Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 3

Published: 9 Apr 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

Ryan looked on in some amusement as instructions were given by Donny. This game was evidently his idea, but having four of the six participants naked, was not. He informed us that not often had anyone managed to work out that if they share their stuff with their brother, they could wear clean clothes all of the time; and, usually at this point, all participants were, indeed, naked.

"Now, before we start this game, I have to ask one and three, do you feel comfortable playing with four naked pledges?" Donny asked. Ryan looked at Lance, no words passed between them; all the pledges were in this together.

The two stripped and placed their clothes in a pile in the corner of the room and walked back, bare-assed.

"That's the spirit" Donny enthused.

"Now, the rules are simple; nothing is off limits. You cannot, however, move your hands or feet from the playing surface. If you do, you are out, and receive 5 demerits. There are 20 moves within the game; however, if no winner has been crowned, we will continue... understand?" Donny enquired.

"Sir, what do you mean, nothing is off limits?" five asked.

"Blake, care to explain?" Donny said to the blond sex god that had Ryan panting over.

"Okay, example: during this game with body on body contact, you will all get hard. You cannot use your feet or hands to gain an advantage, but a hard cock pressed in someone's face or ass may do the trick. Or, the opposite may happen; if you are grossed out by someone nudging or otherwise manipulating your balls... understand?" he replied, and again Ryan was blushing at the thought of the Jock pushing his cock anywhere into, or, onto his body.

"Ryan, you are not in this game yet" Donny smiled at Ryan, who was erect and proud, just thinking of Blake.

"Sorry" he blushed.

"Two, three and four, take your places" Donny instructed.

"Blake, spin the board" and Blake did, then proclaimed, "Two, left foot on green" and Lance moved.

The arrow was spun again, and two was instructed to place left hand on red, he followed. The moves went on until all had parts of their bodies touching each other's.

"Oh, this one's good" Blake gave a sexy smile that again had Ryan panting.

"Three, left hand on blue" he added, and the only way Lance could achieve this move was to slide under two and brush past his now rock hard and dripping cock. He did it in one move, his mouth closed tight. As two's cock rubbed over his lips, they looked like they had been glossed; but he managed the move. Limber as fuck, his body, apart from his feet and hands, which were on the mat; his cock, now rock hard and in a reverse crab, was pointing at the ceiling fan. His cock was leaking pre-cum, and two was licking his lips.

The arrow was spun again and the instructions came.

"Two, left hand on blue," he smiled, as he knew his lips would come into contact with Lance's impressive tool. He reached over, careful not to nudge Lance down, and his lips slid over Lance's cockhead and smeared his mouth with the juice. Two could not help himself, and flicked his tongue over it, as he passed. Lance let out a pleasurable moan. Two smiled, as did Lance.

Ryan realized that Lance was enjoying himself, as was two.

"Four, right foot on Yellow" Blake instructed, and, try as he might, he could not reach it. He fell, and was out of the game.

"Four, that is 5 demerits" the pledge master informed him, and he took a stool and watched.

"Three, left foot yellow" and he moved down the board, and again his cock was just inches from two's mouth. He smiled at two, and Ryan again wondered if he was going to be the only one helping Lance out this weekend.

Nobody saw Blake spin the arrow and proclaim the next move. "Two, left hand on green", this move forced his face into Lance's cock. He was pushing forward and couldn't help it; to gain the leverage he needed to reach the green circle, he opened his mouth and let Lance's cock slide in.

Lance just smiled and tried hard not to react. Anything goes, he remembered that instruction.

Two's eyes were closed, and he could not help but use his tongue to savor the taste of his black hunk, whose cock was now probing the back of his throat.

"Lance, you wanna stop?" asked Donny.

"Sir, no fucking way, sir... Sorry.. no, sir" he smiled.

"Two?" he looked, but could work out the answer. He smiled and continued.


"Three, right hand blue" Blake instructed, as more than the pledges were hard, playing this. Lance reached forward, forcing more of his cock down two's throat. Two was now sucking, as he pushed more into his opponent.

"Ahhh fuckkk" Lance moaned, as two's remonstrations with his throat muscles had him teetering on the brink.

"Two, three, do either of you want to stop?" Donny again asked, and got no response from either of them.

"Okay, Blake".

"Two, left hand also on blue" he instructed. Two slowly withdrew from Lance's cock, and it was evident that Lance had cum in his opponent's mouth. He smiled at two, as cum was covering his mouth. He licked it and smiled back. The pledge master, his brother, was somewhat shocked at how brazen his younger sibling was.

While reaching for the blue spot, Lance's cum coated cock smeared two's face once again. Ryan looked somewhat jealous, but smiled anyway; as he had had the pleasure of cleaning that appendage more than once.

But with pre-cum and sweat splashed in many places on the mat, two slipped, and was out of the game; but something told Ryan he did not mind in the least. he had given a blowjob to a very nicely hung guy, and he enjoyed the experience.

As with the bulges in the room, he was not the only one.

"Two, 2 demerits for you; three, you pick up 5 points. Congratulations! I won't ask if you enjoyed it, as the evidence speaks for itself" the pledge master commented, and still looked a bit embarrassed as to what his younger brother had just done in front of the frat brothers.

"Okay, one, five, and six, take your places" Donny instructed.

And soon the game was in full swing. "One, left foot on blue" Blake said with a smile, as Ryan was almost sitting on the rather well hung black guy; and Ryan thought Lance was large.

Ryan had his ass in the air and his face almost buried in five's crotch. The smell had him panting. He knew for a fact, that, if this was in his room, that cock would be well lubed and buried down his throat; as the large, horse hung fucker behind him had his way with him. Blake looked, now wondering how far Ryan would go.

Ryan was distracted as five made his move to green, kissed his cock, and had his face smeared with pre-cum. Instinctively, he brought his hand up to wipe his mouth, and was immediately disqualified, and out. He was disappointed, as his attraction to Blake had shafted him, and not in a good way.

Six eventually went on to win and pick up the bonus points, and was congratulated.

"Tough luck" Lance said and smiled, wrapping his arm around him. "Is he as good as me?" Ryan whispered. "More intense, but no" he replied.

The pledge master stood up and asked for silence.

"Pledges, you have one night to study. Tomorrow, we will ask you a number of questions pertaining to the history of this renowned Frat house. You will each spend the night with a member of this house, and you can ask him all kinds of questions regarding anything to do with this house. This task will cost you 5 merits or demerits per question, so hustle and learn" he concluded.

"Okay pledges, listen up. Your Big brother will be called out. The five brothers standing over there will be the designated Big for this task. Two will spend his time in my room, as I think he has had enough excitement for one night" he smirked, looking at his younger brother.

"Number six, go with Leon" and six walked over and stood next to a brother and they walked upstairs. Then, "five, go with Mark" he continued. "Three, go with Blake" he said, and Ryan's heart sank. Donny walked over and spoke to the pledge master.

"Three, change of plan; you go with Donny" he corrected.

"One, you go with Blake" he added, and Ryan's heart returned to his chest, and was playing 'Happy Days are Here Again', in full high tempo. Ryan walked over and blushed. He picked up his clothes and followed Blake upstairs.

Following Blake upstairs, Ryan couldn't help but admire his build. He was thin at the waist, but built everywhere else. He noticed that fact while he was playing Twister; 'he' was also aroused, along with the rest of his frat brothers.

"Okay, one, come in" he said, and Ryan did as he was instructed, and stood just inside the door. "Relax, before you give yourself a hernia" he laughed, and Ryan relaxed a little.

"Look, my name is Blake, and yours is Ryan, yes?" he asked, and Ryan, whose tongue had vanished, just nodded.

"Good. Take a seat, Ryan" and Ryan looked around, and then realized he was still naked, holding his clothes and covering his very excited boner.

"Sir, may I get dressed, please?" he asked, hoping.

"Ryan, in here my name is Blake; and, yes, please get dressed" he replied.

That smile would keep Ryan hard all night. He liked Blake, and would like to get to know him better, much better.

Ryan took no time at all to dress and then sat in a chair opposite Blake's bed. There was a sort of sofa, but it was not big enough to sleep on; but he could manage, in a pinch.

"Okay, questions?" Blake started.

"Sir?" Ryan asked, confused.

"Ryan, please call me Blake" he said in a soft tone, and Ryan melted again, his boner getting harder, if that was even possible. He wondered to himself if anyone had ever cum by someone just talking to them, because he was close to doing just that.

"Okay, let's talk about each other for now, and then we can move on" Blake said, and Ryan, still a little tongue tied, just nodded.

"Okay, from where do you come? " he asked Ryan.

"Born in Texas, but I was raised in Montana. My parents died in a car wreck when I was younger. My Mom has raised me ever since" Ryan concluded, with that last bit of information.

"Your Mom; but, I thought you said she died?" Blake asked, all confused, and Ryan smiled at his confusion. Confused, he was as sexy as fuck.

"Aunt Lisa. She's been like a mother to me, and a few years ago, I just started calling her Mom. She cried when I said it, but she couldn't have her own, and well... It just felt right, you know?" Ryan replied with a little emotion.

"Wow, cool thing, dude" replying surfer style, as was his look.

"Okay, I was born and raised in Sacramento. I am in my second year here and love it. I am gay, and everyone knows it; and, since you informed the house, I am assuming you are out?" he asked.

"Not to all. I want to be, and with a little help, I will be" Ryan responded.

"I don't do one nighters, usually, but a guy has needs. But, as I said, I am not a fan of them" Blake continued.

"I have hooked up a couple of times with guys in the house, but more along the lines of fuck buddies, you know?" and Ryan nodded, as he was helping Lance out like this, but on a smaller scale.

"So, I am not usually nosey, but who are the gay guys here? None are obvious" Ryan asks.

"Well, they don't hide; but they don't flaunt it, either" Blake responded.

"Okay, there is Donny, and Jarred, the two Peter's" he started, and Ryan stopped him with a question.

"Donny, and Jarred the Pledge master?" he asked.

"The very same, and Donny's partner; and have been for three years" he added.

"The two Peter's are a couple, also; the only two couples in the house" he added.

"Leon, and Rudy, and, of course, myself" he concluded.

"And you don't get any shit?" Ryan asks.

"We did at first, but not from our Frat brothers; and, besides, we are not wimps. We all can protect ourselves; and, on this campus, we are not the only gay friendly fraternity" Blake added.

They talked for a couple of hours and brushed up on recent history, and the significant past history regarding the house. Ryan has a fantastic memory, as he has already proven, and eventually, both began to yawn.

"Okay, Ryan, you are still under pledge rules; so, if you want to wash, I will have to clean you. So, do you want to shower?" Blake asked with a grin that still had Ryan boned.

"Yeah, but can I return the favor?" Ryan asked, hopefully.

"Yeah, come on" Blake said, shedding his clothes as they went into his shower room. They stepped inside the rather large cubical and Ryan could see it was a private one, as he had a big black dildo hanging from a hook.

"Oh shit, sorry" he responded, with a blush of his own.

"Don't be; if you are single, needs must" Ryan smiled, and touched the cheek of Blake's face, as now, he felt a little braver.

Blake moved closer and lightly kissed Ryan on the lips, a touch that Ryan had yearned for ever since he laid eyes on him earlier that day. He pressed into the kiss and both parted their lips and let their tongues commence to dance.

"Blake, you are so fucking hot" Ryan confessed.

"Ryan, you have no idea how awesome you are, do you?" he asked, pressing into the kiss further. Both now erect and wanting, Blake accidently pressed the button, and cascading water flowed over both of them. Both, oblivious to the warm water, they explored their bodies with tongue and touch.

"I want you" Blake begged.

"I thought you didn't do one nighter's" Ryan responded, with labored breath.

"I'm hoping it's not" replied Blake, and Ryan smiled all over his body, and dropped to his knees. He licked the inside of Blake's leg and worked his way down to his feet. He sucked on his big toe and savored the taste. He moved up and found his target, and swallowed the head of Blake's cock. A guy he had spoken to for the first time, only a couple of hours ago, now had his head spinning.

"Oh Ryan, fuck!!" he moaned as he fucked Ryan's mouth.

He pulled Ryan off of his cock and returned the movements, ending with him sucking on Ryan's balls and engulfing his cock. Ryan was so hot and bothered by the day's actions, it was not long before he felt familiar stirrings in his balls.

"Blake...Fuck ...Blake...I'm...I'm Cumming!!!!" he yelled, and Blake did not stop. Shot after explosive shot fired into Blake's willing and needy mouth.

Ryan's legs buckled and Blake caught him before he dropped, water still flowing down both of their bodies. Blake kissed him again and again.

"You taste as good as you smell" he whispered into Ryan's ear.

"That was so fucking hot" Ryan replied.

"I want to do you now. I want to taste you on me; I want to feel you in me" Ryan replied, and Blake smiled. He stood and picked up Ryan. He grabbed the dildo off the hook, and walked out of the shower. He grabbed a couple of towels and led Ryan to his bed for further exploration.

To be continued...

I had to stop; writing with a boner is not always good. Please comment on how you think this is going or tweet @DavidSpowart


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