Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 4

Published: 16 Apr 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

The thing Ryan loved about sex was when he was told what to do, all though not a total bottom or submissive, he liked a lover especially a sex god as he thought that Blake indeed was, was to take sexual control.

"Get on the bed and lay flat, I know you are clean so I am going to eat your ass, and well, let my special friend here have a little play with it as well" he smiled a lascivious smile as he rubbed the Black dildo between the cheeks of Ryan's ass.

Blake placed the dildo at Ryan's side and pressed his mouth into the crack of Ryan's ass as his tongue worked down his crack until he hit the sweet spot.

"Hmmm, ohh that feels good" Ryan moaned out as Blake's tongue began to work his eager hole open, and soon enough he was inside licking at the inside walls of Ryan's ass.

"You taste so good" He moans out as he ate out Ryan like a jock working some cheerleader pussy on prom night.

After a short while and Ryan's hole was open and ready, Blake reached over to his drawer and removed a rather large bottle of slick lube. He coated the dildo as well as Ryan's ass and he slowly began to push the dildo into Ryan.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!!!!!!" Ryan moaned out as Blake withdrew it slowly and pushed in just as slow torturing Ryan as his body and soul demanded more. "Blake please!!!" he pleaded.

"Pace my young Padawan" he said in the worst Yoda impersonation Ryan had ever heard, "Force more force" Replied Ryan with his own star wars analogy.

"I am just getting you ready for the real act of fucking" Blake replied and began to pick up some speed and power with his little black friend sliding in and out deep and shallow, deep and hard and with meaningful strokes he proceeded to stimulate every sinew of every nerve in Ryan's body.

After another ten torturous minutes he stopped and pulled out the dildo, he again reached back into his bedside draw and removed a pack of Trojans and removed one. He tore open the foil packet as Ryan panting with lust watched as he rolled the rubber over his substantial dick.

He poured a generous amount of lube onto his hand and coated his latex covered appendage, he returned to the back of Ryan and lay flat on his back and began to nibble at his neck.

"You ready babe" he asked and a low moan from Ryan indicated he was wanting and needing and most definitely ready.

Blake raised himself up and placed his cock at the entrance of Ryan's ass and pushed forward slow and deliberate, not stopping for a second he bottomed out and with no complaints of pain he began to stroke in and out, some short strokes and some hard and fast strokes, he hit the right spot he hit the prostate and he hit it over and over again, Ryan was panting he was being fucked and how, he knew his description of a total sex god hardly did Blake justice.

"Ohhh my God!!!!!!" Ryan moaned and he thought this was obviously not the first time Blake had heard these emotions coming from someone Blake was fucking.

Blake pulled out and moved Ryan onto his back and spread his legs wide and re-entered him and ploughed hard, he took hold of Ryan's cock and pumped hard as he fucked even harder into him

"You like my cock" He asked and he knew the answer, Blake was not a cocksure asshole by any stretch of the imagination but he knew what to do in bed, and liked to be praised by a lover or in his most cases a fuck buddy, however in this case he wanted a little more of Ryan, he didn't know what it was about the young pledge but he knew he wanted more than a fuck hole.

Soon though both were nearing a substantial climax, and Ryan knew what he wanted.

"Come in my mouth, I want to taste you" Ryan begged and Blake complied, he pulled out and went into a sixty nine position and soon both horny hungry guys were sucking each other's cocks just like they were a calf suckling on a mothers teat.

Both erupted at the same time and both milked the other dry, they were both more than sated and Blake climbed back up to the top of the bed and both kissed tasting each other on the other.

"That was...Fuck" Ryan struggled to get out, his breath laboured as was Blake's

"Yeah I know" he replied kissing his cheek.

Soon though both were sound asleep, Ryan woke at some point during the night and just watched his sleeping Big, and thought what if?

He woke again at 6:40 and couldn't remember if instructions had been made for them to make breakfast, he didn't want to wake Blake up so he climbed out of bed and walked to his room, he forgot that Lance was with Donny and assumed that since Jarred had his brother with him, that Donny would be with Lance in his room.

He was about to open the door but it opened first.

"Hey, Breakfast" Lance said before I had a chance to, I also knew that I had not showered and a smirk came onto Lance's face.

"I see someone got some lastnight" he said as we were met by the other pledges as we went down to the kitchen.

They made breakfast as per previous instructions and waited for the frat to wake, it was not long before the first came down, it was Blake.

"Good morning Pledges" he said and smiled a blushing smile at Ryan that was returned in kind, Donny and Jarred followed soon after and soon the dining room was bustling.

"Pledges, you may join us for breakfast" Donny yelled and they picked up there plated food and entered the dining room, they took available seats, Ryan was a bit put out that he couldn't get to be near Blake then chastised himself as he was being a love struck school girl...yes girl, he berated.

"okay guys, we have liked what we have seen so far from all of you, but as you know there are six pledges but only four spots available, so this pop quiz is important" The pledge master (Jarred) proclaimed.

"So I do hope apart from jacking off last night you actually learned something from your big" he adds.

"Pledge 1" Ryan looked up

"Yes sir" He replied

"Do you believe that your big gave you sufficient teaching to answer your questions when offered" he asked.

"Sir yes sir" Ryan replied.

He asked the same question to all pledges and they resumed talking, Ryan however could not keep his eyes off of Blake, and Blake off of him, Donny and Jarred also noticed this and smiled at each other as though they were the greatest matchmakers ever to exist.

After breakfast and the cleaning chores were completed, Jarred (Pledge Master) stood and looked at all the pledges. "Good, no instructions needed, very good to see" he smiles and walked back into the den.

"Gentleman, can you come into the den please" Jarred yells and all at once and with much haste they do as instructed. They stood watching as 12 of the brothers sat on sofas and overstuffed chairs.

"Each of you will be asked a series of questions and end with why we should choose you for our housemate and fraternal brother" Jarred informs.

"3, what year did this frat-house get instated and privileges confirmed by this College" he asked and Ryan looked at Lance.

"Sir, 1903, March 17th St Patricks day, and Confirmed with the charter the following day by Dean Lewis Collins, whose Grandson attended and Joined this frat in 1933" he replied and Ryan looked impressed as he knew he had that right.

"Correct, but what was his grandson known for" he asked as his second question.

"Sir he was Eisenhower's chief of staff" he added.

"Well done, now tell us why you should be chosen to be accepted into this house" Jarred asked already impressed with Lance, except for the blowing his load into his younger brothers mouth in front of the entire house but he wasn't going to hold that against him...much.

"Sir the minute I knew I had won a scholarship to this school I wanted to join this frat, My brother was an esteemed member of this frat, I admire my brother greatly and would be proud to follow in his footsteps, and I would be honoured to be a member of this Fraternal brotherhood" Lance replied and Ryan was stunned at how articulate his roommate was under pressure.

He went through the other pledges, some stumbled but not disastrously so, then he got to Ryan.

"Number 1, stand please" Jarred asked.

"Now, 1, for this question I am going to be a bit tougher on you, the reason is you have shown an aptitude for leadership, and therefore I expect a bit more from you, understand?" he asks.

"Yes sir" Ryan responds.

"Okay, 3 questions all different from the last, number 1, in 1988, we expelled a pledge on the final day of pledge week, why, and before you answer I will tell you this, at that point the pledge was way ahead of the other pledges" he added hoping Ryan was stumped.

"Sir" Ryan smiled and Jarred guessed he knew the answer.

"in 1988, I am assuming I am correct here, as I remember reading something about this but didn't realise it could have been this frat, I believe it was one Kenny Luke, but later discovered it was Kerry Luke a girl, and was expelled because of that this was a fraternity not a sorority" Ryan hoped he was on the correct track.

"Brilliant" Jarred responded.

"Question 2, what year was the extension added to the rear to the house, and what was the capacity of the frat beforehand" he asked.

"Sir it was 1988 again, and the capacity was 12 at the time and 18 now" he responded.

"Sir you will come in handy while cramming for exams, you have an amazing memory" Jarred replies.

"Sir thank you sir" Ryan responded.

"And last question, what do you expect to get out of this fraternity" he asked and Ryan was stunned, he stared and looked at everyone and just smiled and replied with one single word.


"No1 never has such a single word held so much meaning, I commend you on that answer, now can you tell the fraternal brothers why they should choose you and not anyone in your stead" he asks.

"Am I more deserving than any other pledge here, no of course not, before I came here to this school I just wanted to be a good student, make some good friends and perhaps find someone who I could fall for" he started and looked at Blake who just smiled and then looked away as his face was glowing red.

"I only pledged this house to see if I could help my friend fulfil his dream and follow in his brothers footsteps, but now... now I want in just as badly, but all the pledges standing in front of you now all deserve that same chance" he concluded and re-took his seat.

"Good summary No1" Jarred replied.

This was conducted to all of the pledges and soon it was almost time for dinner, but nobody has cooked, Ryan took charge and all the pledges entered the kitchen quickly followed by Donny and Jarred.

"Hold up pledges, dinner is cancelled tonight, well cooking anyway" Donny announced, and the pledges all looked at the two brothers and waited for more information.

"We are going out for dinner, so go get cleaned up, wear some clean stuff, I am sure you have clothes drying in your rooms, you have thirty minutes...go!!" Donny added and they all ran hell for leather to wash and change.

"So where do you think we are going" Lance asked.

"Dude you know as much as me" Ryan replied.

"You mean your inside knowledge didn't give you a hint" He asked.


"Blake, you know the one you have been giving goo goo eyes to all afternoon" He smirks.

"Erm no I haven't" He blushes.

After they all were dressed and assembled downstairs the frat brothers all dressed in blazers and slacks looking as smart as humanly possible Donny informed them where there destination was to be.

"Gentleman, I expect nothing but the best decorum, we will be going to our sister fraternity just down the block, I expect nothing but the highest standards from all of the pledges, remember do as we say not as we do" Donny informed, and they left.

They walked the short distance and knocked on the door, it was quiet very quiet, that was until the door opened and very loud music boomed out of the front door.

"Come in boys" a young blond woman asked and they filed past her.

The pledges scoured the room and it was like a night club, DJ was playing some tunes and the lighting rigs were state of the art.

"Betty, these are our pledges for this year, they have been warned regarding their behaviour" Jarred explained.

"Pledges, this as you can see is a party, drink dance and have fun, we need to see how you cope in a party and how you conduct yourselves, now go have fun" Donny yelled and the music was pumped up even louder.

"Care to dance" a young lady asked Lance and he smiled and took her hand and followed, a young brunette asked Ryan but he declined.

"Care to dance with me" Blake asked.

"Sure, but I must warn you I have two left feet" Ryan replied with a cheeky smile.

They danced one song and went looking for the keg, it was located in the back yard and there was a queue waiting in line.

"So what are you thinking" Blake asked as they stepped to one side and waited for the queue to wither away.

"What do you mean" Ryan replied.

"You looked deep in thought" Blake replied.

"Honest?" Ryan said

"Sure, always" Blake replied taking Ryan's hand.

"It's well...this" he says looking at Blake's hand in his.

"Oh...sorry" he responds and removes his hand from Ryan's

"See I'm confused, you said you didn't do one night stands, and then said you hoped it wasn't. Does that mean you want me as one of your fuck buddies or something" Ryan asked thinking he's just fucked this up.

"Is that what you want" Blake asked looking into Ryan's eyes

"No" was a simple reply.

Blake looked around the yard the queue was as long as ever but stood in front of Ryan lifted his chin and kissed his lips softly.

"Good, me neither" he replied.

"Dude's please there are delicate children watching" Lance smirked walking towards them with three bottles of Bud in his hand.

"Blake you have my boy in a spin" Lance added.

"Fuck Lance, please" berated Ryan, pissed at the comment that he was a love struck school girl, yes he thought it again.

"Come on I want another dance" Blake said taking Ryan's hand and pulling him back inside, Ryan smiled at Lance and Lance jus nodded in approval.

"Are you going to stand and watch me being kidnapped" Ryan yelled.

"Absafriggenlutly" he replied.

To be continued...

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