7:30am, he woke Lance up and they hustled to the shower. Ryan took pleasure in cleaning Lance, and Lance coped with washing Ryan. Ryan marvelled at the touch of his roommate.

They dressed and were in the kitchen at 7am; they, at that point, were alone. A list of breakfast do's and don'ts were written down. Some brothers were lactose intolerant and some had allergies. Some liked tea, and some liked coffee, and some drank decaf. Juice was simple and they set about their task with gusto.

At 7:15 Donny walked in to see how the breakfast was progressing.

"1 and 3, I see you managed to start breakfast. I take it the new pledges failed to help" he said, as he also knew this was not rare, as Ryan and Lance had indeed managed to have a good night's sleep.

I will go and wake the other four" he stated, and left and went upstairs to wake the others.

Less than five minutes later, four soaked pledges, in just their briefs, scrambled into the kitchen where the breakfasts were almost completed.

Lance and Ryan could not help but smirk, as they could see that Donny had rather overdone the waking up the pledges part. Soon, the pledge master came into the kitchen, his face blank; and he sighed, looking at his brother.

"Two, six, five and four, you have disappointed this house; and, more so, yourselves. 1 and 3, you have 5 demerits and are now on minus 15; the reason why I will explain after I have dealt with these pieces of shit" he said, in a pissed off way.

"Two, six, five and four, you will each receive minus 20 demerits. So, 2 and 4, you are on minus 20; 6 and 5, you are on minus 30. Not a good fucking start, is it pledges?" he asks, and no response.

"I said, is it pledges?"

"No, sir" they reply in a low voice.

"Now, one and three, here is the reason for your demerits. You came down here at around 7, I heard you. You were aware that your fellow pledges had not managed to waken; yet you left them to receive punishment. You could have knocked on their doors and given them a heads up, but you chose to let them be punished, so why only 5 demerits? Well, you managed to get breakfast done, and on time" he explained.

"Pledges, only brothers worthy of this house will get in. What I am getting at here is simple. Say pledge six here had an important exam today, and he missed his alarm; he would be relying on one of his brothers to make sure he did not fuck up that exam. Do you understand me?" he asked, and they all nodded.

Lance and Ryan knew they could have woken them up, but did not know if they were allowed to do so; but, for sure, they knew now.

"Guys, we are so sorry" Lance said, looking at his fellow pledges.

"Not your fault. We couldn't sleep, and, Christ we stink" Pledge four replied.

"Look, remember what he said, you cannot clean yourselves" Lance said, and all but Ryan looked confused, as he was the one who explained it to him. Lance went on to explain the exact same thing to them.

"Fuck, he did say that" replied five.

"Shit, you gonna pop a boner if I wash you down?" six said to four.

"Fuck Gabe, I don't fucking know" four bemoaned the comment.

"Well, if he does, remember the rules on helping hands" laughed Lance, and they also entered the room to have breakfast.

"Why have you come in and disturbed our breakfast? Did anyone here invite you to eat with brothers of this fraternity?" asked the pledge master.

Ryan, however, did not hear this; as, at the end of the table was a guy who took his breath away. His features were flawless, his skin was pure, his hair, dirty blond worn surfer style, and it suited him. The guy looked up and caught Ryan staring with his mouth open, he smiled and Ryan blushed.

"Erm sorry, we just thought" Lance replied.

"You eat with us when invited, you were not invited. Go eat in the kitchen" The pledge master replied, and the guys left, with Lance pulling a slack jawed Ryan with him.

They ate breakfast in silence, as they did not want to catch the wrath of another demerit added to the ones they already had acquired; the Pledge master entered the kitchen.

"Pledges, in those cupboards behind you are materials to assist you with your first task. This house needs cleaning, and today, that is your job. I want this place looking like it did the first day it was opened; clean and smelling fresh, laundry done, and bathrooms smelling like your mamma's just cleaned them. Now, go; you have five hours to accomplish this task" he ended and nobody moved. Ryan was the first to speak.

"Okay guys, form teams and split the work. If a team finishes ahead of the others, help and get the full task completed. Gabe, erm sorry, pledge six, you take two and five; four, you work with three and me and we should get this done in no time" Ryan concluded.

"Who made you the boss?" asked 6.

"Well, as I see it; he stepped up while you all pondered, so you all put him in charge" The pledge master replied.

"Six, do you have a better idea?" he asked the tall and impressive African American standing in front of him, not intimidated in the least.

"No sir, just asking is all" Six said in a low voice, and Lance smiled at his discomfort as he challenged his roommate.

They all cracked on and cleaned the house from top to bottom; and, along with the usual comments of "You missed a bit" from brothers, they carried on and had the place looking brand new by the time the pledge master returned.

"Okay, go get cleaned up, and get some chow; we have some activates for you tonight" he added, and they left to clean up. Lance walked into the room first, and began to shed his clothes. He stank and he knew it. Ryan smelled none to clean, himself.

"I have an idea, Lance, but let's get cleaned up first" Ryan said, as he dumped his briefs onto the floor.

"What idea, and dude, can you help me out?" he asked. Ryan smiled, as he noticed a sizable bulge in his briefs. "Yeah, come on" he replied, and Lance dumped his underwear onto the floor and walked into the shower with Ryan. Ryan didn't take much persuading to drop to his knees.

"Oh, fuck, Ryan; that feels so fucking good" Lance moaned, as his black monster disappeared down Ryan's throat. Ryan was in heaven, but thoughts of the Blond Jock jumped into his head. He had hopes that he was one of the gay brothers, and, more importantly... available.

His mind returned to the matter at hand. He sucked Lance down, as he had the night before. He took him down his throat. That made Lance stretch up on tip toes. "Fuck man...fuck" he moaned, and Ryan could feel him tensing up. He was close, and his prize was coming, literally.

Lance grabbed the back of Ryan's head and thrust deep, making Ryan gag slightly. "Ahh Fuckkkk" Lance moaned, as he was getting closer by the second.

"Give it to me, Lance" Ryan pleaded, as he again plunged his head forward, swallowing Lance's impressive tool deep into his throat, and that did it. He came with such force, he almost blasted the back of Ryan's throat as he shot volley after volley: surprised at the volume, considering the amount he shot just the night before.

Lance withdrew and Ryan leaned forward and cleaned his cock of all trace of cum. "Wow, fucking wow, dude, you are going to make some guy very happy" Lance said, panting. Ryan hoped it might be the blond haired jock he saw sitting at the breakfast table.

Lance turned the shower on and cleaned Ryan's body. He did something for Ryan that he would never have considered doing, before. He began to jack him off. Ryan clung to Lance's body as he pumped his now steel cock. He never thought Lance would ever do this; but since he had blown him twice, well, needs must, he thought to himself.

A few ever so short minutes later, Ryan shot a very long and powerful volley of cum, covering Lance's lower body. Lance was about to grab the shower head to clean it off, but Ryan stopped him and dropped to his knees to lick him clean. Lance thought it was somewhat gross; but his buddy liked it so he never commented.

They then quickly showered and dried each other off. They walked back into the bedroom and Ryan sat down.

"Okay, my plan is this; give me your dirty underwear". He did as he was asked. Ryan walked into the bathroom, filled a sink and put his and Lance's underwear into the bowl.

"Fuck, what are you doing? We need those to wear" he whined.

"Dude, do you trust me?" Ryan asked.

"At this moment, no" he replied.

"Look, I have a very good memory. I remembered what the Pledge master said last night. He stated that your clean clothes are for Monday, so you cannot wear them until then, right?" Ryan began.

"Yeah, so?" he replied.

"He never said anything about me wearing your stuff, and you wearing mine, did he?" and suddenly a light came on in Lance's head.

"I knew you were a fucking smart ass" Lance smiled.

"Our jeans are okay, but our underwear and T's are rank" he added.

Ryan picked up the T's and added them to the underwear in the bowl. He squirted some shower gel into them and swirled them around, and left them to soak.

"It's so fucking hot in here, we will hang them before we go to bed and sleep. They should be dry by morning" Ryan added.

Ryan then pulled on Lance's briefs. There was some extra room in there. He smiled to himself, as his were tight on Lance; but he liked the feeling of snugness. They swapped T's and pulled on their Jeans, then went back down the stairs.

Pledge two looked at them and shrugged. He whispered something to pledge four, and he just looked at Ryan and Lance. Ryan wondered if they could tell that they had just blown a load, and then realised that they were looking at the clean clothes they were wearing.

They ate quickly, as the Pledge master walked into the kitchen and looked at all of the pledges. The other four smelled somewhat ripe and looked grimy. "Why does this kitchen smell like a jock's locker room?"

"Sir, you forbade us from changing clothes. You stated that the spare clothing was for us to wear Monday morning" four responded.

"I did say that" he replied.

"Pledges 1 and 3, are you wearing your change of clothes for Monday?" he asked.

"No sir, we are not" Ryan replied.

The pledges looked on, convinced they were lying

"Pledge one, are those the clothes you wore earlier?" he asked.

"Except for the jeans ... No sir" he replied.

The pledges looked on smugly as they knew severe demerits were about to be dished out.

"Pledge three, are those the clothes you wore earlier?" he again asked.

"Sir, like Ry, erm, pledge one, except the jeans... no sir" he replied.

"Pledge one, can you explain to the pledge class, why you have gotten around this rule" he asked, as he knew what the guys had done.

"Sir, our soiled clothing is soaking in our room, and pledge three kindly loaned me his spare clothing; and I, in return, loaned him mine, therefore not flouting the not wearing our own clothing rule, sir" he replied, and smiled.

"I am pleased someone listened to what I had said. Well done, pledge" he replied, and the rest looked stunned.

Lance slapped Ryan on the back, as he knew his bro had his back. He smelled clean, and Ryan had worked out the meaning of what the pledge master had said. He missed it, but Ryan didn't.

"Okay, since you are not clean, and frankly, stink, strip naked. You will spend the rest of the night as god had intended. Pledge one and three may stay dressed" the pledge master informed them.

"Once you have shed your clothing, return to the big room. We have some games we are going to play, and since you four are buck naked, it should prove interesting" he added, and the four disappeared upstairs.

"No demerits" the pledge master said as he left the room.

"You didn't think that would work, did you?" Donny asked, as he walked toward the door.

"No, not really, I hoped" Ryan replied.

Lance walked ahead, as Ryan wanted a word with Donny.

"Can I ask you a question? I mean, am I allowed?" he asked.

"I engaged you in conversation, so, yes you are" Donny replied.

"How many gay guys are in this frat?" Ryan asked.

"Seven, and four are coupled" he replied.

"If I ask you something, will you keep it to yourself?" Ryan asked.

"Don't ask. I saw you looking at breakfast, and yes he is, and no he isn't in a couple" Donny smiled, and saw the smile on Ryan's face.

"He's called Blake, by the way" he added, and walked ahead, entering the big room as the rest of the pledges arrived.

"Okay Blake, bring out the box" instructed the pledge master.

The tall blond stud that had caught Ryan's attention brought in a large wooden box. He opened it and the pledge master withdrew a sheet. He placed it on the ground and the pledges could see it was twister. The thought of the four guys playing naked had his heart pumping.

"Okay, one dressed and two naked will play first" he stated, and he selected the first three.

"Pledges two, four, and three will play first" he stated, and Ryan knew two things here. He had the tall, horse hung African American and Lance had the bisexual brother of the pledge master. He smiled to himself. If pledge two popped a boner like he did last night, and he was close to Lance, would Lance freak?

To be continued...

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