Castle Roland

To Serve My Country

by David Spowart


Chapter 6

Published: 8 Apr 14

The night I spent with Danny Logan blew me away. I was more confident in the knowledge that I was, indeed, in love with him. I knew this story would surface soon enough, though. The Convention was in a couple of days; and I would come clean then.

I had given several press interviews within the past few days. Nobody hinted of my secret. I was aware that the story was bubbling just under the surface. Were they just holding back until I am confirmed as the Republican candidate; or have my opponents asked them to hold back just a bit longer.

I was due to appear on the Today program tomorrow morning, and I would honour that commitment. The interview is to be done this afternoon, to be aired tomorrow. All questions have been pre-approved by my staff, so nothing will come as a surprise.

The interview went as planned; sticking to the issues with no deviation. The non-story was now beginning to worry me. I had arranged to speak to my supporters at my office on the morning of the convention. These guys had worked with me during my senate campaign and my recent presidential nomination for my party.

That day came quicker than expected, and I was a little worried. I had long conversations with Danny Morse and Sara Jilks the night before; and they were great, and non-judgmental in any way.

"So, why now?" asked Dan, as Sara looked on. "It's going to come out soon enough. I am still running Dan; and I am determined that the issues take center stage, not my sexual orientation" I added. "It's going to be tough, Bryce, you know that, right?" added Sara.

"Trust me Sara, I know all too well" I added, and gave a faint smile in return. "I intend to inform the convention tomorrow of the fact that I am gay. I have no doubt the story will be leaked soon, anyway" I added. "I believe the Democrats know this about me by now, anyway; so if I come out during the convention, they cannot use it against me" I concluded.

Knock! Knock!

"Senator, Senator Logan is here to see you" the agent said, looking at me.

"Sara, Dan, thank you for your time. Can you give me a few minutes with the Senator, please?" I asked. They stood and left my office, saying hello to my lover as they left.

The door shut and I walked over to him, placing my hand behind his neck.

"Hey you, tough day?" he asked.

"You could say that. I just told Sara and Dan" I replied, and pulled him into a kiss.

"I needed that" I said softly, my forehead on his.

"Danny, am I doing the right thing? I mean, I love the Republican Party; but will I hurt the thing I love?" I said, my forehead still pressed against his.

"Bryce, don't go second guessing yourself" he replied. "You will make an amazing leader of this country. Okay, yeah, I would have, also" he said with a smirk. "What did Sara and Dan have to say?" he asked.

"Not much; Dan was shocked, but Sara, not so much" I replied

"Woman's intuition?" he responded.

"Perhaps" was my only response.

"So, what brings you here, by the way?" I eventually said, pulling myself away. "I am your adviser, am I not?" he smirked, "and I told the chairmen my intention to stand down" he added. "I thought we agreed you would think some more on that issue" I said, looking at this god of a man.

"I did. If I stay and fight for my seat, I would be away from Washington more than I find acceptable" he started. "And to be as close to you as I can, without fucking up your campaign, is important to me" he concluded.

"Yeah, I can see that. But, since I am out to my senior staff; they are smart Danny, they will put two and two together and come up with four, sooner or later" I replied.

"Let's hope for later" he smiled that boner inducing smile of his, his teeth brilliant white, his lips warm and welcoming. "Can you come over to my home tonight?" I asked. "Strategy meeting I take it?" he inquired. "Well yeah, there are some positions we should take" I smirked this time. "Horn dog" he smiled back at me.

"Now, is that anyway to speak to the future commander in chief?" I added, pulling him into a kiss before he left to see some friends on the hill.

I arrived home around 8pm and Danny was parked in my driveway. I walked up to the side of his car and knocked on his window.

"License and registration, please, sir" I said, joking.

"Oh my, officer, I seem to have misplaced them. Perhaps you should take down my particulars" he sexily replied. "Oh, don't worry sir, I fully intend on taking something down" I laughed back.

A little later, after we had had our meal; we sat in my living room, or my den, as I refer to it. "You thinking about tomorrow?" he asked. "Surprised nobody from the head office has called" I said, with some hint of concern. "What, nobody? But the convention starts tomorrow. I have been over to the center; the place has your face plastered all over it" Danny replied. I knew this, as Sara had inspected the arena.

"What time do you arrive?" he asked. "About three" I responded. "I need to make my speech before they announce" I added.

"Before?" he asked

"Yeah, I want to give them an out. I will speak to the senior members before I make my speech" I added.

"But, what's changed? You said you were going to force their hand; embarrass them into letting you run" Danny said, his attitude changing somewhat. "Danny, I don't want the party to be seen as a joke. We need to keep the house; and I could wreck that opportunity" I replied, over-thinking things maybe.

"Bryce,can you see yourself as President?" he asked. I just stared at him, not responding at first. "Well?" he asked again.

"I would be the best man for the job. I don't mean to sound condescending; but the Democrats are putting up a former Minister, who, with his views, would set this country back 50 years" I replied. "Well, stick to the plan. See the chairmen tomorrow morning and inform him of what you have decided. Besides, if I found out the shit about you; I am damn sure they already know, anyway" Danny said softly, with no harshness in his words.

"Yeah, I think the powers that be already know" I said, agreeing with him.

"So, you gonna fuck me, or what?" asked Danny, changing the conversation in his inimitable horndog way.

"You bet that sweet ass of yours" I replied.

I reached out my hand and took Danny's. I led him to my bedroom. We stood just inside the doorway, where I slowly undressed him. I kissed his lips softly at first. Then, I attacked them with so much passion. I slid my hand down the back of his jeans and cupped his perfect ass. I squeezed a little harder and he moaned as I kissed him.

"You are so damned hot, Senator" I moaned into his mouth. "Fuck me" he moaned back. "Plan to" I responded. I lifted off his shirt. I licked his nipples, which again elicited an excited moan. "Oh fuck, you have me so turned on I can't stand it" he moaned, panting hard.

"Bryce, make love to me" he demanded.

"I'm gonna eat your ass first" I informed him

He climbed onto my bed and lay flat on his stomach. His ass is hard as iron; the muscles of his back are hard and ripped. The muscles down his legs are full and prominent. I leaned over and lifted his torso and made him pose in an all fours stance.

"Your ass is mine, sir!!" I informed him of my intended move.

"Eat me, Senator" he pleaded.

I leaned in and flicked my tongue over his eager hole. He moaned as my tongue slid over his love hole; well, my future fuck hole, demanding some attention. The sex with Luke was amazing; but Danny makes me wanna please him more than myself.

My tongue was now working overtime, probing and prodding, making inroads; as he was indeed opening up for me. His moans were more frantic, he was enjoying the treatment as much as I was, administering it.

I worked his hole for a good twenty minutes; he was breathing fast. His speech was almost incoherent.

"Danny, suck me" I demanded. "Come on, lube my dick up" I added. He flipped over, and in one gulp, he swallowed my cock to the hilt. "Yeah, suck that fucker" I said, in an eager and desperate way. I helped out as I slowly fucked his face. The lust in his eyes told me he was mine for the taking. I knew, at some point, he would fuck me. But, his wish is to take me in the oval office. I now planned on granting him his wish. I was not going to step aside.

"Lay down for me" I told him, and he lay flat on his back. A thin sheen of sweat covered both our bodies. I lifted his left leg and pushed it up to his chest. I placed my engorged cock at his hole and pushed slowly in.

"Ohh yeah, that's the way" he moaned out, my eyes never leaving his. "You like that, huh?" I asked. "Yeah, babe, I do" I replied, as I slowly withdrew, then, slowly, again bottomed out.

I rammed home faster and faster with each stroke. He was biting a pillow sham to stifle his desire to scream out; his lust and passion were overwhelming him. He was panting like a cheap whore on Hollywood Boulevard.

"Ohh, Bryce, I'm gonna blow" he screamed into the sham. "Cum for me; come on, let it rip" I yelled, as he and I came in unison. The orgasm was amazing. It took almost ten minutes to come down from it. We were stuck together, our bodies welded together in sweat and Semen.

"You were amazing" I said, still lying on top of his body, still breathing hard. "You were the one doing the work" he replied.

We lay there for about an hour. No talking, no sleeping, just lying in each others company; both being exactly where we want to be.

I then heard my cell phone ringing and fumbled to try and find it. It had, at some point, slid under my bed. I reached under as the cell stopped ringing. I did not recognize the number, so I just left it. If it was important, they would call back.

"Double glazing salesman?" Danny joked.

"If urgent they will call back" I replied, lying back next to Danny. He snuggling into my chest. My cell rang again.

I answered this time.

"Hello, Bryce Noda" I started.

"Good Evening, Bryce" Tony Forbes, the chairmen of the party, replied.

"Good Evening to you, too, Tony. I hope you are well" I replied

"Yes, Senator, I am well; but things could be better" he replied.

"Oh, sorry to hear that, sir" was my response, waiting for the news I knew was coming.

"Can you attend a meeting at 8 in the morning Bryce? We need to talk" he asked. But, he was actually informing me that there would be a meeting and it wasn't really a request.

"I have a very busy schedule, Tony. Can't we talk now?" I asked, already knowing his response, but played dumb anyway.

"This is for the good of the Party, Bryce. You need to be there" he informed me. "Can I ask what the topic of the meeting will be?" I inquired, still playing dumb.

"Senator, I have a feeling you already know the topic" he informed me.

"Okay Mr Chairmen, I will see you in the morning; and, sir, this better not be an ambush" I insisted. "No, Senator, just me and Michael Longo" he replied. At least I would have a say in what gets said at this meeting. I have a lot of respect for Michael Longo; and he has been a good servant to this country. Besides, I believe it was he who nominated me to run in the first place.

The following morning, after I washed the sex off of me and shaved; I headed into the capital. I entered the offices of the Republican Party and headed to the top floor. I was welcomed by the receptionist and was instructed to go in.

I knew the next thirty to sixty minutes would define my life; and I would not go down without a fight. My parents did not raise a quitter.

Knock! Knock!

"Come In" I heard someone shout.

"Here goes" I said to myself as I opened the door.

To be Continued...

Hope you still like my little take on the political view point of American presidential elections.

Remember though this is fiction so perhaps not always correct just enjoy it...


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