Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 5

Published: 23 Apr 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

Ryan danced with Blake totally oblivious to the other revellers, the music was internal the music playing at high volume was irrelevant to both of them, their eyes spoke without a word needed, they held each other tight, the party eventually ended.

"You okay" Blake asked

Ryan just smiled but stayed silent.

"Come on something's bugging you now give" Blake insisted

"I go back to my dorm tomorrow" Ryan replied with a low reply

"Ryan, we are no more than 3 minutes' walk from each other" Blake giggled

"Don't mock me, I like it, you know being with you" Ryan responded

"And trust me Ryan, there is no other place I would rather have you" he smirked.

"And besides, we have tonight and if we pace ourselves tomorrow morning as well" he said pulling Ryan close and Ryan smiling at the thought of his sex god satisfying him yet again

They walked back to the frat house and entered the den area.

"Oh hey Donny" Blake said as we entered

"Hey guys, have fun" he asked

"You and Jarred left rather quick" Blake replied

"You know how it is" Donny responded as Lance and the remainder of the pledges walked back into the frat house and not quietly.

"Pipe down guys some brothers are in bed and not all are fucking" said a rather feeling no pain frat brother berated.

"Sorry" whispered Lance with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Oh and why that look" Ryan asked his roommate

"I have a date" he replied as a matter of fact.

"Who, when" Ryan asks

"Shit, I didn't get her name????????Fuck!!" he berated himself

"Lorna, Lorna Berry" one of the frat brothers spoke up.

"Told you dude, we have your back" he added

"Lorna, yeah that's it?..Blond big??.blue eyes" he smirked

"Yeah her tits are not bad either" the frat brother laughed and Lance joined in like his new best friend feeling no pain.

"Where's Jarred?" Blake asks Donny

"Oh his brother brought back?. Let's just say he had plans that involved a blond girl from the party and her boyfriend, he liked the boyfriend" Donny laughed

"Horny little fucker isn't he" Blake laughed

"Yeah he takes after his brother" Donny replied still laughing

"What's so funny" Jarred asks descending the stairs towards the den.

"Nothing" replied Donny struggling and failing to stifle a laugh.

"How's your bro" asked Blake.

"Oh I think he understands what is acceptable and what is not" replied Jarred

"And the threesome" Donny added to the conversation.

"Oh that was never going to happen, he was going along because his girlfriend wanted to be?.well?.. used and abused, he never stood a chance with the boyfriend" Jarred smirked.

"Jarred I don't mean to speak out of turn?? but when" Ryan started and Lance and he stared at Donny and Jarred who now sat next to each other on an overstuffed sofa.

"When you find out if you are in" Jarred completed his question.

"All the brothers get a vote, we will talk over the next few days and see who we believe would be a good fit, the legacy take priority at first unless they are total no hopers, but as you have seen they are all worthy, so yeah the legacy pledges are more or less a shoe in" replied Jarred.

"So the tasks?" Lance asked

"Just a way to see how you interact with others, and Number 3, we know you interact very well" Donny smirked and a scornful look from Jarred to his partner"

"Look guys we like all this year's pledges and it will be a tough decision and I have no doubt you have someone in your corner Ryan" Jarred said looking at a blushing Blake who could not deny that statement.

"Yeah who do I have in my corner" asked a sorrowful Lance.

"Me and Donny for starters, your brother is one of our best friends and will be for a long time to come, we will fight your corner" replied Jarred.

Blake stood and looked with need at Ryan, "Okay bed time" Ryan said and bid a good night to his roommate and climbed the steps with Blake ogling his ass.

Ryan opened Blake's door and entered.

"You have an ass to die for man" he smirks at Ryan looking at him working where to lick first, Ryan looked at his new found lover with a tinge of sadness, he would have to leave tomorrow morning and back into some resemblance of normality.

"Come here" Blake commanded, and Ryan's heart was pounding the way that sent bolts of electricity to the regions that his own body craved.

"You are beautiful you know that" whispered Blake as he nibbled Ryan's left ear lobe.

"Fuck Blake what are you doing to me" Ryan moaned out as pleasure ripped through his young body.

"Everything you want, and everything I need, you have a problem with that?" Blake asked as he attacked the opposite lobe and more contented and needy moans escaped Ryan, who was now helpless.

"No, but please" he moaned out.

"Please what" Blake asked knowingly

"Fuck Blake, please" he again moaned.

"Nope, not tonight??tonight you fuck me!!" he replied

"What?.really, you want me to fuck you?" Ryan asked still a little stunned.

"Ryan, when I have had casual sex with some guys?. Not all were gay; some had equal opportunity cocks?. You know Bi" he laughed

"but I was sort of hoping on a repeat performance" Ryan replied looking at him with puppy dog eyes and looking sad.

"Good try, but tonight you will top, and I will be a very expecting bottom, and if you have not fucked the cum out of me I might just return the assault" Blake insisted and Ryan relented.

"Now let's go get cleaned up and prepare for action" he added

"Do I get to play with your little rubber friend?" asked Ryan

"Oh babe I insist" he replied taking Ryan by the hand leading him into the bathroom and taking what clothes they had on.

After the clean-up they re-entered the shower and Blake as he had Ryan the day before placed his hands on the tile of the shower wall.

Ryan was on his knees, licking at his ass and Blake sounding his appreciation.

"Oh wow, Ryan you have a talented tongue" Blake moaned as he was being probed by Ryan's tongue, and then a finger, first just one then two twisting and stretching, Ryan kept staring at the black Dildo hanging to the left of him.

"Ohh Fuck Ryan!!!!!" Blake's body shaking as he pushed his tongue deeper and then three fingers stretching and shaping his ass for what Ryan was hoping would be a very satisfying assault on Blake's very needy and eager ass.

Ryan reached up and pulled the rubber cock from its hook and grabbed the bottle of lube from the shower shelf, he slicked up the length and lubed up Blake's ass.

"You ready" Ryan asked

"Oh fuck yeah" Blake replied

"Okay" Ryan snickered and slowly pushed in Blake's little toy.

"OhhhhFuck!!!!!!!!!" he moaned out as his eyes disappeared into his skull as Ryan pressed forward and withdrew torturing at a slow pace "Ohhhhhhh Fuck!!!!!!!!" he moaned out as he pushed back into Ryan's pace.

Panting like an overweight street walker or slut he took the pace and the depth that Ryan was giving him, the sweat now sheening on his skin, he liked the treatment that was happening to him "Ohhh Fuck!!!!!" he screamed as a stream of cum hit the tiled wall with a large splat, cum was sliding down the wall as Ryan withdrew the large rubber cock from Blake's ass.

"Ohh wow? what can I say but fuck Ryan that was amazing" Blake said turning around and almost dropping as his legs began to buckle "Oh easy tiger" Ryan laughed.

Blake leaned into his new or at least he hoped his new lover and kissed him softly on the lips

"Thank you" he said looking into Ryan's eyes and seeing only desire

"What for" he asked

"I have never cum like that??..ever!" he replied

"Well is it my turn now?" Ryan enquired

"Nope, that was just a warm up.. and what a fucking warm up" he replied taking Ryan's hand yet again leading him back into the bedroom.

"You see that bed" Blake asked and Ryan looked on confused but nodded yes "I want my body my soul and more importantly my ass driven into it" he added

"You surprise me Blake" Ryan responded

"How?" he asked

"I would have had you as a 100% top" Ryan replied

"Look Ryan I love to fuck, yes I am more of the dominant in the bedroom, but l like to be fucked as well, and as you can see I enjoy it, yeah I prefer to be the fucker rather than the fucked, but can I ask you something?" he asked

"Yeah sure" Ryan replied

"Do you like to fuck?" he asked

"Honestly yeah? I am a guy horny needy wanting?. Just coz I am gay does not mean I or we do not have the same urges, look guys go out to bars and clubs looking to hook up for the night, they do not go out looking to find a future wife or in our case lover, they go out to find someone to have a good time with, empty the stress of life away into a condom and get back into the rat race and repeat the same manoeuvres the following weekend, so yeah I like to fuck, but I do get exactly the same pleasure from being fucked? understand"

"Yeah, I like to fuck more than being fucked, but yeah it drives me into a different place, I like it but I prefer to be the fucker" he replied

"But that does not let you off the hook pledge, now bed?.my ass?.pounding?. now get to it" he added.

And Ryan did as he was instructed, over the next forty minutes he fucked Blake in every possession he could think off, the only reason they stopped was the fact they ran out of condoms and energy, they fell asleep holding each other tight, contented and sated.

They both awoke just before seven and went back into the shower to wash off the sex they both stank of, Blake slowly washed Ryan as the rules were still in place and well?..they both enjoyed playing and fondling the other, Ryan was falling and falling hard? Blake still holding a little back as he was a little older and had been hurt before, but he liked the feelings he was having for Ryan.

They both dried the other and dressed for the last breakfast before Ryan and his roommate Lance had to leave for their own dorm and await the decision of the frat.

"So Ryan what do you like about me and be honest" Blake asked

"Well it's not something that I am comfortable with, I am not good at explaining what I feel I get embarrassed but it was when I saw you at breakfast it was like WOW and I mean wow, I looked at you and it was like a light just came on, it was that moment when I looked at you found you not even knowing I was looking for you but there you were, it's like a song by some British pop group One Erection I think they are called and the track called Little things" Blake cracked up laughing.

"What, I am pouring my feelings out and you are mocking me again" he berated and sat down and pouted.

"One Erection, man you have dick on your brain, its One Direction not Erection" he continued to laugh and Ryan smiled as he realised his error.

"So the little things huh" Blake said sitting next to Ryan

"Yeah" he replied

"Like the way you blush when I walk into the room, the way you brush the hair out of my eyes when you talk to me, the way you smile when you kiss me, the way you make me feel when I am close, its loads of things Blake but I like them" he replied

"Good, the reason I like you so much is how you make me act and behave, I want to please you and I want to make you happy, I know you have had sadness in your very young life and I want to help you see the joy and the pleasure in life, going to college here is a good step in that Erection" he mocked and Ryan laughed back

"Got Yi" he said pulling him into a slow sensual kiss.

"And Blake I like how I feel around you? just so you know" Ryan replied

"Okay breakfast and it's the frat's turn to cook, and you have made me late" he kissed back as they stood up and walked out of the door and descended the stairs to the kitchen.

"Good Morning Blake, and to you to Ryan" Donny said standing at the counter with Jarred and the two Peter's preparing breakfast.

"Morning" Ryan replied softly and Donny giving a wink back making him blush a little darker.

"Anything I can do" Blake asked.

"Little late bro, go set the table if you can rip yourself from Number 1" Jarred replied.

"Done" he replied

"Can I help" Ryan asked

"Nope, go sit in the den, talk to the others and we will yell when we are done" Blake responded and Ryan reluctantly left and walked into the den, Lance sat watching some TV but looked a little delicate.

"Hey Bro" Ryan said as he entered

"Shhhh not so loud Ryan please" he responded and Ryan laughed at the delicate friend whom he had come to love like a brother? well except for the blow job of course.

"I am never drinking again man" he added

"You at least got a date out of it" Ryan reminded him

"Yeah, she was nice" he replied

He fished into his jeans and retrieved a cell number.

"I will ring a little later, I am not awake or ready yet" Lance added.

"Yeah and get a shower you stink" Ryan added as breakfast was called.

"Do not" Lance smirked back

"Lance I love you man but fuck, did you throw up or something coz you do smell bad man" he added

"No I did not, I had some weird food at the party and it's sweating through my pores, I have sprayed some deodorant and it's still seeping through me" he replies a little shamed at his body odour

"Fuck, did you eat that brown stuff last night" Jarred asked as Lance took his seat

"Oh man, Melanie cannot cook for shit, I feel sorry for the guy that ends up with her, she over seasons everything, and some stuff that should not be classed as a food group, dude when you are finished go lay in the shower for a while, sweat it out that works, plus drink plenty of water" Jarred adds with a little mirth

"Jarred where is your brother man" Donny asks

"I'll go get him" Lance replies

And he returns a little time later with a note and hands it to Jarred and he looks a little down heartened as he looked at Donny.

"What" Donny asks

"I think I was a little too hard on him last night, he's gone back to his dorm and has apologised for embarrassing the fraternity" he replied and sat down with a sad expression as he stroked his hair back.

"Dude he tried a little hard to get some action, he will learn eventually what is good and what is not, leave it for a few hours and then we will go talk to him, Jarred at least he is not doing the douche thing and pretending it was nothing, he has admitted he was a little out of line and he has?. Well taken responsibility for his intended actions" replied Donny soothing his partner a little.

"Yeah, come on guys tuck in" Jarred replies

"He is a horny douche but I love the little shit" Jarred adds

"Yeah we know who he takes after don't we" replied Donny.

To be continued??..

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