Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 4

Published: 2 Nov 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

"Jack all we want is you in our lives. I won't mention her name; I know she brought you up well, and with strong values. But see things from where we are standing. We were robbed of 22yrs of your life" Roy, my dad said as my Mother was still holding me weeping.

"We will contact the relevant people tomorrow, for now you need rest, I can see you are both tired" My dad added looking first at me then Jamie.

"Thank you dad, and yes of course I can see things from your point of view. I know what I have said about Mum but, yeah" I stuttered.

"Go sit and watch some TV, talk a bit to Marcus, this is as confusing for him as it is for all of us" added Mary. "Go on I will bring some Coffee through shortly" she added, wiping her eyes

I walked into the living room; Marcus was on his cell talking away to someone. I sat on an overstuffed sofa next to Jamie, his hand resting on my leg. "You feel better?" Jamie asked. "Just overwhelmed a bit that's all" I replied and he squeezed my knee.

"Someone wants to talk to you Jack" Marcus said handing me his cell phone. I looked totally confused as he handed over his phone.

"Hello" I began.

"Hello Jack, this is Rebecca, Becky" she replied.

"Ohh Wow, hello Becky" I stumbled with my words, looking at Jamie and Marcus both smiling. "It is nice to eventually talk to you, I only found out you had been in contact this morning" she added.

"I only found out myself about this whole thing few days ago, it's all been a bit fast hasn't it" I replied. "Jack 22yrs is not fast" she replied.

"Ohh Sorry, but yeah I mean from finding out I mean" I corrected. "Just messing with you Jack" she laughed out.

"We can talk more tomorrow okay, I should be home by four, so see you then Bro" she said and hung up on the call before I could say yeah and goodbye.

"By she is full of life" I responded and handed Marcus back his phone. "You don't know the half of it" Marcus replied. "Sorry explain?" I added. "Well she ...she had an accident whilst skiing in Colorado, hurt her back, she was in hospital for a couple of months, so now she lives life to the fullest" he replied and like them, I now realised I had missed so much of their lives as they had missed so much of mine.

"She's okay now though, ...right?" I asked and Marcus answered in the positive. "And you Marcus, what are your interests?" I asked.

"I want to join the United States Air force, I want to fly, I have posters of all kinds of fighter planes on my wall from Mig's to Spitfires B52's you name it I have a reference for it. My grades are there so...yeah Flying" he responded.

"Have you applied" I asked. "Yeah, I need to get a few things sorted, and convince Mum and dad I want this" he responded. "Marcus, sorry but how old are you?" I asked. "18, 19 in two months" he replied.

"No problem then, I assume they want what's best for you?" I asked. "Mum's always been sort of possessive" he replied, and if she has wrapped him in a protective bubble because I had been snatched as a baby, yeah I could very well see her doing that. And who could blame her.

"Marcus I cannot begin to work out what's going through their heads right now, I mean 22yrs and I turn up out of the blue like this...gotta mess with anybody's head" I added, as Roy and Mary came into the living room carrying mugs of coffee.

"Milk and sugar are on the tray" Mary added as she placed the Mugs on the coffee table. "So what are you boys talking about" She asked. "The Air force" I said, and Marcus looked at me funny. "Oh what about it?" she asked. "Mary you know Marcus wants to fly" Roy added.

"Yeah I know, but we have just gotten our son back, can we get to know each other first" she said trying to change the subject. "Mom you know I love you...but I want to try...well try at least" Marcus piped up. "We will talk about it later...when we don't have company" she said with a mellow scorn. "Yes Mum" Poor Marcus replied.

"Mary can I have a word with you in the Kitchen" I asked and stood up and walked out and into the Kitchen. "Jack are you okay" she asked as she followed me into the room. "Mary what are you doing?" I asked. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Marcus, and the Air force" I responded. "Oh that, it's a whim a fad, he will be interested in something else next week" she replied, I could see that, I don't know the kid, but he seemed dead set on this path.

"Mary I have only known you and Marcus for a few hours so I cannot judge your moods and reactions yet. But he sounds very enthusiastic about it" I added. "You said it don't know us yet" she replied.

"I hope to remedy that" I responded. "As do I" she replied.

"Can you promise me one thing, I am heading back to Boston in a few days, promise me you will hear him out, he is 19 soon and at that age I knew exactly what I wanted to do, so just hear him out okay" I added, and kissed her forehead.

"You are coming back though...right" she asked. "Try and stop me" I replied.

"I spoke to Becky" I started to tell her. "She was talking to Marcus and he put me on the phone call" I added. "You will meet her tomorrow, she is what I would call a fireball" she sniggered. "Marcus told me about her accident, was it tough?" I asked.

"Well actually, I found out something during the experience" she started. "I discovered a very strong willed young woman, she fought every step of the way during her rehabilitation, she was just amazing to be around" she smiled at the thought of Becky. "I look forward to meeting her" I smiled back.

"Marcus?" I added. "Okay your dad and I will sit down with him and hear him out, and if it is what he wants to do, we will support him" she responded.

"Thank you" I said and we walked back into living room. Jamie was being grilled on medical issues and Marcus was in awe of Jamie's knowledge.

"You scaring him with surgical stories" I asked as I sat down next to him. "He asked I told" responded Jamie with a slight giggle as he replied. "Evil just evil" I sniggered back.

"So what is it you want to be when you graduate" Marcus asked. "Oh jack is a brilliant programmer, he can strip any program down to basics redesign it and improve. The big boys are after him" Jamie replied.

"What the FBI are hunting you" Marcus asked, and I laughed out so hard I burped. "No Microsoft, Apple and the like. He is brilliant" Jamie responded laughing and squeezing my leg.

"So you going to work for which one exactly" asked Roy. "None, I don't want to be just a cog, I want to design and patent my own programs, I have an idea for a program and a portable device that you apply to your body and it detects changes in your body, like if your core temperatures up or down or your heart rate is out of whack, I think I can develop it to work with a cell phone" I somehow got it out without breathing.

"Sounds very ambitious" Mary replied. "If anyone can make it work, Jack can" said Jamie proudly.

We talked about things past; we discussed what had happened to each other during the missing years. She also told me of a mischievous younger brother who fell into an empty pool and only survived because his shoelace got trapped in a step. Lucky!

The night wound down and we said our goodnights, I lay on the bed thinking of my blessings. One Mom died and left clues to my identity, she kept the band that brought me back to my family. I won't condemn the woman, as if she had not taken me, I might have not been the man I am today, I might not have the man I have today. And no I am not defending her, what she did was beyond forgiveness. I know for a fact Mary and Roy will never get the chance to ask why, why my child. She's gone and those questions will not be answered.

I out of respect did not indulge in my favourite pastime, Jamie!, we just held each other until we both drifted off to sleep. I slept well no disturbances and that's a first in a while. We woke around 8am and headed downstairs. Mary had already begun breakfast. Marcus was sat at the table Reading an ebook. "Anything interesting" I asked. "Jack Reacher" he replied. "Great stories" I replied. "You like Lee Child?" he asked. "Why does that sound surprising to you? " I asked curiosity peaked. "With you being a smart ass, I thought you wold be into highbrow books" he laughed out.

"Coffee dear" Mary asked and I nodded, she poured one out for the both of us. I thanked her politely and replied to Marcus.

"I like his way of description, the way he pulls you into the story, which one are you reading?" I asked. "61 hours" he replied. "They've made a movie you know" he added. "Don't get him started please" replied Jamie. "It's so wrong I mean come on" I said with some scorn.

"You read the killing floor?" I asked. "Yeah" Marcus replied. "Okay describe Jack Reacher to me" I asked. "okay, well he is 6ft 4, blond, very muscular and a bad ass" he correctly replied. "Exactly I mean come on 6'4 and blond, how can Tom Cruise play that role, for pity's sake" I added.

"Did say didn't I" replied Jamie

"Yeah sorry, but he's right though" replied Marcus.

"What time do you want to go to the police" Mary asked as she sat down at the table. "Anytime you are ready, sooner the better for me" I replied. "Okay I will see if Roy can take the morning off, and we will go this morning" Mary replied, taking a sip of her coffee.

An hour later we headed into the city. We pulled into the parking lot of the NYPD, we walked through the double glass doors of the 16th precinct, and this was the precinct that handled my kidnapping before the FBI took over.

We sat in the waiting area for about twenty minutes when a female detective came and sat next to us. "So your name is?" she asked. "Sorry but who are you" I asked, no name tag being displayed. "My apologies, My name is Detective Vera Valdez" she replied. The pregnant looking woman asked me again who I was.

"My name is Jack Park, but I found out only recently that I had been snatched" I replied. "Okay Mr Parks, we need to take a DNA sample to confirm your identity" she explained. "Yeah sure whatever you need to do" I replied.

"The person who took you, where are they now?" she asked. "My Mum died just over a week ago...sorry the person who raised me died, detective" I answered. She looked at me trying to read me. "Just getting as much information as possible Jack" she added.

"Sorry" I replied.

I was taken to the hospital that I had been taken from for tests, and to take a DNA sample. We sat for an hour or so before the technician that had taken the sample handed the form to the doctor handling the procedure.

"Okay Mr Park, do you want to talk to me in private or do you wish Mr and Mrs St-Patrick to remain? He asked. "No they can stay" I replied, holding tight to Jamie. "The DNA test confirms you are the son of Mr and Mrs St-Patrick" he replied, he continued talking but nobody after he mentioned that I was their son heard anything else he was saying, except his last words. "Welcome Home" he ended with and walked out of the office.

We sat for a few minutes digesting what we had sort of guessed anyway. This was just a formality. Detective Valdez reappeared with two gentlemen in dark suits; I took it that they were probably FBI, as this was a cold case suddenly getting warm again.

"Jack this is Special agent's Morris and Cohen" she introduced.

"Good Morning Mr Park" one of the agents responded.

"We need some details from you and permission to enter your home to search for items that may help us" the other spoke. "Help in what way" I asked curious. "Donald Park, we need to find him" he replied. "Donald...oh Donny, my Mum's Ex-husband...sorry Mary" I said as every time I call Liz Park my mother I feel like I am hitting Mary, right where it hurt her the most...her heart.

"Mr Park" I cut him off. "Agent Cohen, please call me Jack, don't call me Mr when this is sorted I will be making my surname the same as my parents" I responded and a smile which I must admit brought on to my face was spread over Mary's face.

"Jack we need to find him, he has a few questions to answer. We found out this morning he did not divorce Mrs Elisabeth Park until 2yrs after you were taken" he began, "He knew you were abducted but chose to ignore it, he is guilty of a felony" he added. "Kidnapping is a federal crime; he was an accessory to the crime during and after the fact" Cohen added. He came and sat next to me and Jamie. A tall man short cropped black hair, he was no more than 35, and his partner was slightly older.

"Jack I need to go soon, I have a case in court this morning and I need to be there" Detective Valdez informed me. I felt a bit down, I felt like I wasn't getting her cooperation somehow. The Feds were involved and she was done.

"Vera, will you be in touch again" I asked checking to see if I being gay was any sort of an obstacle. "Yes Jack we need some more details on your mother, and if you knew where she was from relatives that sort of thing" she added.

"Give our regards to Agent Scott" Cohen added as Vera was about to leave. "Ermm Okay, so you know him" She asked. "Yeah we came through the same time, and I knew he was on the Josh Miller and Connor Brian case" Cohen responded. "I will be sure to say hi for you, and Jack I will be in touch" Detective Valdez said whilst leaving"

"Okay Jack, Donald Park, what can you tell us?" Morris asked

To Be continued...

Hope you are still with me. please leave your comments at I would love to know what you think. and Yeah Vera Valdez makes an appearance in this story. This part of the story is set in New York so I thought why not.


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