Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 7

Published: 7 May 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

Ryan woke first. He could hear snoring coming from Lance's bed, but it wasn't Lance who was causing the immense noise; it was the companion lying beside him. Ryan was also disorientated also a little lost. He was still on the sofa and he could feel breathing beside him, and an arm draped over his shoulder. The room was dark, but he knew who the arm and the breathing belonged to. Blake had a distinctive smell, and he calmed somewhat, but the noise!!!!

He tried to move, but his right arm was numb from lying on it. He lifted himself gently, so as not to wake Blake, but he failed.

"Hey" Ryan said, as Blake looked down at him and smiled.

"Hey, yourself" and leaned over and kissed him.

"What the hell is that noise?" Blake asked.

"Lance's date obviously went well" Ryan replied.

"How is he still asleep?" Blake asked, as the noise seemed to intensify a little.

"What the hell" they heard Lance say, as he was eventually wakened by the barrage of his partners snoring.

Lance climbed out of bed and switched the side light on to see if his partner for the night was dying; as she sounded like she was, Ryan thought.

Lance walked over and saw that the guys were awake. Well, with the noise of Foghorn Leghorn, how could they be asleep, he also thought to himself.

"Sorry, Ryan" he said, as he sat on the overstuffed chair.

"Date went well, I see" Ryan said, pointing out the oh so obvious.

"No, actually, she never showed. I went to the Sorority and they told me she went out with her boyfriend; she never mentioned she had one" he replied

Ryan and Blake turned and looked over at Lance's bed and looked back at Lance, whose face was beaming.

"Lucy" he said, without a question being asked.

"Or Laura, Lauren" he said, again.

"You don't know her name" Ryan said, incredulously.

"Lucy...I think" he replied.

"Un-freakin believable" Ryan added.

They heard her turn over and the noise stopped. She was still asleep, but her airway was more open and the noise vanished.

"Thank fuck for that, I'm going back to bed. What the fuck's the time, anyway?" Lance said, as he stood up and looked at the clock on the wall.

"5:42" he said. He had to be up for a class at 8; so he climbed back into bed, hoping not to wake her.

Ryan stood up and held his hand out for Blake.

"Come on, let's get some comfortable sleep" he said, and Blake stood up and walked over to Ryan's bed. Ryan slowly undressed him and Blake returned the favor. They then climbed into bed, and Blake spooned into Ryan's back.

"Don't slip inside me while I sleep" Ryan kidded.

"I'm not making any promises, babe" he replied and kissed his shoulder.

The noise of Lance puttering around woke the guys up, and the noise of the door closing made sure they were awake, fully.

The feel of Blake, hard and pressing into his back, had Ryan hard in seconds. He reached behind him, wrapping his hand around Blake's length. Blake kissed his shoulder again, and lightly bit him.

"Mmm" Ryan moaned out.

"Behind you, the drawer" Ryan groaned, and let go of Blake's hard cock, slick with leaking pre-cum.

"Lube and condoms" he added.

"Oh" he replied, and turned and opened the drawer, retrieved the items and closed it.

"Fuck me, please" he begged.

"Ohh, do I have to?" Blake mocked, as he pushed a finger into Ryan's eager ass.

He poured a generous amount of lube aga onto his fingers and opened up Ryan as he liked to. Ryan was panting with want and lust, and most definitely, need.

"Blake...P L E A S E" he again begged. He wanted him inside him, and he wanted it NOW!!!!!

Blake stopped, ripped open the condom and rolled it down his now hard as steel cock, and lay beside Ryan, who was still lying on his side. He lifted Ryan's leg and just eased into him. A low groan from Ryan's lips let Blake know he was doing what Ryan needed.

Blake kept a slow, deliberate pace, pushing in hard and deep. "Mmmm" moaned Ryan, as Blake bottomed out inside of him.

Blake maneuvered Ryan onto his stomach without pulling out. He lay flat as he drove slowly into Ryan; and Ryan was in heaven. All his buttons were now being pushed; and for Blake, he felt he was where he was meant to be, deep inside his lover.

"Please, faster, harder" begged Ryan, and Blake complied with his wishes and picked up the force and pace. He ploughed hard and deep, forcing the air from Ryan's lungs as he did so.

"Yeah, fuck yeah, that's it" Ryan exclaimed as he was being serviced hard, and with feeling.

"You like it?" Blake asked, but not needing any reply; he lifted up and pulled Ryan's ass up with him. Ryan's face was still buried in the pillow as Blake continued the heavy pounding of his ass.

"I'm gonna cum" yelled Ryan, as he was close to busting a very powerful nut.

"Me, too" Blake struggled to reply, sweat pouring from his body, as he pushed one last time, hard and deep. He came hard, and with such power, he was not sure if the condom could contain it. Ryan had busted all over the comforter and he couldn't have cared less.

They both collapsed onto the bed, Blake pulling Ryan to him, to kiss and taste him at the same time. "That was fucking hot" Ryan said, kissing the side of Blake's cheek.

"You are so fucking hot" he replied, and pulled Ryan on top of him so he could stare at him, closely.

"I meant what I said, you know" he said, as he kissed Ryan again.

"If you do not get in, I'll move out, and we can find a place" he repeated.

"But, I think you will get in; they loved you" he added.

"There may be a problem with that" Ryan said, changing the mood.

"How?" Blake asked.

"I told Lance if I got in and he didn't, we both would not go; so, you see, I need him to get in, as well. If not, I look like a total dick" Ryan added.

"Well, we better keep our dick's crossed, then, shouldn't we" Blake said with a cheeky smile. Ryan glanced at the clock on the wall and it stated it was 09:33, and he had a lecture at 10.

"Come on, we need a quick shower. What time is your first class?" Ryan asked, as he pulled a very sticky and sweaty Blake to his feet.

"Erm, now" he replied.

"Okay, you still need a shower. Can someone get your notes?" Ryan asked.

"No need, I'm aceing this class. One missed one shouldn't hurt me too much; but yeah, someone in the frat would have some notes. Come on, you stink" Blake added, now pulling Ryan toward the shower.

"Shit, where is the love?" Ryan mocked yet again.

"In your basket, in a condom" Blake replied, as they entered the shower cubical and were immediately blasted with a powerful jet of ice cold water.

"FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!" they both exclaimed.

After the first classes were over, Ryan headed to the communal area and sat down under a shaded tree and flipped open his cell phone; as he had received several texts during the lecture, much to the annoyance of the professor.

He read the first one "Hey, meet for lunch" it read, from Lance. The second was from Blake and read "Cannot concentrate, you fill my thoughts, constantly" Ryan smiled to himself, because he was as distracted as Blake was.

He sat for a while, and thoughts of Blake that morning, the way they made love, and the way he held him afterward, again had him smiling.

"Hey, you never answered my text" Lance said, as he walked toward him and sat beside him.

"Yeah, sorry, I've only just got out" Ryan replied

"And what has you grinning like the Cheshire cat, or do I not have to guess" he replied.

"That obvious?" Ryan asks.

"Totally, dude, you have it so fucking bad" he added.

"Lunch?" he asks again

"Yeah, what do you have in mind?" Ryan asks.

"Pearl's all day special, 2 bucks" he replies.

"No cash?" Ryan asks.

"Not till Friday" Lance replies, with a forlorn look at the grass.

"Come on, KFC, on me" Ryan responded and stands up, with a pull by Lance.

"So, the Foghorn?" Ryan smirked, and Lance just smiled and winked back.

"Seriously though, Lance, she could wake the whole dorm" Ryan added. Lance just smirked and whispered into his ear, "She could suck me through a garden hose, though, my friend" he again winked back with a toothy smile.

"T.M.I" Ryan scoffed and laughed as they left campus, heading over to the local KFC. They entered and noticed two of the frat boys, sitting in the corner; the two Peter's.

"Hey guys" one of the Peter's responded, as they approached the counter.

"Oh, hey" Lance said, forgetting their names, instantly.

"Hey Peter, Peter" Ryan rescued him, and Lance smiled at his friend for that rescue.

"We never saw Blake last night, nor this morning; but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Ryan?" they smirked a knowing smile, and Ryan returned the same gesture.

"Oh, I'm sure he'll turn up" Ryan countered.

They ordered what they wanted and sat in the booth next to the two Peters. They talked about nothing in particular. The conversation that Ryan and Lance wanted to have with them, never came up; but a comment from one of them as they stood up to leave, made them both smile a little.

"Well guys, hopefully, all being well, we will see you Friday night at the welcoming dinner" and with that, they left.

"Looks like we have their vote, at least" Ryan commented, and Lance, with chicken masticating in his mouth, just nodded.

"Pig" Ryan added, and he smiled, with his mouth overflowing with food, almost escaping.

They left and agreed to meet up a little later. Ryan had a chemistry lecture, and that would be it for him for the day. He had no idea why he had taken this course, as it bored him no end.

He endured the lecture and took the required notes. He picked up his messenger bag and left, heading for the communal area. He sat where he had earlier, and again flipped open his phone. He read a message from Blake, and he frowned a little.

"Have to stay at frat; discussions taking place. IMPORTANT. Sorry" it read.

He texted Lance and asked if he wanted to go see a movie; but he replied with "Sorry, promised a blow job by Foghorn* wink wink*" he wrote, and Ryan smiled, but then frowned.

He headed back to his dorm and spotted a girl from his first lecture and wandered over and sat next to her. She smiled and then looked at Ryan again.

"You are in my English Lit class" she said, and he nodded.

"I see you are reading the assigned book" Ryan commented, and she nodded.

"Pretty boring, if you ask me" she replied.

"The English Patient. Yeah, I read that in high school. It gets better, I promise you" Ryan said, and she just gave him a wry grin.

"Marley" she said.

"What, as in Jacob, or the dead dog?" Ryan smiled a little.

"Huh" she replied, looking a little confused.

"Never mind" Ryan said.

"You want a coffee?" she asked.

"How about a movie, instead?" Ryan asked, and she looked a little uncomfortable.

"Erm sorry, I am spoken for. I have a boyfriend back home...sorry" she replied, and he smiled and chuckled a little.

"And what is so funny, may I ask?" she asked, a little pissed.

"I have one of those" Ryan replied.

"One of what?" she asked, sounding more pissed.

"Boyfriend" Ryan replied, and it dawned on her; a little at a time, then complete realization.

"Oh, what?...really?" she asked, none to convinced.

"Yeah, Blake, my very very new boyfriend, has something on with his frat; and I am at a loss for tonight, and I knew you from class and wondered if you needed a friend. My name is Ryan, by the way" he said, holding out his hand for her to shake.

"Oh sorry, erm, yeah, a movie would be nice. Wow, it's true what they say" she said.

"What is?" he asked, as they stood up.

"The good looking ones are either gay or married" she said, wrapping her arm inside of his.

"Look, we will dump our stuff and head out. Sound good?" he asked, and she just smiled and agreed.

After they dumped their stuff and headed out, Lance passed them on the steps and Foghorn was in tow. Ryan smiled and walked past him; and smiled at the girl, as they headed down.

"Oh, hey, Marley" the girl said as we passed.

"Oh, hi Lucy" Marley replied, as they walked past and headed out.

After they walked out of the building, Ryan turned and looked at her.

"You know her?" he asked.

"Yeah, she's a friend of my roommate" she replied.

"But she is louder than a brass band when she sleeps over" she added.

"Yeah, tell me about it" Ryan scoffed.

To be continued...

Hope you like what I am doing with this story, as well as my others. As usual, comments are appreciated and welcomed. They keep me writing. or Tweet @DavidSpowart


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