Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 8

Published: 30 Nov 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

After saying our goodbyes we headed off to the airport, we had school the following day. I talked to Jamie and we decided to take our vacation in New-York, I would stay in contact with my family as often as studying would allow. I made a strong connection to my siblings and I wanted to encourage a strong relationship with them. I missed out on so much of their lives I don't intend on missing anymore.

After going through all the security checks and I for one didn't mind how it was done, I mean after 9, 11 who would mind that staff made sure you were safe.

"What you thinking about" asked Jamie. "You, a tub of Hagen Daz Ice-cream... naked" I replied. "Wow, do you kiss your Mum with that mouth" he said, and looking terrified like he just shit down my leg or something. "Jack, shit I am so sorry...I didn't think" he stumbled out.

"Jamie, Liz raised me, but she stole me, my mum is still alive, and for your information yes I did kiss my mum with this mouth" I replied, his body language calmed somewhat.

"You can't just switch those feelings off Jack, it's not healthy" Jamie said holding my hand. Sitting in departures and he was holding my hand. Nobody staring at us, okay one kid but he didn't count. "I have to deal with that in time, I mean who wouldn't be fucked up with everything that has happened to me in the past few weeks" I said sounding somewhat bitter, but not at Jamie.

"Dr Maitland is a good listener" Jamie replied, "And she is our friend" he added. "Yes, perhaps a short conversation wouldn't hurt, I have so much going through my head right now I can't think straight" I replied. And Jenna Maitland was a good listener, she was known in M'I'T but she was good and came with a good reputation as a therapist.

"So Ice-Cream, huh" he said.

"Rocky road" I added.

"I can't wait, and by the way your ass is mine Jack, just so you know" he smirked, squeezing my hand. We sat for a short while when an old couple sat beside us.

"Hello, going far sonny" the old guy asked. "Boston" We replied. "Sorry to be nosey but Burt said he saw you on TV last night, did you do something" the old lady asked. "You deaf old bat, he was the one who got snatched when he was a baby, I told you" he berated her somewhat. "Oh, he doesn't look like a baby" she replied.

"Not now he isn't, it was about 20 or so years ago, that's right isn't it sonny" Burt asked. "Yeah Sir it is me, and yeah it was quite a few years ago" I replied finding some amusement in the exchange between the two of them, Jamie was struggling to keep a straight face.

"So how long have you two been together?" I asked changing the subject, "Oh now there's a good question, we have been together 64 years, we have been married almost 62 years now" Burt said with a proud smile on his face. "Children?" I asked in total awe of the two of them, hoping that myself can have as fulfilling a relationship as these two.

"We have 6 children, 21 grandchildren, and 4 great-great grandchildren" the old lady replied. "Oh you must be very proud of them" asked Jamie. "We are going to visit my eldest in Chicago, that's in Illinois" she added.

"Yes Ma'am we know" and with that our flight was called we bid our companions a good flight and a safe journey as they did us. We boarded the flight and noticed the same guy sitting in the same seat. "Told you didn't I, air marshal" Jamie boasted.

A few hours later we pulled up outside my Mum's...Liz Parks home, I paid the taxi driver Jamie grabbed our bags and we went inside, you can see where the FBI had searched, they didn't make any effort to clean after themselves, a lot of Mum's...shit!....Liz's stuff had been taken away.

I sat down on the overstuffed sofa, and Jamie sat beside me, pulling him to me. " we don't have to stay here you know" he said snuggling into the side of my head. "Yeah I know, but this is my home for now" I replied. "The lawyer said it was mine, but I honestly don't know if I want it" I responded. "I can understand that, sell it, buy something somewhere else" Jamie replied.

"Good idea, make some new memories" I said. "Jamie I know we said we would talk after we graduate, but apart from my new family, and I mean new, you are all the family I have" I said sounding like a little kid.

"I feel the same way, you know that Jack" he replied. "Would you want to live with me... you know at some point" I said and backtracked somewhat. "You are my one stable thing at the moment" I added. "At the moment?" he said, and I knew that came out wrong.

"You know what I mean, Jamie I love you, I love you so much" I said, and that boner inducing smile appeared. "I love you too Jack, and yeah I would live with you in a heartbeat, when did you have in mind?" he asked.

"Well as soon as I can sell this place, but I would like you to move in now while we wait" I said biting my bottom lip. "Lover I would give you my very soul, so yeah I would love to" he replied. "So when did you decide on this monumental decision" he asked. "Ermm for a while actually but Burt and his wife sort of gave me that push" I replied.

"They were awesome weren't they" Jamie replied, as I planted my lips on his. "Eherm, you promised Ice-Cream remember" he sniggered out, and after that was said my Cell rang.

"Hello" I started.

"Hey Jack how are you and sexpot doing" Cassie asked. "He is still sexy as hell" I laughed out. "And you Jack, how are you" She asked all concerned, Cassie was my best friend, I had last spoke to her just after Liz died.

"Been better to be honest Cass" I replied.

"I still cannot believe it though Jack, I mean snatched at that age" she said.

"You saw the Newscast I take it" I replied. "Yeah surprised you never said anything though" she said sounding somewhat hurt. "Cass it happened all so fast, I mean at one point I just thought I was adopted, but the more we dug the more we discovered.

"Cass when I met my dad for the first time I just went to pieces, and when he described the day I was taken, the hate I felt for Liz was unbearable" I added.

"Do you know why she did it" she asked. "Selfishness, she miscarried and decided she still wanted a baby, any baby and it was me she took" I replied filling with emotion once again.

"Can I come over, Steven wants to come over as well" she said. "Okay Cass but no more okay, we just got back, bring Pizza" I said. "Ice-cream as well" yelled Jamie, as he had plans for when they left.

I hung up my cell and looked over at Jamie, "As you have guessed Cassie is coming and your Cousin as well" I said standing up going to check the Refrigerator, good soda and some beer's that will do.

"Steven, isn't he dating that Chloe girl" I asked. "Jack you are so slow when it comes to coming and goings in college relationships, he has been seeing Cassie for almost 3 weeks now, for him that's practically long term" he laughed out.

My cell soon went again.

"Hello," I started hoping this was not another one of my friends looking for some campus gossip.

"Hey Honey how was the flight" My Mum asked. I sat straight up. "Oh it was none eventful Mum" I replied. "We miss you sweetheart" she said. "Mum it's only been a few hours" I sniggered. "I just had to call to make sure I had not dreamt it all" she said, tears in her voice.

"Mum we will be back before you know it, and ask Marcus how to use Skype, and we will talk as often face to face as you want okay" I replied. "That would be good, but" she started but stopped. "Mum what is it" I asked.

"Can we come and see you, can we see where you were raised Jack?" she asked and I never even considered that, of course she would want to see where I grew up, who I was and how I came to be who I am.

"Are you sure you want to do that Mum" I asked, I don't want her to freak out. "We need to son, so I will leave it up to you sweetheart" she said, and how could I ever say no to her. "When did you think of coming, we have classes solid for the next couple of days, but we are mostly free on Wednesday and Thursday" I replied. "So Tuesday night okay with you then?" she asked.

"Yeah Mum, who is coming?" I asked. "Just me your dad, and Marcus, Becky is heading back tomorrow" she replied. "Okay I will get a couple of the rooms ready" I replied, looking forward to showing my family where I had grown up.

"Thank you honey, see you Tuesday, is there anything you would like us to bring" she asked. "Oh grandma's stew would be nice" I replied with some humour in my words. "Serious?" she asked. "No mum just kidding, see you Tuesday" I ended the call and smiled as I did so.

"More visitors I take it?" Asked Jamie

"They are just curious that's all, I should have asked them when I was there" I berated myself. "I never thought of it neither" replied Jamie kissing my cheek once more.

"We better get some shopping in tomorrow afternoon" he added. "Yeah we need to stock OUR cupboards" I replied, he not missing the significance of the "our" part.

"Knock! Knock!

"That will be Cass with the Pizza" I said, Jamie stood up walked down the hallway and let Cassie and Steven in, he looked a bit sheepish. "Hey Ste, how are things" I asked as he hugged his cousin. "Less eventful than you at the moment" he replied and he had me there.

"Yeah, somewhat" I replied. "Drink?" I asked. "Beer if you have one?" he asked. And I went to retrieve the beverages from the kitchen. We sat questions were asked and answered. Disbelief was still evident, but I was becoming accustomed to it now.

"So when do we get to meet your real folks?" asked Steven.

"They are coming in to town on Tuesday, but give them some space guys, you can meet them on Wednesday, I will organise a meal where they can meet some of my closest friends... And Steven" I joked.

"Oh thanks for the offer" he said sarcastically "Remember who introduced you to the love of your life Mister" he responded, and how can I forget that little bit of matchmaking.

"Just joking Ste, you know we love you" I replied.

About 11pm they ordered there taxi and left, we said our goodbyes and waved them off, Jamie turned never said a word and walked into the kitchen. "Ready for bed babe?" I asked, he walked back in from the kitchen, naked, stark naked with a tub of Ice-cream one spoon and a hard-on.

I smiled and walked over and took the spoon, and said. "Your cock is good enough, we don't need a spoon, we will let it melt and I will pour it over your cock and you require a picture babe" I winked at him, grabbing his erection and lead him upstairs.

We managed to climb seven steps before he pulled down my trousers, and my underwear, he pushed me down on the stairs and promptly began to eat my ass. "Hmmmm, that feels so good" I said as his tongue began to probe my inner sanctum.

"Have to do something while the desert melts" he sniggered and dove straight back in causing me to jump. "Fuck that feels so good" I yelled.

"Jamie, bedroom, now" I commanded

"Do you really want me to stop babe" he asked, and the answer was a most resounding "Fuck No" but my knees and chest were being imprinted on the steps. "More comfortable, in bed" I moaned out as his tongue tortured me.

"I'm going to use Ice-cream as lube, I will enjoy licking it back out" he informed me, and cold ice-cream in my ass crack was not a turn on for me. or so I thought.

To be continued...

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