Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 7

Published: 23 Nov 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

"So tell me what you are thinking" asked Jamie, after we made love. "Jamie, I love you so much, it just makes all this, you know this, worthwhile, I mean I have a brother and a sister I never envisaged having and Roy and Mary, Mum and Dad, it was somewhat overwhelming at first" I said, lying on his chest, he stroking my hair.

"And now?" he asked

"I still cannot comprehend what my Mother, ohh shit I need to stop saying that" I berated myself. "She wasn't my mother, she fucking stole me, yeah she cared and loved me, but that wasn't her right" I said with some distain, now rising to the surface.

"My parents did not deserve to go through what they went through, and fucking Donald Park if he had a set of gonads would and should of stopped it, but he was a coward and chose to just walk away" I bemoaned the man that could have prevented this whole sorry mess.

The smell of my lover was now again filling my nostrils, and I kissed his chest. "Horny much!" he asked. "Just for you" I replied.

I stroked his hairy chest and moved down to his well-defined six pack, he was fit he was an awesome specimen of manhood. If he was straight and thank the lord he isn't he would have many a girls panties damp. Everything about Jamie was in proportion and I mean everything, I was mostly a bottom and he was a powerful top, I sometimes topped and I have topped with Jamie, but I prefer when he is literally nailing me to the bed.

He was a surgeon or a soon to be anyway, but the precision he uses his dick was amazing, every stroke hit the spot of joy, he never missed, he has on many occasions fucked the cum out of me. The drama I had been through over the past few weeks, the discovery that I had indeed been kidnapped Jamie kept me up, kept me sane, his love for me was never in doubt, and now never will be.

I moved my hand and stroked his pubic hair, I massaged it like I was giving it a shampoo, I moved lower his cock now fully engorged. I sat up and straddled him, he let out an appreciative moan. I lowered until he was fully inside me, I leaned over and took his lips on mine, I lifted myself up so he could fuck up into me, the feelings of electricity shot through soul as he posted me fast then slow. He had me moaning like a cheap slut in a low budget porn production. He lifted me up rolling me onto my stomach, he re-entered me from behind lying flat on top of me, he was fucking me with some force, not aggressive but powerful, he was showing me who was the dominant one in the bed, and I for one loved it when he took control, it turned me into a quivering jelly.

"Oh for god sake don't stop" I begged. "Don't worry baby, I have no intension of stopping, not for a while anyway" he panted out.

In one salvo of thrusting long hard and deep he had me screaming into the pillow below me, my heart was practically coming out of my chest, if I was in my forties I would have died, that I have no doubt.

He flipped me over and re-entered me no pleasantries just down and dirty, the urgency very apparent. He looked deep into my eyes as we both climaxed he smiled as he emptied himself into my ass. And I unloaded up over his chest. He collapsed on top of me both sated and both very much satisfied and spent. We were glued together with sweat and seamen. We stayed like this and fell sound and very contented asleep.

We woke early on in the morning, we woke about the same time, he still on top of me now smiling down at me. "I love you Jack" he whispered as he kissed my lips, "I love you Mr" I responded returning the affection. "Wow" he replied. "Dude morning breath is never good, but jeeze mood killer most definitely" he giggled. "Jamie you don't smell like Hugo Boss either" I replied.

"SHOWER" we said in unison.

We both climbed into the shower and took our time cleaning each other, this has always been an erotic time for us, but today we just cleansed our bodies, we knew times like lastnight would be many, we loved each other with all that we are and we prove it often. I have never let my eye wander since we started dating and he told me he had not either, and I trust him.

We dressed and went down stairs, it was early and only Mary...Mum was up.

"Hey Jack sleep well?" she asked and I smiled at Jamie before answering. "Yes Mum, very well thank you" and she tiered up. "I will never get tired of hearing you say that to me" she replied, came over and kissed my cheek.

"Tired of what" I asked

"You calling me Mum" she said getting very emotional. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her, " I am ready now, I am ready to let what should be right happen, you and Dad being just that, Mum and Dad" I replied.

"Mum I have noticed a few things over the last couple of days, I have told Jamie this" I started and looked over at Jamie. "I have only known Marcus and Becky for just over a day now, but I know I would die to protect them, I hadn't even met them and the bond is strong, I don't know why it just is" I added.

"Mom I checked online and I cannot find anywhere where I was registered at birth other than when you and Dad registered me in New-York, so no need to have my name changed, just I need to have Jack added to my Middle name, and of course to change things back in Boston with School, I don't have credit cards, I will notify my bank and the Scholarship committee, other than that I am Blain Jack Martin St-Patrick" I informed her and the smile and tears falling showed me for once I elicited joy with my words besides the Mom, part.

"Early start" Dad said walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah we head back today" replied Jamie, "But we will come back at the weekend. If that is alright ?" Jamie added.

"Jamie, you are both my Son's and you will always have a place in my home" Dad replied, and Jamie stood up to shake dad's hand, his hand was tapped away and dad grabbed him into a fatherly hug. "Thank you sir, you don't know how much hearing that means to me" Jamie replied. I stood up and hugged dad also. "Thanks dad" I added.

"Too much hustle and bustle, for this time in the morning" Marcus said walking into the kitchen yawning and stretching. "What you doing up" asked Dad.

"Jack and Jamie are heading back today, thought I would spend some time with them before they left" he replied.

"We would love that, show us some of the sites" Jamie replied and I nodding in agreement. "But what about the media, the press are camped outside" I responded.

"One gave you a card yes" Jamie asked looking over at my dad. "Hang on" dad left and brought in his jacket, he fished through his pockets and retrieved a business card of the reporter. "Here why do you want it" he asked.

"I have to talk to them sometime don't I" I replied. "But it can wait sweetheart" Mum replied. "No I need to move on, I need to get this out of the way" I said in a determined way. No meaning left for doubt.

"I dialled the number on the card and an assistant answered. "Good Morning NYKTV Julie Trent's phone" she stated.

"Ermm hello can I speak to Julie Trent Please" I asked. "She's on location at the moment can I take a message?" she replied.

"Yes Miss, she is outside my family's home can you put me through to her please" I replied in a polite manner. "One second please hold"

"Julie Trent" a voice responded.

"Good Morning Ms Trent, can you come to the front door please" I responded.

My dad walked to the door and opened it, 3 vans now parked outside the gate. But Julie Trent smiled like the cat that had gotten the cream.

"Come in" my dad welcomed her into his home.

"Good morning thank you" she replied as my dad shut the door behind her. "Please take a seat" he said pointing at the kitchen table. No camera at the moment. This was a preliminary chat. I walked in and sat opposite her and smiled and she smiled back. "How does it feel" she asked. "What does what feel" I replied with a curious expression on my face.

"Being home" she replied. "Ohh, Overwhelming" I replied with a small smile across my face. "Ms Trent" I started. "Julie please" she interrupted "Julie, I am giving this interview to get rid of the press, and to allow myself time to get to know my family. Can you arrange for the press outside to leave" I asked.

"Only if you grant me exclusive rights to the story, and sign a waiver to that affect" she replied. I agreed, an hour later a camera was set up in the living room and I gave my story. An hour or so later it was over...for now.

"Okay so you want to go see some of New-York Jack" asked Marcus, as a late riser came into the kitchen.

"Yeah count me in" added Becky walking into the kitchen kissing first Mum then Dad. "Those walls are not as sound proof as we thought" she said whispering into my ear. And that crimson shade of red once again re-appeared.

"Sorry" I replied.

"No need Bro, you sounded happy" she added. And looked over at Jamie, he wondering what the conversation was about. "You love him very much, don't you?" she asked whispering. "More than anything" I replied.

"Good for you, good for you" she repeated kissing my cheek. She walked over and kissed Jamie on the cheek also.

"I am looking forward to getting to know you Jamie, as much as I am looking forward to getting to know my big brother" she informed him. "Likewise Becky, Likewise" Jamie replied.

I was amazed at how welcoming my I have to get used to that statement. I was still amazed at how my family had taken to me as well as Jamie. They have showed me and him nothing but love and understanding, at first I would not hear any bad things said about ...about Liz Park and they understood that, they let me come to my own conclusions on that score. Listening to what Donald Park had to say made my mind up on that whole situation, she was selfish, she didn't care who she hurt. She wasn't interested in who was suffering as long as she got what she wanted, and what she wanted was me.

As much as I loved her, I am going to put that at the back of my mind. I am going to make it my mission in life to connect fully with the family I had been denied. And Jamie will be a huge part of that. My childhood denied its true course. But my adulthood would not be.

"Roy go and get the trunk" Mum said looking over at dad. "Ohh sweetheart that can wait for another day" he replied.

"Roy please, I need to give them to him, and I need to give them to him now" she replied.

I looked on in some confusion; Roy left and climbed the steps mumbling to himself. "Marcus go and help him" Mum added.

Ten minutes later they came back carrying a brown and black traveling trunk. Placed it down in the living room, Mum walked over and dropped to her knees and opened the lid. "As we said sweetheart we never stopped hoping and praying you would find your way home" she said and pulled out my birth certificate and my record of birth from the hospital.

"Here is the first birthday gift we bought you" she said pulling out a blue teddy bear. She squeezed it and handed it to me, the tears were falling once again. Jamie sat behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist.

"This is you 1 day old" she showed me a Polaroid picture of me being held by her, she looked exhausted, all that effort and to have it stole from you.

She then pulled out several items of baby clothes "I never had the chance to put these on you sweetheart" she cried.

"Mum...Mum look at me...look at me please" I said with concern.

"These are memories, not healthy ones. I am back in your life, I am not leaving it, yeah I am going back to school but this is home to me now... look at me mum, do you understand what I am saying, this is home...wherever you and dad are...that is home...okay" I said kissing the tears away.

"And believe me when I say this, mum I love you, I know it has only been a couple of days, but with the bond I feel for Marcus and Becky. I know what love is, and what I feel for this family, my family is love" I replied and now bawling along with most of my family.

"Welcome home Son" dad added.

Eventually all emotion was sated and breakfast was had, mum could whip up one mean breakfast. And soon we headed out to see some of what New-York had to offer. Marcus showed us some of Central park, we visited Broadway. Spotted a couple of shows we wanted to see next time we came home. And then it was time to collect our stuff and head back to school, but for one I love my family, it took time to find it, when I was with Liz I always was felt like there was something missing in my life. Now I know what it was...a family.

To be continued...

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