Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 6

Published: 16 Nov 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

"What do you mean he wants to speak to him" asked dad, "He has no right to ask that" Mary jumped in. "He won't talk to us until he speaks to Jack" Agent Morris replied.

"Mary, dad, I want to speak to him, I need to make sense of this" I replied.

"Jack when we go back and talk to him, you need to ask certain questions, your whole conversation will be recorded, and because it's a candid conversation, we can use it, its information he is volunteering" Agent Cohen added.

"First we need to the level of involvement from the start, what he did during and after, as much information as possible will secure a conviction, do you understand?" the agent asked, and I nodded.

Some twenty minutes later, I Jamie, and Mary and dad were at the headquarters of the FBI New York office. We were signed in and escorted to a waiting area. "Do you remember what he looks like?" asked Mary

"Vaguely, I have some memory of him, I have seen some photos of him, but that was years ago" I replied.

"Ready Jack" Cohen asked, "We will be in the next room, he is cuffed to the table, stay away from him, and you should be safe" he added, I laughed "What's so funny" Morris asked, "He's a dentist, I don't think he is going to ambush me and perform a root canal" I responded. "He was capable of some level of involvement in your abduction Jack" he replied

"Okay point taken" I confessed.

I walked along a long passage and a window looking into a room, no windows, dull white wall's a desk 2 and chairs, an ashtray in the centre of the table, I could see a cctv camera in the corner of the room. And there was a Donald Park. A middle ages somewhat balding man, looked about fifty perhaps a bit older. He looked like the years had not been kind, he had no weight to him, he looked a shell of a man.

I walked in and he looked up at me, he smiled.

"Jack I take it?" he said, as I sat opposite him. "Yes, and you are Donald I assume" I replied and he nodded. "You have grown up well, you look healthy" he added.

"Look Donald, I have not come to visit, all this shit has knocked me for a loop" I said somewhat angry as I spoke. "How's your mother" he asked

"Which one" I spat back.

"Okay I deserved that, Liz, how's Liz" he asked, and the thought of her now, don't get me wrong the love I hold for her is still there, I just don't like her, hate is a strong word, but she took me for selfish reasons, and as far as I am aware and until he tells me different...he helped!"

"She's dead" I replied, not caring for his feelings, and why should I have consideration for them anyway.

"How, when?" he asked, "I still loved her Jack" he added, waiting for my response. "Last week, her kidneys failed, I was not a match for obvious reasons. I confronted her. He denied not being my mother until she died.

"She had a nervous breakdown, I tried to help her honest I did" he moaned out.

"She stole me, and you helped...didn't you?" I asked, question one on the FBI's list. "No...No I didn't, she came home with you in a bassinet, I kept asking where did the baby come from, but she insisted it was ours, "Stop being stupid" she would say, "Don't you recognise Jack, your son" she would inform me, I knew she must of taken you, but I was weak, I still am" he moaned out.

"Yeah but you let her keep me" I informed him. "Jack believe me, I tried to get her to take you back, she would scream at me to be a man, and take care of you..." he whimpered out.

"I just hoped she would come to her sense that's all" he continued. "But you still went along with it, you must have seen the media coverage the alerts?" I asked

"We left the state the following morning, I tried to drive back to the hospital, she threatened to kill herself and you, I couldn't have yeah I drove to Boston" he went on.

"So how long was it until you walked away" I asked. "She told me to leave, I didn't want to, I told you I still loved her, she told me to get out, you were almost two at that point" he informed me. "You knew she was still suffering with mental issues, and you still left me with her" I said with some scorn.

"Why then didn't you inform the authorities, don't you know what my birth parents were going through" I said with some resentment. "I am not strong enough to cope with prison, I wasn't then and I am not now" he added. "So to protect your own skin, you forgot me, just walked away started a new life despite your inactions left me with in your own words a mentally unstable woman, and the St-Patrick's torn apart" I continued scolding him, if I was the type of person who had violent tendencies I would have kicked his weak ass by now.

"Did she abuse you, did she hurt you in anyway" he cried, and what that had anything to do with anything right now was beyond my comprehension. "What does that have to do with anything, you walked away, so you were not interested in my wellbeing" I spat out.

"I left yeah, I never seen a different outcome" he said. "You could have made an anonymous tip, you could have sent the police a letter" I replied. "She would have told them about me" he said, and that selfish streak reappearing. "So you saved your own skin, and abandoned me" I said, the scorn returning. "I am sorry Jack, I truly am" he said with some emotion. "Too late, far too late" I said as I stood up. "I hope you get a long sentence, I hope you get denied the time you need, like I had been denied my true family" I added and walked out of the door.

"Good Job Jack, we got it all" Cohen responded, as I walked into the office next door. "You okay" Jamie asked as I walked into the waiting area, I told my family all that Donald Park informed me. Mary held her hand over her mouth in disbelief as to Donald's cowardice.

I walked over to Mary and pulled her tight to me, feeling my mother's love pour through me, and I looked over her shoulder and smiled at my lover, my life.

"What happens now" Dad asked. "I don't know, we just wait and see what he will be charged with, we sat there for about ten minutes when a woman came in and sat down, she didn't say anything for a while, an agent cane in and asked her to come with her.

"Mrs Park follow me please" she said and the woman stood and followed. "Must be his wife" said Mary.

Ten minutes later she left the area in tears, obvious she had just found out what Donald had done, and what he failed to do.

Soon afterwards, Agent Morris and Cohen came back in and informed us of what was happening.

"He has admitted to most of the charges, he is denying involvement in the actual abduction, but after the fact he admits he didn't act correctly" he informed us.

"So he will be charged with Kidnapping, failing to come to the aid, and reckless endangerment of a minor and anything else the lawyers can think of, needless to say he is going away for a long time Jack" Cohen replied, I felt satisfied and sad all at the same time.

"Can we get out of here?" I asked. "Yeah sure, we will be in touch if we need anything more" Cohen replied and we readied ourselves to leave.

Soon we were back on the road heading back into the suburbs and to my parents' home. We walked in the smell of cooking smacked me in the face as I walked in. "Who is cooking" dad asked. "Mother, Mary replied. "I know that smell of lamb stew anywhere" she added.

"It needs to simmer for an hour or so" my new found Grandmother replied, to the question posed by dad.

"I have to go back to Boston tomorrow, I have classes" Jamie spoke, "Yeah me to" I added. "You are coming back right" asked Marcus, as we sat back in the den. "Of course, I have just found you all so yeah, I will be back" I said staring at my family.

"I just think you are all amazing" I began to cry, the last few days now catching up with me. "Oh sweetheart come here" Mary stood up and came across and wrapped her arms around me. "I've missed out on so much, Becky's accident and Marcus, I always wanted a brother, I missed the chance to watch him grow" I was bawling my eyes out. I saw concern on Jamie's face as to my state of mind.

"We have all the time in the world sweetheart, we will never get those years behind us back, but there are more in front of us...okay" she replied wiping my eyes. She was being a Mum; she was being something she had been denied by two selfish people.

I held on tight, Jamie still looked on with concern. "You okay now sweetheart" she asked, I pulled away from her slightly. "Yes Mum, I think I will be fine" I replied, and then it was her time to bawl, she held on for dear life. "Are you alright" I asked.

"Sweetheart I have waited 22yrs for those words" she cried, the tears falling freely. "Sorry I just needed to be ready" I replied. "And are you ready now" she asked. "Yes Mum, I think I am" I replied as we both were now crying and not caring, these were happy tears, I have a family. I have a lover that loves me as much as I love him, so why wouldn't I be happy.

"Stew's ready" Yelled Marcus, changing the mood in an instant.

Mum detached herself from me and held dad's hand as he walked her to the dining room, I held back a slight second. I grabbed hold of Jamie and kissed him hard on his loving lips. "You still love me?" I asked. "Stupid question, you know I do" he replied.

"Okay tonight I need you to prove it" I smirked out, and he slapped my ass, as we walked towards to dining room.

"Looking forward to it lover, and be prepared I have been denied my rightful place lately" he whispered as we sat down to eat.

I smiled at him, and okay we have denied each other for a while I admit, and we will be sure to make up for the time lost.

"Wow, this stew is amazing" I proclaimed.

"Your grandmothers special recipe, and don't even try and ask for it, I am her daughter and she won't give it to me, so you stand very little chance" Mum laughed out.

"Oh it's just a stew, but with a couple of secrets added" My Grandmother also laughed out. Now the thing is, I have sensitive taste buds and can most of the time work out ingredients, not the quantity but the ingredient yeah, most of the time I could, and Jamie knew this also.

"I bet Jack can work it out" Insisted Jamie, and yeah he dropped me in it. "I doubt that very much sweetheart, she guards that very well, I won't get to know until her will is read out" Mum laughed and Dad joined her.

"Jack?" asked Jamie.

"Okay, give me a second. "Lamb obviously, Carrot's, Turnip, sage, onion salt," I started, "Potato's Gravy salt, cornflower" I went on. "Yeah those are basic, but you missed two, the secret ingredients" Grandmother replied. "I never said I was done, just give me a sec" I replied.

"A spirit of some kind, a particular type, sour mash, Jack Daniels if I am not mistaken, and ...wait...Nutmeg, yeah definitely Jack Daniels and Nutmeg" I informed them. "Wow, that astounds me darling, nobody has ever worked that out" grandmother replied, smiling at me.

"You mean he worked it out Grandma" asked Becky. "Yes darling. Seems Jack has my taste buds" she added, and that made me smile. The meal was great as was the company. Soon though everyone drifted off to bed. I sat in the den with Marcus and Becky, as well has cuddling into Jamie.

"Oh just so you know Jack, the room you are in is over the Garage, and the only wall between you and the rest of the house is the guest bathroom, so no noise...if you catch my drift" Marcus said before leaving the den, laughing with Becky.

"Smartass!" I said as they went to bed.

"Good to know though, eh babe" Jamie said squeezing my junk. "Horn dog" I replied.

"Ready to make that ass cry" he said, and fuck was I ever ready, it had been 3 days since we last had sex, we never before went more than a day. "You topping or am I" he asked. "Oh you know you are, I know it's my turn, but I need to feel you" I replied. As we walked along the passage way into the spare room.

"I love you Jack" he said as I closed the door behind us.

To be continued...

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