Castle Roland

To Serve My Country

by David Spowart


Chapter 10

Published: 8 Apr 14

"Are you sure you are okay, sir!?" Bob asks, as I enter my drawing room. "Yes, Bob, I'm fine; I'm going to make some calls and check my mail. It has come back, right?" I ask, as now my mail is being scanned before I get to open it, chemicals, letter bombs, other fun things.

"Yes sir, on your desk" he replies.

I made a couple of necessary calls to some supporters and contributors to my campaign; I checked my mail and one from a private sender. I opened it and began to read:

Dear Bryce,

Sorry to be in contact with you now, of all times. I have been informed of a photograph of the two of us has been discovered. Bryce, you have my word, this did not come from me; and just so you know, someone from the Branigan campaign contacted my office and requested an interview. I refused. That was a private night, between two consenting adults; I just hope they do not try and make it out to be something it wasn't.

If you wish to discuss options, I am willing to do what I can. We did part as friends, and I do hope that is still the case. I would like you to meet Elliot, my husband. He is a lot like you, except no commitment issues.

Your Friend, Lucas Heart CEO Heart and Davenport Holdings, Inc.

"Shit" I said to myself.

I rang my office, trying to catch one of the interns working.

"Hello! Vote for Noda Longo" the person replied.

"Brian?" I asked.

"Yes Sir, still working" Brian replied.

"Brian, you once told me you were a whiz with computers" I started.

"Yes Sir" he replied.

"Can you trace a telephone number for me, please? It is for Lucas Heart, he is CEO of Heart and Davenport Holdings, in Brentwood" I stated.

"Yes sir, just give me five" he replied and hung up.

A few minutes passed, and he called back with Luke's personal number. I called, and it rang and rang.

"Hello, Elliot speaking" a voice responded.

"Erm hello, can I speak to Luke, please?" I asked.

"May I ask who is calling?" he asked politely.

"Yes, tell him it's Bryce" I reply.

"Oh, he wrote you, didn't he?" he asked.

"Yes, Mr..." I waited for him to answer.

"Oh, sorry, Elliot Heart" he replied.

"Oh, you took his name" I replied.

"Sir, my name has memories attached to it I would rather not go into; so, losing it didn't matter to me, and besides, why wouldn't I take the name of the man I love?" he said, matter of fact.

"Well said, Sir" I replied.

"Just hang on, I will go get him" he said, sounding just a little effeminate, but not overly so.

"Erm hi, Bryce, didn't think you would call" Luke said, as he picked up the phone.

"Good to hear your voice, Luke; and, yeah, I thought I'd better, since you warned me the vultures are circling" I replied.

"So, Branigan's lot, what did they ask?" I added.

"You haven't changed, straight to the point" he replied

"Luke" I responded exasperated.

"Some woman on his staff inquired as to the true nature of our relationship; and what I was doing now, and, this is the good part Bryce. She asked if I had used recreational drugs, or sold myself for money. The bitch wanted to know if I was a fucking hooker. She was a bit pissed when I told her I owned a fortune 500 company" he snickered, then laughed out loud, derisively.

"And Bryce, that photo, it didn't come from me" he added.

"Yeah, I know. Believe it or not, it came from someone my mother hired" I said, and he again busted a gut laughing, "Not funny, Luke" I groused.

"Look, Bryce, for the brief time I knew you, you were always straight with me, pardon the pun; and I would vote for you".

A couple seconds of silence passed.

"So, Elliot" I ask.

"Yeah, we met a couple of years ago, and I fell for him. It took some hard work to get him to go out with me. He had been hurt by his own family, and had some issues; but we worked them out and we are happy, very happy" he replied, and I could tell by his voice, he was happy.

"Okay, Luke, thanks for the heads up, and stay in touch, okay?" I said, and he agreed.

A few more minutes passed, and I began to wonder what Branigan's game was. I mean, Senator James Brent was a shoe in for the Democrat nomination; well, until some revelations were leaked to the press. Was that Branigan's doing?

I think I need to be ready for anything, where Mr Branigan is concerned.

Back at his Washington Campaign headquarters...

"Sarah, I need to hire a good investigator, a bit on the quiet side!" I say, at the end of our morning meeting. "Problem?" she asked. I had, at this point, decided to be open about past relationships, so that no surprises along the way came back to bite me.

"Well, yeah, sort of" I said, standing up and closing the door. "I received a letter from an old friend, and when I say friend" I start, and she nods. "Is he blackmailing you?" she asks. "No, on the contrary, he's warned me about the opposition's tactics" I replied.

"It seems someone on Branigan's team asked him if he ever charged for sex or used recreational drugs. He's muck raking, looking for something sordid about past relationships. Sarah, I have had sex with only four men in my life, all consensual, and no scandals" I reply, a little embarrassed.

"Bryce, you do not need to explain yourself to anyone; especially the likes of Senator Branigan" she replies, with a reassuring smile.

"Okay, so I take it you want someone to have a little look at his past?" she asks.

"Well, it's a two way street. If we find anything, we will hold onto it, in case he tries to sully my campaign" I say to her.

"Okay, I will ask my friend at the Bureau; she might know a guy" she replies.

"And I take it you are still sticking with the paintball thing, student prank" she says, walking toward the door. "Yeah, until we hear different" I respond.

I check my e-mails and I notice one from Danny Logan; from his office, no less.

Dear Senator Noda.

I hope this note finds you in high spirits. I'm just checking to see if your strategy meeting, scheduled for tonight, is still going ahead. Recent revelations regarding your orientation not withstanding, I have no comment on this issue, and still wish to help in your upcoming campaign. Please reply and confirm or deny.

Senator D Logan

"Wow, way to cover your ass, Danny" I say to myself, smiling, as I realized my e-mails could be monitored, just like my phone calls.

From Senator Bryce Noda.

Dear Senator Logan,

Thank you for your on-going support of my campaign; and, yes, the strategy get together is still planned for tonight.

Regards Bryce Noda

"Okay, secret service, make something of that, if you can" I smirk to myself. I just wish Danny would stop teasing me, and fuck me. During times of stress, that is a great relief for me; but his words on the subject still rush through my head. "Over the executive desk, not a minute sooner" he said to me the last time we made love.

"When has a man ever had to get a job as the most powerful man on the planet to get laid!!!" I say to myself, desperate for a good pounding, and my ass twitches at the thought.

I work throughout the day. I have several conversations with Mike Longo. I am positive he is getting younger every day he works on the campaign. "A Reason to work, that's the fountain of youth, my boy" he said, as I complemented him on his enthusiastic approaches.

He is an inspiration, and hopefully, I will get to work with him within the government. We have similar ideals and principles.

It was almost 8pm when I arrived home. Tucker was now back on duty, and stationed at my home. Bob was now having his well-earned few days off.

"So, I read the reports. I don't like the idea of anyone getting that close to take a shot, even with paint balls" Tucker said, sitting in front of me.

"Brian is fitting in well" I reply, changing the subject. "So I hear" he replies, not taking his eyes off of the report he was still reading. "Okay, Senator, some changes will be made. You have a large piece of land surrounding your home. I will have a perimeter guard in place tomorrow, and a guard house at the front of your drive" he informed me as a matter of fact. He wasn't asking, he was telling me.

"Tucker" I started, but he interrupted.

"Senator, Bryce, trust me on this. That may have been just a warning shot. Nobody gets close, unless they are supposed to be close" he said, again, as a statement of fact.

"Over cautious, perhaps, but, better to be cautious, than caught napping and have one dead candidate" he added.

Agent Tucker. Come in

Tucker stood up and answered his radio. "Mitchell" he replied.

"Senator Logan is here. He said he is expected" Tucker glared at me, and I nodded.

"Let him through" Tucker announced.

"Tucker, thanks, and yeah, I will go along with whatever" I responded.

"Good. It's better that way" he replied, standing up and heading out of my office.

"Good evening, Senator Logan" he said, as he opened the door and exited, as Danny came in.

"Tough day?" he asked.

"You could say that" I replied, and stood up and walked toward him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, letting them hang there.

"I've missed you" I said, looking into his eyes. "So I can see" he replied, kissing my bottom lip. "I think Branigan is muck digging" I whispered out. "An old friend wrote me" I said, with a half-smile.

"Old friend, huh" he smirked back. "The one in the photo, I'm guessing" he added.

"Yeah, Lucas Heart. He wrote to warn me about some snooping by Branigan's staff" I replied. "You sure he isn't playing you?" he asked.

"Who, Lucas?" I ask, and he slightly nods.

"No, he's married now. I spoke-" he cut me off.

"Bryce, your calls are monitored" Danny stated.

"Yes, I am very well aware of that; and I have said nothing that hasn't been known about me since I came out at the convention. Stop panicking, Danny, I know what I am doing" I say, and pull him into a kiss.

"Sorry, it's just-" I cut him off. "Yeah I know, but Lucas assured me that he would not help the asshole smear me" I added.

"You trust him?" he asked.

"Been given no reason to distrust him" I respond.

I pull him into me, his hands now roaming my body. I could tell by his erection he wanted attention as much as I did. He pushed his hands inside my shirt as I led him to my sofa. He unbuttoned my shirt, pushing it open. He moved in and lightly nibbled at my nipples.

"Ahhh fuckkkkk" I whisper, not wanting Tucker running in to rescue me. "Stop, Fuck!!" I add. He does, and sits up. "Come with me" I insist, and take him to my private bathroom.

We enter and close the door. I undo my trousers and he drops to his knees. He pulls out my cock, now dripping, and desperate for a hot, warm, wet mouth. He does not disappoint. He engulfs my member and I savor the feeling.

"Fuck, that feels good" I say, and he smiles around my cock. "You fucking me would feel better" I hint, and he mumbles around my cock, "Executive desk" sounding like a mouth full of marbles, but, obviously, a mouth full of cock.

"I need it" I insist. He slid his fingers into the crack of my ass and teased me open. He then inserted two fingers and rhythmically finger fucked me, as he worked my dick. His fingers drove me past that all too well-known point of no return. I erupted with such force, it made him splutter as I came in volleys inside his throat and his mouth.

He milked me dry, licking and cleaning me as he went. "Danny, fuck," I moaned. As he stood up, I dropped to my knees, and it didn't take long before I tasted the nectar that was all Danny Logan.

I stood up and we shared a sated kiss. "I could get very used to having you here, Mr. Logan" I say, biting his right earlobe.

"And I could get used to being here...Mr President" he snickers as he nuzzles into my neck. "Oh, I do hope that those words are true; that executive desk will need some repair work when I am done with you, sir" I reply.

To be continued...

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