Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 5

Published: 9 Nov 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

"Not much, sorry just what Mum told me" I replied.

"You mean Elisabeth Park" he corrected.

"Agent Morris, she raised me with nothing but love, I never wanted for anything despite her raising me all on her own, Donald Park walked out on us, so to me she was Mum" I responded, knowing once again I was hurting my real mother with that statement.

"Sorry, but okay, what can you tell us about him, anything you Mum told you, where he was living what did he do for a living, did he have other family?" he asked.

"He was a Dentist, as far as I am aware he moved back to New-York after they split" I informed them, he wrote all this down, he talked to agent Cohen and both thanked me for my time and that they would be in touch.

"You okay sweetheart" Mary asked, "It's just despite coming here to New-York I hadn't thought about Donny Park once" I replied.

"Well if they find him perhaps we may get some of the questions answered" Roy responded. "Yeah, I mean if he wasn't involved in it from the start, why let her keep me, why didn't he contact the authorities?" I asked, not really seeking an answer.

"Hopefully we will find out son, hopefully we will find out" he repeated.

We walked out of the hospital and headed uptown, we entered a small quiet little coffee shop, we ordered our drink of choice and sat in a pair of overstuffed sofas.

"So please tell me what it was like" I asked looking at my parents. "What was what like?" Mary asked. "My kidnapping?" I replied. Roy looked a little melancholy at the question, the memory so obviously painful.

JUNE 21st 1991 NYUH...

Roy St-Patrick walked out of his wife's room and walked into see his new born son, his first child, he knew he would love and cherish him the rest of his days. He walked and said hello to the nurse on duty, he showed his I.D and he went into the nursery.

He looked through the window to where his son was supposed to be sleeping, the crib was empty, he had just thought he must be being tended to by another nurse. He waited and waited, the nurse whom he spoke to when he first walked in, came by.

"Nurse Mills, where is my Son" he asked and she smiled looked through the window, the look on her face was one of shock.

"Just a minute sir, I will go ask the duty doctor" she replied and left the room with urgency. A minute later the doctor came in and he also looked through the window, he entered the nursery and checked the other cribs, 8 babies were where they were supposed to be.

"Mr St-Patrick, do you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of the baby" the doctor asked, and the shock on Roy St-Patrick's face was one utter shock.

"What, what do you mean, where is my son" he yelled waking up most of the babies that were sleeping; the nurse went in to tend to the crying babies.

"Sir please come with me, Nurse contact security, close down the exits" he demanded, she hit the panic button that was on the wall and soon the hospital was in lockdown. Roy himself was completely numb with shock.

Two security officers came to the day room where Roy St-Patrick was waiting; again they asked him if had anything to do with the infant's disappearance, which he responded with the negative. "Please someone tell me where my son is" Roy cried out, tears falling; now realising someone had taken his son. He dropped to his knees and began to pray.

An hour later the hospital was being scoured by the police, no stone being left unturned, Roy was sitting by his wife's bedside waiting for his exhausted wife to wake up, he thought bad news could keep until she woke, as by god she will be hysterical.

She woke about an hour later and saw the look of anguish in Roy's eyes; she could tell he had been crying. "What's wrong, what's happened sweetheart" she asked, and Roy began to cry again. "Roy please tell me what's happened, is the baby okay? Roy you are freaking me out here" she demanded.

"Dear I am so sorry, but Blain is missing" Roy said through his tears.

"What do you mean missing" she screamed, holding her chest and holding Roy's hand with the other. "I went to visit while you slept, and he was gone. The police are searching the whole hospital, but he's gone someone has taken him" Roy informed her, and she also began to get hysterical, a nurse soon came in to give her a sedative.

Soon after his wife had drifted off into a chemical induced sleep the police came into the room to speak to Roy.

"Mr St-Patrick, I am Captain Mark Lucas of the NYPD, we are still searching the hospital but we need you to look at some CCTV footage we have found. Roy followed the officer to the security station, and the image of a woman her face partially covered carrying a bassinet. "We believe this is the person who has taken Blain, do you have any idea who she may be?" he asked, Roy looked intently at the image on screen but had no idea, he was still in shock. The hatred he had for the image in front of him was overwhelming. "Who is she, how did she get into the nursery" he demanded.

"Sir we are trying to find that out as we speak" replied the Captain.

Present Day...

"Jack it is not anything I would wish on any parent, I just remember seeing the image of the person who had taken our baby and the hatred I felt for them" My dad being honest about the time I had been taken.

"Mary was sedated for over a week, the grief she was going through almost destroyed her" he continued, and she held his hand tight as she also remembered that day. "I am sorry she put you through this, I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain you both went through" I replied.

"I want to get to know you both, not as someone I have just met, I need to see you both as you were supposed to be, you were robbed of the opportunity and I cannot change that, but I would like to try, I have my memories of Elisabeth Park, but they are my memories" I went on. "I want to get to know you, and for you to get to know me" I added.

"Jack, we have never stopped loving and hoping, perhaps when the police catch up with Donald Park he can shed some light on this" added my dad. "I hope they throw the book at him" responded Mary, my Mother, and I actually shared her feelings, he knew I had been snatched the state police and the FBI were involved to, the media coverage was huge, but still he chose to ignore the fact that a family had been torn apart.

"Jamie you are being quiet dear" Mary said looking at Jamie, and yeah he was being quiet, his hand holding my arm tightly.

"Sorry it's just ... Don't know how I would have coped with that" he said, and I squeezed his arm as I could see he was getting emotional.

"To be total honest we didn't we just existed, we hardly spoke to each other, our marriage was in dire straits, and then we saw a news cast about a baby snatched and then reunited a couple of years later, and it gave us hope, very slowly we began to live, we both went to counselling, she was my saviour as I was hers and eventually I fell in love with Mary all over again, we never gave up hope of finding you. The most hurtful things were the crank call's some claiming to be the kidnapper and some saying they had seen you and they wanted paid for the was just awful" dad continued.

"We wanted to have more children but we didn't have the spirit to try, Becky was unplanned but a welcomed unplanned, she is a hell of a girl, spirited" Mary said, "Marcus, he is going to wonderful things I just know it, whether it's in the US Air Force or some other endeavour, he will succeed in what he chooses" She continued. "And sweetheart I can see you are driven, I can see it when you spoke of computers about leaving your own mark, I can see that you will succeed in whatever" she finished.

"Wow it's almost 4 o'clock Becky will be home by now, come on Jack come meet your baby sister" added Mary, and I can still see the love she has for her children even one she had only just reconnected with.

"Yeah lets go" I replied sipping the remainder of my coffee.

Soon we were pulling back into the drive way of my parent's home, I will get used to saying that. A press van was parked on the opposite side of the street, NYKTV News printed on the side. A woman climbed out flanked by a camera man. "Mr ST-Patrick, is it true your son has tracked his family down after 22 yrs?" She asked looking over at me and Jamie and then back to Roy.

"Sir is it True?" she asked again.

"Our Family has been reunited yes" Dad replied.

"Mr ST-Patrick did the Kidnapers return him" She asked.

"Miss my son is 22, so no they did not return him, he found us" Dad replied.

"Which one is your son?" she asked.

"I am, I am Blain ST-Patrick" I replied

"Blain where were you held, were you hurt in anyway are the Kidnapers in custudy?" She asked.

"These details are private, my family know what happened to me, we may choose to make a comment at later date, but please leave us alone for now, I haven't even met my sister yet" I responded.

"Just answer one further question Blain, do you know a Donald Park?" she asked and I was stunned, how could she know that name. "Yes I know of a Donald Park" I replied. "Sir what is your reaction to the fact he was arrested just over an hour ago in connection with your disappearance" she hit me with. "Miss, if you knew this why did you ask if I had returned?" I asked.

"Reactions, Blain, Reactions to a story sell's the story" she added.

"Well if he has been arrested, I have not been made aware of it, but I am sure the authorities will be in touch" I added. "So if you will excuse me" I ended, and walked towards the house as a couple more Media vans began to appear.

"Big news now I take it" Jamie said. "Yeah looks like it babe" I replied, wrapping my arms around him when I closed the door behind us.

I turned around and heard a young woman's voice talking to Mary, and then I saw the vision of a beautiful young woman, the image of Mary only some 20yrs younger. I saw tears appear in her eyes. As I am sure were in mine.

"Jack" she said softly. I have never seen this person in my entire life, but for some reason I knew I would protect her with my life. How can a bond be so strong with someone you have never met? I began to cry as I grabbed her and held on tight. I was beginning to resent my Mum for what she had denied me. I have a brother and a sister I was denied the right to watch them grow. I was denied the right to be by Becky's bed when she was hurt, I never had the chance to rough house with Marcus, you cannot get those years back, for the first time in my life I began to dislike the person who had raised me.

"You are a beautiful young woman" I said snuggling into her neck. "Thank you, I am pleased to meet you Jack" she said sobbing onto my shoulder. "Like wise" I replied. "I'd like you to meet my partner" I said pulling off her slowly, wiping the tears out of her eyes.

"Becky, this is Jamie, my Boyfriend, the love of my life" I introduced her, to an embarrassed looking Jamie. "Nice to meet you Jamie" she shook his hand. "It's getting more true every day, the good looking hot guys or either gay or married" she teased, and chuckled a little.

Knock! Knock!

"That will be more press" Roy responded.

My dad walked over to the door to tell them we were not giving interviews at this moment in time. He opened the door and Agent Morris and Cohen were there. "Afternoon Mr ST-Patrick, may we come in" Morris asked.

They walked into the living room and shook my hand.

"Jack, we have arrested a man answering the description of Donald Park" he started. "Yes agent I know, a reporter told us about ten minutes ago" I replied.

"NYPD, they can't hold anything" Cohen responded.

"Agent Morris, can I talk to him" I asked.

"I just want to know why he never reported anything, I need to know" I added.

"Actually Jack he has asked to see you" Agent Morris replied.

I was stunned at that statement.

To Be Continued...

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