Castle Roland

The Right Kind
of Frat Experience

by David Spowart


Chapter 8

Published: 14 May 15

The Right Kind of Frat Experience
By David Spowart

edited by J Matlock

A couple of days passed by, and Blake and Ryan had spent as much time as they could, in bed with each other. Lance had dated Foghorn for a whole two days, a long term deal for him. At this point, Ryan was lying in bed, talking to Blake, after some very satisfying sex.

"You mean you have had two votes, and you still can't tell me if I am close or rejected, yet?" Ryan whined, as Blake told him of the latest vote.

"Has anyone been cut?" Ryan again asked, as he lay next to his lover, who was soaked in sweat, pillow talk high on his mind, at this point.

"Yeah, but I cannot tell you, Ryan" he kissed him softly, then added "it's against the rules". Blake could see Ryan was getting more pissed by the second.

"I love it when you pout" Blake teased.

Ryan was pouting, and he knew it. He was acting like a spoiled brat, and he knew it.

"Sorry, but I have told you, Ryan, that it does not matter. We are going to be together, no matter what. I wasn't looking for a relationship, to be honest. I thought I would get through college, fucking the pretty boys and having meaningless blow jobs in corners; but, finding you, well, it sort of shocked the fuck out of me" Blake added, and Ryan smiled at his lovers confession.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I wasn't looking for it, either; but, bam! life and love slaps you on the ass" Ryan added.

"So, I can see that Lance didn't come back, last night" Blake added, and Ryan looked over at the sort of made bed; well, made for Lance, anyway.

"She must be good, if you know what I mean" Ryan added, and cuddled back into Blake, the argument over the pledges now put on hold, for now. Ryan was in the mood for round two.

An hour later, both guys totally spent, no energy left between them. "I need food, I need refuelling" Blake said, crawling out of bed and trying to make it to water. He was on his ass; his lover had drained him of all reserves, and demanded more.

"I need food" he repeated.

"Eat my ass" Ryan mocked back.

"Call pizza, number is on the fridge" Ryan added, after he admitted that his lover's semen was not enough to sustain him.

"Check the drawer. I need cheesecake, as well, so order from the one that does cheesecake" Ryan added, now needing something sweet.

"You going to eat it off of me?" he asked.

"Off that dick of yours, yeah" Ryan smirked.

"Shit no, my dick needs a holiday" Blake shot back.

"What can I say, Blake, you bring the horn dog out in me" He adds.

Sitting naked on the futon, eating the remains of the pizza, the guys snuggled, comfortable in their own skin.

The guys quickly covered themselves when they heard a key in the door, and Lance walked in, his eye almost closed; he had been hit.

"Shit, Lance, what the fuck?" Ryan stood, showing all that God gave him.

"Fuck, Ryan, punch my other eye so I'm not scarred for life" he mocked.

"Lance?" Ryan asked, again, pulling the blanket over himself.

"She packs one hell of a fucking punch, that girl" he replied.

"Fog, sorry, Lucy did that?" Ryan asked. He nodded back.

"Why? Hang on, what did you do?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing... much" Lance replied. Ryan looked, shaking his head.

"Okay, what is the 'not much'?" Ryan asked.

"Okay, but hear me out, okay? I was fucking her on her bed. She was screaming for me to fuck her hard, music to my ears; but her room mate decided that she wanted some. Lucy couldn't see her since I was licking her pussy; but her room mate, fuck if I know what her name is, she was sucking my dick. I was moaning, who wouldn't. I had pussy on my tongue and lips on my dick; but, when I asked her to lick my balls, Lucy looked up and saw her room mate, and saw red.

She slapped her room mate and punched me for letting her. I sort of think that this is over for Lucy and me" he finished. Ryan looked at Blake and then, each at Lance.

"You think, dumb ass?" Ryan replied.

"You'd have done the same thing, probably already have" replied Lance, and Ryan didn't come back at that one, as he indeed had done just that. But right now, he only had eyes, and an erection, for one person.

"Look, let's get some ice on that eye" Ryan said, as he pulled on some boxers. Blake couldn't help but admire his lovers ass.

"Blake, fuck sake, man, haven't you hit that enough, for now?" bemoaned Lance, as he caught him ogling Ryan's ass.

"Not even close" Ryan replied for his lover, as he went to the fridge and popped a tray of ice into a sandwich bag, and tied it closed.

"Here, we don't have any steak, so ice will have to do" Ryan said, handing his room mate the bag of ice, and Lance held it over his rather angry looking eye.

"Think she's had lessons?" Lance bemoaned as he took his seat.

"What?" Lance asked, as the guys were staring.

"Bud, you had it coming. You were fucking someone who obviously had some feelings for you, and she catches you getting head from her room mate. First, the pledge masters younger brother, and now, a girl you just started seeing" Ryan scorned as he looked at his room mate, who was feeling a little sorry for himself.

"I know, but it sure beats jacking off" he replied.

"Yeah, as I said...dumb ass" replied Ryan. Blake had begun to rub his ass under the covers, and Ryan was firming up, somewhat.

"Seriously guys, here? Now?" Lance said, looking at Ryan and Blake.

"What?" smirked Blake.

"Blake, I can tell by the look on my boys face that you are doing something, and please, don't tell me" replied Lance.

Ryan leaned up and whispered into Blake's ear. He whispered for a few minutes, and then Blake just looked over at Lance.

"Now what?" Lance asked.

"No jerking off, no self-jerking off, Frat rules. So, you got help?" Blake said looking at Lance. He wasn't sure, but he thought Lance might be blushing.

"Well, yeah, you two had not even met, and he helped me out, some" replied Lance.

"He said you stretched his mouth. Hung, are we?" Blake asked, making Lance squirm a little.

"I don't hide in the shower, let's put it that way" he replied.

"Show him?" asked Ryan.

"No way" Lance replied.

"Oh, are we a little shy?" responded Blake.

"Come on, show us your dick" added Blake.

Lance stood up in front of his room mate and his boyfriend, and couldn't help but be turned on. He rubbed his crotch, and Blake's eyes were transfixed.

"Drop them" Ryan instructed.

Lance undid his belt and pulled down the zipper, allowing his jeans to drop. He stepped out of them and stood there, his cock growing by the second. Blake leaned over and cupped his balls. Ryan moved in and groped his now increasing length, and Lance moaned at the actions of the two guys before him.

"You two going to blow me?" he asked. Ryan stuck his fingers in the hem of the shorts and pulled them down. Lance's 10 inch weapon was at full strength.

"Fucking hell, her room mate sucked that?" laughed Blake.

Blake leaned in and started to lick the crown of Lance's cock. While he was doing that,Ryan was paying him some lip service. While he was sucking on Blake's cock, Blake worked Lance's.

"Oh my God, I have never had anything this big in my mouth" added Blake, as Ryan continued to take Blake into his throat. He loved having this control over his lover, and a little titillation with Lance, or any other willing frat brother, if they get in, would not be unwelcome.

"Can I fuck you, Ryan?" Lance asked, and, as one, both guys replied, "NO!!!!!"

"Sorry Lance, blow jobs are fine, if we are both here; but only Blake gets to fuck me, okay?" replied Ryan.

"Worth asking" Lance responded.

Blake looked at Ryan and Ryan looked at Lance.

"Fuck his mouth, Lance, he can take it" Ryan insisted. Lance looked down at Blake, with his mouth wrapped around his huge black member, and slowly began to fuck Blake's willing mouth, deeper. He picked up the pace, and Ryan followed suit on Blake's cock. He drove Blake down his throat and Blake tried to take more of Lance into his mouth. He would never take him down his throat without causing serious damage; but his mouth, lips and tongue did the job.

"Shit Lance, if Lucy does not come back for this, she's the stupidest bitch on campus" Blake said, as he took Lance back into his mouth, savoring the taste.

"Less talky, more sucky" he replied.

Ryan was not listening, as he was in love with what he was doing. The taste and texture of Blake was just blowing his mind.

Blake tried, with everything he had, to try and accommodate more of Lance's massive tool, but could only take about half, and that was with some difficulty.

Lance decided to take control of the strokes, and began to fuck Blake's mouth; and the moan from Blake said he was doing everything that Blake could handle. Blake's tongue lapped at his crown and the slit; no pre-cum was being wasted.

Ryan looked up at Blake's very stretched mouth. Lance was now beginning to thrust a little faster; he was a master of his craft.

Blake pulled off, to get his breath back.

"Peter and Peter would love a go at this fucker" Blake said, taking Lance back into his mouth, and Lance smirked a little.

"What?" Blake inquired?

"Umm, they did" Lance replied.

"Horn dog" Blake replied.

"Yeah, I fucked Peter, the blond one; he begged to be pounded" Lance replied.

"His boyfriend fucked his mouth, while I pounded his ass" he added.

"Is there anything you won't fuck?" Ryan asked

"Probably, but I haven't found it, yet" he said, and they all snickered.

"Fuck, I'm going to pop" Lance said, as Blake took him as deep as he could. Ryan sat next to him, both guys lapping at Lance's impressive cock, as he began to blast cum over both of their smiling faces. They continued to lick, as more shot from his crown. They licked his cock completely clean. Ryan then started to lick Lance's cum from Blake's face, and Blake cleaned Ryan's.

When they stopped, they had not noticed that Lance was now in the shower. they smiled at what they had just done.

"You could have let him fuck you, I mean, if you wanted" Blake said, kissing Ryan, softly.

"No, never. Yeah, before you, I had fantasies about being fucked by him; I mean, who wouldn't. You've seen the size of him, but now... no, you are enough for me" Ryan replied.

"That's good to know" Blake replied.

The following day, it being Friday, Lance and Ryan had classes. They had been told that if they had been accepted, they would have an envelope, with the frat seal, pushed under their dorm door at around 2pm. Pt was now 1:48pm, they were both still in class.

Blake had kept his distance all morning. The final vote took place at 10am, and the successful candidates agreed upon.

Ryan and Lance had talked at breakfast, and did not even bring up the events of the previous night; the only thing on their minds was the frat .

"With the legacy pledges, there are only really 3 spots open" Lance said, swallowing the last bite of toast.

"Yeah, true... but look, I still meant what I said; if you do not get in, I will turn down my spot. Look, I have very strong feelings for Blake, and we will work something out" Ryan said.

"Strong feelings... No!! I'd never have guessed" Lance mocked, a little.

"I mean it, Lance" he added.

"Yeah, I know... we are cool, bro... and yeah, the same goes for me, okay?" he replied.


The guys finished up their last class of the week and met up in the quad.

"My heart is trying to escape" Lance said, as they walked a little faster.

"Shit, I can't walk any faster, my legs are starting to seize" Ryan replied, as they entered their dorm building. They climbed the steps and got to their door.

Lance pushed the key in and opened the door.

"Nothing! Ryan, there is nothing here" he replied, and they walked in and just dropped down on the futon.

"Fuck, I thought at least one of us would have gotten in" Ryan replied.

Lance stood up walked to the fridge and pulled out two cold beers.

"Hey, we don't need them" he almost completed, when two envelopes were slid under the door and he just stopped talking. He looked at Ryan and Ryan looked at him.

They both dived for the envelopes.

The final chapter of part one of this story is next.

To be continued

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