Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 2

Published: 19 Oct 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

I lay in bed with Jamie, he holding on to me, I have had a week in my life I will remember for a very long time, I had been brought up in life as Jack Parks, born 22 years ago to Elisabeth Parks, but now discovered that my real name is Blain St-Patrick, born of Mary and Roy St-Patrick, my whole life had been a lie.

"Jamie I don't know how to feel, I mean love mum, but what she has done, its horrifying" I whispered out, clinging to his chest tears freely falling. "Look, Jack...hang on do I call you Jack or Blain" he asked, and to be honest I found that funny, for the first time in a week I laughed. "Not funny I replied, but not sounding to convincing.

"Jack, just Jack" I replied, still with laughter escaping my words. "That's better" he replied, sensing my mood improving, rubbing away the tears with his thumb.

"I must admit though, I am both excited and scared about meeting people I have little connection with" I said, "Look Jack, that is your mother's fault, not those people, they were robbed of the chance to get to know you, you now have a chance to correct that, and besides you have a brother and sister to meet" he responded.

"Shit, that bit slipped my mind, I know their names, and forgot to ask how they were when I talked to my parents...shit I have to get used to that as wll......parents" I added.

"Jack stop over analysing things, just go with it, see what happens, you have just made some people believe in miracles you know that, just wait and see what tomorrow brings" Jamie replied, I kissed his chest, his fresh clean smell always turns me on, I look up into his eyes"

"What?" he asks as he sees the look of lust in my eyes, I want him; need him, desire him like nothing else existed. "I don't tell you this often enough, but I do love you" I said, sliding up his body, face to face. "I know, and I have the same problem as you do, expressing myself where you are concerned" he replied with a laugh to his words. "But don't ever doubt my true feelings for you Jack...ever" he added.

I pressed my lips to his, licking and biting his bottom lip, garnering a slow low moan; he returned the treatment in kind. I pulled his face closer to mine, he lifted me over and he rolled over on top of me, he rubbed his hands up my chest, smooth as a baby's bottom, he tweaked my nipples again eliciting a low growl from me.

"Take me Jamie...please" I begged, he could see the want, the need in my eyes, the only thing I know to be true in my life was my desire for him. He climbed off of me, and pushed my knees towards my chest. "Hold please" he instructed, he then went in for the kill, licking at my pucker sending shivers throughout my body and my soul. "Ohhhhahhhhhhh" I moaned out, "Fuck Jamie...Thats ...ohhhhhh fuck" I continued to moan.

I was soon ready for whatever my lover had in mind, I loved the way he makes my body feel, he sends me places that only a god knows exists. "Please Jamie ...I need you" I whimpered out, like a lost soppy puppy, never have I ever been such a girl than when I am with him, and I am in no way effeminate.

"You need me Jack?" he teased. "I scowled and demanded satisfaction, he laughed his cock was also rock hard and standing proud, he flipped open a bottle of slick, and spread it over his mast, and I mean mast, he is all nine inches and the girth to match, he pressed his fingers spreading generous amounts of solution inside of me needy hole.

"Ohhhhhhh...Fuckkkkkkkkkk" I moaned as he pressed his fingers into me, "Shit Jamie...if you cut with a scalpel...ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk...when you qualify to be a surgeon...ohhhhhhhhh, ...the world will be a better place..." I babbled out, and what I meant to say is, if he operates on the table like he is a lover you are in very safe hands, but the things he was doing to me, I could not quite get those precise words out.

He slowly removed his fingers, placed the head of his engorged cock at my hole, hovered over me looking into my eyes, I looked on into his deep blue eyes the sweat pouring off of him, and me, and the anticipation as he held back, waiting for me to beg, and fuck...

"Jamie now damn it" I demanded, he looked into my eyes as he plunged deep and bottoming out, no wait time was offered, he began to piston in and out of me with such power, and strength I was whimpering like a child. He power fucked me for almost 30 minutes my breath was laboured, my heart rate was almost forcing my heart out of my chest, his relentless punishment of my eager hole was impressive, his lovemaking was amazing, he often forced the cum out of my balls without the slightest help from me, and this occasion was no exception, my orgasm erupted like a volcano, I spewed cum all over his arms as he lifted himself up to give himself more leverage.

"Yeah Jack blast that load" he yelled as he drove deeper and harder, he was about to go through his own climax, the look in his eyes told me this. "Cum for me Jamie, shoot it deep" he dropped on top of me but never missing a stroke, the grunts and moans from him alerted me to his impending eruption. "Fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhh" he screamed pressing his lips to mine and smiling as he did.

" me ...Jack" he struggled to say, his breathing hard and fast. "I love you" he added, I pulled him tight to my body, the cum gluing us together. I stroked the back of his head, my lover sated as was I. We soon both drifted off to a very contented sleep.

I woke to the sound of the phone ringing, I looked at the clock, I overslept, well we did over exert ourselves somewhat, the clock showed 10:33am. I picked up the phone.

"Ermmm " I yawned.

"Hello" I eventually responded.

"Hi Blain, sorry...Hello Jack" Mary corrected.

"Oh good morning Mrs St-Patrick" I replied, I still have to get the idea of this woman being my mother; I was still at a loss to what to say to her.

"Please, for now at me Mary" she replied. "I am sorry Mary; I know you are my mother but ... I was raised by ...well...Mum" I said sheepishly, I knew I was hurting her with these words, but what else could I say.

"Jack I am pleased she raised you well, Roy tells me you told him she was an amazing parent, well for that I am grateful" she said.

"Look Jack we can talk when you get here, how long are you and...sorry I don't know your partners name" she started, "Jamie, Jamie Ramsey" I replied, "And for a couple of days" I added. "Wonderful, Marcus will still be here, and Becky will be home tomorrow" she added.

"Wow, I was hoping to meet them, I mean with social media I sort of know what they look like, but face to face, would be nice" I replied. "Mary how are you doing...I mean really?" I asked, Jamie now waking up rubbing his eyes.

"Dear, I don't know what to think, I mean we honestly thought you were dead, I mean it's been 22 years, and well..." She struggled. "I know what you mean, when I found the band, I was hoping it wasn't true, I mean she raised me, she loved me, I never wanted for anything" I said, and again I knew these words were cutting.

"What time will you get here" she asked, and I hadn't even looked at flight schedules yet. "Mary I was so exhausted lastnight I never checked on times, but it is internal so there should be plenty of flights" I responded

"Well ring us when you have arranged your flight and we will come and collect you from the airport" she replied, and I smiled at the thought of someone standing at Newark airport with a placard reading Waiting for long lost Son in big bold letters.

"Okay Mary will do, so Later on okay" I responded, and the line was terminated.

"Your Real mum?" Jamie asked, and I nodded, leaning into him kissing his lips, "Phewwww, morning breath...rank" I hissed.

"You don't smell like fresh mint either buddy" he scorned back.

"Bathroom" we both said in unison.

We brushed and cleaned ourselves up, we both showered and adored each other's bodies we watched and studied the contours of out torso's Jamie was a work of art, and I was the one who had the privilege of admiring him, and not from a far.

We dressed and began the day's activities, "I need to sort some old photographs out, you know from when I was a kid, but I better filter the ones out with mum" I sighed. "Jack just give them some time, okay" he said squeezing my shoulder.

"Jamie I know what she did was so wrong, but she never did anything but love me, so she must have convinced herself that I was hers" I replied. "Jack, listen to yourself, she knew you said, she knew you were not a match" Jamie reminded me, and he was right, she knew that I would not be a match. "How could she though, I meant steal someone's baby like that" I sighed out. "Jack we will probably never know" He replied. "Photos" I repeated, changing the subject somewhat.

We went through hundreds of old and more recent photos, me winning the science fair, four years running, despite me blowing up my volcano, one with me winning a local diving competition, my acceptance letter into Yale, Harvard, Stamford, and the one I chose M.I.T, and the one I know they would want to see, my graduation photo, I also packed several yearbooks with me also, and the last one with the description reading, The one most likely to change the world I liked that.

We looked at a few pictures of me in various fashions and hair styles some outlandish, purple hair, green shirts and red trousers, and let's say some questionable shoes.

Our cab arrived and we headed for Logan airport, we arrived some thirty minutes later and headed to the booking line, we were lucky a flight to Newark was leaving in less than an hour. So I went outside and dialled the St-Patricks.

"Hello St-Patricks" a young male voice replied.

"Marcus?" I said.

"Yeah...ohh wow... is this Jack?" he asked.

"Yeah, how are you" I asked.

"Well stunned to be honest, happily stunned mind, you still coming" he asked.

"Yeah we are at the airport right now"

"Newark?" he responded.

"No Logan, we leave in about thirty minutes, and should be in Newark at about 3pm ish" I replied.

"Is dad picking you up" he asked. "That's the plan, can you let him know?" I asked. "Sure thing, and Jack, I am pleased you found us" he said before hanging up the phone, and that brought a unsolicited smile to my face as well as a lump to my throat.

We went to departures and we were not there very long before boarding the flight, we took our designated seats. "He's an air marshal" Jamie said, pointing at a portly gentleman sitting near the front. "How do you know that" I asked. "He has a holstered gun, I spotted it when he sat down" he continued.

"Excited" he asked. "More apprehensive than anything babe" I replied. "It will be cool, how many 22yr olds get to meet there parents for the first time" he asked with a smile on his face. "Well shockingly Jamie, more than you would think, I checked on line, and okay it's not a huge number but, 122 last year, parents reunited from babies accidently switched, or adoptions going wrong and the infant going into care of the social services" I replied.

"Over analysing again" he responded squeezing my shoulder. "Can't help it" I replied.

The flight didn't take long; the butterflies in my gut were eating their way out of my body and with determination. "Calm down babe" Jamie said noticing my anxiety and I just squeezed his elbow. We went to baggage collections and headed to the exit of arrivals, we walked into the main terminal, and the place was packed.

We wandered towards the main display board, the location I was told to head for by Roy, my dad, we looked all over and there directly below the board stood a man, a woman, and a younger version of myself, my family, there was no mistaken that fact.

Mary spotted me first, she put her hand on her chest, and the other over her mouth, her brown reddish hair showing her Irish roots, Roy a little older thinning somewhat on top, and Marcus almost as tall as I am, his hair floppy and brown, with obviously some dye running through it, as purple is certainly not a natural colour, but I remembered the photos I had brought and I smiled.

I walked toward my Family and I could feel the emotions welling up inside of me, and Jamie once again being the rock he was, walking beside me, and I was there standing face to face with my family, the one my mum stole me from, but things happened, she made me the man I have become, so I won't be the one to condemn her. The people standing in front of me have that right, questions will be asked, and I can only answer so many of them.

The first one to respond to the stillness was Marcus, "Jack" he said grabbing me into a hug, I just balled like a child, and Mary was not far behind me. Roy then pulled me into a fatherly embrace, I had always been denied that hug, the person that Elisabeth was married to disappeared, so as far as I can remember this is the first fatherly type hug I had ever received.

"Dad" I whimpered out, hugging him tight again, I pulled away gaining what little composure I could muster and stared at the person that is my mother.

"Hello" was all I could muster, she grabbed onto me for dear life making sure that nobody could steal me again, she sobbed uncontrollably and I was there right along with her.

My dad introduced himself to Jamie as did he to Marcus, my sister I would meet tomorrow, but for now, I am going through so many different emotions.

"Can we get out of here" I said.

"Sure son, the station wagon is parked not far from here" my dad, dad replied.

Most definitely being continued...

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