Castle Roland

To Serve My Country

by David Spowart


Chapter 16

Published: 11 Dec 14

My meeting with my campaign leaders went as smoothly as I could have hoped, I told them to push the trust issue, Branigan has a history of failure I could feel it, now I just had to find it.

I sat at my desk shortly before three, Danny was coming for a strategy meeting with myself and Sarah, minus Sarah.

A knock at the door had my heart pounding, Tucker opened as he informed me Senator Logan was here and to let me know that Sarah was running late.

"Hey," I said when Danny walked in and closed the door behind him; he walked over to my desk I stood smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, his lips were hot, his breathing laboured.

"Hey yourself," he replied as we parted.

"Sarah is running a little late," he added and sat down.

I smiled a salacious smile and just said nothing, I knelt down and he looked at me all confused, I placed my hands on his knee and rubbed my hand along his thigh.

"Bryce… what are you doing?" he asked his eyes full of questions.

"Oh Danny, first I am going to suck your cock, then I am going to pound your ass into my bed… questions?" I responded my face straight as though I was just giving instructions to an intern, not the Monica Lewinski type instructions I may add.

"But Bryce… Sarah," he replied his cock responding to my strokes.

"Oh, she's not coming, you on the other hand will be very very soon," I smirk at the double meaning to my reply.

"Bryce you are killing me," he said and I smiled and bit lightly over the cotton of his black dress trousers.

"Ohh fuck!!!" he remonstrated.

"Stand-up," I instructed, and he complied.

I undid his belt and pulled his shirt from his trousers, I pulled his zipper down very slowly, he was shaking, I liked how he was responding to my actions.

I pulled his trousers down, his white briefs were packed and straining to keep his cock confined, I stroked my tongue over the material and lightly bit the head of his cut cock.

"I crave you Danny," I moaned out.

I tugged his briefs lower allowing his cock to spring free, I doubt that he had ever been harder, I pulled his cock closer to my lips and kissed the head, I licked the steady flow of pre-cum from the tip and he again moaned his hands on my shoulders to steady himself.

"Ohh Fuck, Bryce!!!!" he moaned out quietly, I pulled off of him stood up, he stepped out of his clothing and I lead him to my bedroom, a bit more leeway in the sounds of passion department.

I sat him on the bed and again dropped to my knees and re-took his cock back into my mouth, I worked the length like a seasoned whore, I slicked up my finger and rubbed over my next target and again more moans of pleasure from Danny Logan.

"Turn over," I again instructed and he again complied.

He got on all fours on my bed and I began to lick his hole, he again moaned and started to shake again, I licked and probed with my slicked up finger again, I attacked his hole with vigour and want and most definitely need.

"Bryce...PLEASE," he begged as I again pushed my tongue deep into his ass, I opened and slicked his hole for the onslaught that he had coming and wanted him to enjoy the preparation as well as the animalistic fucking that was most definitely going to happen.

"Bryce please, please stop" he begged but with no conviction or desperation to his words, he was convincing nobody.

"Please, let me...please" he begged again and I relented, he collapsed onto the bed and after he got his breathing under some sort of control, he sat up and was confronted by me, naked and in need.

He sat up and moved to the end of my bed, he looked up at me, his eyes focused on mine, he smiled and closed his eyes and began to swallow my cock.

"Danny, slow down," I insisted and he laughed around my cock, that in itself almost sent me past the point of no return.

He pulled off, my cock more than lubed with saliva and he lay down, he pulled his knees to his chest presenting his hole for me to take, I climbed onto my bed and moved over him, I lowered my mouth to his and kissed him with more passion than I had ever shown anyone,

I positioned my cock and pushed all the way inside that warm wet cocoon, his ass swallowed me in one push, and breath escaped his lungs as I bottomed out inside of him.

"Fuck Bryce!!!" he struggled to say.

"I've needed this," he added as he again attacked my lips with his. "Danny you have no idea," I replied as I began to stroke in and out of him, shallow slow strokes at first then long fast strokes, I manoeuvred him onto his side and fucked hard fast and deep, his moans of pleasure I hoped would not be heard.

"I love you," I said as I picked up the pace of my lovemaking and this is exactly what it was, I was pleasuring my heart as well as his.

"Doesn't count during sex," he groans as I plough long hard and deep into his very soul and his lungs take in more air as I was relentless in my efforts to total sate my lover.

"Usually true, but I do," I insist as I withdraw slowly, agonisingly slowly.

"Yeah, me too," he struggled to say as I pushed the air out of his lungs as I ploughed straight back into his very being, I again went hard fast and deep, his moans becoming more vocal, his sweat now dripping down my body as well as his.

"I'm close," I inform him.

He pulls me down and wraps his legs around me pulling me in tight, I like the fact we no longer use protection, we had test done discreetly and we were both clean, I never wanted to not feel my lover, I didn't want a rubber spoiling what would be mine.

He gripped tight as I exploded into him, he was also coming I could feel it between our bodies, his breathing again laboured and my breath fast as was my heartbeat.

"I so fucking love you," I insisted as I again kissed his lips and wrestled with his tongue as I pressed into him, we soon came down from our orgasmic high and smiled, he laughed a little.

"Now that is what I call a meeting on strategy," he snickered out.

"Come on lets share a shower, I don't think Tucker would believe you if you said it was to warm and you perspired too much," I laughed and grabbed his hand.

We showered very quickly and dressed, and we sat in my hotel office and ordered some coffee, it was delivered and Tucker showed the bus boy inside with our chosen refreshments, Tucker noticed that Danny had forgotten to put his socks on and smiled a little.

Twenty minutes later Sarah arrived and we began the professed meeting on our upcoming strategy.

I however was very distracted, the sex that myself and Danny had enjoyed still played in my head, I was aroused and pleased I was sitting behind my desk and could avoid embarrassment,

"Okay lets attack this tomorrow Sarah, ask Dan to confirm that interview for me please and let's call it a day" I said as I was exhausted, my day began 18 hours earlier and would get worse as the campaign progressed, my little distractions with Danny Logan not withstanding keep me sane.

"Okay Senator," she said and smiled as she left the room, I walked over to Danny and kissed him hard on the lips.

"I wish I could stay, but," he started.

"I know, it will work out Danny… Just," I said and he pressed his forehead to mine and sighed.

"I can't wait to share your bed and not give a shit" he replied

"I know… Look I will see you tomorrow yeah," I said and he nodded squeezed my hand and left me, left me hard and not as frustrated as I would normally been.

"Right… Cold shower," I said to myself and went into my bedroom to change and shower, sleeping with an erection is never a good thing, and beating off is out of my thoughts… for now.

2 days later…

"Senator we will arrive in Arkansas in about thirty minutes," the pilot said as we headed back onto the campaign trail, two very passionate sex sessions with Danny had me rearing and eager to get this show back on the road, the digging into Branigan's background found mixed information, fall guys seemed to be the theme of the day, he covered his tracks very well, I just hoped he left a trail and error of some sort, the next debate is tomorrow and family values had been added to the agenda and I was ready for him.

"So Little Rock, Democrat strong hold," Sarah said and I nodded but replied.

"Yeah but Branigan had businesses here, I am hoping he has a track record, let's see what the locals can remember about the dear old senator," I reply and I had people on the ground digging and hoping something rises to the surface.

My cell rang just after we landed and Dan my press officer the caller sounded agitated

"Dan calm down and repeat what you said," I replied.

"I said you have received another death threat, look the FBI are searching your home and the hotel, Bryce the note contained a photograph, the photo was of you in your bedroom naked and coming out of the bathroom," he said and my heart sank, yes there is a window in my room but shit, if he could take a photo he could easily have taken a shot.

"Look we need to reschedule the rally," he added.

"No… No way… Dan nothing has changed, I was on alert I mean how couldn't I be," I replied now a little pissed off.

"Problem Bryce," Mike Longo asked.

"I'll tell you in a second Mike," I replied and concluded the call with Dan.

"I have another asshole wanting me dead," I said as we climbed into the crown Vic, and closed the door.

"Oh is that all," he smirked and I smiled at his candour.

"He took a photo of me in my birthday suit," I added.

"Oh shit, you mean he," I cut him off.

"Yes Mike I am well aware of what he could have done," I replied.

"You want to cancel," he asked.

"Do I look like I am going to cancel?" I replied and he smiled, the old goat knew me all too well by now.

"Do you think Obama received this sort of backlash, you know being the first black president," I asked Mike, he knew the man well, I only met him briefly.

"My boy, Obama is the strongest willed man I ever had the pleasure of meeting, despite being a democrat," he snickered out and slapped his thigh like an old cowboy; something tells me this is going to be one of his old campaign stories.

"Oh going back when I was a junior senator," he started.

"Yeah thought so," I said to myself.

"There was never a day went past that some crackpot would send hate mail, threaten to kill any politician that didn't share their view of America, I mean shit… Obama was threatened on a daily basis, and My boy, if idiots are threatening you during just the campaign, well they are frightened you might just win this thing," he said and looked pleased as he said it.

"Just don't get killed on my watch, I'm too old to run this place," he added with an old codger smile.

"Mike I plan on living for a while my friend," we both smile as we approach our hotel in Little Rock.

"President Clinton worked in there," Mike pointed at a building across from our hotel.

"Which one, Bill or Hillary?" I asked.

To be continued...

Sorry this took so long to get out, Life gets in the way sometimes for myself and my editor,

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