Castle Roland

I Don't Know
Who I Am

by David Spowart


Chapter 9

Published: 7 Dec 15

I don't know who I am

Story by
David Spowart

I put CNN on the TV when I eventually woke up. The weather man was predicting a massive snow storm to hit New-York and Boston. "What's up babe" Jamie asked walking into the den. "Don't think Mary and, shit My Mum and Dad will make it, bad weather" I replied. "What New-York again, they are having some extreme weather" He added.

"Tell me about it" I replied. "I will ring them later on see if they have changed their plans" I informed him; he leaned over and kissed the side of my face. "Thanks for last night" he said again kissing the side of my face. "I love you" I replied. "Ditto" he smirked.

"So you going to call them" he asked. "Yeah" I replied flipping open my Cell.

"Hello" my dad answered.

"Ermm Hey dad it's Jack" I replied.

"Yes Jack, I know" he sniggered "What's up?" he added.

"I saw the weather forecast and was wondering what was happening with the travel plans?" I replied

"Sorry Jack, we are still in bed we have not turned the TV on yet, so what weather?" he asked. "Some big storm a nor-wester bringing a shit load of snow" I added. "okay, Jack we will see how things are and we will ring you back son" he replied.

"Okay dad say Hi to Mum and talk later" I replied before flipping my cell closed. "He's checking things out, lazy pair were still in bed" I added looking at Jamie. "Doesn't mean they were sleeping" Jamie replied.

"No don't put images in my head you prick" I laughed

I went back to my bedroom and dressed for the day, Jamie went to collect the mail, he shouted that there were some bill's and one addressed to me.

"Oh it's from Mum's Lawyer" I said after opening it.

"They want me to call them regarding her will" I added.

"I don't know what to do about this Jamie" I said with a sigh. "I don't want to upset anyone especially after finding my real parents" I added.

"Look babe, all your mum had was this house, sell up and move on" Jamie replied making more sense than in was thinking.

"I'll just wait until her will is read and then decide" I replied.

I called the law firm and arranged to go later that day.

Myself and Jamie travelled into the city and sought out the Law firm of Trent Stone and Withers. It was on the third floor of a very impressive building. We were shown to a waiting lounge and waited for a lawyer to come and speak to us. We did not wait too long.

"Mr Park" a man in a very expensive suit said walking toward me. "Yes" I replied "Gary Mills" he replied shaking my hand. "Follow me to my office, a bit more private" he added and showed us to his office.

After sitting down he enquired if we wanted a drink for which we both declined but thanked him anyway. "Okay Mr Park we have hit a snag with your Mother's will I'm afraid" he started. "The FBI have frozen all assets of Mrs Elisabeth Park, for a reason they have yet to inform us of, but we are chasing it up as we speak" he concluded.

"Well Gary perhaps I can shed some light on that" I said and filled him in on what has transpired over the past week.

Some ten minutes later...

"You could not write it" he responded.

"And you found this out over the last few days" he asked and I confirmed with a slight nod of the head.

"Well Jack the basics are as follows, as soon as her assets are released the house and what she had in the bank which is around twenty two thousand dollars has all been left to you" he added. "I will be selling the house, too many false memories for me" I added sounding down.

"I cannot believe this, I only met Mrs Park a dozen or so times over the past few years, but I wouldn't say she was out of the ordinary, and you met your real parents?" he asked. "I bet they found the whole thing somewhat overwhelming" he added.

"Yeah, found out I had a brother and a sister" I replied.

"Look Jack I will contact Council for the FBI and see if we can hurry this along" he added.

"Thank you Gary, I appreciate it very much, I just need to get this chapter over with, I have to discover more of who I really am, I have missed out on so much, I mean my sister almost died in a skiing accident a couple of years ago, and I might not have met her" I added sounding more low as I spoke. It was all beginning to hit home on how selfish my pretend mother had taken from me.

"Look Gary I know this sounds extreme but I don't want nor need anything from Mrs Park's estate, donate it for all I care" I said sounding bitter and with reason. "Jack stop and think of what you are giving away, if you do not want it, give it to your real mother to dispose of" Jamie added, and I could see a little bit of sense in what he is saying.

"She took you from your Crib in hospital, let your mother and dad decide on what to do with the woman's stuff" Jamie added.

"Gary just let me know when or if the FBI releases her assets" I said standing readying myself to leave his office.

"Jack I will follow your instructions to what capacity they may be, I will be in touch" he said as we left the offices.

"Jamie I don't want anything from her, she lied and did whatever she had to, to keep her dirty secret, and as for Don Parks I hope they throw the fucking book at him, he could have saved my parents all this grief and suffering" I blurted out sounding more pissed off as I walked.

"Jack stop, just stop" he said holding my arm. "You need to stop take a deep breath, and calm down babe" he added.

"Jamie I loved that woman, but it was all lies on her side, she could have told me" I said with emotion and hurt in my words.

"How?" Jamie replied

"What do you mean how?" I retorted.

"What I mean is how do you work that into a conversation" he started "Morning Jack by the way I am not your real mother by the way, I stole you when you were born, Tea and toast with your eggs sweetheart" he added.

"I mean when she was dying, she could have told me then" I said in a low voice.

"Yeah I know and she chose not to, but Jack she lied to herself as well as you, she might have even convinced herself you were hers" he added

"Look I know a case that Julie was working on, this guy stole a dog from his neighbour about three years ago, but when he took a polygraph he passed, but he still had the damn dog. He convinced himself the dog was always his, I know it's not the same degree but the principle is the same" he added wrapping his arms around me.

My Cell then rang.

"Hello go for Jack" I said

"Corny bro" my younger brother laughed out.

"Hello Marcus and what is so corny" I enquired "Go for Jack, that's so last year" he continued to laugh.

"Okay it's not original I grant you" I admitted.

"Okay change of subject big bro, wow, I like saying that, go figure" he started "I like hearing it Marcus if I'm honest" I again admitted. "It will take some getting used to Jack, but I do like having a big brother. And Mom told me what you said about the air force, thanks Bro" he added.

"What is a Big brother for" I replied my face glowing a certain shade of red, but this time with pride in my words.

"Okay, just so you know Jack we are delaying our visit a few days, this weather will hit both of us sometime tomorrow and bro it looks like it's going to be bad shit for Boston as well as New-York and Jersey" he added.

"Okay Marcus just get dad to let me know when you are coming, and is Mum there" I asked, "hang on she is in the laundry room, I will get her" he said putting the phone down but not disconnecting the call.

A few minutes later.

"Hello Jack" Mum spoke as she picked up the phone.

"Hi Mum, I am sorry to lay this on you like this but I have been thinking" I started.

"Oh yes!" she replied

"My Mother's" I stopped myself flat.

"Sorry, Elisabeth Park's stuff" Mum cut me off.

"Jack she raised you, and from what I have seen so far she raised you right" I in turn cut her off.

"Mom please, I need you to help me here" I insisted.

"Okay sorry go on Jack I won't interrupt" she replied.

"She was selfish, she denied me my rightful place in your family, my upbringing all though good, it was wrong, she stole me, I have learned to resent that very much" I paused "I have been left everything but I don't want any of it, the FBI has her assets frozen for now, they will eventually release them but I don't want anything from her, do you understand Mum?" I asked. Hoping she did.

"All too well sweetheart" she replied.

"We will have a good talk about it when this weather passes okay sweetheart" she added.

"Thank you Mum" I replied with some tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Jamie was holding me during this conversation and I was glad for his tenderness.

"See you in a few days honey and be safe, and wrap up warm okay" she added being all motherly.

Before I hung up my phone beeped indicating a call was waiting. "Mum I have another call and yeah I look forward to you coming here" I said and clicked that call off.

"Hello Go...Hello Jack Park" I stopped the corny answer.

"Hello Mr Park this is Ann Juda FBI" she started

"I am close to your home and wondered if I could come over I need to ask you some further questions" she said.

"Yeah sure, how long?" I asked.

"Ten minutes is that okay?" she asked "No that's fine see you then" I replied.

"What's that about" asked Jamie.

"Babe you know about as much as I do" I replied

"Want a coffee" he asked "Yeah love one" I responded.

While sitting at the table talking about the recent developments a knock came at the door.

Knock! Knock!

I rose out of the dining chair and opened the door.

"Hello Mr Park, I am Agent Juda and this is special agent Connie Rain" she said as I opened the blind over the door.

"Nice to meet you, won't you please come in, this is my Partner Jamie" I said introducing my partner to them.

"Please take a seat" I said as they did so.

"Can I get you both a drink" Jamie asked.

"No but thank you for offering" Agent Juda replied.

"Look Jack, can I be frank with you" Agent Juda started.

"Of course" I replied.

"This may be hard for you to remember, but when you were growing up was there at any point any other infants in your home" she asked and I was stunned at her question.

"No sorry, but why are you asking about other babies" I asked.

"Okay I will be straight with you, during interviews with Donald Park, he indicated that Elisabeth wanted to go for another infant, she even had a job at Boston General for a while, Jack the thing is two years after you disappeared and where Elisabeth was working an infant was taken" she informed me.

"We now believe she was the person who took that infant" Agent Juda added.

"I don't even know who this woman was" I said to myself.

"Jack don't concern yourself, the baby was found abandoned in a laundry hamper, the alarm had been sounded and the hospital locked down within a few minutes of the child being removed" she added and I somewhat relieved.

"We only asked you about infants to make sure she had not tried again and succeeded" she said trying to reassure me.

We talked for about another ten minutes before she and her partner bid there good byes.

"Jamie who the fuck was this woman, she tried again FUCK!!!!"

To be continued..

And so the story continues. Hope you like the drama of my stories. Please comment and let me know what you think of my style. I have other stories, so feel free to read and comment on those also.


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