Castle Roland

To Serve My Country

by David Spowart


Chapter 5

Published: 8 Apr 14

I tried in vain to pull away from Danny Logan's embrace. I tried to resist the urge to throw him down and fuck his brains out, and for him to return the attention. My tongue was dueling with his. Feeling his hand running up and down my back had me at the point of absolute no return.

"We cannot do this Danny" I said, as I eventually removed myself from his arms. "Why not, you like me, don't you?" he asked, already knowing the answer to his loaded question. "Danny, you said it, yourself. The committee knows there is something about me; and they know it will impact my run for the White House. I intend telling them; but after the announcement of my candidacy" I said, as I stuffed my shirt back into my trousers. My hard on, however, will take some time to recede.

"Bryce, my senate seat is up for grabs this term. I am not running for re-election" Danny informed me. "Danny, don't do that on my behalf" I said. "Ego Much?" he replied, sounding like a teenager; but one with the body of a Greek god.

"Bryce, I have had offers; private sector. Fewer hours and substantial financial rewards" he added. "You sure that is what you want?" I asked. "No, I want to be able to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue with someone I could fall for, holding his hand; but I cannot do that, can I?" he replied.

"Danny, it is not that easy, you know that" I replied, seeing some semblance of hurt there. "Yeah, I know; but Bryce, do not shut me out. I know you feel something for me, too" he replied. "I won't deny that. I have thought of nothing else. Falling for you...yeah, I can see that" I replied. A smile spread across his face.

"Okay, put me on your campaign staff; then we can be close without suspicion being raised. I mean, you want me don't you? I want you, Bryce. My cards are laid out for you to see" he said, looking at me with want in his eyes. He was right. I needed him, desired him; and, yeah, I knew I was falling for him. However, could I handle the distraction; and he would be a distraction.

"Danny, any other time, I would jump at the chance; but I have to do what is right for the party, and for the country" I replied. "What about you, Bryce? What is right for you?" he said, before standing up and walking out of the door.

I stayed seated, thinking of what Danny just said. I had come out to my parents; even though my mother already knew. Private detectives and lawyers had seen to that. I knew when those photos came out, and when, not if. When those pictures turn up, the mainstream press will seek out Luke. We parted on good terms; he got what he needed, as did I. The press can be bastards and make a sordid affair of the story; despite the fact we were both single, consenting adults.

"Danny, Danny, Danny" I said to myself. I wanted him, but I had a duty to serve this country. It is my calling and I will fight to the bitter end to make it my job to defend it.

The following day I had the meeting with the leaders of the Republican Party; what the campaign strategy would be, who the keynote speakers would be at the convention, ideas of running mates, etc. They would have their ideas, as I would have mine.

I walked into the conference room and the Chairman was sitting with four other senators; senior members of the party. I myself was classed as new blood.

"Good Morning Senator Noda, you look well" Chairman Lance Bellingham III, spoke, as I took my seat. "Thank you, Chairman, as do you" I replied to the seventy eight year old veteran.

"You know Senators Mathews, Crane, and Little" he said, introducing me to people I had already been acquainted. "Yes Sir. Bob, Stan, Peter, you all look well". Pleasantries concluded, we got down to business.

"Bryce, it has been brought to our attention that a storm is brewing about your candidacy" he stated. "Like what, may I ask?" I replied, my stomach now doing somersaults. "That's just it, we don't know. A source has stated that the press and the Democrats have some dirt on you" he went on.

"In what context?" I asked, my stomach not getting any better. "We are trying to source that information as we speak; but the press are playing their cards pretty close to their chests. As for the Democrats, they will keep any information, any damning information, for the campaign" the Chairman replied.

"So, a heads up would be good. Anything that can help?" he asked. "Sir, I have no problems. I have never been in trouble. I am a model citizen. I have served in uniform and in civilian office. I have a blemish free record, and I stand by it" I concluded, sounding insulted that my character was being questioned.

"Okay, Okay. Sorry if I offended you, Bryce, but we have to cover all bases here" the chairmen replied.

'Panic over' I thought to myself, 'for now, at least.' I added to my thoughts.

"Okay, Bryce, you have the full support of the party; you name it, you will have it. Have you had any thoughts of a running mate yet?" he asked. "I have a few ideas; but I want to meet with them first" I replied. "Okay, but do you mind if I throw a couple of names at you?" he asked. "Fire away" I responded.

"Congressman Mark Lord" he started. "He is a popular young man, popular with the youth vote" he replied. For me, no; too young. That could backfire on us. "Jake Underwood, from Kansas" he added. "I know him. His views on certain topics could hurt us" I replied. "Like what, exactly?" he asked. "He wants `Don't ask, don't tell' reinstated. I do not agree with that stance" I replied, and eyebrows were raised. He finished with, "Danny Logan?"

"Have you spoken to Senator Logan on this issue?" I asked. "No. Not yet. I wanted to put the idea past you first." "Chairman, I have spoken to Senator Logan about this issue; he is not interested. In fact, he is standing down as a Senator. He has had offers in the private sector" I concluded.

"Oh, I see. He has yet to inform me of that decision" he replied.

"I have the final decision on whom my running mate will be, correct?" I asked.

"Yes, Bryce, we just hope you will take some guidance, when needed, in making your decision" Chairman Bellingham replied. "As always, sir; as always" I replied.

"Now, campaign staff?" he started.

"I have my staff; and, yes, I will need more help with this one. I am considering asking Danny Logan to help with this. He already indicated he was willing to serve as an adviser; and I would be grateful if you sanctioned this" I said, trying not to sound like Oliver Twist, begging for more.

"He will work on the campaign; but not to serve as Vice President?" he asked. "I offered him the place on the ticket, and he declined, gracefully" I informed them. Questions came and went from all sides; but the chairman signed off on Danny being an adviser on my campaign.

"Well Senator, good luck, and I will see you next week at the convention; and if we get wind of what the press has, we will let you know" the chairman informed me, before I left the conference room and headed down to my car, again flanked by secret service agents.

I sat in my car driven by the agent. I flipped open my cell and dialed.

"Hello. Danny Logan" he said

"Morning Senator, I am on my cell" I said, before he spoke; as we all know sometimes taps are on phones, so we need to be careful of what we say.

"Morning Senator Bryce" he replied, picking up on my tone. "Danny, about the job offer of adviser to the campaign; I have spoken to the senior members and they think it's a great idea. So, if your offer still stands, can we meet and discuss your role?" I said, looking out the window as we were driving down Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Senator, that would be an honour. Can we meet sometime today? There are some things I would like to take writing" he said, after a pause. My mind started racing.

"Sure, say, 2pm, my hotel. We can take down some particulars there, undisturbed" I replied, teasing, just as candidly as he had.

"Okay Senator, 2pm it is. Clear your schedule. We will be busy discussing positions, and areas we can penetrate" he added, again teasing, with candor.

"Okay Danny, 2pm" and I hung up, my cock now pressing painfully against my trousers.

I arrived at the hotel at 1pm. I am heading back to my home later on in the day; but for meetings and such, the hotel was needed. Besides, it was more appropriate.

I concluded administrative business with Sara. She knew she would be leading my campaign, and that pleased her. I gave her free reign to hire and fire staff, as was required. I did inform her that Danny would be my adviser, and would be running ideas; but this was a team effort. She thought I was side swiping her. "Two heads are better than one, you know that" I said to her. "He might see things that you do not, and vice versa" I added. In the end, she agreed, and left to head off to our new, soon to be campaign headquarters.


Knock! Knock!

"Come in"

"Senator, Senator Logan to see you" the agent informed me. "Mike, it is Mike isn't it?" I asked. "Yes Sir" he replied. "Mike, Senator Logan is on my campaign staff; so just let him through in future, okay?" I said. "Yes Sir" and Danny walked in. "Thanks, Mike; please see that we are not interrupted" I said, as the agent walked out and closed the door.

I stood up and walked into Danny's arms. I looked into his eyes, drowning myself in those blue green windows. "I missed you. When you walked out yesterday, I felt actual pain" I said to him, kissing him, taking his tongue into mine.

"Bryce, there is something you should know" he started, and I hoped it was not yet another bombshell. "What? Please, no more bad news" I replied. "Depends" he retorted. "Depends on what, exactly?" I asked, looking somewhat puzzled. "Depends on how you take the news that I love you" he replied.

"You love me?" I asked.

"I cannot choose who I fall for" he added.

"Danny, are you sure?" I asked. "As sure as I can be. I need to be with you. I need to be in your life. I chose to drop out of the race for my senate seat, because I would be away from you too long; and I cannot handle that. Bryce, I love you" he repeated. This news did not, as I thought it would, panic me.

"Complications, Complications" I replied. "Sorry, I won't bother you again. I didn't mean to complicate your life, Bryce" he said, and stood up to walk out.

"Where are you going?" I asked. "Out of your life, and the complication" he said, as he reached for the door handle.

"I love you, too, Danny" I said softly staring in his direction and he stopped. He didn't turn around. "What?" he asked softly. "I said, I love you, Senator Danny Logan. Now, come here" I said, and he turned around, a tear trickled down his cheek.

I laid my lips on his, and knew he belonged with me. Complications? Yeah, but I will face them. We will face them together.

"This is going to be one complicated campaign; but with you by my side, I don't care what people throw at me. I am a fighter, and I will take each blow as it comes my way" I said, while kissing his lips with soft, deliberate kisses.

"Bryce, make love to me. Make love to me now. I need to feel you in me" he said, licking at my ear. "I thought you wanted to fuck me?" I asked. "I do, but I will wait for the right time" he replied.

"Oh, and when will that be? I have wants and desires, too, you know" I replied, looking into his puppy dog expression.

"When you are President. There is a certain kink about fucking the most powerful man in the free world bent over the executive desk in the Oval office." he said, with a sneer on his face.

To be continued...

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