Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 6

Published: 30 Apr 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

It was soon 9am and the pledge period was at an end. They collected their things and headed to the main hallway. They all stood in a line and waited for the Pledge master to speak.

"Pledges, it has been a genuine privilege to be in your company, and obviously more pleasure for some than others" he said with a smile, looking at his brother, and of course, Lance.

"Over the next few days, discussions will be held and votes cast; the chosen pledges will find out on Friday. An envelope with the seal of this fraternity will be posted under your dorm doors. Not all letters will be acceptances, and for that, I am sorry" he said with a frown

"Good luck and we'll see some of you for the Friday welcome dinner" he said, and the door was opened. Ryan looked over his shoulder and Blake gave him a wry smile. This was going to be a long week for both of them.

"Breakfast?" Lance asked, wrapping his arm around Ryan's shoulder, and Ryan just smiled; trust his best friend to be there for him.

A short time later...

"So, this hot date you have tonight" Ryan enquires as he shovels another fork full of pancakes into his mouth, syrup slowly dripping down his chin.

"Yeah?" he replied, with his mouth full.

"Gross dude" Ryan responded.

"Don't ask fucking questions when I am eating, then" he responded, spraying the table with debris.

"Okay, so what's the plan?" Ryan asks, and Lance gave a wry grin and just gave that knowing look like, I am getting laid and don't you just fucking know it.

"Well, dude, the last couple of blow jobs you have had have been given by dudes. Are you sure you are ready for the big change?" Ryan smirks back.

"Three actually if you must know, and what change, dude; a mouth is a mouth" Lance replies.

"Three?" I enquire.

"Yeah, that game of twister had me hard as hell; and, well, he blew me again, later. You were with Blake, and, well, a guy has needs, dude" he replies.

"Horny fucker, aren't you" Ryan replies.

"Oh yeah, and all you and Blake did was cuddle, I presume" he replies, and Ryan just smiles and takes a bite of his pancake looking at him but saying nothing.

"Yeah, as I figured" Lance laughs out loud.

"What time is your first class?" he asks Ryan, who looks at the time and ...

"Fuck, ten minutes ago. Gotta bolt, dude, see you at lunch?" he asks as he grabs his bag, and Ryan nods and bolts for the diners door.

A little later...

Ryan was sitting in his advanced mechanical engineering class when he received a text from Blake. He smiled, as he had assigned him his own ring tone. He didn't open it in class, as he had a lot of respect for the guy teaching it. His heart was pounding when the class ended. He ran out of the class and into the communal area and sat down.

"I miss you already" the text read. He flipped open the key pad and began to text back.

"Not looking forward to an empty bed" he wrote. He smiled and flipped it shut as Lance approached him.

"Okay, what do you fancy to eat except me or Blake? We do not count as a food group" he mocked.

"Asshole" he replied with a slight smirk

"I just said didn't I dude, we do not count" he laughed, wrapping his arm around Ryan's shoulder. "Mickey D's will do" Ryan replies and head out of campus.

They sat in McDonalds, eating unhealthy food; as today was also gym day, and plenty of carbs would be needed. While sitting, the pledge master's brother or as they knew him as number 2, walked in and spotted them.

"Hey" he said, and just sat down, despite not even being invited; but, he thought since he had swallowed two loads of Lance's cum, it shouldn't be a problem.

"Classes" I said with a smile.

"Dude, my brain is all over the place. I couldn't concentrate; my brother is a little pissed at me" he replied.

"Yeah, wonder why" Lance snickered at him.

"You were not complaining" he replied.

"No, I wasn't, but dude, what the fuck is your name, anyway?" asked Lance.

"Hang the fuck on - he's blown you twice and you don't even know his name?" Ryan scoffed.

"Needs, dude; Names never came up" replied Lance, and number 2 just smiled in agreement.

"Jordan" he replied with a smile.

"Nice to meet you,, Jordan" Ryan laughed out.

"Yeah, dude" added Lance biting back into his greasy burger.

"So, what did your brother say to you, anyway?" Ryan asked.

"Oh, bringing embarrassment on him and our families' legacy; shit like that" Jordan replied.

"Trying to get both the girl and the guy...classic" Lance praised.

"Dude, the guy was smoking hot. Shit, you two are a vision, but I saw Blake has his claws into you, Ryan; and, well, Lance, you just like to have your dick sucked and no reciprocation" Jordan informed them.

"So, yeah, I thought I would gets me some tail" he says with a southern drawl.

"Only play one way, dude. I have no problem with who sucks my weapon of Ass destruction; but me returning the thrill? Nuh uhh, no way, man" Lance replied.

"Jordan, can I ask you a personal question?" Ryan asks.


"This whole Bi thing; okay, yeah, I can see a guy liking a guy, and the same with guys liking girls; but how can anyone be attracted to both?" Ryan asks.

"Wow! Well, okay, I don't really know how I can explain it. It's just, if I see a hot girl I like, I will ask her out and hopefully get laid; and if I see a hot guy, well, the same rules apply" Jordan replied.

"Okay, second question, preference. I mean, where on the gay spectrum do you place yourself; more toward girls or guys?" Ryan asks, trying to see if he can make Jordan blush...just a little.

"Ryan, I am 20 years old, so I do not have a conclusive preference. If I score in a club or a bar, I do not decide what I hope to go home with before I go in; I just wait and see what happens. The last few times I have been clubbing, I have gone home with both, so seriousness in my life can wait; right now I am just enjoying the fuck out of life" he responds with his shit eating grin.

"Hoping to get laid tonight, Lance?" Jordan asks.

"Dude, it's strictly pussy for a while, sorry" Lance replies

"I was referring to the cutie from the sorority, you ass" Jordan scorned.

"I know. I was just pulling your chain" Lance laughs, and Jordan playfully punches his shoulder

"Oh, thanks, that's my favourite arm, if you know what I mean". Lance mimics the five knuckle shuffle and smirks at them.

"So, getting laid?" Jordan repeats.

"Hope so, dude, it's been a while" he replies.

"Fuck off. You had a date with that waitress, what's her name, Joss. Joss from Mel's diner. Shit, that was only Thursday" Ryan scoffed.

"Yeah, she shaved" he laughed.

"She was a dude?" Jordan asks and then realizes what Lance meant, and retracts his statement.

"So, Jordan, has your brother said anything?" Ryan asks, and Lance stops eating and looks at Jordan.

"Ryan, it's only been what, like 8 hours. Dude, trust me, we will not hear anything until Friday; and trust me, my brother will say nothing to me. He believes in tradition, so his lips are sealed. Besides, they don't vote until Thursday, at the earliest" he replies.

"Just asking dude; it's worth an ask" Ryan replies.

"Ryan, you thrived in that house, they love you" Lance responds.

"Not going in without you, bro" Ryan smiled, looking at Lance.

"Not even for Blake?" Lance asks.

"We would work something out for sure. He's not a prisoner in that frat, you know" Ryan snickers, and then thinks of Blake.

"Earth to Ryan, Earth to Ryan" Lance yells, looking at his friend spaced out and looks back, confused.

"Er, what?" Ryan asks.

"Lost in thought, or lust of Blake have you reconsidering what you said?" Lance asks.

"No way, dude, we both go or we don't go" Ryan responds, and Lance says nothing.

"Lance?" he asks.

"Lance, would you go in without me?" he repeats.

"Well it's time for me to split" Jordan said, sensing a serious conversation coming. He stands, and nobody acknowledges as he leaves.

"Lance?" Ryan repeats.

"Dude, I told you when I pledged I need to get in there" Lance replies.

"Well, I got our friendship wrong, didn't I?" Ryan replies, not too happy with Lance.

"No, no you didn't. We would still be bro's; even if I do, and you don't get in" Lance replies.

"Oh, thanks" Ryan responds with a hint of sarcasm.

"Look Ryan, if we both get in, you would more or less be sleeping in Blake's room; so what is the difference?" Lance asks.

"We would still be under the same fucking roof, you idiot" Ryan responds, stands up, and begins to walk out, totally pissed.

"Ry" Lance yells, but Ryan does not stop; fearing that his friendship was not as solid as he first thought.

"Ryan, for fuck sake" he yelled, as he ran to catch up to him.

"Why the fuck does everything have to be a drama?" Lance asks as he catches up to him.

"Lance, can't you see how this will play out? If you get in and I do not, we will drift apart. You can stand there and promise it won't; but trust me, it will" Ryan replies, and again walks off.

Lance stops in his tracks and thinks for a short while. He has grown attached to Ryan and sees him as family. He begins to walk back toward Ryan, and picks up the pace to catch up to him. He puts his hand on his shoulder and Ryan stops and turns; he can see a little moisture in Ryan's eyes.

"Okay, okay, you dick, both of us or neither of us" Lance says, and wraps an arm around Ryan's shoulder.

"Happy now?" Lance asks.

"Sorry man, it's just, well you are like family to me, and well...if " Ryan struggles to get out what he means.

"Yeah I know what you mean bro, let's wait and see what happens, so as I said are you happy now" Lance again asks.

"No, not until we get in; it's just all this waiting" Ryan bemoans, and wraps his arm around Lance's shoulder.

"Yeah, and still 4 days to wait, bud" he reminds him.

A few hours pass after the final class. Lance was dressed and ready for his date. "Slick, dude" Ryan informs him, as Lance checks himself for the hundredth time in the mirror.

"Okay man, I'm off; don't wait up" Lance says, and smiles as he leaves the dorm room. Ryan sits at his computer, getting ready to complete this week's assignments. Well, he has nothing else to do, he thinks to himself.

A knock at the door stops him from logging into his system, he stands up and walks to the door and opens it, his eyes immediately lit up at the person standing in front of him.

"Hey" Blake says, as Ryan stood at the door staring and his heart now pounding, no words are spoken as Ryan pulls him into the room and attacks his mouth.

"Wow, well that answers my first unasked question" Blake smiles, as he pulls Ryan off of him.

"Why have you come over?" he asks, and realizes it was a stupid question.

"I didn't want to sleep without you in my bed. Not for sex... well, not all sex...just you lying beside me" he adds, and pulls Ryan into his chest.

"Ryan, I don't know how the vote will go; but if you don't get in, I will leave the frat, and perhaps, if you want to, we could find a place off campus... I mean, if you want to, that is" he asks, and kisses Ryan softly.

"Blake, you mean that, don't you?" Ryan replies, looking into his lovers eyes.

"I told you, I hate that you are not in my bed; and, if me leaving is the only way I can correct that, then, fuck yeah, I mean it" he replies with a smile that melts any doubt from Ryan's thoughts.

They sat on the sofa and began to watch an old movie; and soon, both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, more content and comfortable than they have been in quite a few years.

At one a.m., when Lance got back from his date, he had a young lady in tow; but not the girl he was on a date with. He looked at the TV, which was now showing infomercials. He walked over and switched it off. He saw, lying fully clothed, wrapped in each other's arms, Ryan and Blake. He smiled and left them be.

"We have to be quiet...okay?" he says to the girl, and she nods. He takes her to his bed and strips and climbs in. He looks over at the sofa and smiles to himself, thinking, "Good for you, bro", then pulls out a condom, readying himself for his own kind of fun.

To be continued...

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