Castle Roland

To Serve My Country

by David Spowart


Chapter 23

Published: 29 Jan 15

To Serve My Country

by David Spowart
Edited by J Matlock

"I would be honored, Dad, if you would let me use it" I said, sitting in my office, on the phone to my dad. I was asking to use the Noda family Bible at my Inauguration.

"Bryce, it would be our families honor for you to use it. I'll bring it with me tomorrow morning, and your mother is beside herself at her role" he said, sounding proud of me.

"Dad, she just stands there while I recite the oath. She holds the Bible and I place my hand on it to swear my allegiance; she's not running the Washington marathon" I snicker.

"Bryce, it's your mother" he added.

"Yeah, yeah, see you in the morning, Dad." I ended the call.

"I wish it could have been you" I said to Danny, as I hung up the call with my dad.

"So do I; but, it's a little soon, Bryce" Danny replied.

I picked up the third draft of my speech and begin to read it again. Danny was also reading a copy, and his nods of approval tell me my communications director has done a sterling job. "He's good" Danny commented.

"Yeah, Lewis worked with me in New York; he helped me with the nomination, as well" I add.

"Oh, so it's he I have to thank for the Idaho and Colorado speeches?'" he asked.

"Yeah, told you he was good; he certainly can turn a phrase" I add.

"I mean, this part here, part two - three paragraphs in.. 'It is for the present to secure the future, and learn from past mistakes. Those guilty of ignoring past teachings of previous transgressions are doomed to make the same mistakes. We must learn to exist, not in selective ignorance'…. Brilliant" he added, and I had to agree; Lewis is an amazing speech writer.

January 20th,, the day of the Inauguration…

"So, how are you feeling, son?" Dad asked, sitting in my study, sipping a scotch.

"Surprisingly, Dad, I feel remarkably calm" I replied.

"Any problems from Heads of State?" he asked.

"Oh, they need our aid packages more than the President being a 'straight' shooter, Dad" I replied, with a little humor in my answer.

"Bryce, I love you, your mother loves you. You are going to be a beacon of truth for everyone in this world who believe as a lot of radical, so called Christians believe. You know, that you, and those like you, insult God himself" My dad added.

"Dad, thanks, but have you ever known me to back down? I am being Inaugurated today; I will be sworn in as the President of these United States. I have worked my entire adult life to serve this country" I tried to convey how I felt.

"Bryce, I know, but I still worry; I am your father and it is my right" he replied, standing right in front of me.

"There are my boys" my Mother said, walking in as Dad hugged me.

She kissed my cheek and handed me the family Bible; it was old and well used.

"So, where is Danny?" she asked looking around the room as I frown a little

"Keeping a low profile…… his idea" I replied in a solemn tone

"Mom, thanks for doing this. Hopefully, when I win a second term, the country will be ready for me to be sworn in while Danny holds the Bible" I say with hope.

"Bryce, you ready?" I looked up and Danny smiled at me and my heart lifted as did my own goofy smile. I walked over to him, and didn't care that my folks watched as I kissed the man I was in love with.

"Yeah, you going with Agent Codey?" I asked as I let go of him.

"Yes, I'll take my seat before you come out. Cooper has already left the White House, as has his main staff" he added.

"Great! The less I have to do with him today, the better" I reply as I couldn't deal with that bigot today of all days.

"Mom, Dad, you ready?" I ask, and my folks stood and followed me out to the motorcade and my own personal shadow, agent Tucker.

We climbed into the black stretch limo and headed to my biggest moment of my life, to this point.

"Thank you, sir, for arranging for Brian to see you take office" Tucker said, after we pulled away.

"Nonsense, Tuck, he helped on my campaign, and these are my parents, not staff; you can call me Bryce in their presence" I replied.

"Not today, Sir, it will either be Sir, or Mr. President" Tucker replied, and I smiled, as did my parents.

Shortly, we pulled up to the rear of the Capitol building and were ushered inside. The front of the building was awash with humanity. The invited guests had been seated; Heads of State and Royalty, alike. Prince George and Prince William were in attendance, representing the U.K.

"So many people" I say to Sarah, as we looked out from behind a curtain.

"Your public, Mr. President" Margaret Longo replied.

"Mike would have loved all of this" she added.

I kissed her forehead. Her two sons and her daughter were here to witness their mother become Vice President; and my folks, and somewhere out there, Danny, to bear witness to my ascension to the highest office in the land.

"Okay Dad, now I'm a little nervous" I whisper to him, and he smiled a little.

"See sweetheart, he is human" he giggled at my mother.

"Not helping" I reply.

"Darling, you fought in three conflicts. You served in the state legislature, Congress and the Senate; this is a piece of cake, by comparison" she reassured me, or tried to, anyway.

"Mr. President - Elect" The Chief Justice introduced himself. A large man that oozed authority he stretched out his hand and I took it.

"Justice Collins, nice to finally meet you, sir" I said, shaking his hand, and was greeted by a genuine handshake and smile.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes sir, after you" I replied.

We walked out into a very cold morning. At least it had stopped snowing. My father took his seat, as did the rest of my entourage. Margaret Longo stood to my right, my mother held up the Bible and I began to take the oath of office. It was like an out of body experience for me. I was speaking, as was the Justice; but it felt as if I was a spectator at someone else's Inauguration. All too soon, it was over. I gave my speech and it began to snow near the end. I kissed my Mother and Margaret, and that was that.

I was now officially 'Bryce Noda, 49th President of the United States of America' with all the privileges and responsibilities that holds, and I couldn't wait to get started.

I did the obligatory meet and greet. A number of parties were arranged for later, where I would greet my guests more casually; but right now, I wanted to be in my office. Most of my staff began to move in as soon as Cooper's staff moved out; government never stops.

We pulled up to the White House gates and swept straight through. I climbed out and the White House press corps was in full swing.

"Mr. President, how do you feel?"

"Mr. President"

"Mr. President, how does it feel to be the first Gay man to hold the office?"

"Mr. President"

"Claudia, this is where you step in" Sarah said to my new spokesperson, the face of this administration.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I will brief the press in twenty minutes, make your way to the briefing room, President Noda will address the nation in the morning. Today is a full day so please keep your questions at the Whitehouse press office, Thank you" Claudia ended as I entered the west wing.

I left her to speaking to the Press, as I met with my staff. Most I had met, and some we retained from Cooper.

"Mr President, The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, for you" Laura, my secretary, informed me as I walked in. She was Andrew Cooper's secretary, and we had talked, and she agreed to stay and work for me.

"Thank you, Laura" I replied as I walked into the Oval Office. I was in awe; I walked over and sat behind the desk and picked up the phone.

"Mr. Prime Minister, good afternoon" I started.

"Congratulations, Mr. President; I just wished to convey the best wishes of His Majesty's government and that of the United Kingdom" Prime Minister Louther stated.

"Thank you very much. I hope to meet with Prince William and his son, Prince George, later on today" I replied.

"I know his Highness is looking forward to the meeting, Mr. President" he replied.

I spoke to various heads of state for a couple of hours after my inauguration, and had several meetings with various royal houses of Europe. The meeting with the future kings of England would be especially rewarding.

Eventually, late in the afternoon, I had a spare moment to take in all that had happened today. The look on my mother's face when I took the oath of office melted my heart; and I almost cried, like she was trying not to do, but did.

I had not seen Danny since I became President, and wondered why he had not come to the White House.

Soon though, my fears were allayed.

The intercom sounded on my desk…..My Desk..... I liked the sound of that.

"Yes, Laura?" I asked.

"Mr. President, I am sorry to disturb you, but Senator Logan said he had a prior appointment; but I do not have your schedule, yet" she replied, and I choked back a smile.

"Yes Laura, please send him in; and Laura, no interruptions unless a national emergency arises" I replied.

"Erm Yes Sir" she replied, sounding a little confused.

The door opened and the man that has stolen…. no, taken my heart, willingly, walked to me and stopped no more than an inch from me.

"Hey" he said.

"Hey?" I replied.

"Oh, sorry….. Mr. President" he smirked. I leaned in and kissed his magnificent lips as softly as possible. He leaned further into me and we bumped the desk. He kissed a little harder and reached and squeezed my ass.

"Senator, remember where you are" I feigned annoyance.

"Oh, Mr. President, I know exactly where I am" and reached behind me and banged the desk a little, and then a little harder. "Senator?" I asked.

"Oh, remember my promise? I said when you became President, I would fuck you over this desk; and I always keep my promises" he replied, and my nuts gave a twinge at the very idea.

"Oh Mr President, something tells me you would not be the first man to be, well let's just say… had over these timbers" he said and my eyebrow raised a little as to say, come on who else has been fucked over this desk.

"The timbers are from what Bryce" he asked, then it dawned on me.

"HMS Resolute" I replied

"Yes sailors press ganged into service for years, they would have sought solace from any willing man, and back then…. they were a plenty, so no Mr President you would not be the first to be bent over and Jolly rogered" he snickered a little as again he tapped the desk

"But, not today; you have shit to do, and Balls…pardon the pun… to attend tonight" he added with that sultry grin that has me hard within seconds.

"Danny, after you do the deed..." I start, and he interrupts.

"The deed, Bryce?… Not a deed…a promise" he replies.

"Yeah, okay, that, are we going to have sex in my bed?…. I need you to make love to me in my bed" I ask, sounding like a panting teenager.

"Bryce, I am yours, now and forever. I'll fuck you on CNN if you want me to" he replies and kisses me, before a knock on the door stops us.

"Shit, North Korea is invading South Korea" I say as I answer the intercom, which had started buzzing.

"Mr. President ,it's your mother" Laura said, sounding apologetic.

"Send her in, please, Laura" I respond.

The door opens and my mother comes in, smiles politely at Danny, and approaches me and hugs me.

"Darling, I just wanted to see you behind the desk in the oval office. Nobody, more than me, wants to see you behind that desk" she said and Danny almost coughed up a lung.

"Are you alright, Danny?" she asked, as he recovered his composure.

"Yes, Mrs. Noda, I totally agree with you; I was just saying that very thing, just before you came in" he replied, and I gave a little chuckle.

We talked a few more minutes and then changed the subject.

"Okay Mother, you need to rest before tonight" I say, and she stands, as does Danny.

"Yes sweetheart, quite right; I have some calls to return, anyway. I'll see you tonight, darling" she kissed my cheek and left.

"Danny, I love you, but I'm kicking you out also. I have a few meetings this afternoon, and well…sorry" I say. I hated to see him leave.

"Bryce, you are the leader of the free world, you have a democracy to run…. run it" he replies and kisses me.

"I'll see you tonight, yes?" I ask.

"Try and stop me" he replies.

"Danny, I wouldn't, but 300 secret service would give it a damn good go" I smirk back.

"Oh, smart ass. Just wait till I nail that smart ass to that desk" he replied before opening the door to leave.

I flipped on the intercom and spoke to Laura.

"What's next" I ask.

"Secretaries of State and Defense, sir" she replies.

"Send them in, and ask Sarah to join us, please" I respond.

After several meetings with senior staff and an arranged meeting with appointed members of my new cabinet, and some, inherited from the previous administration. My mind was not yet made up regarding their futures. I had some serious thinking to do. The main ones are filled to my liking.

I was sitting in the residence, wondering what to do with all of this space. I mean, I have 18 chefs and 27 servants, and Christ knows how many other domestic staff. Danny moving in with me would help, but also complicate things a little. But I had made my mind up about one thing, though. If I win a second term, Danny would be holding the Bible for me.

"Mr. President, the cars are here" agent Smith informed me.

"Yeah, thanks Tom, I'll be right out" I replied.

Twenty minutes later, I arrived at the first Ball, one of seven.

"Ladies and Gentleman…. The President of the United States" the master of ceremonies announced, and I entered to the sounds of Hail to the Chief.

Two hours later, I entered the seventh ball with the same fanfare; but the difference was Danny was here. My mother and father grew tired and retired after just five balls. I, however, could not. After this one, the Utah and California ones to go, and then home….The White House…Home.

I so wanted to kiss and dance with him right then. I had, however, hatched a plan that he was not aware of, yet. Sarah had scheduled a security meeting with him later that night, nothing out of the ordinary. The world knew he was dating the President, and he also knew he had to take precautions; so a meeting with the chief of staff was not, as I said, out of the ordinary.

"I have a meeting with Sarah, later on; will I see you afterward?" he asked.

"I might be busy, I'll see if I can squeeze you in" I said, with the same shit eating grin he gives me that bones me up.

He smiles and returns to working the room. I watch him walk away and my ass twinged at what was to come.

The California ball lasted a little under one hour. Well, the amount of time I was present, anyway. I Thanked the delegates and my supporters, then left.

"Home please, Tucker" I said, already repeating myself. Tucker climbed in the back with me, and the agent assisting climbed in beside me. A human shield I was informed. The car could withstand an RPG from 10 feet away; but apparently, some ammunition could penetrate the car.

"Tucker, can you ask Brian to come see me tomorrow? I'll arrange with my staff for access sometime tomorrow" I sai and Tucker looked at me a little curiously.

"I have a job offer for him" I added.

"Mr. President?" he responded.

"I need a body man, a personal assistant" I replied.

"Seriously?" he asked.

"Do you doubt your Commander in Chief?" I reply.

"No disrespect intended, sir… It's just, are you sure?" he asks.

"Tucker, I like Brian…. he knows me and I think it would be good for him; and besides, having 'assistant to the President' on a resume looks good, don't you think?" I add.

"Yes, sir, and thank you. I'll make sure he is there" he replies, as the car comes to a stop outside the White House.

The first agent climbed out, as did the second. Tucker then climbed out, and I followed. It was now closing in on 2:30, and the meeting with Danny and Sarah was about to start.

Ten minutes passed and I had cleared the right side of the desk. The blinds and the curtains were closed, and the bullet proof and sound proof windows would keep our passion secret.

A knock from Sarah's door had me excited. "Yeah" I yelled, and realized the doors were soundproof. I walked over and opened the door and Danny stood, looking sheepish.

"Mr. President, get those trousers down" he demanded.

"Oh, that's how it is, is it?" I asked.

"Bryce, you are not the first President to hear those words in this office" he added.

"Yeah, dirty old Bill" I replied.

As I walked over to him, I heard the outer door lock. "Sarah?" I asked, and he smiled and nodded, slightly. He pushed his hand down the back of my trousers and rubbed my ass. I couldn't help but let out a low growl.

"Danny, I need you so badly" I whispered in a low, raspy voice.

"Oh, Mr. President, you will have me, have me in every way conceivable" he added, as he undid my belt and pushed my trousers to the floor. He dropped to his knees and removed my shorts; the wet patch on the front was a testament to how turned on he had me.

He licked the head of my cock before engulfing it to the root. "Oh, Fuck…. Fuck, Danny" I almost screamed. It does not matter how soundproof this room is. It is night and some sound carries in the dark.

"Turn around" he commanded, and I did. He pushed me over, face first, on the executive desk. I could feel his tongue probe at my entrance, and it took all of my control not to spill my seed.

"Bryce, you taste so good" he said, but I was lost in a world of lust, want, and need. I saw stars before my eyes as his tongue pushed and probed. The addition of fingers only served to push me closer to the edge.

"Danny, please" I begged. Yes, the President of the united States begged for his man to service him. I could make it an order.

"Soon, Babe, not just yet" he replied…. the teasing dick.

"I could command you" I reply, and he snickered.

"You could, but you won't" he whispered into my ear.

"Don't count on it, Logan" I reply, and he snickered again as he pushed a third finger into me, and I was drifting. My eyes were somewhere else in my head; I could not see anything except stars.

"Danny" I started to say, when he asked, "You want me to wear something, Bryce?" "No, not a fucking thing; now, do the fuck out of me…….NOW" I commanded, and he fucking snickered again. The man I love with all of my heart was teasing me to death.

But then, the moment I had been waiting for, the desire, the need, the burn of Danny as he pushed in, slow and deep.

"Ohhhh my God….. fuck!!" I proclaimed as he withdrew and pushed back inside, hard and deep. My eyes were blank as he began to pick up the pace. His rhythm was in tune to my bodies need. He lifted my right leg to the side as he drove in deeper. The growls and moans escaping my lips could not be mistaken for anything other than a man being well and truly fucked.

"Fuck, Danny…. You" I moaned out as he again drove hard and deep and faster. My ass would need ice when he was finished.

"You like this, Bryce… Mr. President?" he asked.

"From you, Danny. I would let you fuck me on C-Span and CNN" I replied, and he snickered.

He pulled out and turned me over, a few objects pushed to one side. I just prayed nobody is sitting at Laura's desk, as I pressed the intercom when Danny drove hard and deep, making my eyes roll up; but nobody knocked nor called.

He leaned over me, my legs up in the air, as he again pushed hard and deep and with some force, pounded me into the desk. I just hoped it could withstand the weight of two vigorous rutting males in the full throes of sex.

"Fuck, Danny….. Danny, I'm…..Danny" I yelled, as I was past the point of ever being able to stop.

"Cum Bryce, cum for me, I'm close" he said as he panted, and the sweat was now pouring from both of our bodies. Soon, we both gave one final hard as fuck effort as we both came at the exact same time. I could see into Danny's eyes he was coming.

He collapsed on top of me, my cum and sweat sealing us together. I held tightly to him, never wanting this moment to ever end.

He lifted his head, brushing the hair away from my brow. "I have never loved anyone as much as I love you, Bryce". I couldn't help but sob at this point.

"I am yours and always will be, Danny. I fell for you the very first time we met; okay, it was lust at first sight, but even at that point, I sort of knew" I reply softly.

"Stay with me tonight?" I ask.

"Bryce, it is a little soon for that, I mean here" he replies.

"Danny Logan, I am the President of the United States. If I wanna have a fucking sleepover, I fucking will" I reply like a petulant child.

"Are you pouting, Mr. President?" he asked, pulling his trousers up as I pulled on mine.

"Damn fucking right. Look, Danny, the American public voted me into office, despite the fact I am gay. They also knew of our pending and ongoing relationship. They would be naïve to think we do not have a sexual relationship; we just won't do it in here, anymore. Besides, I don't think this desk could take another session like that one" I reply, and he walked up to me.

"I love you" he kissed my lips so softly, I hardly felt them, but I knew they were there.

"So you'll stay?" I asked.

"I serve at the pleasure of the President" he replied.

The End…… Of Book 1

Phew…… I hope you liked the first book of what I hope to be a series with Bryce and Danny, Book 2 is sometime away, though. I will write ten chapters before posting any. Please let me know what your thoughts were, and Please check out my other stories.


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